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Monday, February 28, 2011

Walmart & Walgreen's report!

I hit Walgreen's and Walmart this morning and have so much to share!
It makes such a difference when you hit the store at the beginning of the sale! We knew this already, but what a great reminder!
For those who weren't able to get there today, I have it on good authority that Walgreen's will have several of their Register Reward items restocked this Thursday afternoon! Things like the Baby Magic Body Wash and Lotion, Shick Razor and the Vitamins, among others.

 Here's an important note: The Butterball chicken broth is not available at Walmart. At least not the Springville one, so no ad matching there. :(  So you want to hurry in so you don't miss out!
The Butterball broths were 2/$1, limit 4 and you need the in-ad coupon.
 The 2 Finish Dishwasher products were on sale for $3.49. There was a Walgreen's coupon in their March coupon booklet for -$1/1 which brought them down to $2.49 each. I had the Finish coupons for -.75/1 that expire today. This brought them down to just $1.74 ea! This is an item that retails for close to $6 and even $7 ea depending on the store!
 The store brand maxi pads were B1G1 50% off or 2/$4.48.
I wasn't expecting them, so it was a nice surprise as this was my stock up item for the day.
 The Nature Made Chewable Vitamin C bottles were B1G1 FREE. Plus I had two coupons, one for -$3 and the other for -$1, both from the All You magazine. This equaled out to $4.49 for the pair!!
 The following items were Register Rewards products:

Antiaging Vitamins $10
w/$10 RR= FREE
Schick Hydro Razor $8.99
-$2 mfr coupon
w/$6 RR= .99
Aquaphor  Lip Repair $4.99
-$1 mfr coupon
w/$4 RR= FREE
Baby Magic  16.5 oz Lotion $3
w/$3 RR= FREE
NasoGel Spray $4.99
-$1 mfr coupon on package
w/$4.99 RR= FREE + $1!!!
So it took four transactions and the total retail value was $74.94 before tax.
The total paid before tax: $14.43
Can you say amazing?!?!?! Yes folks, that's less than 25% of retail!! The lesson learned here is this: though you may not need all of the Register Reward items, you will often spend less if you will just go ahead and take advantage of them!!! The manager of the cosmetics department at the Springville Walgreen's is an amazing woman and was incredibly helpful to me today. I wouldn't have saved nearly so much if it weren't for her!
 On to Walmart....

                                                                                     A few things that were regular Walmart price that I took advantage of:
Pop Weaver 24 ct Microwave Popcorn $5
Salsa $1.98
Disney Gummies Children's Vitamins $5
-$1/1 mfr coupon
Kikkoman Soy Sauce $1.42
-$1/1 Kikkoman mfr online coupon
Yakisoba noodles  .58
-.50/1 mfr coupon
Playtex Sport Tampons 18 ct $3.97
-$2/1 mfr coupon
Slimfast Meal Shakes $4.98
-$1/1 mfr coupon
Slimfast Meal Bars $4.98
-$1/1 mfr coupon
Stayfree Maxi Pads $2.86
                                                                                     -B1G1 FREE mfr coupon

Here we have the Nivea Lip Care items that I ad matched with Rite Aid for $1 ea,
-$2/2 Facebook Nivea coupon.

I also found bagged salad for .99 ea
and ad matched 1 gal Milk with Smith's $1.99.
1 lb bag Baby Carrots .98 ea!
I found two fabulous clearance bras for $5 and $7 each and a couple of bananas @ .52/lb (too expensive but my son really wanted them!) I also splurged and grabbed 3 canvas totes that are part of our kitchen remodel. They were full price, but with all the money I have saved, I felt good about getting them anyway at $9 ea.
Total retail value at Walmart: $150.82 (before tax)
Total spent: $81.92 (before tax) 
Ps. The Jiffy mix that is on sale at Macey's for 2/$1 is beaten at Walmart where I found it for just .48 ea. I hate when that happens! The more you shop though, I guess the more you realize which deals are actually unbeatable. :)

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Here's a fun FREEBIE!
Just promise you'll leave some for me!

