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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Walgreen's 5/1-5/7 (my favorites)

 There is so much to be excited about at Walgreen's starting tomorrow! Here's my shopping list:

$2 RR wyb G-U-M EEZE- Thru Flossers 75-90 ct  @ $2= FREE

$2RR wyb Right Guard Total Defense 5 or Dry Idea Deodorant 2-4oz @ $2.99
use B1G1 Dry idea or Right Guard product  RP 5/01
-$1/1 Right Guard or Dry Idea (in-store dispenser)
Buy 2, use both coupons= FREE

$2 RR wyb Clear Eyes Contact Lens or Eye Relief drops 5 oz, starting @ $3.79
-.75/1 Clear Eyes product on line print= $1.04

$10 RR wyb Crest 3 D Whitestrips 8-40 pk @ $49.99
-$5 off Crest 3D White Strips (Walgreen's May coupon booklet)
-$10 off Crest 3D White Strips RP 5/01
Use both= $24.99

$1 RR wyb Aussie or Herbal Essences hair care 6-14 oz @ $2.99
-$1 off Herbal Essence or Aussie product P&G Booklet
-.50/1 Herbal Essence or Aussie product  PG 5/01
Use -$1 off= .99

Month Long Deals (there are a few, but this is what I am taking advantage of):

$3 RR wyb (2) or $4 RR wyb (3) Cottonelle Toilet Paper 12 rolls @ $5 each
-$1 off Cottonelle Toilet Paper (Walgreen's May coupon booklet)
-.50/1 Cottonelle Toilet Paper online print
Buy (3), use store coupon and (3) -.50/1 coupons
Pay $10.50
Earn: $4 RR
= $2.16 each!!!!!

$5 RR wyb Sheen Optimum Hair Relaxer kit @ $6.99
-$2 off Optimum Hair Relaxer Kit online print= FREE

Skinny Cow Truffle Bars 6pk $2.99
-$1 off Skinny Cow Cookies n' Cream Truffles bars online print= $1.99

kellogg's Kids Cereals $1.99
-$1.50/3 Kellogg's kids cereals 10oz+ RP 4/10

Tylenol  Precise products $7.99
-$3 off Tylenol Precise Pain Relief Cream or heat patch (Walgreen's May coupon booklet)
-$5 off Tylenol Precise product online print
Use both coupons= FREE

Allegra Allergy Allergy Relief asst. 10-30 ct $5 off w/in-ad coupon (starting at $10.99 reg price)
-$5 off any Allegra, Allegra-D or any Children's Allegra (excl trial size)= .99!
This is one that I am really excited about! What a great deal!

Walgreen's Aspirin 32-100 ct   .79 w/in-ad coupon

alli Weight loss aid 90-120 ct , $10 off w/in-ad coupon (reg. starting at $54.99)
-$5 off alli Weight loss starter pk online print= $39.99 
Dial Body Wash 16-18 oz, Soap 8 pk, Right Guard Total Defense 5 Body Wash, 10.5 oz. B1G1
-B1G1 Right Guard Total Defense 5 product , max $4.49 RP 5/01= FREE

Renuzit Crystal Elements or Air Wick Candle B1G1 @ $5.99
-$2 off Renuzit Crystal Elements starter kit or refill pouch online print 
use (2) $2 off, makes it .99

Walgreen's Household Cleaners, 8-96 oz, B1G1 @ $1.99 w/in-ad coupon

Comet Cleanser, 14 oz or One Pair Home Home Center Gloves, .50 w/in-ad coupon
-.25/1 Comet Cleanser powder online print= .25

Scotch Tape or Padded Mailers .39 w/in-ad coupon

Walgreen's Toilet Cleaners Tablet or Bowl Fresh, 1.7 oz   .39 w/in-ad coupon

Morton Iodized Salt 26 oz, or Deerfield Farms Baking Soda 16 oz, .50 w/in-ad coupon

Butterball Chicken Broth, 14.5 oz, .50 w/in-ad coupon

This is just my list of favorites for this week. Check your ad tomorrow or grab a sneak peek online at to see all of the other great deals that may be of interest to you!


Fun useful surprises in the bins!

 After the gym today, I made a stop at the recycling bins. My main focus was to find 5 more Fuze coupons to use at Macey's. It took some time and a lot of determination, but I did find them! I also found lots of great magazines.

 I also found a fun surprise! Sadly, I think another woman must have passed away as I found gobs of birthday and other holiday cards. I also found an incredible stash of assorted writing note pads! I love having cute paper to write my many notes and lists on!

 What a fun little find! You just never know what you'll find in the bins! As soon as the weather warms, I am going to start some dumpster excavations behind local businesses. Many adventures in store I'm sure!
 Stay tuned for upcoming Walgreen's and Rite Aid deals! There's a lot coming tomorrow!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Adventures!

 I had my last personal training session today in Orem. It was an emotional experience. We took "after pictures." I hadn't looked at my "before" pictures in nearly two years and it was pretty shocking. I am so proud of how far I have come and the fact that I have been so healthy and wise about it. I am so grateful for good, supportive family and friends that have encouraged me every difficult step of the way! I'm not quite done yet, about 10 more pounds, but I am thrilled with what I have accomplished!
 After the gym, I hit Macey's to take advantage of a couple of deals on things my family uses a lot and to grab freebies.

 The Don Julio tortillas were .88 ea. The Santitas were 2/$3 and the Fuze drinks were .50 each. I of course had -$1/2 coupons for all of them. You need to buy 10 to get the .50 price, then with my mfr coupons, they were all FREE!!! The Spanish Fork store has plenty in stock on the drink aisle. Don't put it off though; if you have the coupons you need to get in there. I have a feeling that once people get wise to the deal, they will be gone pretty quick.
 I had a nervous moment at the register when I couldn't find two of my coupons. Yet another reminder that we need to keep our coupons organized! Luckily I found them in a pocket of my binder. I will be more organized from now on!
 I hit Shopko after Macey's to grab a few Perennial plants on their deal. I was also checking to see if they had the Pansies cheaper than Macey's. They didn't. I grabbed two fabulous gallon sized Perennials at $6.49 each. I sure wish I could plant them, but sadly, we have this crazy Styrofoam like snow going on outside. :(

 Since I was on my own (I know, YAY!), I decided to go ahead and hop back over to Macey's to grab Pansies. I also found a beautiful colorful annual on clearance for $1.49. I don't usually buy annuals as perennials are a way better investment, but this little beauty called to me and my main front bed is in serious need of bright color!
 The Pansies were $1.29 each.

