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Wednesday, March 26, 2014


My husband has been finding all kinds of goodies at thrift stores lately that we have successfully sold online for awesome profits! I decided it was high time I got in on the action! I hopped over to "Junk In My Trunk," here in Spanish Fork. The lady who runs the store, Tina, helped me find things I wouldn't necessarily have thought to look for. I ended up spending a bit of time there, searching every nook and cranny. I found some real treasures! Not only that, Tina has this on going great deal where you fill a bag with nearly anything in the store for just $5 plus tax!!! You can get amazing deals if you'll just make a bit of time in your schedule for digging!
Here's what I found:
Kids tap and ballet shoes in really nice condition!
A Walt Disney movie catalog from 1981, the very year I was born!
Airwalk sandals for me!
An unopened car phone charger.
A box of nursing pads.
An Italian leather wallet.
Several fast food collectible toys.
A nice wooden frame.
An internet modem.
All of this for just $5 plus tax!! I'll be hitting it up once a week and several other small thrift shops! I suggest you do the same!!! :)

Smith's Mega Event

Smith's has another fabulous Mega Event going on!! This time you have to buy any 5 participating items, of which there are MANY, to get this awesome deal!!! Add in your coupons, and wow!! The deals are crazy fabulous!!
Honey Bunches of Oats Energy cereal $1.49 wyb 5
-$1/1 Honey Bunches of Oats Energy  All You magazine

Kellogg's cereal crisps $1.99 ea wyb 5
-$1/2 Kellogg's Nutrigrain bars or crisps

krusteaz cookie mix .99 ea wyb 5
-.55/1 Krusteaz mix (kroger mail coupon)

Barilla Italian Entree's $1.39 ea wyb 5
-$1/1 Barilla Italian Entree

Other goodies not part of the mega event:

Quaker Big Chewy Bars $2.50 each
-$1/1 Big Chewy bars

Sundown Naturals Gummies Melatonin $2.00 (clearance)
-$2/1 Sundown Naturals Gummies= FREE

Variety Bakery Rolls .50 per bag (clearance)

Kroger Saltines 10/$10

Sun Chips 2.50 each
 And then more Mega Event deals:

Speed Stick 2.7 oz deodorants $1.09 each wyb 5
-$1/1 Speedstick= .09 each!!!

Tone Bar Soap $1.99 ea wyb 5
-$1/2 Tone Bar soap All You Magazine

Dove Men+Care deodorant $2.49 ea   wyb 5
-$1/1 Dove Men+Care deodorant
-.50 off $2 of deodorant Kroger mail coupon

Dove Men+Care Face & Body Wash $2.49 ea    wyb 5
-$2.00/1 Dove Men+Care Body wash

Huggies Baby Wipes .99 ea wyb 5
-.50/1 Baby Wipes 

Axe Men's Shampoo $2.99 each wyb 5
-$2.50/1 Axe hair care
-$1 off any $3 hair care products Kroger mail coupon
This awesome Mega Event runs through Tuesday! Be sure to get over there and see all the great unadvertised deals!! Bring your coupon binders!!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Fresh Market

The kids and I hit Fresh market this afternoon to grab some of their sweet deals before this sale ends!
Meadow Gold ice cream novelties .88 each!!!

12 pk Shasta Soda $1.98 each

Raisins, Walnuts, Prunes .35 each Clearance

And now that we've done a bit of shopping, we are off to the park to enjoy this little warm spell!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Happy Birthday!!!

Hey kids, I just have to share this awesome post from!!!! I'm looking forward to my birthday next Friday and will definitely be taking advantage of some of these offers!!!

Birthday Freebies & Discounts

Monday, March 17, 2014

Yet again...

We hopped down to the Payson Smith's this morning. Yes, again! I will probably hit the Provo Smith's tomorrow too, just for one last hit before the awesome cereal/milk deal ends!!!
I found a few other fun goodies, as usual! Let's have a look-see!
 MORE Cereal!!!
Kellogg's cereals $1.67 each
-.75/1 Kellogg's cereal (online print with rewards points)
+$2.00 Catalina for every 3 boxes of Kellogg's!!!
+ FREE gallon of milk for every 3 boxes of cereal!!!

Post Honey Bunches of Oats $1.67 each
-$1/2 Honey Bunches
+ FREE gallon of milk for every 3 boxes of cereal!!!

