Current Projects

  • Couponing like crazy!
  • Turning Junk into Treasure!
  • Saving Plastic Bottles from Landfills!

Monday, May 30, 2016

Just a couple of deals

FREE Cannondale water bottles at Noble Sports bike shop today! We got 5 total!!

32 oz Western Family bagged cereal $1.99 each at Fresh Market
Happy Memorial Day! 

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Start of the Season!!!

The season has begun! School is out for summer!  I didn't get to do nearly as much of this last year as I would have liked. Making up for it now!!!
Here are pics of today's treasures! 

Holstet and brand new chalk! Letting the kids keep the chalk. :-)

Lord of the Rings figure.
Vintage animal collections! As early as 1988!!
Other than the Twilight book, I just don't understand throwing these away!!
Brand new Mustang part!
Godzilla collectible!
Yes, 6 perfectly fabulous lawn chairs!! And a sled, and a large tote.
Tons of summer games and toys and pool stuff!
Exciting times!! Stay tuned! I'm back!!! ;-)