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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

HURRY!! Stokes freebie!!

Hey kids! A frosty good morning to all! Last night I made a quick stop at STOKES in Salem. I got what I needed and was also thrilled to find a great deal that I just have to share!!
You might know that Stokes has teamed up with Ace Hardware and you can find all kinds of tools, conveniently, closer than Provo. I think it's a great business idea.
Anywho, in the Ace section, you will find an end cap, near the front of the store, that is loaded with purple jugs of de-icer fluid. The signage is confusing but I had the friendly attendant explain it to me.
Buy the fluid for just $1.50 (already a GREAT price!!). Fill out the rebate form that the attendant gives you (make sure to have them print out 2 receipts for you!), mail in the form and receipt, and a few weeks later......
Receive a $1.50 rebate in the mail!!! There is a limit of 2 per household, and I highly recommend you grab two! Especially if you're in Utah like me! This product also has a rain-x type component to it, so think of the spring rain, it is a great product for then too.
Rebate must be postmarked by January 31st, 2013!!!!! So hurry up and get in there!!!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Mega Shopping Week trip #1

This is an AMAZING week for stock ups!! The coupon match ups are HOT, HOT, HOT all over town! And you don't need lots of money to take advantage of it all. Even $10 could really go a LONG way! Especially at Smith's!
If you saw my pic on Facebook, here are the details of how it all went down and some helpful notes on coupon match ups that were listed on several sights that don't actually work. I'll save you some trouble!  :)


I did 4 transactions (refer to yesterday's post for the details.) I got the following:
K-Y Ultra Gel
DHEA energy supplement
Psoriasis Ointment
(2) Cottonelle Toilet paper 12 packs
I paid just $7.71. I did 4 transactions. I will sell the first 3 items listed on ebay to make some profit off this order!
I hit the Springville store and they were fully stocked on the FREE items! You'll find them on a slightly out of the way front end cap. Finding them in their homes is very difficult! Just go to the end cap!

Rite Aid

I did only one transaction at Rite Aid. I hit the Provo store and they were fully stocked.
*Note: Several of the sale/reward items are not tagged. The employee in charge of them didn't show up for work. Just make sure you grab the same one as shown in the ad and it will ring up just fine at the register.*

(2) Scrubbing Bubbles Shower Foamer @ $3.99 ea
-B1G1 FREE Scrubbing Bubbles
Earn $3 +UP rewards!

(2) Summer's Eve products @ 2/$5
-$.75/1 any Summer's Eve product (online coupon)
Earn $2 +UP

I had $4 +UP rewards left over from last week.
Total paid: $4.37
+UP Rewards earned: $5.00!!!
I will use those rewards for trip #2, tomorrow.
*Note: The Glade Starter Kit that is listed for $3.99 DOES NOT work with the $4 Glade oil starter kit coupon!!! They are not the same and it will not be accepted. :(
You can use the -$.75/1 Glade Infuser coupon however and still get a great deal with the earned +UP rewards.*


Let's start with what I got that wasn't on the "Mega" sale:

(3) loaves Wheat Bread @ .88 ea
(2) 9 oz Land O Frost Deli Shaved meat @ 2/$5
-.55/1 any Land o frost meat= $1.95 ea
(2)Romaine salad @ .99 ea on clearance
*If you didn't already know, Smith's is great about reducing their salad bags! I always look there for a good deal. This salad was regularly almost $5 per bag!!!*

For the mega sale: Buy multiples of 10 (mix and match) of all included items. There are several that are not advertised!! Check and for full lists!
(8) Reach Floss .49 wyb 10
-$1/2 Reach flosss= FREE

(6) Reach Toothbrushes .49 wyb 10
-$1/2 Reach toothbrushes

(2) Krusteaz Cookie Mix $1.29 wyb
-$1/1 any Krusteaz mix (online coupon)= .29 ea

(12) Activia yogurt 4 packs $1.49  wyb 10
-$1/1 Dannon Activia yogurt= .49 ea

(20) Hefty Storage bags (select varieties) .99 wyb 10
-$1.50/2 Hefty storage bags= .24 ea
-$1/2 Hefty storage bags= .49
I had about half of each of the coupon values.