Post Poppin Pebbles cereal $1.67 each
-$1/1 Post Poppin Pebbles
+ FREE gallon of milk for every 3 boxes of cereal!!!
 Sun Chips 2/$5

Suave Men's 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner $2.09
-$2/1 Suave, Axe, or Dove men's hair product register printed coupon= $.09!!!

Quaker Chewy Bars $1.67
+ FREE gallon of milk for every 3 boxesl!!!

Bananas .39/lb  Clearance

Bic 10 ct disposable razors $2.49 each
-$3/1 any Bic disposable razors= +.51 each!!!!

Bread .59 each clearance

Foccacia bread sticks $1.49 clearance

Dreyer's 1.75 qt ice cream $3.00 each
-$1.50/2 Dreyer's or Edy's ice cream Kroger ecoupon

And of course.... All of this FREE milk!!!!!!
And if all of that weren't awesome enough.... before I shopped, I hit the gas pumps and used my .30/gallon February gas rewards discount!!!

I know that you all know how much I LOVE Smith's... but seriously, DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE Smith's?!?!?!

Bust Out the Clorox!!

Hey kids! De-junking time is in full swing!!! I hit the toyland jackpot with all these fabulous goodies! Just gotta run a bath of Clorox and then each of my kids get to pick out a fun new toy! The rest I will keep for stocking stuffers (there are so many, they'll forget by Christmas!) and some of them I will sell.
I just love treasure hunting!!!

 I sorted through 3 bouquets that had been thrown out. All of the carnations were still nice and fresh. I do love me some flowers!

 A super nice diaper bag, coloring books, squishy baby books, toys, crayons, unopened Christmas party favors, doll clothes...
The table that came with this was hashed but the chair is great! Plus a complete twin size airplane sheet set! Great condition!!
 Play food. Crayola color wonder kit.
 Canned food. So many toys!!!! One of my favorites is the little green lantern. It works too! Saving that for the kids when we go camping this summer.
Cash register, notebooks, purses, foll clothes, leap frog stuff....

I just LOVE what I do!!! It's like Christmas! I think some fun memories my kids will have will be going through all the treasures they mommy brings home!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Fresh Market

What makes me feel better on a day that I am sick?? Reading Mrs. Piggle Wiggle stories with the kids and looking at a fabulous new ad from Fresh Market!

These deals, my favorites, start tomorrow. Gotta say, Fresh Market blew Macey's out of the water this week! I'm thinking I better hit Stokes and Lolo's as well, just to see what variations of these deals they will have!

$.88 Frozen Food Month Sale!!

Banquet frozen dinner .88 each

Michelina's Zap 'Em's .88 each
-$1/5 Michelina's entrees online print

Flav-R-Pac frozen veggies .88 each

Hawaii's Own frozen juice .88 each

Meadow Gold Ice Cream Novelties .88 each

Old Orchard Frozen juice Concentrate .88 each
-$1/4 Old Orchard frozen juice online print

Other sales:

Western Family select varieties cereal .99 each

Shasta 12 pk can soda $1.98

5 lb Tillamook shredded cheese $12.99

Pace salsa 16 oz 2/$3
-$1/2 any Pace products
-.40/2 Pace
-.60/2 Pace

WF 32 oz shredded cheese $5.99

Pillsbury Grands biscuits $1.19 each wyb 8 participating items
-$1/2 Pillsbury grands online print (no longer available to print)

Totino's Pizza Rolls .99 each wyb 8 participating items
-.40/2 Totino's pizza rolls

Aussie Hair Styling Products $1.98 each
-$1/2 Aussie Hair styling products

Nature Valley Granola Bars $1.99 wyb 8 participating items
-.60/2 Nature Valley 5+ online print
-.50/2 nature valley 5+ online print

I will be shopping tomorrow! Stay tuned for my report!!! Who knows what unadvertised deals I might find???
Ps. If you haven't taken advantage of Smith's amazing cereal and milk deal yet, get it done!!! Milk can be frozen!! :)

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Smith's again!!

I got us out the door bright and early this morning to hop down to the Payson Smith's! So glad I did! The Post Poppin' Pebbles were fully stocked so I took a bunch! I was kind enough to not clear the shelf this time though, even though I had enough coupons. I'm trying the good karma approach. :)
Along with the FREE milk, I grabbed a few other nice close outs and freebies:

 2 ltr Coke .88 each

Hefty bags $1.50 each
-$1/2 Hefty bags

Bananas .39/lb clearance

Atkins frozen entree 2/$7
-FREE Atkins frozen entree coupon= FREE!!

