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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

My week off!!

Hey kids, I am busy enjoying my week off of school! The fam and I have been doing lots of deep cleaning and getting projects done, then rewarding ourselves richly for our efforts. I wish I had more than a week. There's just so much to do!!
My oldest and I have gone diving a couple of times this week and we found some goodies! It's the final push for our public schools and you can tell by the bins!
 Awesome old drafting chair.
 Ironing board.
 A tutu, a hats, some books and little frames.
 A bunch of pajama /craft time t-shirts.
 Here's the doozy! The following couple of pics are all of the Swiffer refills and Lever 2000 soap bars, dishes, and sponges, all individually wrapped, that one of our schools chucked. Pretty sad but they have at least beat the landfill.
 Also two of these perfectly good blue laundry baskets.

 Not sure if I showed you guys this office chair last time. Very good condition!
A couple of doors.

We'll be heading out hunting at least two more times this week. Stay tuned! 

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Kroger Event Trip #2

So this is way late but I have been super busy! This event does continue through Today so get yourself over there!!!
It was one of my best hauls even with an awful cashier! ***Word to the wise: at the Provo Smith's, don't go in Marie's (middle age, brown hair, glasses) line if you have coupons. She made up her own rules and has no idea how to treat loyal customers or people in general. I will be putting in a formal complaint when I have a minute this week.
Anywho, back to the good stuff! I don't have time (finals week) to give you all the prices but I will highlight the amazing stuff!

Oxi Clean detergent. 99 after $3 coupon!
Bic razors FREE after $2 coupon!!
Crest toothpaste FREE after $2 coupon!!
Bic Atlantis Pens $.19 after coupon!!!
Coast bar soap FREE after $1 coupon!
Alcon eye gel (clearance) FREE after $3 coupon!
M&M's single serve FREE w/customer appreciation ecoupon!
Betty Crocker Decorating items (clearance and sale) FREE after $3/2 coupon!

So many great deals!!! Sorry I don't have time for specifics today but I will for my next and final event haul!

Monday, August 8, 2016


Hey kids. I'm trudging through finals week and haven't had time to post my fabulous Kroger hauls. I don't have time for much this week but I HAVE to show you my dumpster finds for the week!

 Halloween costume and embroidered cloth
 Books, terry cloth velcro bath robes, Halloween accessories, snow scraper, toy
 Really nice office chair, brand new trampoline net (plus poles and protective covers; not shown), waste basket that just needs to be cleaned.
Crate, basket, white wire organizer pieces, and these three FABULOUS wooden ladders that I am going to make into a garden arch!

Good times! Good finds!!!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Fresh Market Deals!

Don't miss out on these deals at Fresh Market!
32 oz Shredded cheddar cheese 3.99!!
32 oz block cheddar cheese 3.99!!
Powerade 2/$1
Western Family large bagged cereal 1.79!!!
Goody Ouchless Ponytails .99 ea
-.50/1 Goody Ouchless products= .49 ea!!!!!
16 oz Peanut Butter 1.25
5 doz. EGGS 5.99

Some great deals!!! 

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Kroger Event Trip #1

I got over to Smith's today for their fabulous Mega Event and I have to say... I rocked it! I will make at least two more trips as some things were inevitably sold out. I'm thinking Monday and Tuesday, so stay tuned for that.
Now here's what we got!
32 Bic Packs of Pens (includes color packs!!) $1.00 ea
-$1/1 Bic stationary product= FREE!!!!!
2 Mrs. Cubbisons Croutons 2/$1
-$1/2 Mrs Cubbisons croutons ecoupon= FREE!!!!
4 Assorted day old rolls .59 per bag
-.50 wyb $2.00 bakery products Kroger mail coupon 