 Again, because I was solo, I figured I better hit the recycling bins. I want to get more of the Fuze drinks before the sale ends. Yes, it was snowing. A lot. :)  My hands were freezing. You may call me crazy, but you can't say I'm not dedicated and passionate!

 Not only did I find a plethora of fine magazines and coupons, but also a lovely picture of our Lord and Savior, and a picture of Walt Disney, his wife, and Mickey mouse. I enjoy the little things. :) Now I must clip and sort! Dedications friends! Hands warm back up! Savings won't wait for you! :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Working with Rebates

 If you have gotten the hang of couponing, it is now time to take savings to the next level! You will do that with REBATES! Did you know that about 50% of rebates rarely if ever are redeemed?? Many consumers say it's just too complicated or too hard to remember all of the rules and deadlines. It doesn't have to be so difficult! With just a little organization and a well marked and regularly checked calendar, you will be adding to your bottom line with all kinds of fabulous rebates!
 Where to begin?? You can locate rebate promotions in Sunday newspaper inserts (I have several this way), on in-store displays and on product packages (like the Nexcare rebate at Walgreen's this week). Target and other large retailers post rebates on their websites. A couple of good websites for finding rebates:,
 A small binder or pocketed notebook or an accordion file folder are all great ways to keep track of your rebates. File them according to deadlines. Mark those deadlines immediately on a calendar that you look at regularly.
 Details!!! It's all in the details with rebates. Companies will sometimes try to avoid paying out, especially on large rebate amounts. To avoid this, make sure you get it right, down to the tiniest detail! Does the rebate require that your form be hand written? Or written in capital letters? Is a street address necessary or is a PO Box okay? Do you have all the necessary information included, i.e. personal info, email address, home or cell phone number.
 Does anything need to be circled, highlighted or written on the receipt? Does it call for a specific size envelope and hand written address? Yes, some rebates are this particular! Do you need to include the clipped original UPC, original receipt, original rebate form? Cover your bases!!!
 To make sure that you get your rebates and to avoid companies claiming you made mistakes, make copies of upcs, rebate forms and receipts, and mark the date you sent it off. Note the expected arrival date of said rebate on your calendar. Also write in the phone number of the company on your calendar so that it is easy to find. Then if your rebate has not arrived when expected, you can call the company right away to see what's up.
Now that you know what and how, get to it! What will you do with those monthly rebate checks? Mine go straight to my Disneyland fund! :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Today's Scavenging Report

 I hit the recycling bins at the city building today and did quite well. I found the coupons that I needed and loads and loads of great magazines!

I also found a nice brown bag that, tied with pretty ribbon, would be great to give a gift in.  I am going through the magazines now to see what coupons I might find.

Here we have the contents of the FREE Atkins starter kit I ordered online. It arrived today! It came with a handy little book that is a carb counter, a quick start guide and book of recipes, and wow! 3 full size Atkins meal bars!!! We're talking at least $5-8 worth of stuff in this box, absolutely FREE!!! The only thing it didn't come with was coupons. Not a problem since I have tons of them from the circulars. :)  Order FREEBIEs!!!!

Deal of the Day: Macey's!

Here's a really good one!
Fuze Drinks .50 each wyb 10 w/in-ad coupon
-$1/2 Fuze drinks coupon= FREE
If they run out, which is possible with a deal like this, either ask for a RAIN CHECK or else ad match it at Walmart!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Super Important Macey's MISPRINT!!!

Hey guys, if you got your Macey's ad today, you were probably thrilled to see that Santitas are on sale for just $.88. You were probably as wowed as me! Since I bought several bags last week at the 3/$5 price, I of course called the store to see about getting reimbursed for the difference. I'm like that. :) The super awesome store manager spoke with me, I really like that guy. Always have. :) Anywho, the .88 price is a MISPRINT!!! It should read 2/$3, which is still a GREAT price! He was actually willing to give me the difference of .17 per bag that I bought, but I said no thanks. Since they ordered based on what they also thought was the sale price, they will be stuck with lots of extra inventory. My weak little heart was feeling too generous. If I change my mind, I can of course, and so can you, go in and ask to speak with Mark about getting a refund for the difference. :) In my case, it would be $.85. Yeah, I know, I am cheap. ;)
 Anywho, if you love Santitas the way I do, STOCK UP!!!! This is a really great price!!!

Ps. I love that Macey's does VENDOR coupons instead of MFR coupons for its ad items. Such as the Fuze drinks that are on at Associated foods starting tomorrow. They are 10/$5, so you can use your -$1/2 Fuze coupons and get them for FREE!!! Or ad match them at Walmart if that's closer to you. At Fresh Market however, it is a MFR coupon that you use, so you won't be able to add your own coupon to it and will pay .50each. :( I need to hit the recycling bins and find me 2 more of the Fuze coupons as you have to buy TEN to get the deal and I need coupons for all.