Rite Aid has Nivea Lip Care for just $1 each.
Available on Nivea's Facebook page is a coupon for -$2/2 Nivea Lip Care items.
Yes, that equals FREE!!!
(if you are too late to grab them at Rite Aid, try ad-matching them at Walmart or Target)

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Here's a fun little money saving tidbit!
Walmart sells Kikkoman 10 oz Soy Sauce for $1.42. (Springville location)
Available on is a Kikkoman coupon for $1 off. Yes, that makes it just .42!
Somehow I have been able to print 4 of these coupons. That is rare, so take advantage of it! Especially if you like cooking up Asian food!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Shopping Part 2

We are done!!! What a day! I have food coming out of my ears! In my excitement, I forgot to mention that at Smith's I not only earned a .05 discount on gas, but also these coupons:
-$1.25/5 Lean Pockets
-$2.00/5 General Mills Cereals
I will be using the Lean Pocket coupon before Wednesday so that I can again take advantage of the Daytona special!
At Target, I earned the following coupons:
FREE 1 Bottle of Propel Zero
FREE 3 ct Starbucks VIA Ready Brew

Okay, now here's Fresh Market:
10 Boxes of  Western Family Rice Mix @ .69 ea
5 Loaves of Farm Bread @ .99 ea (w/in-ad coupon, limit 5)
1 Loaf 32oz Cheese @ $3.99 (w/in-ad coupon, limit 2)

These are the super nice, yummy kinds of Farm Bread. The big fat kind! Full of whole grains and other yumminess! Regularly almost $3 per loaf!

Total Value: $29.94 before tax
Total Spent: $15.84 before tax

Here's Macey's:

 The Jiffy mixes were 2/$1. I got a whole bunch of Corn Muffin and Pizza dough mix. The Saltines were $1.19 ea. The Maruchan noodles were 5/$1, limit 5. The reduced fat Cream Soups were .99 ea.

The Santitas were 3/$5. \
The Spices were .99 ea. I was so excited to add to my collection! Now that I'm cooking so much, I come across all kinds of random spices in my recipes and they are almost always expensive! This was a great deal and something to cross off my running list. The Julia's tortillas were .88 ea and a better deal per ounce than the advertised Don Julio tortillas at the same price.
The Land o Frost deli meat was the only item I actually had a mfr coupon for sadly. Sale price: $3.29. Subtract mfr coupon for -.55//1. Not a bad deal. :)

Holy beans Batman!! I have to be patient because this deal only comes around every four months or so. This time I was wise and bought two and a half cases (cleaned them out!) of the Taco Bell Fat Free Refried Beans. They are my favorite and were on for just .59 ea! Normally around $1.19 per can! The 300 ct Cotton Balls were just .99 ea. Great for personal use and for my MK business. Hello tax write off!
Pineapple: .79/lb.  Small apples: .88/lb.   Grapes:  1.49/lb.
I am so happy to have lots of food in the house again and to have my pantry stocked! Macey's was where I got the smallest discount, but I am ok with that as these were some great deals and things that we really needed!
Total value before tax: $111.14
Total spent before tax: $72.21
I am wiped out!! Cold cereal for dinner tonight! ;)

Big Shopping Day part 1

Today is my gigantic crazy awesome shopping day!!! So far we have hit Target and Smith's. A lot of planning and calculating went into it and it was definitely tiring, but well worth the effort! For my pics, I have seperated items from both stores together, into categories and will give the details of the deal involved. We still have to hit Fresh Market and Macey's today! So excited!!

Cold Items                                                                 Smith's had the milk for $1.99
The low fat cream cheese was .99 ea
For the whipped topping, I had a -.40/1 Smith's coupon which made it .79
Kroger Ice Cream was on sale 2/$4
The Lean Pockets were part of Smith's Daytona special this week. Buy 10 participating items and get a $3.00 discount(basically .30 off each item), then earn a $3.00 coupon to use toward your next order.

