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Monday, January 31, 2011


The kids and I met up with my sister in law and her kids at Saver's today to look for clothing. My sis in law is the thrift store queen! By the time I got there, she had already found 5 dresses for my daughter that were fabulous!!
At Saver's, Monday is the great deal day. Purple tagged items are just $.99 each and yellow tagged items are half price. My main objectives were to get some jeans for myself and some dresses for my daughter. With just $20, I found three like new pair of name brand jeans for me and 4 fabulous dresses for my girl, all name brand and high quality.
It takes more time shopping this way, with all the sorting and searching, but it was well worth it, especially with it being a "deal day."  ;)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Smith's yesterday

So yesterday was pure craziness. The kids and I were nearly run over coming out of Fresh Market, where all we ended up with was a carton of eggs. This clown literally came within inches of hitting us with his truck, just after we walked out the door. Halelujah that his breaks worked! Needless to say, some naughty words came out of my mouth and we were pretty upset the rest of the evening.
Luckily I had already shopped at Smith's. I did well there and was glad yet again that I brought my coupon binder with me even though I already had an exact list picked out. You never know what surprise deals you  might find. For instance, I found a deal on the low fat Campbell's Cream of Chicken soup I had been looking for and also Trident gum on sale so that I was finally able to use my -$1/3 coupon! Happy surprises.
It was a quick, but worthwhile trip! Total retail value: $26.14 (before tax) Total Paid: $12.54 (before tax). My Smith's receipt was kind enough to tally the percentage I saved for me; 60%. :) I like that little feature. Remember that Smith's also gives discount of between .05 and .20 off each gallon of gas you buy at their gas pumps, depending on how much you purchase in store.
I will be back here later today to give the new deals at Walgreen's and Rite Aid.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Running List

New Assignment!
It is time to start your 'running list!' We all have things around the house that we need to buy or stock up on; soap, a pair of pants for the kids, carpet stain remover.You know, those things that pop into your mind while you're cleaning house or making dinner. "I'm all out of Italian Style Diced Tomatoes!" You know what I'm talking about. So how many of those important items do you actually remember when you're in the grocery store? One or two of the ten or twenty?? Never fear!
Your running list is here to save the day!
If you carry a planner, or a small notebook in your purse, how easy is it to keep a master list of all the little (and big) things that you need to grab?? Birthday gifts, shower gifts, fabric softener, new nylons, etc. Since you probably don't carry it around with you while you're mopping, have another paper pad (like those nifty magnetic kind) stuck up somewhere with an attatched pen so that you can jot those ideas down before they catch the next train out of your head. Then, before bed, transfer all the items to your master running list.
Ok, now that you have this handy list, whenever you're in the store and happen to see a buy one get 3 free deal on Legg's hose, you'll be able to grab bunches and bunches and not get to Sunday morning, realizing that you should have taken advantage of that great deal because the only hose you have are full of holes! Guess an ultra clean shave and some lotion will have to do... again. :(
So, get to work on that list! It is also a good idea to have a little envelope or zippy bag to put a few dollars in out of each week's budget that is specifically designated for your running list. This way you will actually have the money for the super cool laundry baskets that are 50% off and won't have to do without milk for the week in order to get them!
I know, what would you do without me?!?! ;)
Happy Saturday Shopping!
My Master Running List (see, I'm not a hypocrite!)
-2 large heavy duty laundry baskets
-laundry detergent
-fabric softener
-basket "drawers"
-chicken noodle soup
-tomato soup
-boxed noodles
-cream of chicken soup
-hair clippies
-long socks
-snow boarding pass for the hubs
-computer speakers
-digital camera
-s.d. card for Mama
-drawer pulls
-decorative wooden molding
-ceiling fan
-roman shade for kitchen
-decorative baskets for kitchen shelves (organizing)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Local Online Coupons

One last money saving tid bit. Before you go to nearly any store/restaurant in your area that you can think of, check Go to "printable coupons," enter your zip, and bazillions of online print coupons will come up. I've only gone through 10 or so pages so far and have already found lots of goodies, including a 20% off entire purchase at Big Lots! It expires on Sunday, so I will sure try to get myself over there tomorrow to use it! Can't pass up a chance to actually use a coupon at Big Lots!

