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Thursday, October 30, 2014

My Shopko deal

I hit Shopko the other day to find a button up shirt for my son's Halloween costume. I had my $10/$20 prescription reward coupon to use. I searched and searched but there just weren't any boys' button ups that weren't part of a three piece outfit and they were out of my budget. I looked through all the clearance and beyond. Finally, an amazing discovery, in the baby section! This boys' shirt, not a baby shirt, was hanging randomly with some baby clothes. I was beyond excited, especially since it was just the right size!
Here's what we got:

Button up shirt $9.99

Halloween candy 2/$5

Grape and Cherry Kool-Aid .05 each (clearance)

-$10/$20 coupon

I just love getting and using these coupons!

Monday, October 20, 2014

FREE is for me!

Hey kids! I have been so busy lately! Family events, school projects, busy weekends! I am feeling so productive lately! One thing I have spent a lot of time and energy on has been bottling. I was never into it before these past couple of years. It sure does become addicting once you catch the bug!
It helped that I given loads of FREE tomatoes and apples by family members. I found and tried lots of new recipes, learning a lot along the way! I thought I was all bottled out until this weekend's day trip to visit family in Price. At the gas station where I was desperate to find a bathroom, I noticed a large box of apples by the front door.
After doing my business and grabbing a Coke for the hubs, I asked the cashier what the deal was with the box of apples. You know I am not one to shy away from the possibility of FREE!!
She informed me that they were there for the taking. I asked if it would be rude of me to take the whole box. She laughed and told me to take and enjoy them! James was surprised to see me heading back to the van with a huge box of apples in tow. Things like this are becoming more and more common and James doesn't complain about it much anymore. It's hard to argue with FREE!!
As you can see, these weren't the most fresh or fabulous apples. For apple butter or sauce however, they are perfect! I got half of them processed this morning. They are in the slow cooker now, filling the house with a beautiful aroma! I even found several in there that were still good enough for the fruit bowl.

While in Price, my long suffering sister in law and I made what should have been a quick trip to their local Smith's market. She had no idea what she was in for! To be fair, neither did I!! The internet reception there is terrible and my 'smart' phone was reduced very quickly to being nearly useless!
I had to hit Smith's that day because one of the Friday FREEBIE uploads I had accumulated was expiring that day. No way was I going to miss out on it!
Unfortunately, my Kroger account was messed up and I couldn't access it to see exactly which items I needed to grab. Not only that, if I moved from one exact spot in the store with my arms up at just the perfect angle, I would completely lose my internet connection and have to start over! My sis in law was beyond patient, though I know she was probably going nuts inside, or at least thinking I was nuts!
With a lot of luck and persistence, I was able to figure out which items were going to be FREE and we headed up to check out. While getting my things ready, I discovered a catalina coupon in my purse that I hadn't noticed before for yet another FREEBIE! My sis in law was such a good sport and ran to grab the item for me while I continued checking out. I will be incredibly surprised if she EVER joins me on a shopping trip again!!
Honey Combs cereal $1.99
-$1/1 Honey combs cereal cataline coupon= .99

Robitussin kids cough syrup $1.39 (clearance)

Temptations tumblers
Triscuit Thin Crisps
Idahoan steak house casserole
ALL FREE with Friday upload coupons!!!

Luna protein bar $1.00
-FREE Luna protein bar catalina coupon!

Some, no, many, would argue that what I do isn't worth the time or effort. I tell them that I don't have to work outside of my home, I get to watch my kids grow up and spend my time doing what I choose without worrying about a time clock. It's worth it to me!!!

Ps. The more you shop at Smith's (Kroger), the more FREEBIES and great high value coupons you will get, in the form of uploads, paper coupons in the mail, and catalina print coupons at the register.