(2) Philadelphia Cream Cheese .99 wyb 10

(8) Quaker Quakes snacks .79 wyb 10
-$1/2 any Quaker items (All you mag & online coupons)= .29 ea

(2) Pace Salsa  $1.49 ea wyb 10
-$.50/2 Pace Salsa (online coupon)= $1.24 ea

I had $.31 left on a Smith's gift card and $.70 left on my Jean Brown Research Compensation card. I used those and total, I paid: $31.69 cash for all of this!!!
A savings of 81%!!!
**Plus, I earned $3.00 Smith's credit on a Catalina that printed at the end of the transaction. (a gift from Reach Floss) So that would make the percentage even better! Also, Store credit coupons like this are the way to get things like produce and meat, things you don't normally get coupons for!
*Note: I had to hit the Provo and Payson Smith's stores to get everything. The only things that will be hard to find will be the Reach products. 
I also noticed when I was calculating all of this that my Payson cashier didn't scan 2 of my coupons so I will go back by there and get that taken care of. 
I was much more diligent at the Provo store, handing the cashier small amounts of coupons at a time and counting each one he scanned. I should have been as diligent at the Payson store.
If you ever wonder if all of your coupons went through, look at the bottom of the receipt. It clearly states how much you saved with coupons.*

I will be hitting Rite Aid again tomorrow and possibly Smith's if I find enough of the right coupons on today's hunt. I will also grab a couple of double coupon deals at Walmart. Stay tuned!!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Important Coupon Details

I have yet to try this at Walgreen's, but in order to save all of us an unfortunate situation at checkout this week, I am sharing a clarification and solution I have found to a K-Y problem.
Walgreen's has "K-Y Ultra Gel" on sale for $5.99 and is paying back $5.99 in Register Rewards, beginning today. This makes the item FREE. Many of us were excited to use our $5 K-Y coupon. There is just one problem: The $5 coupon clearly excludes K-Y Jelly. :( It is intended for their higher end products, such as K-Y Day & Night. It is a huge bummer! But there is another option for turning this into a money maker. Do not despair!!
Just use your $2 off "ANY K-Y product" coupon. (exp. 2/28) You'll get your K-Y FREE and make $2!

Here is my revised Walgreen's plan:

Transaction #1:

(1) K-Y Ultra Gel  $5.99
-$2/1 K-Y any product
Pay: $3.99 + tax
Earn $5.99 RR

Transaction #2:

(1) MG217 Psoriasis formula $6
-$5.99 RR
Pay $.01 + tax
Earn $6 RR

Transaction #3

(1) DHEA $7
-$6 RR
Pay: $1 + tax
Earn $7 RR

Transaction #4

(2) Cottonelle 12 roll Toilet Paper $5 each
-$1 store coupon= $4 each
-.50/2 Cottonelle products= 3.75 each
(2) Valentine's Tumblers $.25 each
-$7 RR
Pay: $1 + tax

Total Paid: $6 + tax

For less than the price of the two packs of toilet paper (the only things I actually NEED from Walgreen's) I will get these 3 other great products that I can then sell on my ebay website for pure profit!
With God, ALL things are possible!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Have you looked at your new Smith's ad yet?? All kinds of amazing deals to be had!! Where to begin??
I'll start with the 3 day sale, Friday Jan 25 through Sunday, the 27th.

Kroger Butter 3/$5

Smith's Large Eggs .99

64 oz Sunny Delight .79

Texas Red Grapefruit 2.69

Now the Buy 10 Mix and Match!
There are tons of options, so be sure to check out the full ad! Here are my favorites:

Post Shredded Wheat $1.88
-$1/1 Post shredded wheat= $.88

Dannon Activia yogurt 4 pack $1.49
-$1/1 Dannon activia yogurt= $.49!!!

Philadelphia cream cheese .99

Pringles .99
-.50/1 Pringles stack RP 1/06= .49!!

Hefty One Zip Freezer or Storage bags .99
-$1/2 Hefty slider bags= .49
-$1.50/2 Hefty slider bags= .24 (Red Plum 11/11)
Either price is FABULOUS!!!!! STOCK UP!!!!