Mueller's yogurt FREE (Friday freebie upload)

Nexcare Fabric Tape .75 each (close out)

Oatmeal multi-flavor pack .89 each (close out)

 Kellogg's Corn Pops $1.67 each
-$1/3 Kellogg's cereal
+ $2 Catalina coupon w/purchase of 3
+ FREE milk with purchase of 3

Post Poppin' Pebbles $1.67 each
-$1/1 Post Poppin' Pebbles= .67 each
+ FREE milk with purchase of 3
Chocolate milk is included in the FREEBIE deal!!!

I bought the Kellogg's and the chocolate milk first, then used the $2 catalina toward the rest. Will sell all the cereal and freeze the milk for later!

Now I am going to lay down. Silly head cold. It was worth the efforts though!!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

What a day!

Alright kids, buckle up for a roller coaster report! It's been a crazy day! I headed up to Smith's in Provo this morning with two of my kidlets. I got super amazing deals and am so glad I did that first! After that I went to get my wasp shots and had another really bad reaction. I was able to stay really calm this time though and they got me breathing good pretty quickly. I had to stay for observation, of course, and was so glad I had insulated all the FREE milk I got!! I got it home and it was still icy cold!
Anywho, I had planned to hit the Payson Smith's as well today but that will have to wait till tomorrow as I will be stuck home doing breathing treatments every few hours for the rest of the day. Repeat, I am SO GLAD I got my shopping done first!!!! :)

 Let's start with the clearance goodies!

Honey Nut Cheerios .79

Bread .59 ea

Sliced pickles .79 ea
 Then the amazing cereal and milk deal!!!!

Kellogg's cereal (only Pops and Apple Jacks are included!) $1.67 ea
-.75/1 any Kelloggs cereal online rewards coupon printed
I also earned a $3 cash coupon (Catalina) for buying these and used it towards the second transaction of cereal and milk!

Post Cocoa Pebbles and Fruity Pebbles $1.67 ea
-$1/2 Cocoa or Fruity Pebbles

Honey Bunches of Oats $1.67 ea
-$1/2 any Honey Bunches of Oats

And then........
I got all 6 of these gallons of milk for FREE!!!!!!!
I will sell a lot of the cereals (KEEPING all the Honey Bunches for us!!) and all of the milk and it will more than pay for this whole order and give me a nice profit. I'm so glad I went and got my shopping high before the shots! It makes it all bearable and good!!! :)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Oh how we shopped!

This morning was a busy one!! I am learning that, though it was a VERY successful shopping adventure, if I want my foot to ever heal, I'm going to probably have to take a break from such activities... :(  It definitely cost me in the pain department and I took a long nap after, but let's look at what I got!

 Post Poppin' Pebbles $1.67 ea
-$1/1 Post Poppin Pebbles cereal= .67 ea
I'm selling as many of these as I can!!

Chocolate Toast Crunch $1.67 ea
-$1/1 Chocolate Toast Crunch online print= .67 ea

Quaker Chewy Bars $1.67 ea
-$1/2 Quaker Chewy Bars (Smith's mail coupon)= $1.17 ea

 And buy buying all that sugary madness, I got ALL OF THIS MILK FOR FREE!!!!
The deal is this: Buy any 3 participating items, get a gallon of milk FREE!
And finally:
Kroger Bread .88 ea

Bagels .99 (clearance)

Air Wick Refill .45 (clearance)
I successfully sold 8 of these on ebay last week for great profits. So sad that I got there when there was only one left! :(

Kroger 50 oz laundry detergent FREE
I got another happy FREE coupon in the mail yesterday!!

Paper Mate Ink Joy pens B1G1 @ $2.99
-$1/1 Ink Joy pens 2+ ct= .49 each!!
These are my gift to me! With my arthritis, I need good pens for writing. These work great!

Atkins shakes $5.00
-$1/1 Atkins shakes

Premier Plus Crisp bar $1.25
-FREE Premier Plus ecoupon (Friday FREEBIE)

Bananas .39/lb clearance
We opened a couple of these. They look bruised but they are PERFECT inside!! Score!

And then Walmart:

 Almond Accents $2.98 ea
-.50/1 Almond Accents (doubled)= $1.98 ea

Atkins candies $4.88
-$1/1 Atkins 

Atkins bars $5.00 ad-matched w/Smiths
-$1/1 Atkins

Little Debbie donuts $1.50 ea ad matched w/Macey's
-$1/1 Little Debbies= .50 each
I sell these for $1 each. They go quickly. :)

Kool Aid Jammers $1.88 ea
-.50/1 Kool aid jammers online print (doubled)= .88 ea

Soft Soap 7.5 oz soap .98
-.35/1 Soft soap 7.5+ oz (doubled)= .28 ea
Great to put in wedding/house warming gift baskets!