The Activia yogurt and Frigo cheeses were at Target. This is the best price I have found on the Frigo multi pack so far. $2.99 and then use -$1/1 coupon.
 Meats and Produce
Smith's has a great sale on meat this week! These roasts were $1.99/lb. I love how they have the original price and sale price on the package so you can see how much you are saving!
The mushrooms were $1.89, beating out Associated Food stores.
The mangoes were .89 each.
The Hormel salami and pepporoni were part of Smith's 10/$10 deal. I bought 6 and used (3) -$1/2 coupons, making them just .50 each!!!
Snacks and treats                                                        
The Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are from Target. I ad matched them with Macey's 2/$1. I then used Targets web coupon; B1G1 FREE.
At Smith's, the Snack Pack pudding cups are part of the 10/$10 sale. I bought 9 and used (3) -.60/3 coupons.
The Fruit snacks were part of the same deal.
The Ruffles Baked chips were bought with a FREE Ruffles or Lays Smith's store coupon I received in the mail. They retail for $3.67!!!
Pantry Items
The Quaker Oatmeal Squares are from Target. I had Target Web coupons for -$1/2 and also -$1/1 Quaker mfr coupons, making them $1.14 each.
The smaller cans of soup are from Target. I used Target web coupons for -$1/3. It made the Condensed Tomato soups just .24 each!!
The Parsley flakes were just $1.02 on sale at Target.
At Smith's, the Chex cereals were part of the Daytona deal, $1.99 on sale. I then used -.75/1 coupons. With the extra coupon after sale, it's like paying just .94 each!
On the same deal, I got 8 cans of Campbell's chunky soup and used the -$1/4 coupons. The Barilla noodles were part of the 10/$10 deal. I used a Barilla coupon that was actually for Picollini noodles, but it worked for these ones. Don't be afraid to try a coupon that lists a similar item of the one you want! If it's the same brand, it just might work!
The Kraft BBQ sauces were part of the Daytona deal and with the discount, it's like getting them for just .39 ea!
Finally a couple of household/personal care items.
The Purex is from Smith's, part of the Daytona deal and with a -$1/1 coupon, it's like getting it for just .90!!!
The Vaseline lotions retail for $2.99. I used Target web coupons to save $1 on each and then mfr coupons to save another $1 on each, making them just .99 each! You won't find off brand lotions of the same size for that price!!!
The Degree deoderants retailed for $1.97. I used a Target coupon to save $1 on each and then mfr coupons to save another .75 on each! I got them for just .22 each!!!!
Now we are off to our last two stores!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Splurge

I treated myself and the kids to a fabulous Italian lunch at Gloria's Little Italy in Provo today. It was amazing! My brother and sister joined us and we had a lovely time! Since we went for lunch rather than dinner, we were able to enjoy delicious, rich fare at a reasonable price.
We spend so much time and energy on saving money and finding great deals; it is very healthy and wise to enjoy a small splurge now and then. We had great food and even enjoyed dessert for just under $20! Not too shabby. :)
I highly recommend Gloria's!

Saturday, February 19, 2011


I know this has happened to all of us; we find a great deal on fruit or veggies and buy a whole bunch, not thinking about the fact that there is no way we will eat all of it before it goes bad! It has happened to me again; bananas!
 So I have scoured the web looking for yummy banana recipes. I found a super yummy recipe for Chocolate Chunk Banana cookies that turned out super yummy! The only mishap; I had started my second recipe, Banana Nut Brownies, and didn't hear the timer go off on the second tray of cookies. They ended up being a bit crispy around the edges. Funny thing is though, I liked the slightly burnt cookies better than the cooked perfectly cookies. There's some kind of useful life analogy in there..... :)

The Banana Nut Brownies are good, but the promise that you "don't even taste the banana" in them, was not accurate. They basically taste like chocolate banana bread. I added chocolate icing to the top and I liked that.

Friday, February 18, 2011

For Newbies!

 If you are just starting out in the coupon/deal hunting world, or if you are looking to expand your operation, here are the basic must haves and must know's!


Computer w/internet access

Subscription to the Sunday paper or a willingness to look through recycling bins

A binder with plastic pages (I like baseball card pages), dividers, pair of scissors and extra large pocket pages for odd size coupons


These are the sites I follow religiously!
First, the coupon sources:

Most printable coupons will net you two copies. Sometimes however, you will only get one, based on the manufacturer's preference.
This sight is where I find all or most of my coupon match ups for Walgreen's, Rite Aid and Target. I also find out which coupons are coming out each Sunday via this sight. That way I know which ones I really want to hunt for and gather lots of. This sight is especially helpful if you live in the south, which I don't. But it is handy for us northwesterners too. :) Just gotta know how to use it!