Betty Crocker Mac & Cheese or Kraft Easy Mac cups .49

Rotel tomatoes .49
-$.50/2 Rotel (ss 1/20)= .24!!

Hunt's tomato sauce .49

Little Debbie snack cakes or Pepperidge Farms Goldfish .99

Nabisco crackers $1.79
-$.75/2 Nabisco (ss 1/06)= $1.41

Pace Picante sauce or salsa $1.49
-.50/2 Pace (online coupon)

Bush's Beans .49

Kraft 16 oz dressing $1.49
-$1 Fresh produce wyb 2 Kraft dressings (tear pad)

Kraft BBQ Sauce .49

Huggies Little Movers diapers $8.99
-$1/1 any Huggies

And how can you get lots of it for FREE, you ask? Smith's is offering a $25 gift card for transferring a prescription to their pharmacy. I don't have any more to transfer or I would do it! :)

I will definitely be doing some shopping before this sale ends!!! Don't miss out and of course, be sure to check the Clearance End caps and carts while you're there!! 

An annoyance at Shopko

So here's a head's up that you may find useful:
Shopko does not accept "FREE" coupons, not even those from manufacturers. Such as the Good n Natural bar FREE coupon.
So, for future reference, don't try to get your freebies at Shopko. Definitely a bummer, but there are plenty of other stores where we can use our freebie coupons!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ps. Rite Aid

Ps. If you are looking for the Finish cleaning products or the Post cereal and cannot find them on the shelves, look on nearby side caps and also end caps near the registers. You will likely find more there. :0) 


I am wiped out! I hustled this morning and hit several stores. Things are tight right now because of a stupid little auto thing. No, I am not going to elaborate. Anywho, the Lord always provides!!
I have taken this as yet another challenge! They just keep on coming! Anyway, I did amazing things today and you can do them too!!
First, Rite Aid:

12 Boxes Finish Gel Pacs 20 ct
4 Good n Natural health bars
4 Post Shredded Wheat bites cereal
1 gallon milk
2 Glad cinch trash bags 45 ct
I paid just over $4.
I earned $4 +UP rewards.
So that's like paying $.50 for the whole thing!!

Here's how:

Finish gel pacs or tabs B1G1 @ $6.79 ea (this week only!)
-$2.15/1 Finish

Good n Natural bars $1.49 ea
-FREE Good n Natural bar

Post Cereals (doesn't include Honey bunches Greek or Grape nuts!!) 2/$5
Earn $2+UP wyb 2
-$1/1 Post Shredded wheat
-FREE Milk wyb (4) Post cereals

Glad trash bags (asst styles) B1G1 50% off @$9.49 ea
-$1/1 Glad trash bags (

I earned $6 +UP rewards last week from purchases I made.
I also transferred a prescription the other day and earned $25 +UP rewards for that.
97% savings!!!
That is how it's done!!


I ran into Smith's for just a second. I had a small balance left on a gift card. I grabbed 2 boxes of Barilla whole wheat pasta at 10/$10. You don't have to buy 10 to get the deal. I used a -$1/2 coupon and my little gift card and walked out spending nothing. I will use the remaining $.31 later. :)


I ran in to grab some more FREE Good n Natural bars but they were all out. To make the stop worth it, I hit the clearance end cap. I found a Nature Made bottle of Fish Oil. Regularly $14.99. It was on clearance for $3.49. I had a $2 Nature Made coupon (All You magazine). I also had $.59 left on a gift card from transferring a prescription last week. I paid just $1.00 for the supplements!! It's so great because they were on my list anyway!!! about 92% or so savings!!


I was lucky enough to run into a cashier that I used to work with and that made her really easy to work with on my check out!
Here are the best deals that you CAN'T MISS!!

Colgate bonus toothpaste $.97 ea
-.75/1 Colgate 4 +oz (doubled)= +$.03 each!!
I got 12 of them, earning $.36 overage to put toward other items!

McCormick Gravy $.50
-.50/1 McCormick gravy (January All you mag) doubled= +$.50 overage!!!

Also, if you can find them in stock, you can earn $.12 per Mott's Single serve applesauce you have a coupon for! But good luck finding them in stock on Double Tuesdays!!