 2 Huggies Wipes .99 ea
-.50/1 Huggies wipes 
1 Pull Ups starter pack .25 (clearance)
4 Purex fabric softener 1.99 ea
2 Tressemme shampoo and conditioner  $2.59 ea
-$4/2 Tressemme kroger ecoupon= .59 each!!!
4 Scrubbing Bubbles drop ins 1.69 ea
-$1/1 any Scrubbing Bubbles toilet product= .69 each!!
2 Coke bottle packs 1.99 ea
2 Gillette Satin Care shave gel 1.39 ea
-$2/1 any Gillette shave gel= FREE!! ++++ .61 each!!!
2 Gillette mens shave gel 1.49 ea
-$2/1 Gillette shave gel= FREE!!! +++ .51 each!!
1 Gillette Venus shave gel 1.99
-$2/1 Gillette shave gel= FREE!!!
4 Coast bar soap packs .99 ea
-$1/1 any Coast soap or body wash= FREE! 
2 Febreze small spaces air fresheners 1.94 each (close out)
-$1/1 any Febreze small spaces product
5 Kroger biscuit dough .39 ea (clearance)
6 Smuckers jam .99 ea
5 Jif peanut butter .99 ea
5 Nature Valley boxes cereal 1.99 ea
-$1/1 any Nature Valley cereal
1 Cascadian Farms Cereal 1.99
-$1/1 Cascadian Farms Cereal ecoupon 
6 Smuckers ice cream topping. .99 ea
-$1/2 Smuckers ice cream toppings= .49 each!
4 Hersheys chocolate syrup 1.39
-$1/2 Hersheys syrup
6 Snack Pack pudding 12 ct $1.94 ea
3 Milk 1.89 ea
3 Sun laundry detergent 3.99 ea
3 Skim fast shakes 7.99 ea

**Not pictured:
Boneless, skinless chicken breast 1.99/lb
-$3 off any $15 meat department purchase

***Additional savings, some unexpected!!
I got a $1.00 Mega Event savings on one of the Febreze Small Spaces, making it FREE + .06!! Not sure why!

I used a $2.00 Catalina coupon from my last trip.

I earned a $3.00 Catalina for buying the 4 Scrubbing Bubbles drop-ins, making them just .09 each!!

Then I also saw a $1.00 coupon on my receipt for buying Coke and meat (chicken)!

I just love when there are fun surprises like that!

Oh, and I earned double fuel points. Ps. Today is the LAST day for weekend double fuel points this summer!!!!
Stay tuned for my next two Kroger trips!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A treasury of cook books!!

I found this huge lot of cook books, kids books, and large blank white envelopes at recycling bins in Provo. There was at least twice this many cook books still in the bin that I couldn't reach. I wanted to climb in but it was super hot and I wasn't up to it.
I may go back tomorrow night if it hasn't been emptied yet. We'll see!

There were even doubles of a couple of books. I'm pretty sure it was someone's collection because at least one or two had been used, but I could also make an argument for it being a store's overstock as they were almost all brand new with the price stickers still on....
I will be hunting around Spanish Fork tomorrow. Stay tuned! 

Shopping! Smith's deals!!!

I had a fabulous shopping trip this last Sunday at the Payson Smith's! I found so many great coupon freebies and deals!
Then I went to Kmart for straight up FREE stuff!!

Powerade .50 ea
Real Sugar Soda (Friday FREEBIE)
Kroger soda 2.50
-$.50/1 Kroger soda mail coupon 
Animalitos animal crackers
Fruit drinks B1G1 @$3.19
Cantaloupe. 29/lb
Magnesium citrate .98
Pineapple tidbits cups .89 (clearance)
 Kroger granola 1.88
-.40/1 any Kroger brand dry cereal mail coupon 
Popcorn 1.99 ea
Tortillas 1.00 ea
Mangoes .50 ea
Baby carrots 1.29
-.40/1 Kroger carrots mail coupon 
Enchilada sauce .79 ea
Pillsbury Funfetti red cake mixes .71 ea close out
Snack pack puddings .70 close out
 Sun liquid laundry detergent 4.99 ea
Summers Eve products .75 ea (clearance)
-$1/1 any Summers Eve product= FREE + .25 each on 4!!!
Dr. Scholl's corn removers 1.49 (close out)
-$1/1 any Dr. Scholl's product
Preparation H products 1.75 ea (clearance)
Opti Free solution 1.00 (clearance)
-$3/1 Opti Free = FREE!!!! ++++ $2.00!!!!
Ultimate Flora gummies 8.99 ea (clearance)
-$5/1 Ultimate Flora product
Refresh eye gel drops 4.99 (clearance)
-$5/1 Refresh eye drops= FREE!
Opti free 2 pk solution 4.75 (clearance)
-$5/1 Opti Free solution 2 pk= FREE!!! + .25!
Blink RevitaLens Travel Pack. 50 (clearance)
-$1/1 Blink RevitaLens = FREE!!! + .50!
Olay Scrub 3.29 close out
Olay cleanser 3.49 close out
-$2/2 Olay cleansers
 Sun chips 1.77 ea
Malt o meal cereal 1.88
Mountain Dew Kickstart drink (Friday FREEBIE!)
Kroger Cinnamoncake decorations .39 ea (clearance)
Larabar .40 ea (clearance)
Wilton dinosaur cupcake kit 1.49 (clearance)
Wrigley Extra sour apple gum .25 ea (clearance)
Hersheys dark mini bars .49 each!!! (clearance)
 Suavitel fabric softener 3.19 ea
-$1/1 Suavitel fabric softener
Libman double bowl mop buckets with wringers 3.50 each!!! (Clearance)
Kroger mops 1.25 each  (clearance)
I will keep a couple of the mops and probably one bucket though I already have the same one. Nice to have a replacement for later. The others will go in my wedding gift supply.
Pull ups starter packs .25 ea (clearance)
 And then Kmart!
Bengay 1.49 ea (clearance)
Quaker granola bars 1.68 ea (clearance)
Big Pull ups kit with goodies $15 (clearance)
-$3/1 any Pull ups (Smiths manufacturer mail coupon)
 I switched over a bunch of my prescriptions to their pharmacy and got a $25 gift card and $10 in points. I've met my insurance max out of pocket and so I didn't have to pay for the prescriptions. Plus I got all this stuff FREE and left with money left over on the gift card!! I LOVE what I do!!!! 