Grocery trip #1:Macey's

I made a stop at Macey's today and took advantage of some great deals! The only one that was low in stock was the Farmland Sausage. I did manage to get 2 of the sausage tubes, but the boxes of links were all out. If you want them, I would try either tomorrow or Monday, and maybe call before you go.
Here's what I got! The best deals were the following:

Ronzoni Noodles @ $1.25 Paid: .75 ea
Malt O Meal 40-50oz Bags @ $2.50 Paid: $1.50 ea
Farmland Sausage @ $1.19 Paid: .69 ea
Ground Turkey Tubes @ $1.00 ea (ground turkey averages $2.50 per pound regularly) If it were in my budget, I'd probably get at least 10 more of these!
Apples @ .68/lb What a great price!
Tomorrow I will hit Smith's and maybe Fresh Market. I only have $15 left in this week's budget. Let's see how far I can stretch it! Ps. The total price paid for this order (with tax) was $43.54. The retail value (with tax) was $92.55. Less than half price and I only had $7.00 in coupons. The rest were promotional savings. The lesson to learn here: If it isn't something you absolutely have to have today, wait till it goes on sale!! Then stock up if it's something you use often! **Most items in the store will go on sale at least once each month or every other month. Patience pays!

Walgreen's Report

 So first the sad news: the Springville store I hit was out of the $.79 Ajax dish liquid. Just another reminder that if you go late in the sale, supplies might be out. The Campbell's soup that I wanted was also out. :( Here is what I did get:

(2) Huggies Diapers
1 Pediacare children's cold medicine
(2) Nature's Bounty Acidophilus
1 Gold Bond Body Wash 12.5oz
1 Got 2 B Hair Product
(3) clearance Christmas Peep
(2) Clearance Christmas bracelets

Total Retail Value: $61.10 (before tax)
Total Paid: $20.46 (before tax)
1/3 of Retail... I'll take it! :)
In case you don't know, at both Walgreen's and Rite Aid, you need to have "filler" items when using your Register Rewards. I like to look on the Clearance endcaps, usually located near the back of the store. Your filler should be something less than .50 each unless there is another item on sale that you need. Just shoot for less than a dollar per filler. You want to maximize your savings. With the Rewards, you need at least one item per Rewards voucher, so that's where the fillers come in. Also, the total amount cannot be less than the dollar amount of the Rewards; another place where fillers come in. :)
This trip involved a total of 6 transactions. Well worth the efforts!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sunday's Coupons

 This Sunday's coupon circulars will be full of more amazing savings! It's time again for body care; brands like Dove, Degree, Suave, Vaseline, Colgate and Gillette.
 On the flip side, sliced deli meats are also going to be featured. I am not kidding when I tell you that you NEED to acquire AS MANY COPIES AS YOU CAN of this Sunday's circulars!! I promise it will be worth it! I can already think of several great matching deals with Target's store coupons. It is going to be a great couple of weeks for stockpiling and saving money!
 Meet ya at the recycling bins! ;)

A Few Good Deals

A Few Good Deals to Grab This Week!
Better hurry!!

Campbell's Soup (tomato or chicken noodle) 10.75oz @ $.49
-$.40/2 Campbells soups= .29 each!

Kleenex Tissue $.89
-.50/3 Kleenex= .72 ea wyb 3

Nature's Bounty Vitamins and Supplements B1G1
-$1/1 NB Fish oil
-$1/1 NB Vitamins
-$1/1 NB any product

Finest Natural Super Fruits or Herbal Supplements B11

Hamburger Helper $.99
-.75/3 Hamburger Helper= .74 ea wyb 3

Pediacare Cold Relief $5.99
+ $4 Register Rewards
-$1/1 Pediacare product= like paying .99!

Ajax Dish Liquid 16oz $.79 w/in ad coupon

Sub-Zero Stainless Steel Bottle $3.99

Huggies Jumbo Pack Diapers $8.99
+ $2 Register Rewards
-$2 off any Huggies= like paying $5.99

Gold Bond Body Wash 12.5oz $4.99
+ $3 Register Rewards
-$1.00 Gold Bond online coupon= like paying .99!!!

Rite Aid

Cogate Total Toothpaste 2/$5
+ $2 +UP rewards
-$1/1 Colgate Total= like paying .50 each!

GE Light Bulb 4 pack $1.99
+ $1.99 +UP rewards= FREE!!


Kroger Cheese 6-8oz bar or shredded 2/$3

There is a deal this week where you get great discounts for buying 10 Participating Items. (basically it's $5.00 off when you buy 10 mix n' match items) Here are my favorites:

Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Shaved Lunchmeat $2.99 (w/deal)
-$1/1 Oscar Mayer carving board meats (if applicable)

Hunt's Tomatoes .49 (w/deal)
-.45/3 Hunt's Canned Tomatoes= .34 ea

Progresso Soup .99 (w/deal)
-$1/4 Progresso Soups= .65 ea

Pace Salsa or Picante Sauce $1.49 (w/deal)
-.40/2 Pace Salsa= $1.29 ea

Kraft Singles 16ct $1.49 (w/deal)
-$1/1 online Kraft coupon= .49 ea

Hormel Chili 16oz $.79
-$1.50/3 Hormel Foods Products= .29 ea!!