While I'm at it, here are a couple other Macey's goodies, starting tomorrow:

Don Julio Chips 10 oz $.88
Large Limes 10/$1
8 or 10 ct Don Julio Flour Tortillas .88
WF Green Chiles 2/.88
WF Mexican Seasoning Mixes 4/$1
WF 2.25 ox sliced or 4.25 oz chopped Olives .88
Progresso Bread Crumbs .99
Better Buy imitation Cheese Singles 10.67 oz .99
Tyson 20-29 oz Bag Breaded Chicken $4.49
-$1/1 Tyson Breaded Chicken= $3.49 ea!!!
Cool Whip 8 oz .99
Warm-N-Serve Rolls 6-9 ct $1.99
-$1/1 Rhodes rolls (LDS Living mag)
Dole 9 oz Spinach or 12 oz Greener Selection $1.69

 Fresh Market isn't a total loss! I found some goodies there too!
WF 5 qt Ice Cream or Sherbet $4.99
WF Refried Beans 16 oz .59
WF 16 oz Sour Cream .99
Santitas 12-13 oz Tortilla Chips 2/$3
Mission Flour Tortillas 10 ct .99 w/in-ad coupon, limit 4
WF Shredded Cheese 8 oz 4/$5 w/in-ad coupon, limit 4
Better Buy imitations Cheese singles .99
Tyson Breaded Chicken $4.49
-$1/1 Tyson breaded chicken= $3.49

Now, enough computer time, must go make dinner! Happy Shopping!  

Deal of the Day!

Propel Fitness Water .50 ea
-$1/2 Propel water=

Get Ready for Wow!!!

 I hit Walgreen's and Walmart today with the kids. They did fine in Walgreen's but Walmart was not the most pleasant experience. We all survived though and they are now eating happily. :)
 I think my Walgreen's haul was my best score ever... See for yourselves:

 Here's what I did:

Transaction #1:

1 Stayfree maxi pad @ $2.99
-$1/1 any ONE Stayfree product
+ $2.99 RR
3 Purex Laudry Detergent @ $1.99 ea (raincheck from a few weeks ago)
-$1/1 Purex liquid or 3 in 1 products
6 Dove Chocolate Bars .39 ea (raincheck from a few weeks ago)
-.75/2 Dove singles
1 paper Easter gift bag .12 (clearance)

Used $5 RR from a purchase a few weeks ago.
Paid: $.85

Transaction #2:
 2 Gallons of Milk $1.99 ea
12 Nestle Butterfinger Snakerz @ .39 ea
-$1/2 Butterfinger Snakerz online coupon
-$1.50/2 Butterfinger Snakerz online coupon (I don't that they should have taken this coupon, but I didn't realize it's value till after we were done....)
3 paper Easter gift bags .12 ea (clearance)

Used $2.99 RR from last transaction.
Paid: $.30
Here are the numbers:
Total retail value: $47.78 (w/tax)
Total Spent: $1.15
Um.. yeah, that's like .025% of retail... :)
Great way to start off my low budget week!

On to Walmart!
We went to the Springville store rather than drive all the way up to Orem. Unfortunately, Orem had some Quick Cook noodles that I wanted to use a double coupon on, which would've made them FREE. Springville doesn't carry them for some reason.. :( I will probably hit Orem next week and swing up to Target while I'm in the area. 
Now as you know, it was of course doubling day at Walmart today, and I found some pretty good things. I don't know that I hit my 10% goal, but after how great we did at Walgreen's, I think it makes up for the difference!

Here's what I did:
Green Grapes 1.83 lb @ .76/lb!!!
1 Cucumber .33!!!
1 Roma Tomato .26
4 boxes Atkins bars @ $3.00 ea (on clearance)
-$1/1 Atkins bars
This was a super lucky find! Here's a lesson learned though: clip ALL the coupons that you can for items you buy regularly! This was a great stock up situation but I only had (4) $1 off coupons in my binder. The worst part; I had plenty more at home in my overstock circulars!!! Be prepared!!! You never know when that great deal will appear!!!  

2 Knorr Chicken Bullion  @ .68 ea
I found this in the Mexican foods section. You may find that lots of spices are less expensive in this area. Be willing to look around for savings!

2 Aquafresh kids toothpaste @ $1.88 ea
-$1/1 any Aquafresh kids toothpaste

2 Dark Chocolate Peeps @ .49 ea (Easter Clearance)
-$1/2 any chocolate or dark chocolate Peeps online print
Another situation where I wish I would've gone ahead and printed 2 copies of this coupon, as then I would have gotten 4 for FREE, rather than just 2!

3 Reach Dental Floss @ .88 ea
-$1/1 Reach Dental floss or flosser or toothbrush    

2 Lays Potato Chips @ $1.88 (ad-matched with Macey's)
-.55/1 Lays any potato chips
If you want to ad match an item, you won't be able to double the coupon with it. They make you choose one or the other. :(

3 Duncan Hines @ $1.50
-.50/1 Duncan Hines Brownie  (doubled to -$1.00)

3 Fleishmans Yeast packets of 3 @ $1.04 ea
-.40/1 Fleishmans yeast packets or jar (doubled to -.80)

7 Uncle Ben's Rice packets @ $1.34 ea
-.75/1 Uncle Bens Whole Grain rice products ("doubled" to -$1.00)

1 Yoplait Yogurt tub @ $2.27
-.50/1 Yoplait any flavor 32 oz (doubled to -$1.00)

Here are the numbers:
Total retail value: $82.62 (w/tax)
Total spent: $22.68 (w/tax) 
That's what..... just over 25% of retail. Not too shabby!
Giving me an average of 13% of retail for the day. :)

Can you beat me?!?! If so, you better give me the details!!! ;)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Buy Low Deals!!

