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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

More Toilet Paper!

I am happily building up my toilet paper supply thanks to the great deals Shopko has been running lately!
Here's the deal I worked up this week:
(3) Charmin 24 double rolls $12.99 each
-.25/1 any Charmin product
For some reason, the cashier had to hand key these coupons. The register didn't want to accept them. It was pretty annoying.
-$10/$20 Shopko Rx Rewards Coupon
+ $10 Shopko gift card wyb 3 Charmin products!!

That makes it about $6 and change for each 24 pack of double rolls!!!! Here's to happy bums and great savings!!

Monday, September 15, 2014

A good deal

Here's a fun deal I got last week that I must crow about!
I got two of these huge 24 double roll packs at Shopko for $11.99 each last week. I had $1 coupons for each PLUS my $10.00 prescription rewards coupon!!!
So yeah, like $12 for 48 double rolls of my favorite toilet paper!!!! Crow, crow, crow!!!   ;-)


I just love all of the FREE goodies I find in the dumpsters and recycling bins that I then get to use for my own purposes, saving me all kinds of money on things that I need anyway!
I made invitations for my daughter's upcoming baptism. This fabulous glitter card stock and the brand new envelopes and stickers, are from recycling bins or dumpsters.  The only thing I paid for was the ink to print!
I am going to put a post together soon of all the things I DON'T pay for. Stay tuned!! 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Macey's Case lot and clearance

I stopped by Macey's in Spanish Fork after picking up the minions from school. Found some good deals, some happy surprises!
 Lots of great Case Lot deals!! I grabbed just a few of them:
Syrup $5.99
Grape Jelly $1.67 ea
Green Beans 2/$1
Honey $15.99
500 ct Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen $4.99 ea
WF Yogurt 3/$1
 Clearance Goodies!!!
WF Brownie Mix .79 ea (clearance)
Jell-O Pudding and Jello .79 each (clearance)
100 ct Plastic Spoons .99 ea (clearance)
Great Grains Bread 3/$5

With recent medical crisis my family has gone through, I am thinking I should probably try to make the most possible use of my food storage for the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned to see what I come up with!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Darn you Case Lot Sales!!!

Yes, it's that time again!! Amazing case lot sales all over the place!! Right when I was trying to cut back on shopping!!! Well, I got some amazing deals on things we needed, so I guess I'm okay with it. :)
Here's my recent shopping report:

Fresh Market:
Jenni-O Ground Turkey $1.00 ea (clearance)
-.75/1 Jenni-O ground turkey= $.25 each!!!!

Cache Valley Cheese Sticks $3.59 ea
-$1/2 Cache valley cheese

Smith's trip #1:
Bread .88 ea
Carb master yogurt .40 ea
Transformers lunch box $3.00 (clearance)
4 pack glue sticks .35 (clearance)
Paper Mate Pens .33 ea (clearance)
-.50/1 any Papermate product= +.17 each!!!!!

 Milk $2.47 ea
Cache Valley cheese sticks $3.59 ea
-$1/2 Cache Valley cheese
Shur Savings Whipped topping .89 ea
 Brown or Powdered Sugar .98 ea
Hidden Valley Ranch 24 oz $3.48 ea
-$1/2 Hidden Valley dressing
 WF Butter $2.48 ea
WF Frozen Juice ..99 ea
WF Yogurt 3/$1
Lots of great produce!! Lolo's and Rancho Market are the ONLY places to get produce anymore!!

And finally, Smith's trip #2:
 Princess lunch box $2.25 (clearance)
Hanging bird bath/feeder $3.75 (clearance)
Freezer Bags .89 ea
Atkins Candies $2.15 ea (clearance)
Atkins meal bars $4.49 ea
Kroger cream cheese $1.00 ea
1 lb Ground Beef $2.28 ea (clearance)

Now I am on the lookout for amazing toilet paper and shredded cheese deals! Stay tuned to see what I find!