You'll want to have accounts with Rite Aid and Smith's and any other stores that offer a discount card, as long as it's FREE. Rite Aid does online rebates that can be very lucrative. Setting up the account is super easy! You'll also want accounts with major producers like Proctor & Gamble. Just sign up on their website and order all kinds of great coupons that will mail directly to your home at no cost to you. There are several other great sights to sign up with, depending on your product preference and needs. Enfamil, Gerber, Similac and Huggies are just a few baby sights that are a must if you are a mommy! Babies are super expensive, so any help you can get is worth signing up for! Expect full size cans of formula in the mail at no cost to you! And lots of great coupons and samples!
 Most personal care providers will send you FREE samples of all kinds of products, ranging from Fiber powder to Shampoo and Conditioner. These are a great way to try out a new product with no risk and usually come with a coupon for a full size of the same. I like using the small shampoo packets and mini deoderants for emergency kits and for traveling or overnight/gym bags. is a great resource for bazillions of great sample offers all in one place!


 You will need to scout the stores in your area, from drug stores to grocery chains and big boxes like Walmart. Scour their weekly ads and compare to find the best deals. Several big box stores ad match (all have different rules and policies) which will save you travel time and gas money.
 When planning your shopping trips, try to hit all in the same day and plan a route that takes the least time and gas. If you need to travel to a store that is out of your way, try to schedule it for a time when you have something else going on in that area. Being smart with travel expenses is a great way to save a dollar here and a dollar there. It adds up!
 Check out each of your chosen store's coupon policies!! You'd hate to have your transactions all planned and find that your store doesn't even accept coupons! (lesson I learned at Big Lots!)
 In this game, there is no store or brand loyalty allowed! If you were a Target girl, you are now an anywhere girl! If Dove was the only haircare you'd use, you must now be open to whatever is the best deal for the best quality! (Luckily, if you are a Dove user, they do all kinds of great coupons.) ;)


 When a hot item goes on sale, be prepared to have lots of coupons ready for it and get there as early in the sale as you can! Not all stores care if you get your great deal or not. It's a first come, first serve world! Sometimes you might have to check out a few locations if you are bent on getting that great bargain!

 Don't be afraid of thrift stores and be willing to be the annoying person in the checkout line. If you can't do either of these things, you may as well accept that you will be paying full price for the rest of your life! Get over yourself and realize that what you are working toward is worth washing someone else's old clothes and getting a few evil eyes at the grocery store. You can do it!!!

I hope these tips have helped. There will be lots more to learn and a lot of it you will have to do on your own. If there are questions, please ask! I'll help if I can! Remember your goals and let nothing get in your way!

Clearance finds at Walmart

 I had to stop at Walmart to drop off some things to a client today and while I was there, I looked for a few things on my "running list." My daughter will be in school next year, so I grabbed two boxes of clearance Valentine's cards for her future classmates. All of the Valentine's merchandise is at 75% off right now! I was able to get the more expensive kind that include a lollipop that I would never pay full price for. And as candy has a pretty long shelf life, we're good to go!

 Both of the kids also needed new sneakers. I found a really cute pair for my daughter that were on clearance for $7 and a pair for my boy that were also on clearance for $7. At the register, the girl pair actually rang up at half the marked price! Yay for happy surprises!

 I have lost about 55 pounds in the last year and a half. Because of that, I need new clothing. I am still dropping weight though, so I don't want to buy anything too pricey that I will only be wearing temporarily.  I was thrilled to find several fun t-shirts, sweaters, and long sleeve shirts marked for $3 on clearance. This cute little zip up black hoodie I found ended up being just $2 at the register!! How can you go wrong?! You won't likely find a used one at that price! I also found a fun pink bra for just $3. And it was meant to be because it was the only one like it and happened to be my size!

 This is why it is so important to have either a written list in your purse, planner or wallet, or one in you head if you have a great memory, of all the odds and ends that you or your family need. Then when you happen upon a great clearance deal or sale, you'll know exactly which things to take advantage of!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A couple of fyi's

For your information!