Fresh Market

Boneless Pork Chops $1.79/lb

Milk 1 gal $1.99

1 doz Large Eggs .79 w/in-ad coupon

Bar S Bacon 3/$5
-$1/1 Bar S product= .67 ea!!!

Kellogg's Cereal 10-18oz select varieties 5/$10
-$1/3 Kellogg's cereal= $1.66 ea

Western Family Cake Mix .79

Ronzoni Pasta 4/$5
-$1/2 Ronzoni Healthy Harvest= .75 ea wyb 2
-$1/2 Ronzoni Smart Taste= .75 ea wyb 2
-$1/1 Ronzoni Garden Delight= .25 ea!!!!

Taco Bell Refried Beans .79
-$1/2 Taco Bell (if applicable)= .29 ea

Waterchestnuts 8oz 2/$1

Boneless Pork Roast $1.79/lb

Dole bagged salad 2/$3

Red Bell Peppers .79 ea

Red or Gold Potatoes .59/lb

and finally....


Green Onions .39 ea

Cucumbers 2/$1

Green bell peppers .69 ea

Bone in Pork Roast .99/lb

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast $1.28/lb (Sold in 40 lb box for $51.20)

Gala, Braeburn, Red or Golden Delicious Apples .68/lb

Western Family Soup tomato or chicken noodle .49 ea

Western Family Cream Soup 10.5 oz  .59 ea

Western Family Refried Beans .59 ea

Canned Green Chiles 2/$1

Western Family Chili con Carne 15oz .79 ea

Pitted Olives 6oz .99 ea

WF Corn or Green Beans .49 ea

WF Corn Flakes .99

Malt o Meal Cereal Bags 40-50oz 2/$5
-$2/2 Malt o Meal cereal= $1.50 ea!!

WF Specialty canned Beans .59

WF Tomato Sauce .29

American Beauty Pasta 12-16oz .88

WF Tomato Paste 6oz 2/.88

WF Ketchup .88

WF Diced tomatoes w/chiles .59

Frozen Ground Turkey (in tubes) $1.00 ea

Seriously folks!!! Is this a great week for the pantry or what?!?! I am SO excited!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

One thing at a time...

 If you try to declutter your entire house and turn it into a time and money saving machine all at once, YOU WILL BURN OUT!!! I know from personal experience. :) Rather, how about you focus on one project each day and finish it to completion before beginning the next one.
 My chosen project for tomorrow: Empty and sort a bag of miscellaneous stuff my husband dumped in a bag when we had company over. When everything is sorted, I will then get each item to it's proper home. That is my project for tomorrow! If I finish with extra time, I will play a game with my kids. Afterall, time is money, but time with your kids is priceless. :)
 Plan your time well and you should be able to do one small to medium project each day on top of regular household chores. You are the only one that will make it happen. The fairies quit long ago. :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Today at Target!

Today I made it to Target! It was a fun little adventure with a couple of sale surprises. Love when that happens! Here's a pic of the booty!
Total Retail Value: $60.30 (includes tax)
Total Paid: $33.54 (includes tax)
 Normally I would like to reach at least a little better than half off, but I found my Hidden Valley Ranch dressings on sale and we NEEDED them! There is sadly no current coupon for them available so I went ahead and grabbed 3 on the sale price. It was still a good deal and a great shopping trip!
 I was happy to find the Handi Snacks pudding packs and was able to use a coupon I hadn't planned on. I would've liked to have gotten several more to restock our supply, but I didn't want to go over budget! Budget matters my friends!!
 Another surprise: the Lipston soup mix at just $1.00. No coupon there either, but sometimes you just can't pass things up! I used one of the packets in tonight's meatloaf. I think it was meant to be as I was planning to prepare meatloaf anyway and the Lipton box had a convenient recipe printed on back. :)
The spices were not on sale but they were the lowest prices I have seen in the 5 stores I've checked. I was happy to use my -$.75/1 McCormick coupons! The best deal was the one of them for just $.69. Don't remember which, but I needed all of them. I have begun collecting spices and other ingredients now that I'm really working on improving my cooking skills.

 **A lesson learned: Watch the prices as they scan!! The bag of cheese sticks was marked for a dollar off the regular price and then I used a coupon. It rang up at regular price however and I didn't catch it till I got home and reviewed the receipt. Sadness... :(  Granted I had the kids climbing all over the place at the time so that made it tricky, but whenever possible, watch those prices!**
 I will be skipping Walgreen's this week as I have hit my budget with those surprise sales I found today. I feel ok about it though, as the things I was planning to get at Walgreen's were not necessities. Trying to practice what I preach. :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Recycling Bin Triumph!