I grabbed several other things, including Atkins bars that are still on rollback. I did even better than I had hoped and saved about 80% in Walmart!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

$.50 Cereal & FREE Milk!!

Starting tomorrow at Rite Aid, we have a wonderful deal that is almost too good to believe!
I still need to check it out and see which exact cereals are included. Let me know if you get there before I do and share the specifics please!
So here it is:
Buy 2 Post Cereals @ $2.50 each. Earn $+UP Rewards.
-$1/1 Post Shredded Wheat
-$1/1 Post Grape Nuts
-$1/1 Honey Bunches of Oats Greek
-FREE Milk wyb 4 Post Cereals

There is a limit of (2) rewards per wellness card and Rite Aid usually lets you do multiples in one transaction, so you should be able to get 4 boxes of cereal and (1) Gallon of Milk and pay just $6.00. With the $4 +UP Rewards, that is like paying just $2.00 for the whole thing!!!
Not only that, if you transfer a prescription to Rite Aid, you'll earn $25 to spend in store. So it's all FREE!!

If you get a chance to get over there and check this out, PLEASE share with the rest of us! I won't make it over till Tuesday.

Postage Increase

Just a friendly reminder: Get your "Forever" stamps now! The price will increase on 1/27.

Friday, January 18, 2013

$.99 Cereal

If you haven't jumped on the Macey's Quaker Cereal deal yet, now is the time! Buy 10 boxes of Cap'n Crunch, use your All You magazine coupons and your online coupons (
and your cereal will be just $.99 per box. The sale states you only need to buy 5 to get their sale price ($1.49). If you buy 10 though, you'll have an even number and be able to use your -$1/2 coupons.
All other Quake Boxed Cereal is $1.79 wyb 5. Use your Quaker coupons with those and you'll pay $1.29 per box (Buy 10). A good price, but I made a vow to never pay more than $.99 for a box of cereal and have to stick to it!
Ps. If you want to get their Oatmeal, the sale price is $2.39 wyb 5. With coupons, you'll pay $1.89 (wyb 10).

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Walmart & Other Deals!!

I hit the Payson Walmart this morning for some double couponing excitement! I highly recommend a cashier named Lori. She was great to work with!
Some deals that I found that you might enjoy:

Finish 20 ct Gel Packs $3.97
-2.15/1 Finish= $1.82!!!
The LOWEST price I've been able to find anywhere!!

Colgate 2.6 oz + Bonus .97
-.75/1 any Colgate (doubled)= FREE
It is in a dump bin in the cosmetics/health and beauty area. With the bonus ounces, it meets the requirements of the minimum 4 oz for the coupon. You might have to point that out to a picky cashier.

Bounty Regular Single Paper Towels $.97
-.25/1 any Bounty (doubled)= .47

Suave Advanced Therapy Body Lotion 3 fl oz  $.97
-.50/2 any 2 Suave products (doubled)= .47 each
This coupon is found in your January All You magazine

Jolly Time 4 Mini Packs $.50 (on clearance. I only found one but I only had one coupon, so I was happy)
-.50/1 Jolly Time (doubled)= +$.50!!!!!

Frigo 12 ct Cheese Sticks $3.48
-.55/1 Frigo (doubled)= $2.48

Land O Frost 16 oz deli meat $3.98
-.50/1 Land o Frost (doubled)= 2.98

Atkins 5 ct. Peanut Butter Cups $4.97
-$1/1 any Atkins 5 pk= 3.97
At most stores, this item averages $8.00 regular price. This is a great savings!! They have also rolled back their other bars to compete with Macey's. They are mostly all $4.97. The shakes are still more expensive than Macey's current sale. 

I hit Walgreen's today also. I transferred a prescription there (one I needed to pick up anyway) and earned a $25 gift card. Here's what I did with it:

Transaction #1:
Lipton Tea $1.00
Earn $1 Register Rewards
Total $1.03
I paid with change from my purse.