 I am really liking Buy Low!! Especially for fresh produce! And don't miss the Milk or French Bread! Here's what we've got for this week:
Regular Sale Items:
Braeburn Apples 2lb/$1
Bone-in Chicken Breast .88/lb
Cucumbers 3/$1
Mangoes 2/$1
Boneless Beef Cross Rib Roast $2.58/lb
Western Family 1 gal Milk $1.98
Hunts Snack Pack .98
Old Orchard Juice .98
-$1/4 Old Orchard Frozen Juice online print= .73 ea
Broccoli 2lb/$1
Celery 2/$1
Mushrooms 8oz 2/$3
Don Julio Tortillas 10" .89
WF Whole or diced chiles 4 oz 2/$1
Pasta Roni .99
Tropical Preserves 18oz $2.19
WF 8 oz Shredded cheese 2/$3
-$1/2lb any 2lb cheese online print
WF Sour Cream 16oz .89
Tyson Breaded Chicken $4.49
-$1/1 Tyson bagged breaded Chicken Strips
Kids' Resin chairs $2.99

Wednesday and Thursday only:
Oranges 8lb/$1
Green Cabbage 4 heads/ $1
Red Onions 4 lb/$1
Granny Smith apples 3 lb/$1
Lemons 5/$1
Watermelon 4 lb/$1

Friday & Saturday only:
Tilapia Fillet $1.99/lb (10 lb box)
Chicken Drumsticks .49/lb
Pork Shoulder Roast 1.29/lb
Pork Country Style Ribs 1.39/lb
Pork Butt Roast 1.59/lb

French Bread Loaf 2/$1.50

I, of course only listed what were the most amazing deals to me. For more details, check out Buy Low's website for a download of the current ad!

Kmart & Shopko

 Kmart has a few interesting things on it's ad this week, including a nice little deal on Scott Toilet Paper. I've already checked to make sure it is cheaper than Walmart.  Here's what it is:
2/$10 Scott 8 Rolls or 12 Double Rolls extra soft bath tissue
or 6 mega roll paper towels
-$1/1 on any FOUR (4) or more rolls of Scott Towels 
-$1/1 FOUR (4) or more rolls of Scott Naturals Bath Tissue
-$1/1 SIX (6) or more rolls of Scott Naturals Paper Towels= $4 ea

Here are some other things:

Rubbermaid Hip Hugger Laundry Basket $5.99

ALL Dane-Elec Memory (discs and usb) $5.49-$16.99 (reg. $5.99-$19.99)

Fisher Price Brilliant Basics infants' toys B1G1 50% off!

Kids' shoes/sandals starting @ $2.99

ALL Family footwear, b1G1 50% off

Wonderkids mix & match apparel $2.48

Nature Made vitamins and supplements B1G1 (w/in-ad coupon)
various Nature Made coupons are available

Smart Sense bleach 96 oz .99 (w/in-ad coupon)
Xtra 68.75-75oz liquid detergent $1.99 (w/in-ad coupon)

Capri Sun or Kool aid jammers 10 pack B1G1 FREE (w/in-ad coupon)

Fuze drinks 10/$10
-$1/2 Fuze drinks

Raisinets box candy 10/$10
-.50/2 Raisinets boxes  

Purex Fabric Softener 100 oz, powder detergent 71-86 oz 2/$5 

Smart Sense 12 double rolls $3.99

The following Smart Sense items are all B1G1 FREE, plus there are over 200 same brand items avialable on this deal:

40 ct Fabric softener sheets 
100 ct Reclosable sandwich bags
Selected disposable razors
Single roll bath tissue
100 ct Cotton balls
100 ct Allergy Tablets
8 oz Hand sanitizer

Now Shopko...
These deals are valid until Wednesday, April 27th only!
There are some intriguing deals on gardening supplies, including

1 qt Perennials 4/$10 w/extra savings card

4 pack Annuals 41.59

Entire Stock Planters 50% off

Penny Sale

We have the Penny deals again:
Select Clothing for the entire family (B1G1 at just 1 penny)
I would note that Shopko's regular prices are on the high side, so some of these items are not great deals.

Lamp Bases and Shades B1G1 for 1 penny

Frames and Collages B1G1 for 1 penny

Kitchen Gadgets B1G1 for 1 penny
This is where I found my fabulous silicon oven mitt and basting brush! I'll definitely be checking it out for other kitchen things I need. 

All Plastic Totes 50% off

All GE lightbulbs 50% off   
Figure out what kind the price is of the individual bulb you need, match it at Walmart and use the -$1/1 any GE Energy Smart  lighting product coupon (redeemable only at Walmart) from All You Magazine

Brita Slim Pitcher $9.99
-$4/1 any Brita pour-through or Faucet mount system   

Brita 3 pk Filters $16.99
-$1/1 any Brita multipack filters

All Water Bottles 50% off (sale $1.99-9.99)

All Outdoor Play equipment 50% off($9.99-149.99)

All Sand Toys 50% off ($1.99-19.99)

All Bubbles, Bubble Toys, Kites and Chalk 50% off  (.49-29.99)

Scott Mega 6 roll Paper Towel $4.99
-$1/1 Scott FOUR (4) or more towels= $3.99

Huggies or Pampers Jumbo Pack 2/$16
-$2/1 (1) package Huggies Little Movers or Little Snugglers diapers= $6.00
-$1.50/1 One Pampers diapers or Pants= $6.50

That's about it. :)


Deals of the Day!

Because I have fallen behind in offering these great deals, I'm going to throw a few your way!

$2.99 RR wyb Stayfree Maxi Pads 14-26 pk @ $2.99
-$1 off Stayfree product RP 3/27= FREE + profit!
Nestle Candy 1.28-2.1 oz .39
-$1/2 Nestle Butterfinger Snackerz (if included)= FREE
1 gal Milk $1.99
 Nexcare Bandages 20-30 ct $2.99
-$2.99 mail in rebate on product
-.55/1 Nexcare product SS 4/03= FREE + profit!

Walgreen's Aluminum Foil 20 sq ft .69 w/in-ad coupon

Rite Aid
There really isn't much to work with at Rite Aid this week, but maybe these will interest you:
.88 +UP wyb Mars, M&Ms single serve candy @ .88 LIMIT 1
$4 +UP wyb Hyland's Kids cough, cold, complete allergy or nite time cough and cold 4 oz @ $4.99= .99
Rite Aid Pain killers and Allergy meds B1G1
I will be hitting Walgreen's tomorrow to hopefully FINALLY use my rainchecks for Purex detergent, Airwick Freshmatic and Dove bars. They are supposed to get a shipment in the morning, so I figure I'll hit it up in the early afternoon. Wish me luck!!