I made a trip to the bins at the city building today and two were crazy full of cardboard. The third was half full of paper but it was all from last year. I dug through the cardboard and was able to score big time with coupons from the last few weeks and even found two Good Housekeeping mags and one Disney Family Fun mag, all fairly new. For the life of me though, I couldn't find anything from yesterday's paper! I was super frustrated but equally determined, so I headed up the road to an elementary school's recycling bin where, hahahaha!!, I found what I was looking for! Determination darlings! It pays off! It's like hunting for buried treasure! Keep the right attitude and you will find a way to get what you want and even enjoy the process. :)

Quick Rite Trip and Report!

Made a quick trip to Rite Aid this morning to grab some goodies.
Total retail value: $24.56 (with tax)
Total paid: $7.17 (with tax)
Transaction #1. (2) colgate Total Toothpaste @ $2.50 ea
**Earned $2.00 +UP rewards
Cost: $3.34

Trans #2. (2) Colgate Total Toothpaste @ $2.50
(1) GE Lightbulb 4 pack @ $1.99
**Earned $3.99 +UP Rewards
Cost: $3.46 (used $2 UP)

Trans #3. (2) 24ct Forks
(2) 24ct Spoons   B1G1@ $1.79
(1) Jump rope 50% off @ .50
Cost: $.37 (used $3.99 +UP)
You can do this too. :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Deals of the day!

 I have another lengthy to do list tomorrow! I will probably spread it out over tomorrow and Tuesday. Must hit Rite Aid, Walgreens and Target for sure! Here are the best deals I will be grabbing. You might need to hit up a friend for a couple of printed coupons as each computer is only allowed a couple. Many Thanks to my generous little brother!!! :)

Jell-o (ad match Walgreen's $.50 ea)
-.50/2 Target coupon 
-.55/3 online coupon
Buy 6, use 3 Target and 2 mfr coupons= .02 each!!!

Quaker Instant Oatmeal multi pack
(ad match w/Macey's $2.19)
-$1/2 Target coupon
-$1/1 mfr coupon
Buy 2, use 1 Target and 2 mfr coupons= .69 ea

Quaker Rolled Oats
(ad match w/Macey's $2.19)
-$1/1 Target coupon
-$1/1 mfr coupon= .19 ea

Kraft Deli Fresh Cheese Slices
(ad match w/ Smith's $1.99)
-$1/2 Target coupon
-.75/1 mfr coupon
Buy 2, use 1 Target, 2 mfr coupons= .74 ea

Kraft 8oz Shredded Cheese or Singles Sliced cheese
(ad match w/Smith's $1.99)
-$1.25/2 Kraft Cheese Target coupon
-$1/2 Kraft Sandwich cheese coupon
-$1 off any 2lbs Cheese online coupon
Buy 4 items (equaling 2lb), use all 3 coupons once= $1.17 ea

Quaker Life Cereal
(ad match w/Macey's $1.79)
-$1/2 Quaker Cereal Target coupon
Buy 2= $1.29 ea
There are a few more that I'm working on; they are Target coupons that coincide with some current mfr coupons. I will be checking Target's prices to see if they're worth using now or if I want to hold onto them and wait for some good ad matching opportunities. Either way, don't get behind me in line at the Target service desk this week!! ;)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

 It is possible to save money on home improvement projects by doing them yourself. Be warned however that it is A LOT OF WORK!!! And you will almost never get it as perfect as a professional job unless you happen to have some great connections.
 You will potentially save LOTS OF MONEY though and also earn a much deserved sense pride and self respect that is priceless. :)
 Today I helped (a lot) with the laying of our granite tile countertops. We're still at it and won't be grouting till Monday, but so far so good. :)

 The first top we completed, before adding the back lip.
Completed counter with back lip and most of the subway backsplash.

 The sink area with back lip installed. We'll start the backsplash and focal point on Monday. The focal point will be a fun tile display over the sink. :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Today at Target!

I went to Target after the gym today. These are the items I purchased on this super quick trip. I would've gotten one more oatmeal but unfortunately I had only printed one Target coupon. :( Oh the heartache!!!
Including tax, I would have had to pay $20.45 full retail. But since I ad matched the oatmeal with Macey's $2.19 sale price, used store and mfr coupons on all 4 items, I paid a whopping $5.84 total! I will swing by Target again on Tuesday when I will be up in Orem to swim anyway. And I will not only grab another oatmeal, but also take the time to check out some other possible deals.
Lessons learned today: 1. Always double check your coupons before you leave the house!
2. Target has a much stricter ad matching policy than Walmart. You must have the current ad from the store you are matching with you!
3. Ad matching must be done at the customer service desk.
4. Even with the hassle, still very worth it!!!
I will hit Macey's this afternoon or evening and will report on it tonight. 