Transaction #2:
1 box Huggies Diapers $19.99 w/in store coupon
-$1.50/any pack of Huggies (online coupon)
Baby Rash Ointment (store brand) $4.99
Good n' natural bar $1.29
-FREE Good n' natural bar coupon= FREE
-$1 Register Reward from 1st trans
I paid for the whole thing with my gift card and still had $.56 leftover!

Rite Aid has the same Rx transfer promotion. I will transfer another of my scrips there next week to get some great savings!


A couple other deals you may want to know about.
Fresh Market
Western Family Ice Cream 1.99

Barilla Pasta (includes whole grain) 10/$10
-$1/2 Barilla= .50 each!
You don't have to buy 10 to get the sale price.

Stokes (Salem)
Old El Paso crunchy tortilla shells .98 wyb 10
-.60/3 Old El Paso online coupon

Shur Savings 10.5 oz Cream Soup .45

Shur Savings 20 oz Pineapple .78

Leaf Lettuce .79 ea


Monday, January 14, 2013


Starting around Christmas, you probably noticed ORANGES. Lots of them! They are the in season, priced right fruit of choice this season! They are full of vitamins and all kinds of yummy! Plus they're CHEAP!
So you buy, or are gifted, the big box of them. You eat some, your family eats some, but there is just no way that your little family is going to eat the whole box before it goes bad. What to do??
I was facing this dilemma myself, this last week. The oranges kept calling to me, guilt tripping me. Finally, I jumped on it yesterday, did some research, and got all of those oranges preserved!
I had no idea just how many things there were that could be done with oranges! Don't you just love Google?!
From all the options, I picked the ones that appealed most to me. Here's what I picked:

Fresh Squeezed Juice
You'd be amazed at how little juice you get from each orange, even with a quality home juicer. I'm sure that with a commercial grade juicer, it would be a greater yield, but I don't have that kind of money. 
With all of my oranges juiced, there was about half a gallon of juice. We enjoyed it with dinner. Such a big difference from concentrate!!!

Orange Mash
All of the pulp that was left from the juicing, and there was a lot, went into the blender. I advise doing small amounts at a time or your blender will get upset.
I froze the mash. There are lots of recipes online for muffins, cakes and breads that utilize the mash. You can also use it in place of most fruits in baked goods. You just might have to experiment a bit.

All Purpose Cleaner
Orange oil is a popular all purpose cleaner. Here's the easy recipe I found and used:
4 C Vinegar  (I used Cider Vinegar)
4 Oranges' Peels

Immerse peels in vinegar. Cover with plastic wrap or lid. Let sit for 1 - 2 weeks. Strain out peels. 
What you have is a concentrate. Mix 1:1 with water and use in a spray bottle. Great for most surfaces, including wood and glass. If it is an expensive or important surface, test a small area first, just in case!

Potpourri & Fire Starters
Lay the peels on cookie sheets lined with wax paper. Peels will need to be flipped daily to prevent mold. Air dry for 5-7 days. It is easiest if you lay all the peels out rind side down. It's just easier to keep track of which ones you've flipped each day if they're all on the same side.
The dried peelings can be used in a lovely potpourri mix or alone as fire starters. They burn slowly. I'm going to take them camping with us this summer and see how they do!

Now that you've utilized every last bit of your oranges, what can you do with your apples???  ;)

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Discussing Diet Products.. It's that time of year..

You may have noticed the New Year Effect in full swing lately. At the gym, at the health food stores, and certainly in our local ads and coupon inserts. So, I have no choice but to "weigh" in on the subject! Yes, I am feeling funny today. We have like a million inches of snow outside. Laughing keeps me sane. :)

Whatever your chosen health plan, there is a coupon and a sale to meet your needs. The tricky thing that I wanna break down for you are all the coupon details.

Slim- Fast

Macey's has the Slim Fast shake bonus packs (qty 6) on sale for $4.88. This is a great price, especially with your $1 off coupon. Here's the tricky part. They have limitations. Look at the fine, but bold, print on the coupon.Limit on per purchase and 2 per shopping trip!
For wanting us to buy their products, they sure don't make it easy! Maybe bring your spouse and a couple kids to do individual transactions? I didn't see any restrictions per household. Of course, as companies get stricter with their coupons, that will probably be an added limitation.