Clutter Busting 101

 If you are like me, Spring Cleaning is nowhere near being done yet! Here is a great little 5 step plan I found in my April All You Magazine. Follow these steps to "end clutter forever!"

#1 START by tackling a particular room armed with a trash bag, a giveaway box, a box for items you want to sell and a box for things that belong in another room of your home. Make quick, unemotional decisions: if it's broken, obsolete or redundant, get rid of it.

#2 SORT through all the items that will stay in the room, matching like with like. Cluster books together with other books, DVD's with DVD's and outerwear with outerwear. Don't comingle dissimilar things-it makes it hard to find what you need and creates visual chaos.

#3TAKE INVENTORY of what you're holding on to, then determine how the items should be stored and what types of furniture and containers you'll need. For example, "To keep these stacks of sweaters and T-shirts separate, I can use shelf dividers. Now that I've counted my CDS, I know I need a CD organizer with eight shelves."

#4FIND SOLUTIONS that work with your personal habits. For example, if you're a no-fuss type, just grouping things together might be enough, so store pictures in photo boxes marked by year. If you are more detail focused, use photo albums.

#5DON'T STOP until every object or type of object has a place where it lives all the time-be it a tray on your desk for your cell phone or a hook for your car keys. Then, commit to returning each item to its home after every use. Soon, putting items away will become a habit.

Today's spring cleaning assignment: vacuum stairs, paint second coat of paint on downstairs bathroom door trim and frame. What will you tackle today??

Saturday, April 23, 2011

10% or less Challenge!!!

 Alright you kids, my husband's work has just begun a 2-3 week shut down. We will of course collect unemployment during this twice yearly maintenance break, but I will have to be a little more creative than usual as we have regular bills to pay plus the hubs is getting his wisdom teeth out and we need to get the wood to make our kitchen cupboard doors. Because of this situation, I am going to be doing some amazing things in these next couple weeks and would challenge all of you to see if you can beat me!
 Here's the plan: Pay 10% or less of retail!!! How much can you get, that you actually use, at this value?!?! I recommend going through your coupons and making the most of them on Tuesdays at Walmart and also stacking them with either Target coupons or stacking and mixing with Rite Aid or Walgreen's rewards. IT CAN BE DONE!!!
 And since you should hopefully have built up a reasonable stockpile by now, you should be okay for just a couple of weeks with ONLY buying things that you can get for 10% or less!! Shopping your stockpile is good to do now and then because a. it rotates your stock to avoid expiration and waste, and b. it gives you an idea of what your family will actually use in a tight spot and if you have been stocking up the appropriate amounts of staples to sustain you through a crisis.
 After this little shut down, I will go back into major stockpile building mode and will of course shower you all with tips and ideas for doing that effectively.
 So..... can you do better than me?!?! I'd love to hear of your adventures, scores and hauls for 10% of retail or less!
Happy Couponing!!!

Grocery Shopping Report

 I hit several stores today and did really well. I actually only used one coupon today. Crazy, I know!! But this leads into a subject I will address later today, which is how to save money WITHOUT coupons!! Be on the lookout for that post soon!
 I hit Walgreen's in Provo first to see if I could snag some Easter M&M's but they were all out. I then hit Rancho Market. I found it to be a friendly, welcoming environment. Don't worry if you don't speak spanish. My cashier spoke english. There is a lot packed into a small place and it was a bit crowded, but I made my way around. I wasn't impressed with the quality of the oranges, but the rest of the produce was just fine. So you all know, there is a $5 minimum purchase required to use credit/debit cards.

 I found a happy surprise in the sliced cheese at just .89. Total spent at Rancho Market: $5.04 Total Value:$9.40

I made a quick stop at Buy Low in Provo and grabbed just a few things.

 Buy Low has the best price on the Betty Crocker snacks at .98 ea when you buy 4 and use in ad coupon. I grabbed some plastic eggs for the hunt today and also took advantage of the $1.29/lb ground chicken and the Jonagold apples at @lb/$1. We will have lots of fruit this week! Total spent: $10.29 Total Value: $25.20.

 Macey's was next and it was also where I had the longest list. They have amazing deals this week! Most don't even need coupons!

 We use LOTS of tortilla chips and Santitas are our favorite! I grabbed 5 of those at 3/$5. I also got two of the WF whipped topping at .88 each. I splurged on a couple of scoops of mixed Easter candy for the kids' eggs. I grabbed the 10oz package of Land O Frost at $2.19. Not the best price ever, but not horrible either. The 2 lb cheese loaf was $6.98 though it is marked on sale for $5.29. I will be running back over there to get a refund. I also used my -$1/2lb any cheese online print coupon. Check your receipts!!! I grabbed a few filler flowers for my front yard. We will not be spending much on yard supplies this year. These will probably be the only flowers I buy as my front gardens are pretty much where I want them. I just need to be patient and wait for them to fill in! Total Spent: $25.46, but it will be around $23.74 when I get my refund. Total value: $34.54. The savings weren't huge, but the flowers were an impulse. Remember, as long as you aren't paying full retail and the item is something you will actually use, you're doing pretty good and better than most! :)

My last stop was Fresh Market to grab ground beef patties at $1.99/lb in a 3 lb bag for $5.97.

 This pack is regularly just over $12. Probably my best savings today!
 On my way back to Macey's now to collect my refund! Happy Easter!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Cheap but practical wedding gift!

 My husband is off to a soccer buddy's wedding reception with our daughter in tow. I am not feeling up to going with and my husband isn't super excited either, but he promised the friend that if he gave him an invite, he would for sure attend. Now when he asked, 20 minutes ago, to "put together" a wedding gift, do you think he meant I should run out to JcPenny's and grab some over priced, totally impractical piece of glass?! No! You know how I do gifts!
 I keep several buckets and baskets on hand from the dollar store for just such an occasion. After selecting the appropriate bucket for a couple I barely know, it was just a matter of filling it with household cleaning supplies from my stockpile. Add a recycled piece of wire ribbon, a clearance bow and a generic blank card with our penned in well wishes, and you have a simple but very practical wedding gift, totally appropriate for the reception of someone you hardly know!
 And some people think I'm crazy for doing this whole couponing-deal hunting stuff! Crazy, yeah, crazy like a fox! ;) I paid maybe $3 for the whole thing, and I doubt it was even that much. Not too fancy, but I am very okay with that since I'm sure the bride will have no idea who we are and will be very grateful for the air freshening spray when she realizes she is married to a man. She'll be thanking the unknown woman for the cheap but practical gift!