Deal of the Day!!!

Quaker Oatmeal (Old fashioned or quick)
price match Macey's $2.19
Target coupon -$1.00 off Quaker Oatmeal
Manufacturer coupon -$1.00 Quaker Oatmeal

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Shopping List

So many great deals this week kids!!!
Here's my shopping list and a few things I know some of you are looking for!

Chicken Breasts $1.49/lb (Super Saver Pack)
Hunt's Pasta Sauce .79 (excludes organic)
Chef Boyardee .88
-.35/3 Chef Boyardee can or microwave pasta
Hormel Chili 15oz .88
-$1.50/3 Hormel Foods (Buy 3= $.38/can!!!)
Rice or Pasta Roni .79
- Buy 3 Rice a Roni, Get 1 FREE Pasta Roni
1 gal Milk $1.99
Handi snacks pudding 4 pk  .88
Western Family Bagged Cereals 28-32oz  $2.49
Pict Sweet Veggies .88
Hunts Tomato Sauce  3/$1
Western Family Cream Soups .59
Libby's canned Veggies .49
S&W Specialty Beans  .59
Mezzetta Peppers  $1.59
-.50/1 Mezzetta Peppers
Classico Pasta Sauce  $1.59
-$1/2 Classico Pasta Sauce
Malt o Meal bagged Cereals 43-50oz  2/$5
-$2/2 Malt o Meal cereals

Suave Shampoo or Conditioner 15oz  .88
Johnsons or Desitin Baby Care products 2/$6
-$1/1 Deistin product
-$1/1 Johnson's baby care products

Old Orchard frozen juice 5/$5
Dole frozen juice 4/$5
Don Julio Flour Tortillas  17.5oz  .99
Leaf Lettuce .79/each
Roma Tomatoes .79/lb!!
Cucumbers 2/$1

Lean Cuisine entrees or market creations  $1.59 wyb 10
-$1/2 Lean Cuisine Market Creations

Hot or Lean Pockets $1.59 wyb 10

Malt o Meal Bagged Cereals 42-50oz 2/$5
-$2/2 Malt o Meal Cereals

M&M's Candy 38-42oz bag  $6.88

Just a helpful reminder:
If you find a deal where the product is Buy One, Get One FREE, you can use two coupons on that transaction, as you are buying two items. :)
I will report tomorrow night on this shopping adventure!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Walgreen's Adventure!

 I finally made it to Walgreen's this evening!! I was super pleased with myself! I got $92 worth of merchandise for just $33 out of pocket!! I feel so good!! I found one surprise deal there that I took advantage of which were 4oz off brand boxes of dried "Craisins" for just $1 each. There were several types of dry fruit available, but those were the only ones I was interested in.
 One of the sale items I wanted was out of stock. Not a huge surprise and not a big deal. It was the Homestyle Mac n' Cheese from Kraft. I am going to just price match it at Walmart or Target, wherever I end up first.
 I have to say how wonderful it was to be out couponing all on my own this evening. It was liberating, exciting, energizing! I look forward to my next such adventure, which will be at the D.I. and Savers second hand superstores. I can hardly wait!!
 One other money saving endeavor for this week will happen Friday. I am going to bake at least 6 loaves of bread!! That's about what I have room for in my freezers after the great deals I got on cheese today. I am super excited to bake as bread is not something I make often. What can you make at home that will save your family some green??
 Deal of the Day:
8oz Shredded Cheese 2/$3
-$1 off any 2 pounds cheese
(online coupon)= $1.25 each!

Mid Day Report

 Hectic day!!!!! And only half way down today's list! We hit the gym, I prepped everything for my facial today, bought ink refills, and hit Walmart. I used just over $19 in coupons on my order and that doesn't account for the many other things I got, which are regulars for my family, that I was able to find on sale or price match for even more savings. Here are the coolest deals/coupon tricks I found:
I used my $1/2 Taco Bell coupon for 2 Seasoning packets at $.52 each. Total paid: $.04
I used my SlimFast coupon(Buy 2 Shake Packs, Get 1 FREE Box Snack Bars) The Slim Fast was on sale for $4.98 and the register let me get a box of Meal Bars instead of Snack bars. The max value of the coupon was $4.99 and the Meal Bars cost $4.98. Just another reason why you should always try to use coupons on similar items. The manufacturer will often let you substitute! Way better value this way.
So I was going to use 2 coupons on this deal, but as fate would have it, one of the shake boxes was open and spilled it's contents all over the floor. That sucked, but it also gave me the chance to see that the box had coupons printed inside!! Yay!! So I will cut them out and use them to purchase next week's Slim Fast products at an even better deal! It'll go a little something like this:
2 Slim Fast Shake multipacks @ $4.98 ea
1 Slim Fast Meal Replacemnt Bar muliti pack $4.98
-coupon B2 G1
(2x) -$1/1 Slimfast Meal Bar Multi Pack(the register lets you use these for the shakes!)
Total Retail Value: $14.94
-coupons ($6.98)
Total Price: $$7.96  Nearly 50% off!
I'm even going to see if the register will take the -$.75/1 Slim Fast Snack Bar coupon I have. Probably won't, but it doesn't hurt to try! :)