Atkins (my personal fave and the one I have found most effective after having this baby)

Macey's is again the place to find your savings! They have Atkin's 4 pack shakes for $4.99. With your $1 off coupon, this is a lovely deal. And here's the kicker: No limits or restrictions on coupon quantities!
Macey's has Atkins bars (5 count) for $4.99 also. This does not include Meal Bars. I have found that the "snack" type bars work great as meal bars though.

Walmart in Payson has a few of Atkin's meal bars and snack bars on clearance right now which makes for a fabulous deal with your $1 off coupon. They are on the high price of the sale end when it comes to all other "diet" products. You can always ad-match of course. Then though, you may run into the "Payson Problem." Depending on which cashier you get (some are far more strict than others), you may only be able to use 4 like coupons, regardless of what the coupon states.

Good n' Natural Bars

You probably noticed the FREE coupon on Good n' Natural single bars. Did you also notice the restrictions and limitations? One per purchase and 2 per shopping trip.
The other problem you may run into is finding them!
Let me save you the trouble!
You can find them at
Rite Aid
I have yet to find them at ANY grocery stores and Walmart does not carry them either.
So, you can get a bunch of Freebies, but is it worth the hassle? You decide. :)

To sum up:
Now is definitely the time to stock up on these types of products!! It may take some doing, with all the restrictions and such, but you can find some awesome savings if you put forth the effort. Plus these products have long shelf lives so if you can, try to get set up for the year! Good luck with all of your New Year's Resolutions!
Ps. Macey's sale only goes through this Monday!!

Friday, January 11, 2013

A sharp tip!

Before you go and spend money buying new scissors for scrapbooking or better yet, coupon clipping, try this little trick from Country Woman magazine:

"When scissors get dull, it's easy to sharpen them. Just cut through a sheet of sandpaper several times."

I'm going to try it with my kitchen shears which have been basically useless for the last year. On to saving money and making our tools last longer!

Use it up! Wear it out! Make it do! Or do without!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

What are you willing to do for $920?!?!

Jean Brown Research (Salt Lake City, Utah) has an upcoming research study trial for an Anthrax Vaccine. No, YOU WILL NOT GET ANTHRAX!! You don't need to worry about getting sick, in fact, should some terrorist attack involving Anthrax happen in the future, you'll be ahead of the game!  ;)
Must be over 18
Cannot have been in the military
Cannot have had a previous Anthrax vaccination
Must meet "healthy volunteer" requirements through an over the phone questionnaire and follow up exam.

3 month engagement
10 visits
$920.00 compensation in the form of a prepaid Visa card.

My family has had great experience with Jean Brown Research and I highly recommend giving this a try if it fits into your life!
I'll be applying and hopefully get accepted. That's a lot of $$$ for Disneyland!!

FREE Better Homes & Garden!

Follow this link, fill out your info and skip past a few offers, and wha-la! FREE subscription to
Better Homes and Gardens Magazine!

Ps. I hit Buy Low yesterday. It was super depressing and there really weren't very many deals considering that it is going out of business. They only had it down to 20% off of everything. Saturday is the last day. The cashier told me that the owners in California said the sales just weren't high enough to keep the store open. I still don't know how that's possible and am just totally devastated.
One thing I would recommend picking up there is their store brand zippy bags. It ends up being a pretty good deal. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Yesterday at Walmart

I hit the Payson Walmart yesterday and went aisle by aisle with my binder, looking for double coupon deals. I found lots of good ones. An important note that I thought I'd better share with you:
The Carefree panty liners $.50 coupon has had recent detail changes that are very important and really sad.
It now has a size requirement and you won't be able to get the small packs for FREE anymore. :( I didn't realize this until I was checking out and the cashier noticed it. It's a bummer, but I know we'll still be able to find ways to get a great deal! Rite Aid has them on sale this week and if you play your rewards right, you can't still get your liners FREE.
Another important note about Rite Aid: the Finish dishwasher detergent does not include the gel packs in the B1G1 deal this week! You'll get an awesome deal using your $2.15 coupon at Walmart though!! Makes each box about $1.85! Another great stock up if you love the gel packs like I do!
Also, the would-be FREE Carmex, that is marked $.99 at Walmart, rings up $1.47. If  I had had time to fight it yesterday, I would have. If you want to make a stink about it, more power to you!! They need to honor their marked prices.
Just one other note: Remember that Payson's cashiers are a lot stricter on coupon policy. If you're looking for more flexibility but are okay with less merchandise in stock, Springville is the place to go!
Ps. I'm knocking on wood that Walmart won't end their double Tuesdays any time soon! Not sure how many more challenges to my deal finding I can handle!