A New Discovery!

 I have made a new discovery in the grocery deals world! It is kind of like venturing into a foreign country, but a country full of great produce values, right here in Utah county! RANCHO MARKET! Here are the deals I am going to take advantage of this Saturday (they are Saturday only!):
Iceberg lettuce heads 3/.99
Oranges 6lb/$1
Bananas 3lb/.99
Watermelon 5lb/.99

Don't worry if you don't speak tons of Spanish. I'm sure you'll figure it all out! ;)

I am also going to hit Buy Low on Saturday to grab these deals:
Jonagold Apples 2 lb/$1
Ground Chicken 1.29/lb
I am going to try mixing my ground chicken with some of Fresh Market's $1.99 ground beef patties and see how we like it!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Shopko and Samples report

 I stopped at Shopko this morning to pick up a prescription and also to take advantage of the great toy sale. I needed a small gift for each of my kids for Easter (we don't make a huge commercial deal out of Easter but I do like to have a small gift for each of their baskets) and my gift supply boxes have gotten really low in stock, so I excitedly took advantage of this opportunity. I was pleased to find the Spanish Fork store well stocked. The water gun was not marked at the sale price of $4.88 so I had an employee double check it for me before I took it up to the register. It does in fact ring up correctly. The "Hearts" animals are dinky little key chains and not worth even the sale price in my opinion so we skipped those. Here is what I did get:

(2) Fairy Barbie Dolls @ $4.88 (reg. $9.99 ea!)
(1) Hot Wheels 5 pk @ $3.88 (reg. $5.99)
(1) Fisher Price Chatter Telephone @ $4.88 (reg. $9.99!)
(1) Little Tikes Discover Sounds Cell Phone @ $4.88 (reg. $9.99!)
(1) Steady Stream Water Gun @ $4.88 (reg. $13.99!!)

I only wish I could have bought more at these great prices!!

I have been ordering several FREE samples online recently and they are all starting to arrive, to my delight! How often do you get anything fun in the mail anymore?? It's like Christmas every time I open the mailbox! Plus, most samples come with valuable coupons. What do you do with these samples? 
-add them to toiletry, hygiene or emergency kits
-put them in your overnight or carry on bags
-sell them online
-donate to someone who might need that particular product

  I have grouped all of my FREE baby samples, coupon checks, and full size cans of formula (FREE when you sign up at various baby sites) into a lot I am selling on KSL for $20. Whoever buys it will be getting approximately $65-70 of value. People could of course get all of this stuff for themselves for free but you'd be amazed at how many people just don't want to put in the time or make the effort.
 If its FREE, it IS for ME!!!!  :)

Toys @ Shopko

 For last minute Bunny Basket fillers, Shopko has some great deals on small, inexpensive toys. This is also a great opportunity to restock your gift closet for all of the upcoming nieces and nephews and neighbor kids' birthday parties.
Only Hearts Club mini pets 2/$4.88
Steady Stream Water Fun $4.88
Pre-School Toys (select varieties, 3 shown on ad) $4.88
Baby Doll or Barbie fashion doll $4.88
Nerf, Lego, Tonka or Western Action Toys $6.88
Hot Wheels or Matchbox 5 pk cars $3.88
Junior Sport Toys $8.88
Dome Terrarium $12.88

For your own kids' summer enjoyment: My First Playhouse $71.88

Sad News

 My dear friends, as it is Easter this Sunday, we will not be getting any coupon inserts. 
 On a positive note, you can take this time to enjoy your family and celebrate the Lord and his  bountiful blessings in your lives.
 Ps. You can still print a few coupons if you need your fix. ;)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Movies @ Shopko

 Among other exciting deals this week, Shopko has amazed me again by having a truly great deal!
Assorted DVD movies, and not just crap that you've never heard of, are on sale this week at great prices.

In the $3.88 category, the following are pictured in the ad:
Bringing Down The House
The Sandlot
Care Bears Movie 3
Bruce Almighty
Batman (animated)

In the $5.88 category:
The Gameplan
The Haunting
Major League
Stuart Little
Howard the Duck
The Bridges of Madison County
Funny Farm

In the $8.88 DVD & Blu-Ray category:
Snow Buddies
Night at the Museum
Up in the air
Imagine That
Harry Potter
The Passion (Charlton Heston)
Ace Ventura

There are also several TV series available on DVD for $17.88.

8 Steps to Paying off Credit Card Debt

 From Family Circle magazine (which I of course found in the recycling bins), here is a very helpful article with a step by step plan for digging yourself out of credit card debt. I really enjoyed it. Some of these steps we have already implemented in our house and are ourselves nearly debt free (aside from mortgage), but it's always a good thing to be reminded of where we were and what can happen if you stop keeping track.

By Celia Shatzman
"Let this year's tax season be a financial wake-up call- now's the time to implement your own personal bailout plan to pay off credit cards. Clarky Davis, aka "The Debt Diva," shares her step by step tips for getting to a zero balance.

#1 Know what you owe
Before you can start strategizing, tally up all of your debts and examine your financial situation. "Many money blunders occur when you are not engaged with your finances," says debt management expert Clarky Davis. Complete the big picture by getting details, such as your credit card's annual percentage rate and determining if you are behind on any bills or have outstanding late fees.