Walgreen's has a great FREE photo book deal available right now! Enter promo code FAVORITEBOOK2
You will still have to pay around $6.99 shipping.
I am sooo excited to do this!

Two coupons to look for this weekend and stock up on:

-$3.00/1 Purex 3in1 Sheets
Use at Walmart where 3in1 sheets are $3.99 each. Makes them just .99! Great stock up situation!

-$1/2 Hefty One Zip bags
Use at Smith's. Buy 10, use 5 coupons= .69 ea!!!

Screamin' good deals this week!

It is out of control this week folks! Here's my shopping list, store by store.


Red Seedless Grapes .99/lb

Apples Gala, red or golden delicious  .79/lb

32 oz Kroger cheese bar or shredded  4.99

Dannon Yogurt 4-6 ct  1.88
-$1/1 Dannon Activia yogurt 4 pack= .88

Colgate Toothpaste select varieties   .98 ea
Colgate Plus Tooth brush
-.50/1 any Colgate toothpaste 4oz += .48 ea

Stayfree pads 14-24 ct  2.50
-B1G1 FREE= 1.25 ea wyb 2

GE Extra Soft White light bulbs  1.29
-$1/1 Ge light bulb= .29 ea!!!

Hershey's, Reeses or Kitkat single serve  2/$1

Trident Gum 18ct  .78
-$1/3 Trident gum= .44 ea

Another mix n' match deal is happening at Smith's on several great items. Here are the ones I am getting. Remember you need to get a total of 10 participating items to get the "sale" price.

Chef Boyardee Pasta cans or cups .69
-.35/3 Chef Boyardee= .57 ea wyb 3

Campbell's Chunky soup or Chowder .99
-$1/4 Campbell's chunky soup cans or bowls= .74 ea

Kraft BBQ Sauce 18oz  .69

Hot or Lean Pockets 1.69

General Mills Cereal 13.8-18oz 1.99 Select varieties
-$3.00/4 General Mills Smith's mfr coupon (you recieve great coupons like this one just for shopping at Smith's! They come in the mail every couple of months!)
Buy 4= .99 each

Orville Redenbacher Microwave Popcorn 2-4 ct  1.69
-$1/1 Orville Redenbacher popcorn multi packs= .69 ea!!!

Here are a couple more coupons I received from Smith's that I will use this week:

FREE 1 Kroger Peanut Butter 16-18oz any variety

FREE 1 Lay's or Ruffles potato chips 8-12oz

-.40/1 Kroger Frozen Whipped Topping 8oz

Fresh Market

10 lb bag Russet Potatoes  .59 ea!!

Hydroponic Tomatoes .99/lb

Hamburger Helper  .59 ea wyb 5!
Sadly, this offer doesn't allow you to combine any other coupons or discounts :(
Still a great deal though!

Nature Valley granola bars 4.1-9oz 1.50 wyb 5
Same here, can't use any coupons

Get one FREE Hunt's Snack Pack 4 pk pudding wyb (4) Chef Boyardee Pasta @ 5/$5

Western Family Sour Cream 16oz .99

Frigo String Cheese 4/$1

Land O' Frost 10-16oz Premium Sliced Meats 3.49
-.55/1 Land O' Frost one pound= 2.94

Milk 1 gal $1.99

Red or Green Bell Peppers .69 ea

Cucumbers 2/$1

Dole Classic Romaine or Spinach 9oz 3/$5


Navel Oranges .49/lb

Broccoli or Cauliflower .69/lb

Butterfinger or Crunch candy bars 3/$1

Kellogg's 10 ct asst Fruit Snacks  1.19 wyb 2

12oz Western Family Egg Noodles .69

Ziplock asst containers and bags 1.49 w/in store coupon
As long as it isn't a mfr in store coupon, you can still use these mfr coupons
--1/2 any two Ziplock brand bags
-1.50/2 any two Ziplock containers

Hidden Valley 16 oz pourable asst (excludes organic) 2.19

Western Family Graham Cracker Pie Crust .88

Libby's canned corn, peas, or green beans .49 ea

Betty Crocker Cake Mixes .99
-.75 wyb Betty Crocker cake mix and frosting (BC frosting $1.39)
Buy both, equals: $1.63 for both

The following items are at the sale price when you purchase 5 and use the in ad coupon. It doesn't say you can't use mfr coupons with them, but I will find out for sure. If anyone else knows already, please tell us!