Rite Aid trip #1

I hit Rite Aid in Payson yesterday. I got 2 packages of Stayfree pads and one Mitchum deodorant. With my coupons and my leftover $3.50 +UP rewards from last week, I paid just $.92. And I earned $2 +UP rewards that I will be using today to get more pads and earn more rewards!
Feminine products don't expire, so stock up!! Unlike Walgreen's, you don't need to do a bunch of separate transactions to get multiple rewards on the pads. Just remember that the rewards don't become available till the next morning!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I don't know if you've all heard but today I will be in mourning. BUY LOW MARKET, my most favorite grocery store ever, is going out of business.
I have no idea why. I can only imagine that money was handled poorly as the place was always jumping, never lacking for customers. Maybe it was all the low prices they offered... I don't know. I just know that I am devastated!
That leaves us though, with one more produce option: Rancho Market. Let's just hope they stay in business, otherwise I just don't know how we'll buy fresh fruit and veg anymore!
Keep in mind that Rancho does not accept coupons so if they have a great deal and you have a coup for it, you'll need to grab the ad and match it at Walmart.
So gather up all your best coupons friends, and head over to Buy Low this week! It is, I guess, an opportunity to grab some steals for our food storage...

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Humble Pie.. Still learning!

I went to Office Max... and learned a lesson that I have had to learn again and again.
Read the fine print!!

The Duck tape that a coupon site had said was on sale for just $1, was actually just $1 off.
Still, the Provo store didn't even know about that discount and I was able to use my 20% discount that ends today and a $1 mfr coupon so I got one roll for $2.14.
Not at all how I had planned, but a good lesson to learn! I just hope this is the last time I have to learn it!!
Double check everything, every tiny detail!!

Yesterday's Adventures!

 I loaded up the kids and ventured out into the subzero temperatures to hit several stores. It was a trial for all of us, but I got it done!
 We hit Office Max first to grab the $1 Duck tape. They were, for some reason, totally unaware of their  advertised sale. The girl even tried looking it up online (no idea where she looked...) and couldn't find it. So I am going back in there today with the print-out of the ad so they will have to give me the deal! Frustrating!! I won't be stopped though!!

We also hit Smith's to grab a few of their good deals. I checked the clearance end cap and found a few goodies;
 Small plastic spray bottle .39
 Battery Powered Christmas Wreathe lights .39
Chopped Nut Topping .99

I also hit Rite Aid to grab their money maker Blistex and the Ziplock Slider bags that have +UP rewards. They were nearly out of the bags. Probably all gone by now. They did have plenty of the Blistex though. I am saving my rewards for this next week's sale.

At Walgreen's, I got the FREE Weight loss supplements and 4 rolls of the .39 tape. While I was at it, I hit there clearance end caps and was thrilled with what I found!! I don't think they've ever had that great of a clearance variety. All good stuff!
I paid $13 total for the supplements, tape, and the following clearance items:

(19) elf .35 oz Lip Gloss
(2) Beauty to go French Nail kits
(4) Christmas decorative soap
(2) Art Glass Pendant Necklaces

Talk about WOW!!! It was so great!!!

At Buy Low I got a bunch of great produce at rock bottom prices. There wasn't anything great in their clearance carts, but you always have to at least look!!

And now, off to claim my Duck tape!! They better be ready for the wrath and the fury! Conquer, I will!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Cute Owl Pendant $.91 TOTAL!!

Here's a fun little deal to add to your gifting box for all of those children's birthday party invites, or friend/neighbor/visiting teachee's!
Follow the link!