Now I must shower and get ready for my MK appointment. After that I will head to the Dollar store and to Walgreens!

Today's Agenda!

 Today I am conquering the world! Okay, maybe not the world....
I don't know how many of you know, but I happen to have a lovely little pain disorder that makes some things, like living, kinda difficult for me. I also happen to be one of the most stubborn people in the world! I have things I want to get done and I am not going to let something silly, like some miswired nerves hold me back! Will I regret this tonight when I crash into bed? Maybe. But only physically. My spirit will yell WOOHOO!! So there! Anywho, here is my crazy agenda:
the "pool" gym
Iguana Ink
the Party store
the Dollar store
Sara's house (she's my cake lady)
Mary Kay facial w/a new customer
Post office
Make dinner
Clean both bathrooms
 Not all necessarily in that order. It all has to get done and so it is going to get done! Mmmwwwwwaaaaaahahahahahaha!!!! Forgive me a sinister chuckle. It feels like I'm setting out to do something sneaky.  :)
 I will report this evening and we'll see how it all goes!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Change of Plans...

 So the day has not completely gone how I planned. Nothing new! We went to the gym, I delivered my Mary Kay products, deposited money in the ATM, and hit our local recycling bins. I scored big time!! So many great coupons!! I've spent most of the day clipping and filing!
 I wasn't able to get any shopping done today but my husband has agreed to give me a couple of hours tomorrow evening to get it done without distraction. It will be quite an endeavor! I have at least four stores to hit at this point, not only to get the super deals on my list, but also to get ready for my son's birthday party on Wednesday. I'm tired just thinking about it...
 Our kitchen remodel is coming along. The sink is up and running again. Sadly, we weren't able to recycle our old faucet. And it's really too bad because it was an expensive one. I would've liked to have found a great deal online, but the hubs just wanted it hooked up, so he found one at Home Depot that will do the job. He is not quite on the deal train with me, but is probably even more concerned about money than I am. We have yet to come to a meeting of the minds but I hold my tongue since I am the one who started the kitchen project ahead of schedule... :)
 My plan for the upcoming birthday party will include appetizers and desserts. Here are the things I plan to make at home:
Fruity Cereal Marshmallow Bars
Cheesy Bean Dip w/ chips
Homemade Graham Crackers
Pudding Pie
Jello Pie
Mini meat pies
 We shall see which ones I end up getting done. It will be an adventure! I should probably do a veggie tray of some kind. It all depends on what deals I find. :)
 What great dessert idea can you put together made ONLY with ingredients you have on hand?? Food for thought. ;)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

All fired up!

 I am sooo excited for the morning! I'm going to hit my ink jet refill place in town and then get my printer working on all the great coupons available online right now!
 Around lunch time I will hit the recycling bins; you need to give people time to get their papers over to the bins. Being patient is so tough! :)
 Once I have all of my coupons gathered, I will hit Walgreens and Rite Aid. At first glance it didn't look like there was much at either store this week, but on further inspection, I have discovered that both of them have some pretty amazing deals on things I really need right now and some things that I would love to stock up on. How cool is that?!
 I plan to leave the kids with the hubs while I set off on this. One, I need some me time badly!!! Plus, if I am going to really jump back into this and do it right, shooting for the ultimate haul, I just can't afford the stress and havoc of bringing the kids! It is better for all of us this way!!
 Oh, and other than baby wipes (which I HAVE to buy tomorrow), from here on out, I won't be buying anything that isn't on sale or associated with a great coupon! I know it can be done!! And even the wipes I will buy where I know I can get the best deal. I refuse to waste anymore of my family's Disneyland money paying full price! :)
 We ate dinner with my in laws tonight and they were kind enough to save me their circulars. Yay!! I also hit my mom in law's donation pile, as per usual. You can do what I do!! Just ask people where their donation piles are. You know everyone has one. One gal's junk is often my treasure! I have found some of the greatest things this way and I am not ashamed of it! And your friends and relatives will actually be grateful because you are taking out their "trash." Remember, they were getting rid of it anyway! :)
 I am so excited to report on tomorrow's adventures! 'Nite!


