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Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Big Prep Day!

This Saturday is my yard sale extravaganza! I have been steadily working toward being ready for it for several weeks. Tomorrow is my big prep day! It is definitely a lot of work but it is so worth it to me!
I've also been getting tons of stuff listed on ebay and ksl. I just love getting the text messages from paying customers! Especially when it's something I found in the bins or dumpsters! Such satisfaction!
After yesterday's family cleaning day, my cluttered, messy office was standing out like a sore thumb! I have spent the last few hours working on it and it just feels wonderful! I found things I forgot I had and tons more stuff for the yard sale.
I promised myself and James that my little business would never take over our home and I have done a pretty great job at that. There is always room for improvement though! We have a wasted piece of concrete on the side of our house. It is my new storage location which has freed up the office, shed, and attic. I'm working on getting the supplies to have James build me a nice little shed of my own over there so I can sell and store all year without filling up the shed or attic.
I've decided this is definitely a long term thing I have going here. I don't want to get a 'real job,' but I have lots that I want to do with my family and with my home. This is the way to do it! I know it isn't for everyone, but I thoroughly enjoy it.
I do need to be more organized though. I am working on a filing system of some kind so I can always find what I need when I need it and so I know what I have. I worked in retail for a long time so I'm thinking I'll set it up the way we did things at Walmart..... I'll let y'all know when I get it done!
Suffice it to say that today there has been a lot of progress made and a lot more progress is coming soon!
I can hardly wait for Saturday!!!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Woohoo!!! Today in the bins and such

I hit Shopko's clearance plants today! There is a great selection of healthy plants at rock bottom prices! Don't miss out!! I grabbed some for my backyard project.

After Shopko, I hit the recycling bin to grab some things I had seen there last night while on our family bike ride. I was thrilled to find way more than I expected! I had to jump in to get all of it. So glad I had my step stool and sneakers this time! If you're going to dive, come prepared!!!
I found several bundles of ads from yesterday's paper. I also found binders and loads of great college text books! On top of that, I also found guitar books of sheet music from Weezer, Sheryl Crow and the Dixie Chicks! All money! I just feel so blessed!

If that all weren't enough, here's what I got in the mail today:
A coupon for $8 off a Venus with Olay razor AND  a coupon for a FREE can of shave gel! It just so happens that this brand of razor is on clearance at the Payson Wal mart for just over $7 or so. I will be earning a bit on this one!
What a great day!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Find of the Month!!

This is the find of the month, but really, I'd say it's the find of the summer! I hope to top it, but if I don't, I will still be happy!
Yep, it's a real gold ring, folks. Hahahahahahaha!!! Forgive my crazy happy laughter! I just love what I do!

Smith's report and correction

First, the correction:
The Febreze deal is no longer valid. :( I am going to find us a great deal though so that the awesome $1.50 coupon doesn't go to waste!

Now here's how we did:

Trip #1:
 Kroger bread $.88 ea
Reduced Bananas .39/lb
Kids Crest toothpaste $1.00
-.50/1 any Crest toothpaste 4.0+ oz= $.50 ea!
I never pay for adult toothpaste. Kids' paste, unfortunately, is very rarely free. $.50 is a GREAT price!! STOCK UP!!
Buy 4 Sale Items:
Schick Hydro Razor $7.99
-FREE Schick Hydro razor (mail coupon from Smith's!)
Schick Shave Prep Gel $1.00
-$1/1 Schick shave prep= FREE
Satin Care shave gel $1.00
-$.55/1 Satin care= $.45
Philadelphia Cream Cheese $.99
-$.50/2 philadelphia online print= $.74 ea
Sun Chips $1.99
I did a lot of coupon hunting yesterday and then had to babysit in Payson today, so I stopped in for another visit at Smith's and found some more deals to share!!

Buy 4 Sale items:
Sun Chips $1.99
Kellogg's Corn Flakes 18 oz  $1.87
-$1.50/1 any Kelloggs cereal online print (when you earn 1000 pts)= $.37
Finish Gel Pacs (or Power tabs) $2.99
-$2.15/1 Finish Power tabs or Gel Pacs= $.84 each!!!!
These are our absolute favorite dish detergent!! We'll never use anything else! I plan to find tons more of these coupons so I can stock up before this deal ends! Yes, I already have like 15 of these at home, but when something is so great, you take advantage of it!!
Schick Shave Prep $1.00
-$1/1 Schick shave prep= FREE
Payson is well-stocked with these in 2 varieties. Get in there and getcha some!
Olay Shave gel $1.00
-.50/1 Olay shave gel+ $.50
Kids Crest toothpaste $1.00
-.50/1 any Crest toothpaste 4+ oz= $.50 ea

Another cool, surprise deal!
Snack Pack Pudding $.67 each when you buy 15. The deal is Buy 10, get 5 FREE. Such a great deal!!
I just wish there were more sugar free options than just chocolate.

Going diving today! Stay tuned!

A few more..

Here are a few more deals at Smith's (Kroger):
Must buy in increments of 4

Febreze air effects $1.99
-$1.50/1 Febrese air effects= $.49

Schick Shave Gel $1.00
-$1/1 Schick shave prep gel= FREE

Olay Shave gel $1.00
-$.55/1 Olay shave gel= $.45

I will post my Smith's shopping report later today! Stay tuned!! 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Smith's Buy 4 Sale!