Twix and Snicker's Peanut Butter .68 ea
-.75/2 Snickers squared online print (doubled)= .18 ea
-.50/2 Twix (doubled)= .18 ea
The 50% off of clearance continues! (at Springville, it is 75% off but there is very little left).
Sweater $2.00
-50%= $1.00!!
Saving that for the baby!

Danskin athletic shorts $1.00
-50%= $.50!!!!!
These are too small for my oldest girl and too big for my youngest. I'll probably just put them away for the latter. :)

This was a very physically demanding trip and I am totally paying for it with pain but dang! I sure did good!!!! :) Won't be shopping again for several days!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Things to consider...

I am thinking over lots of things today... I went and got my next round of wasp shots and felt very encouraged. Sick, but encouraged. :)
I have gotten tons of laundry done, before getting the shots, and was able to sort out several items of clothing the kids have grown out of for donation. Sometimes spring cleaning is best done in small steps in the midst of doing regular chores. It can keep it from being overwhelming. I'm thinking I will sort one drawer or one closet with every couple of baskets I put away.
So took a gamble buying an Atkins Starter Kit at Walmart today with a coupon (still a lot of money though), to see if I could make a little profit off of it online, since it isn't sold everywhere. The nice thing is that if I can't get the price I want, I can sell it piece meal to at least make up what I spent or even use some of it myself. Stay tuned for the results of this gamble!

Other things I am thinking about: Renew Sam's Club Membership or try to find my stuff cheaper elsewhere??
I have gone through this before and eventually ended up giving in and getting a new membership after a year long hiatus.
As I was shopping there today, knowing that my membership expires tomorrow, I did a bit of recon, comparing some prices and doing a bit of math in my head. My conclusion is that the following items are the only ones that will likely be difficult to find cheaper elsewhere:
Frozen Vegetables
Allergy Medicine
Cetaphil Lotion
String Cheese (maybe)

That's about it. Even gas is cheaper at Smith's if you always use your own bags and earn the gas credits. Butter is cheaper at the grocery store on sale.... Yogurt and milk too. You just have to stock up when it is on sale.
The diapers... I could maybe make a better deal by using a sale plus coupons plus overage from other coupons... It would definitely require some effort. Hoping to be done with diapers in the next 6-12 months!!
I'm mostly veering toward not renewing the membership.

Another train of thought. I heard today that we are getting a new Walmart here in Spanish Fork. WHY?!?!
We have no need of such nonsense with existing stores in the surrounding towns! I'm annoyed and worried. I hate to see our local businesses suffer! Plus, the rumor is that it will go up behind Kmart. Might as well start planning Kmart's funeral... :(
It will come down to all of us being loyal to our local businesses and doing our best to still patronize them. Definitely a challenge!!! Darn Walmart and its monopolization of everything and everywhere!!!

So those are my thoughts today. Tomorrow, just to support what I have said, I will go and make some money off of Walmart!! ;)

Monday, March 3, 2014

Deal of the Day!

I have been running errands all afternoon and am loving this weather! I spent yesterday covered in hives and mostly sleeping, because of all the necessary Benadryl. Today I am up and around and out and about and happy to be so!!
I hit the dollar store and Fresh Market in the midst of my errands and it was at the latter that I found today's big DEAL!!

Soffs Baby Wipes Refills .59 each!!!

At the dollar store, I found this FULL SIZE bottle of Parmensan Cheese for just $1.00!!! It was the only one I saw, but here's hoping they'll get more in!! Such a great deal!!

Spring Cleaning!

It's that time, friends! You can feel it in the air! I am all kinds of excited, getting the house in order, clearing out all the dust and clutter!
I'm apparently not the only one, either! I hit a couple of bins today and was happy to see that the great Spring/Summer purge has begun!
 At one school I found several educational work books with NO writing in them!! Some I will sell, others I will keep for my kids.
Lots of great colored paper for projects, and a like new folder.
At another school, I found all of this great wrapping paper, some colored paper, bags, and shipping supplies!
I NEVER pay for shipping supplies, other than packing tape!
I can hardly wait to see all the great things that will be thrown out in the next few months!!!