#2 Slash Spending
Changing habits is a must to achieve that zero balance. The first step is setting a family budget so that you can cover cost of living expenses while avoiding using a credit card. Record every single transaction in a journal for a month to see exactly where your dough is going. Decide which expenses must be paid each month-like a mortgage, car payments and utility bills-and find ways to reduce extras like cable TV, cell phones, eating out and travel. After cutting those, put all extra disposable income toward your credit card bill.

#3 Pay it down
Contact your creditor to negotiate a lower interest rate on all of your credit cards. When you're ready to start putting extra cash toward your debts-even just $5 more than the minimum required monthly payments helps-focus on paying off the card with the highest interest rate first. Once that card is at a zero balance, take the monthly amount you were paying and apply that to the credit card with the next highest interest rate. This tactic guarantees you will spend less money on interest and pay off your debts faster.

#4 Keep your credit in check
Remove all credit cards from your wallet and keep them at home in a safe place. "Having easy access to credit can be too tempting for those of us who tend to make unplanned purchases. Credit cards should be used only in emergencies," says Davis, "not for a trip to the mall with your kids."

#5 Ditch the debit
Debit cards are often easier to carry than cash, but then you run the risk of overdrawing your account and getting stuck with hefty bank fees. If tracking spending is a challenge, opt for a prepaid card instead. Those are typically tied to a savings account rather than a checking, so you can spend only the amount in your account, when you are about to overdraw, the transaction is denied and you won't get hit with any penalties.

#6 Go automatic
By enrolling in automatic payment programs for all of your bills, you'll prevent missed payments and late fees, which can lead to negative marks on your credit score. Just remember to check your statements every month to make sure you can account for all of the charges.

#7 Track your score
Check your credit score at least twice a year-use different bureaus to take advantage of free offerings. Scan the report carefully for mistakes every time. "Understanding your credit report will help you see where you've been tripping up," says Davis. "You'll learn to get into better payment habits reduce your debt-to-available-credit ratio and cancel dormant cards."

#8 Ask for help
If you can't afford the minimum payments and are consistently late with the bills, it may be time to consider getting professional financial assistance. Be sure to do your research and find a reputable organization; look for a provider licensed by the state it resides in and accredited by the Better Business Bureau. "By seeking support from a debt management company," says Davis, "consumers can take advantage of better repayment terms-like lower interest rates and waived late fees-offered by most creditors."

I found this information to be very insightful. Even if you don't have a credit debt problem yourself, it is good to keep in mind wise spending practices so that you don't end up in debt without knowing how you got there. It can add up fast! Good luck!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Grocery Deals!!!

 We have fabulous new grocery deals coming out folks!!! Buy Low has already begun, as they start and end with the week. Macey's, Smith's, and Fresh Market's sales will all begin tomorrow. Get excited!!!

Buy Low
My new favorite!!!

Regular Sales  

Jonagold Apples 2lb/$1

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $1.38/lb
Wishing I hadn't just bought 40 lbs of chicken!!!  :(

Iceberg Lettuce .50/head
Fresh Pineapple .50/lb

1 doz Large Eggs .68

Nabisco Crackers $1.48 ea

Pillsbury Brownie or Cake Mix .98

Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks .98 w/in-ad coupon, must buy 4

Yellow Onions 5lb/$1
Fresh Broccoli .69/lb

D'Anjou Pears .69/lb

Dole Classic Salads $1.29 ea

mangoes .69 ea

Cilantro 4/$1

Cool Whip .99

Western Family Cream Cheese .99

Western Family Sour Cream .99

Pillsbury Crescent or Cinnamon Rolls $1.79
-.40/2 Pillsbury Crescent Dinner Rolls= $1.59 ea wyb 2

Meadow Gold Ice cream bars or pops $1.79

Farr's Ice Cream $2.50

Wednesday & Thursday Produce Special Prices

Oranges 8lb/$1
Granny Smith Apples 3lb/$1
Watermelon 4lb/$1

Cucumbers 3/$1

Red Onions 4lb/$1

Green Cabbage 4lb/$1

Friday & Saturday Meat Special Prices

Chicken Drumsticks .69/lb

Super Extra Lean Ground Beef  (less than 10% fat) $2.49/lb

Bone In Pork Loin End Roast $1.39/lb

Boneless Pork Loin End Roast $1.79/lb


Betty Crocker Fruit Snakcs $1 ea w/in-ad coupon, must buy 4

1 doz Large Eggs .79
Meadow Gold half pint Whipping Cream .75

WF Sour Cream .88
Nabisco Crackers $1.79

Lays Potato Chips $1.88
-.55/1 Lays Potato Chips= $1.33

Stone's Ground Beef Patties $1.99/lb
sold in 10lb box

Western Family Whipped topping .88

WF Olives .99

Rhodes Pull-Aparts $1.99

Rhodes Roll Dough $2.89
-$1/1 Rhodes Traditional Rolls (LDS Living mag)

Rhodes Orange or Cinnamon w/icing Roll Dough $2.89
-$1/1 Rhodes Anytime Rolls (LDS Living mag)

Just Born Peeps .88

Twin Pack Hostess Sno Balls .88

Santitas Chips 3/$5

Pillsbury Rolls 3/$5
-.40/2 Pillsbury Crescent Rolls

Imperial Plastic Cutlery .69

Flannel Back Tablecloths .99

Plastic Tablecloths .79

plastic cups 15 ct .79

TJ Farms Frozen Fruit $1.19

TJ Farms Shoestring Potatoes .79

Ferry Mores Seeds .79

Don Julio chips .89

Spice-It! Spices & Extracts .99

WF Pie Crusts .99

Progresso Bread Crumbs .99

Guittard Baking Chips $1.99

Ritz Crackers $1.88

Keebler Cookies and Kellogg's Rice Krispie Treats 2/$3 w/in-ad coupon, must buy 2
-.55/2 any Keebler Cookies= $1.22 ea wyb (2)