Garbage day!

Busy week!! Finally getting around to posting my treasures!
These are from a residential bin on garbage day.
 Collander full of toys.
 Sewing needles, rubber bands, frame, wall plaque, painting, paper plates, brand new measuring set, brand new nail polishes, spray bottle, pens and pencils, sharpener, Alaskan eagle souvenir, and a sand dollar.
These two lovely hats.

A fun little lot! Stay tuned for my latest shopping report and some more dumpster finds!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Today's Mark Down Finds!

I desperately needed to go hunting today to recharge and revive my spirits! I hit the Provo Fresh Market clearance rack and assorted clearance spots at the Spanish Fork Kmart. Boy did I get some great stock up deals!
 At Fresh  Market:
Mrs. Butterworth syrup 3.99 ea
Halls cough drops .99
Arm and Hammer spin brushes 2.99 ea
Stool softeners 1.99 ea
Antacids 1.99 ea
Sunscreen lotions 1.99 ea
At Kmart:
Slim Fast shakes 1.68 ea
Barbie dresses 1.74 ea

Stay tuned for a compilation post of the sales of many of my dumpster and mark down finds over the last few months!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

School Stuff!

I hit up a bunch of schools this evening with my little partner in crime! We found tons of teacher supplies, lots of them still sealed! The kids are excited to keep a few things but most of it I will sell.

 And a couple of hammocks.
 And a gigantic sleeping bag!
 Shipping supplies.
 Tons of brand new packages of paper and stickers!
 Rolls of stickers, stencils, fabric, notebooks, feathers, baby wipes, totes.
 Binder, two buckets of stamps, mugs, note paper, birthday invitations,pins, crayons, name cards.
This was a fabulous haul and a fun time with my girl! She is going to use the fabric to make a skirt for her new doll.

Tomorrow I will be hunting clearance deals at Fresh Market and Kmart. Stay tuned! 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A Fun, Productive Reward!

Hey kids!
I did really well on my math test yesterday and it continues to amaze me how good it is going as math has been so hard for me in the past. As a reward, I treated myself to an exploratory shopping trip at Shopko!
 Potting soil $2.99 ea
Top Soil $2.49 ea
 (3) Good Nites tru-fit starter packs $3.19 ea (for resale)
MAM Nipples .99 (for resale)
Play-doh tools $2.40 ea (for gifts and resale)
 Slush Puppie popsicles .97 ea
Revlon lipstick .99 ea (for resale)
Tweezers $1.49 (not any kind of sale or clearance. I just needed to replace the ones my delightful kids lost.)
Melissa & Doug wooden Princess Puzzle Cube $5.19 (for gift or resale. Haven't decided yet.)
Farberware cutlery $7.79

Some sales you might be interested in!
 Markers just  $.99 each!!!!

 Great prices on patriotic decor!!! Wish I could have justified buying one!!
It felt so good to be hunting again! I might go and hit the dumpsters tonight if I get ALL of my homework done early enough! Stay tuned!