 A couple other little tidbits:

Until 9pm tomorrow night, Old Navy has an amazing sale going on: 80% off select Clearance items!!! Worth checking out!!

Also, in today's circular coupons, the one I am most excited about!
$3.00 off Huggies Diapers!!

There isn't a ton going on at Walgreen's or Rite Aid this week. I'm not going to even bother with Walgreen's. I will make a quick trip to Rite Aid however and grab a few things. My plan is to get $14 worth of products for $5. I know, not amazing. Like I said, this week isn't full of possibilities at this point. We shall see what else I might find though. You never know what unadvertised surprises you will discover at the store!

My new favorite show!!!

Late last night I found my new FAVORITE show on TLC!! It is called Extreme Couponing and wow!! I have so much to aspire to!!! Bubbling up inside me are dreams of hauling out $500 worth of merchandise for under $10 payment! It was out of control!! The best part of it though, was this woman in California who climbs into recycling bins with her little boy to retrieve coupons. I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE!!! And I don't even climb in. So next time you see me reaching half my body inside the deposit window to retrieve valuable coupons, don't turn away in embarressment! I have yet to really embarress you!!! ;)
ps. This same dumpster diving woman in CA has around $45000 in stockpiled groceries and household products in her home.... so there!

Saturday, January 15, 2011


 I hit Macey's today and can I just say how wonderful it is to be shopping smart again?!?! *sigh* I no longer feel like I'm just handing out money everywhere I go! I got some great deals and even ran into a good friend and enjoyed some chit chat.
 The only negatives I found were a few sale items out of stock and also the Malt-O-Meal deal advertised different types of cereal than were actually on sale. :(  Other than that, a good experience for a Saturday!
 Since I won't feel complete without posting a money saving tip for the day, here's a choice little nugget!
To save money on clothing, shop on "deal days." Target usually slashes kids' clothing prices on Mondays. Old Navy and Gap often mark down items midweek. :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

My Shopping List!

Here are some great deals I will be taking advantage of this weekend!


Fresh Broccoli and Cauliflower .48/lb
Libby's Canned Veggies .49 ea
French Bread  .88/ea
Hunt's Tomato Sauce 8oz 3/$1
Classico Pasta Sauce $1.59
-$1/2 Classico Pasta coupon
Malt-O-Meal Bagged Cereal 43-50oz 2/$5
-$2/2 Malt-O-Meal cereals coupon
Softsoap 7.5oz pump .99
Western Family Shredded or Loaf Cheese 8oz 3/$5
Tyson Bagged Chicken asst. $4.99
-$1 on any bag of Tyson Anytizers (if applicable)
Dole Classic Romain or Just Lettuce $1.79
Large Tomatoes .89/lb


Pork Loin Chops $1.79/lb
Hot/Lean Pockets $1.59 wyb 10
Tyson Bagged Chicken asst. $3.99 wyb 10
-$1 on Tyson Anytizers (if applicable)
Nature's Made and Nature's Bounty supplements 50% off
-$1 on any Nature's Bounty Fish Oil product
-$1 on any Nature's Bounty Vitamins
1 Gal Mountain Dairy Milk $1.99
Maruchan Ramen noodles 8/$1 wyb 24 ct case
Kroger specialty Beans 2/$1 wyb 24ct case
Smith's has several other case lot sales that are worth checking out. They just aren't on my list for this week. :)

Rite Aid
There are just too many freebies (with +up rewards) this week for me to possibly type all of them. Look at this week's ad and see what interests you. Lots of them correspond with current coupons for extra savings.
A few that I will be taking advantage of:
Trident 18ct Gum B1G1
-$1/3 Trident coupon
Softsoap pump 7.5oz B1G1
King Size or Theatre Box Candy B1G1
Rite Aid vitamins and supplements B1G1
$5 +UP wyb $20
Blink Tears $7.99
-$7.99 SCR
-$1.00 Blink Tears coupon= FREE + overage!
M&M's Bagged Valentine's Candy 9.5-12.6oz 2/$4.44
Hershey's Bagged Valentine's Candy 8-8.5oz 2/$4.44

I can hardly wait to get out there and take advantage of these deals! So great to be back on the money saving train!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

When making a major purchase...

When making a major purchase, check out beforehand. This website will tell you where you buy the product, lists available coupons, and offers reviews. If you're gonna be spending big money, why not spend it wisely?!  :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Swapping Coupons

 Here's a thought:  (from All You magazine)
Trade with friends and get the deals you really want.
Perhaps the easiest way to increase your coupon stockpile is to join an online coupon-trading forum. ( or  After signing up, you will receive an envelope in the mail with a pile of coupons. Take the ones you like, replenish the stash with coupons you don't need, and send it to the next person on the list. The train travels in a continual loop, with each person taking from and adding to the supply.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What can you do?