It takes almost a month for it to arrive, but the reviews are great and the price is AMAZING!! And since it's just to add to your gifting box, the wait shouldn't be a problem! The price was .88 yesterday and has now gone up to .91 each. So jump on it before it goes higher!
Ps. That $.91 INCLUDES shipping and processing!!!

Correction and notes

Good morning! So I goofed on Macey's sales this week. They are having one day only deals and several of the prices I listed were one day only. Refer to
Also, fyi, the chocolate chips on sale are actually "chocolate-flavored" chips and not real chocolate. I skipped them. There are "real" chocolate chips though, Western Family brand, on sale for 3/$5 which is still a great deal.
One other note, the 6 pack of Shur Saving paper towels is a pack of very small rolls. If you need them now, it's a decent deal but if you can hold out and gather more P&G coupons, I'd recommend doubling your Bounty coupons on Tuesday at Walmart for the Bounty single roll. It is much larger and will end up costing just $.50 each. 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Other useful info.. Buy Low

I hit Buy Low yesterday and figured out what their new ad system is. They have gone paperless, the ads will only be online but you can also grab a copy at the store of the computer print out. The deals will be based on the day that you go, ie. Mon & Tues, Wed & Thurs, Fri & Sat.
There were also several unadvertised deals that I found too though, like the .39 bananas, so be on the look out for happy surprises! They also had lots of left over Christmas candy at rock bottom prices!! Gold and green wrappers go great in Easter baskets!!

There wasn't anything good in the regular clearance carts this time, but bring your coupon binder just in case if you head over there!

Also, Buy Low is continuing to ad-match other grocery store's ads. Must have it with you. Kinda funny since they themselves are no longer putting out a circular ad... :)

Don't Miss These Prices!

Here are some prices you definitely don't want to miss out on!! Some of these are the lowest I've seen in about a year!!


I am so happy to see Smith's being competitive again! Every few months they come out with a great ad like this, I just wish it was more often!

Kroger Peanut Butter 18 oz  1.59 wyb CASE
limit 2 cases

Maruchan Ramen Noodles 6/$1 wyb CASE
limit 2 cases

Kroger Tomato Sauce 8 oz 5/$1 wyb CASE
limit 2 cases

Hunt's Pasta Sauce .88 wyb CASE
limit 2 cases

Sun Laundry Detergent liquid 40 load  4/$5

Progresso soup .88 wyb CASE 12 count
limit 2 cases
-$1/4 Progresso soup
-.50/2 Progresso soup (ss 1/06)
-.25/1 Progresso light soup (ss1/06)
I'm not entirely sure how it will work with the coupons where you have to buy a case, but I will check it out and let you know!

Tillamook Shredded Cheese 5 lb  11.99
-.25/1 2 lb cheese
With coupon, this is just $2.34/lb!!

Barilla Pasta 12-16 oz
-$1/2 Barilla pasta (ss 1/06)

Kroger Cottage Cheese 24 oz 3/$5

Kellogg's Cereal 12.3-18 oz 1.88 wyb 5
There are a bunch of Kellogg's coupons online right now where if you buy 2 boxes, you can get all sorts of other FREE stuff, including PRODUCE!! 
Check out! Must sign up to print.

Remember that Macey's weekly deals continue through Monday, when the new sales week starts.

Western Family Chocolate Chips 3/$4 (1.33)

Chunk White Chicken .77

Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate .99

6 pk WF Paper Towels 2.99 (.49 per roll!!)

Handi Snacks 4 pk Pudding cups .79

8 oz Shredded Cheese 1.50 (limit 4)
-.25/1 any 2lb of cheese

Peanut Butter 18 oz 3/$5 (1.67)

24 Roll WF Toilet Paper 3.97

64 oz WF Apple Juice 4/$5 (1.25)

Pompeiian Olive Oil 16 oz B1G1

Swiss Miss instant cocoa box 10 ct B1G1
-.50/2 any Swiss miss

1 gallon WF Vegetable Oil 5.99

Fresh Market
Fresh Market is still Wednesday to Wednesday

1 lb Baby Carrots .99

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts 1.79/lb

Red Bell Pepper .99

6 oz Blueberries or Blackberries 2/$5

I am so excited to be able to cross some things off my household running list this week!! Patience pays off!