WF Cream Cheese .99

Meadow Gold Treats 3/$5 

Dreyers Ice Cream 2/$5

WF Ice cream 2/$5

Land o' Frost Deli Meat 10 oz $2.19

Fresh Broccoli or Cauliflower .79/lb

Fresh Market

1 lb Strawberries 2/$3

Fresh Pineapple .69/lb

Cool Whip .99

Nestle Tollhouse Morsels $1.99
-$1.50/2 Nestle Tollhouse morsels 

WF Ice cream or Sherbet $1.99 w/in-ad coupon, limit 3

Dole canned Fruit .88 ea w/in-ad coupon, limit 3

Kraft Dressings 14-16 oz $1.99
 -$1/2 any TWO 14 or 16 oz Kraft Dressings= $1.49 ea

Doritos $1.88 w/in-ad coupon

WF Cheese Singles .99 w/in-ad coupon 

WF Olives .99 w/in-ad coupon 
WF Ketchup 32 oz Upside Down or 36 oz Regular Bottle .99 ea w/in-ad coupon(limit 2)

Nalley Pickles 46 oz asst. $1.99 w/in-ad coupon

1 doz Large Eggs .99

Dreyers Ice Cream 2/$5

Lay's Potato Chips $1.99
-.55/1 Lays Potato Chips

Nabisco Crackers $1.88
WF Sour Cream .99

Pillsbury Crescent, Danish or Cinnamon roll 3/$5
-.40/2 Pillsbury coupon= $1.47 ea


Not much to mention at Smith's this week...
Here's all I've got:

They are happily repeating their cereal gift card deal. 
Get a $5 Smith's Gift Card wyb any 4 participating General Mills Cereals or Snacks using your shoppers card.
I like to use the gift card to buy milk. :)
-.75/1 any Chex cereal online coupon
-.75/1 Cinnamon Burst Cheerios
-.75/1 Kix cereal (if participating)
There may be more good coupons for this deal. I'll search tonight and let you know!

To sum up, holy amazing deals this week!!!! Wishing I had more money left in my budget!!!   



Walmart Doubles Report

Are you willing to be annoying? 
If not, you should get out of this game!
There will be times, as I experienced today, when we make decisions without thinking them through and end up making people unhappy. I don't feel bad for people having to wait behind me; I know we all will get our turn. I do worry though, that by doing things a certain way, I will give our couponing society a bad name. So I am going to make an effort to be as considerate as possible and will post soon a list of guidelines for coupon etiquette.
Now to report on my doubling at the Springville Walmart this morning:

Sadly, I had not looked closely enough at my Betty Crocker cookie mix coupons and did not realize there was a size requirement. Reminds me of all those rides I missed out on as a short kid.....
Anywho, I got just one of the bigger size. Sadness. I paid $1.04 for the one package with the doubled coupon. I am pretty tempted to return it on my next trip and most likely will.
I happily grabbed (5) Glade Carpet Powder @ $1.98 ea. 
-.75/1 Glade Carpet Powder
(took off $1 each)

(3) Almond Accents @ $2.98 ea
-.50/1 Almond Accents
(took off $1 each)   

(6) Fleishman's 3 ct Yeast Packets @ $1.04 ea.
-.40/1 fleishmans yeast packets or jar
(took off .80 each)

I also grabbed (1) McCormick Grill Mates Roasted Garlic & Herb @ $1.74
-$1/1 any McCormick Spice or Food coloring    
(This one of course did not double. I used it because this coupon will be expiring soon and I LOVE this particular spice and HIGHLY recommend it!!!) 

I didn't get much today as I need the rest of my budget for this weekend's fabulous grocery sales!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Walgreen's FREEBIES!

 Let's see what we can find for FREE or nearly FREE at Walgreen's this week! Shall we?!?!

$3 RR wyb Goody Ouchless Hair Accessories @ $3= FREE
$4 RR wyb (2) Colgate Dental Care @ $3 ea
-$1/1 Colgate Total Gum Defense Toothpaste (All You mag)
-$1/1 Colgate Total or Gum Defense Toothpaste
-$1/1 Colgate 360 manual toothbrush (April All you mag)
use (2) -$1 coupons= FREE
$2 RR wyb Reach Total Care Floss or Toothbrush @ $2.99
-.50/1 Reach Floss or Toothbrush= .49

$4 RR wyb (2) Always Dri-Liners, 40 pk or Leak Guard Plus Pads 22 pk, @ $3 ea
-$1/1 Always pads or feminine cleansing cloths
use (2) -$1= FREE
$4.99 RR wyb Nasogel Drip Free Gel Spray 1 oz @ $4.99= FREE

Mars or Dove candy 1.3-2.17oz .39 ea w/in-ad coupon
-.75/2 Dove candy bars= .01 ea!!
-B2G1 Mars candy= .26 ea
Peeps, Cadbury or Hershey's Easter Candy 1-1.5 oz .50 ea w/in-ad coupon
-$1/2 Peeps Chocolate online print (if included)= FREE

Wet n' Wild Cosmetics .69 ea

Nivea or Nivea for Men Body Wash 16.9 oz $3.79
-$3/1 Nivea for men body wash= .79

Easter Gift Sack or Plastic Tumbler 12 oz .16 ea w/in-ad coupon

Easter Pen or Pencil .33 ea w/in-ad coupon

AirWick or Neutra Air Freshmatic Kits 50% off
-$4 off Air Wick Freshmatic kit
Look for kits starting at $8.99, makes it .49 ea!

Easter M&M's 9.9-12.6 oz $2
-$2/2 Mars Easter Candy (All you mag)= $1 ea
-$1/2 Mars Easter Candy= $1.50 ea

Green Giant Vegetables .49 ea w/in-ad coupon
True to Go Blood Glucose Monitor $9.99
-$9.99 mail in rebate on product= FREE

Puffs Tissue .99
-.50/1 Puff product P&G home mailer coupon= .49

Walgreen's Cups or Plates 20-72 ct .89 ea w/in-ad coupon
Shout Color Catcher 24 pk $2.49
-.50/1 color Catcher Walgreen's April Coupon booklet
-$1/1 Shout Color Catcher online print = .99