Betty Crocker Helpers .69
-.75/3 (if allowed)

Betty crocker Brownie Supreme Mixes 1.19
-.50/1 Betty Crocker Supreme Brownie Mixes (if allowed)

Nature Valley Granola bars  1.49
-.50/1 Nature Valley granola bars online print
-.75/2 Nature Valley granola bars (if allowed)

Black Forest Gummy Candy 4.25-4.5oz .69

Western Family Rice Mixes .69

Sunbelt Snacks 1.49

Chicken Breasts 1.59/lb

Green Bell Peppers 2/$1

Green Onions 2/$1

Alright kids, I will be at Macey's tomorrow and will find out what the situation is on the coupons at Macey's. Good shopping to you all!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pennies and dimes to Disneyland!

For my daughter's 8th birthday, which will take place in 2014, we are planning a crazy fabulous trip to Disneyland for our little family! To pay for this extravaganza, I have begun a savings fund in my money market account. I will add to it regularly with change gathered from the laundry room and around the house. Those pennies you drop on the ground, I will pick them up. And before you know it, I will have a nice little sum for a glorious little family adventure!
Today I made my first deposit, all in change. It totaled $7.85. :)
I am thinking I will also use money from recycling the soda cans we find during our walks. That way the kids can be involved in "earning" the money. :) Anything is possible my friends, you just need to make a way!

Rite Aid and Walmart

I made it to Rite Aid yesterday. As expected, some of the things I really wanted were already out of stock. Have to get there early folks!
I still did quite well though and found a couple of little surprises that helped asuage my grief. :)
The best surprise at Rite Aid was a box of Slim Fast meal bars on clearance for $1.82. I had a $1 coupon that I used. This item normally retails for $5-6 dollars. I was very pleased. :)
I also was happy to take advantage of some after Valentine's candy deals at Walmart and used the coupon I had planned to. Four bags of fun size M&M's at half price and I used (2) -1.50/2 coupons.
Rite Aid, sadly, was out of the great Comet cleansers that were on sale. And Walmart didn't have the same size, so no ad matching there. I'm hoping that one of the Rite Aids will get some more in before the week is out. Doesn't hurt to call around!
They were also out of their $4.99 Gain Fabric Softeners, but that is ok! I found them at Walmart for $4.18! And yes, it would have been nice to use some UP rewards to pay for them, but I was plenty happy with the deal I got!
Ps. If your Rite Aid is out of the lightbulbs shown on the GE coupon, go for some of the other GE bulbs on the deal. The register will still take your coupon and you will still get your UP rewards!
As a filler at Rite Aid, I was able to find these big bags of macaroni noodles for $.50 each. Great for my food storage!
To sum up:
Between the two stores, total spent, including tax: $30.40
Total Value (w/tax): $124.85!!!!
This just might be my best haul ever when it comes to the discount! Feeling good!

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Day after Valentines

As most of us know, the day after any holiday is a great time to pick up some clearance deals! If you are into decorating for every holiday like I am, this is a great time to grab some pretties for next year. Most places drop everything to 50% the first day, and then lower till they get rid of it. Take a look, you never know what you'll find! Cards for next year. Ribbons for all kinds of gift giving throughout the year. I have even found regular home decor items that were holiday specials.
This is also a great opportunity to satisfy your sweet tooth on a budget! Remember that coupons still apply to clearance merchandise (unless otherwise specified). One you might try using for some extra fabulous savings: -$1.50/2 M&M's, Snickers, or Twix 9.4oz or larger. I plan to hit Walmart tomorrow or the next day and will see what great surprises await!

Walgreens and some elusive coupons

 I made it to Walgreen's today. Here's my haul. Small but successful. :)
Total Spent $12.33 (w/tax)
Total Value $37.83 (w/tax)
Feeling pretty good about it. I've definitely gotten better about getting things that we actually need and can use.  This haul required 5 seperate transactions.
In the top right corner, you see a 2011 Locker Magnet Calendar that I found still wrapped in plastic in the recycling bins today! It is now hanging on the side of my fridge. So happy someone else didn't need it!
There have been a couple of coupons I just haven't been able to find no matter how many times I go to the bins! I want the $2 Dove coupons so badly!!! Frustration!!!! Hopefully I will find luck tomorrow!