Smith's (Kroger) is continuing this fabulous sale for another week! Great stock up opportunities! Remember that not all applicable items are listed in the ad. Take time browsing the store more deals!
Here are the best ones in the ad: (I'll post any later that I find in store)

All of these prices are when you buy 4 mix n'match items!

Kellogg's select cereal or Kelloggs nutrigrain bars  $1.99
-$1.50 any Kellogg's cereal (when you earn 1000 pts)
-$1/3 Kellogg's cereal
-$1/2 Kellogg's cereal online print
-.50/1 Raisin bran online print
-.50/1 Kelloggs corn flakes online print

Doritos or Lays chips $1.99

Philadelphia Cream Cheese 8 oz  $.99
-.50/2 Philadelphia cream cheese online print

Sun liquid detergent 188 oz $4.99

Hillshire Farms Smoked Sausage $1.99
-$1/1 Hillshire farms smoked sausage RP 5/12

Keebler cookies $1.49
-$1.50/1 Keebler cookies (when you earn 1000 pts)
-$1/2 Keebler cookies RP 5/12

Miracle Whip 30 oz  $2.48
-$1/1 Miracle Whip online print

Huggies diapers or Goodnites  Jumbo $8.49
-$2/1 Huggies diapers online print

Monday, June 17, 2013

Deal of the Day!

This GREAT deal is at Walgreen's:

Colgate Total Toothpaste 4.0 or 4.2 oz $3
-.50/1 any 4.0+ Colgate Toothpaste
Earn $2.50 Register Rewards
= FREE!!!
(through Saturday)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Find of the Week!

I found this set of transparencies at one of the schools I regularly hit. After researching it, I found that it retails $50-75!!!
Definitely a great find! Putting it on ebay!
I just love finding such great treasures! I understand that a lot of schools in our area aren't using transparencies anymore. So I can kind of see why it was trashed. But dang it! Why not donate it to a less technologically advanced school??? Grrr......

At the Dollar Store

I hit the dollar store in East Bay a couple days ago. Got me some goodies!
This is the second time I've gotten packs of Lance sandwich crackers. The sell by date was a week ago. As my fellow divers know, that gives us nearly another year in which to safely consume them. There lots of other odds and ends, including toothpaste!

I also got some fun things in the mail this week!
 The FREE Schick Hydro women's razor that I told you all about! Hope you ordered yours! It came with coupons for refills and shave gel.
Smith's sent me some Schick coupons also, including a coupon for a FREE Schick Hydro men's razor!!
I just love FREE!!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sweet Tooth Fairy FREEBIE!!

Sweet tooth fairy cookie
FREE Father's Day Cookie at THE SWEET TOOTH FAIRY! Saturday, June 15th! No coupon required! Limit one per customer. I'm excited to take my husband to get a FREE cookie. Might even splurge on a little something for myself too.... ;)

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Last evening...

I went hunting last night. I waited till the temperature had cooled to a reasonable level. The A/C is still out in my van. It'll be in the shop tomorrow. Here's hoping they'll finally figure it out!!
So I hit my regular school route and was getting more and more frustrated. I was pretty much ready to give up but there was one more school on the way home, so I went ahead and stopped.
I checked the recycling bin first and my hope was reborn! I found a big box of fabulous Apron Stories!
A whole bunch of great stories and the aprons to put the story pieces on. I told the kids we'll keep their favorite two and sell the rest. It'll be hard to let go of them though..

I found more keyboards and computer accessories. Been finding lots of those kinds of things.

Scrapbooking paper, some unopened. Bottle of puff paint, brand new!

Calculators, hangar bags full of games...

And the find I like the most?
This Charles Schulz framed color print. It summed up perfectly the evening's efforts. :)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Deal of the Day

Fresh Market has 18 oz Western Family Peanut Butter for $1.49. This is a great price and an awesome chance to stock up for the new school year!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Meat Coupon

We don't often get fresh meat coupons so you'll be excited for this one! Print this coupon for $1.00 off any fresh Pork! The coupon doesn't expire until 8/31!!
Pork Coupon
Remember to print it twice!! Then check out Fresh Market or Smith's CLEARANCE meat sections for a great deal!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Catching up!

Hey kids! I've had a really busy week and weekend! Finally have a chance here to bring you up to date on my latest adventures!

I received in the mail the other day a lovely freebie that I am super excited about! Proctor & Gamble sent me these safety locks from Dreambaby.
With a baby crawling and climbing everywhere, these will come in really handy!

I've done some hunting and have found some fabulous things. This lot here is what I am most excited about today:
These necklaces were all tangled together. The previous owner must have just been frustrated with the mess and didn't want to deal with it.
I was more than happy to untangle them. :) This is one of the rare cases where I have chosen to keep treasures for myself. I just love me some jewelry!

I hit Walmart today to grab some double coupon deals.
Total Spent: $3.91
Have you printed your $1 Rayovac coupons yet?? How about your reset Duncan Hines coupons?? Don't miss out!! 
I'm thinking I'll have enough deodorants for my own storage with plenty left over to sell at the yard sale. I'll be picking up 10 more next Tuesday! 

Ps. I have all these cases of honey graham crackers. I need to share them! If you can use a case, let me know!!