Time is money!
 If you are a stay at home mom like myself, it's easy to forget that what we are doing; raising kids, tending a house and creating a home, is actually a 'job.' Our 'pay' is definitely different and so are the hours, but it is still a job that we do and therefore, every minute counts!
 If you are a working mom, then those minutes count double!!! I've been thinking a lot about what I can do to make more time for myself for relaxing or reading, etc. In the research I've done so far, it really all comes down to systems and time management.. and a whole lot of common sense!
 The first new thing that I have implemented in my daily life that will save me time and frustration is this:
Don't put it down. Put it AWAY!
Often, I will grow piles and piles of papers, toys, clothes, and other bits and pieces all around my house. I'm betting you do the same. Finally, when we can't stand the mess any longer, we jump into the pile and spend one to several hours returning things to their proper places and junking what needs to be junked.
How great would it be if there we never any piles to deal with?! I'm not 100% there yet, but my desk and my printer table are there! And it's been a LONG TIME since you could see any of the actual surface of either of these.
What has made the difference?! FILING IMMEDIATELY! I have lots of customer reciepts, bills, statements, cards, letters, etc. We all do! Instead of piling them on the desk, counter, table, PUT THEM AWAY! Read the card or letter, chuck it if it isn't important. File it if it matters enough to keep. Do it right away! The bills are paid? Great! Now file those statements! No more dropping into a pile to be sorted at a "later date!" It takes literally less than a minute and will save you hours each year.
Don't wait!!! Start today and enjoy the benefits!

Monday, January 10, 2011

While I'm at it...

 A huge project that we are currently involved in, is renovating our kitchen! I started it one day when I was highly emotional. The forest animal paper just had to come down!!! That was the start of a great and very educational journey!
 We have been at it for a little over two months now and it is finally functional again. It was a COMPLETE gut and we even had to update the wiring. We're getting close to having it done but it is still a challenge to live with. For instance, I don't have countertops. Imagine the difficulties that might come with that!
 As I am always looking for ways to save money and to bring my little family closer together, I decided that since I finally have a functioning kitchen again, I need to use it! We sit down to dinner together every evening now and eat a home cooked meal, prepared by yours truly. Then my loving, and very appreciative husband, does the dishes! Can you say 'Woohoo?'
 It has been so fun looking for exciting new recipes and ingredients as I have been teaching myself to cook. I already knew the basics, but nothing fancy and rarely ventured out of my comfort zone. As far as sitting down together... well, that was not a common occurence in this house. I really feel like it makes a difference somehow...
 I have also committed to making lunch for my husband to take to work everyday. Since he leaves before 5am each morning, I had used the excuse that it was just too early and so I haven't done that for him in a very long time. The poor guy has eaten a lot of ramen in the past couple years.
 These days, as we are cleaning up dinner, I go ahead and put his lunch together and pile it on the top shelf of the fridge. All he has to do is throw the contents and an ice pack into his lunch box and be on his way!
 He's getting much healthier fare this way and it will save us money in several ways, including less wasted food and not having to buy expensive ready to eat freezer meals and such. It makes me feel good to know that his coworkers have noticed and are envious. :)
 About wasting food... Men are funny. Especially when they are tired or in a hurry. There could be a whole casserole dish of yummy food sitting in the fridge, but rather than portion some out into a tupperware, they'll grab the super processed freezer meal instead. What happens to all that yummy casserole food? It ends up running down the garbage disposal when the stench gets to be too much or we need that particular dish again.
 This was another of my excuses for not making dinner too often before. It just seemed to all go to waste. Now that I take the five minutes to get it portioned into lunch dishes (and make smaller portions to begin with), we aren't wasting hardly anything anymore!
 Finally, one other benefit of making our supper daily; I can see what leftover bits and pieces we have sitting in the fridge and incorporate them into fun new meals to make sure that the leftover half a can of tomato soup doesn't end up down the drain. It is an adventure and a challenge. And I am always up for a fun challenge!
 Today's lesson: Try cooking dinner at home! Start with just a couple days a week and see what you can do. Wouldn't it be great to save money and waste less?!?!  ;)

I'm Back!!!

 Last year was long and painful, and though I am still dealing with many of the same trials, I am ready to start saving money again!!
 I hit the recycling bins this morning and scored a bunch of great coupons! I spent about a bazillion hours cleaning out all of the expired coupons from my binders. They are all fresh and restocked! I am excited to start deal hunting and will report on my great deals. :)