I found the time to swing Rite Aid as well today but was sad to find that I didn't have all of the coupons I needed to take advantage of the most deals available. As a dedicated couponer, I just couldn't buy anything if it meant I would not save the most possible money. The worst thing was that I had the right coupons sitting clipped at home. I just hadn't had time to get them filed in the binder yet.
I have them all now and will be hitting Rite Aid first thing tomorrow! There are so many deals there that I wasn't expecting! It definitely helps to take a look around the store before making your final transaction plans. It is definitely tough with kids in tow!
I am so proud that I was able to get my wheeling and dealing half way done on a Monday! It definitely makes a difference in the amount of sale items in stock!
If I can, I will be doing some fabulous ad matcing up at Target this week.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Deal of the Day!!!

Good Sunday morning!
Here's a good one:
Colgate Wisps 4 pack B1G1 @ $2.49 w/in-ad coupon
-$1/1 Colgate Wisps multi pack= .24 ea

And just for fun, here's another one!

Rite Aid
Comet Cleanser 14oz $.50
-.35/1 Comet Cleanser or Spray= .15 ea!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The search continues

 I tried another bread recipe today. This one promised sliceable bread, perfect for sandwiches and french toast. It is good bread, but it still crumbles. Even with the added potato flakes.
 The other lesson learned; honey is way yummier than sugar. From now on, only gonna make recipes with honey as the sweet ingredient.
 Tomorrow I will try bread recipe number three. I will also grab a few loaves of store bread to tide us over until I find perfection in the kitchen! :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

In the dumpster

After dropping off my sister today, I was pulling out of the driveway and noticed a huge laundry basket sticking out of the neighbor's garbage can. It's collection day so the cans were all lined up on the road for me. I couldn't help but stop and check it out. It had one minor crack that I will definitely not mind. I can cross one item off of my running list!! And it's a nice one too!! I also found a pair of dress up fairy wings that just need the trim hot glued down and some pretty doilies that I will either use or donate. They definitely shouldn't end up in a landfill! There were more things there but I didn't have time to sift.
You just never know what great things you will find if you will just get over your pride! ;)


 It snowed... again. Somehow, in between my hair appointment, kid's doctor visit, making dinner, hitting the gym, baking bread and going to my MK meeting, I am going to go coupon hunting! Don't ask me when because I have no idea!! I do know that it will be cold and I will definitely earn my savings today!
I had planned on getting a bit of shopping done today, but if it's gonna happen, it won't be till later tonight. I'll report if I do get it done. Stay warm out there folks!

Deal of the Day!!! (Tuesday)


$1 RR wyb (5) Gain 11oz dish soap @ $1
-.25/1 Gain Dish Soap
buy (5), use .25/1, makes it .55 ea

Monday, February 7, 2011

"When and how to clean"

Here I have an excerpt from one of my favorite books, '500 Time Saving Hints for Every Woman' by Emilie Barnes.
Here are some ideas on knowing what to clean and when to clean it!
"...gather the following tools:
-Set up a 3 x 5 colored-card file box with dividers and tabs.
-Label dividers in this card file as follows:
Make a list of jobs that need to be done in each category and file behind each tab. For example:
1. Daily
--do dishes
--make beds
--clean bathrooms
--pick up rooms
--clean kitchens
--take out trash
--take care of any animals you have

2. Weekly
--Monday. wash, grocery shop
--Tuesday. iron, water plants
--Wednesday. mop floors
--Thursday. vacuum, go shopping
--Friday. change bed linens
--Saturday. do yard work, sweep front porch and entry
--Sunday. keep free for family activities such as church, picnic, beach, movie, etc.
*Note: If you skip a job on the assigned day, don't do it the next day. Put the card at the back of the file section and wait until next week.

3. Monthly
-clean out refrigerator
-clean oven
-mend clothing
-clean and dust all baseboards
-sweep the garage
-vacuum furniture
-clean inside and outside of windows
-check filters on heating and cooling system and change as necessary

4. Quarterly
-clean drawers
-clean out bedroom dresser drawers
-clean china cabinets

5. Semiannually
-clean all house screens
-rearrange furniture, vacuum under all old placement

6. Annually
-wash down all walss
-check smoke detectors
-clean out garage
-touch up interior walls and door trim with paint
-make home repairs as they occur
-shampoo carpets if needed
-wash sheer curtains
-clean drapes throughout home

Feel free to add any other reminders you might want to go on your cards. It's amazing how much better our home function when we maintain, organize, and clean them in a regular fashion. When you discover ways to help youself, you will also discover that all these tasks are manageable."
This is my project for myself this week, to get my file system in order and implement it's use! I challenge you all to do the same!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Coming to Walgreen's and Rite Aid!

 There are some fabulous things coming to my two favorite stores this week! Here are some of the best!

Rite Aid

$2+UP wyb (2) Betty Crocker Cookie Mix 17.5oz. Cake Mix 18.25 oz, Frostig 16 oz @ $2
-.40/1 BettyCrocker Cookie mix
-.55/2 Betty Crocker moist cae mix AND Ready to Spread frosting
-.75/1 Betty Crocker super moist cake mix or frosting
(use (2) .75/1, makes it .25 each)

$1+UP wyb (2) Halls Cough drops 30 ct $1
-.55/1 Halls cough drops , in store dispenser
-.50/1 Halls cough drops, February All You Magazine
(use (2) .55/1, makes both FREE)

$4 +UP wyb Biotrue Solutions 4oz $4.99
-$2 off Bausch & Lomb Solution online print= FREE

$2+UP wyb (2) Nature's Bounty vitamins and supplements
There are too many Nature's Bounty coupons available for me to list! :)

$5 +UP wyb $10 worth of Scunci Hair Accessories(I'm in serious need of clippies and hair claws! Been waiting for a deal on hair pretties for months! Patience pays!)


$2 RR wyb (3) Planters Trail Mix, 6oz @ $1.67= $1 ea

Mars Candy, 1.1-2.17oz, .49 ea

Kellogg's Cereal $1.88
-$1/2 Kellogg's Rice or Cocoa Krispies online print
-$1/2 Raisin Bran online print
-$.70/1 Raisin Bran online print
-$1/3 Kellogg's Cereal

Hershey's Pieces or Drops or Reese's Minis, 8oz, $2.50
-$2/2 Reese's Minis or Hershey's Drops

$1 RR wyb (5) Dawn, 10.3 oz, Joy, 12.6 oz, or Gain, 11oz dish liquid @ $1
-.50/1 Dawn product, Proctor and Gamble $110 booklet
-$1 off Gain dish product, P & G $110 booklet
-$.20/1 Gain dish soap
-$.25/1 Gain dish soap
(buy (5), use .25/1, makes it .55 ea)

$3 RR wyb (3) Kotex tampons 18pk, Pantiliners 48 or 64 pk, or Maxi pads 14-24 pk @ $3
-$1.50/2 Kotex liners
-$1.50/2 Kotex products online print
-$1.50/2 Kotex Security tampons
-$2/2 Kotex pads
(buy (3), use $2/2, makes it $1.33)

Lesson I learned this last weekend; If you want to take advantage of these great deals, get there at the BEGINNING of the week!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thursday's Deal of the Day!

A money saver for the day!


Ad match (2) boxes of Nabisco crackers w/Macey's $1.88 ea sale.
-$1/2 Target online print coupon
-$1/2 mfr coupon= .88 each!

Ad match (2) single serve Reese's Peanut Butter Cups w/ Smith's 2/$1 sale.
-Target's B1G1 FREE Reese's online print coupon= .25 ea!


Until the 5th, Kmart is doing their Super Doubles couponing deal! Here are the rules:
Must purchase a minimum of $25 in merchandise. (Rx doesn't count)
May use 5 doubling coupons per transaction.
May do one transaction per day.
B1G1 or savings on multiple quantities aren't doubled.
Must have a Kmart savings card to qualify.
Only 4 of the same coupons can be used per order.
So this takes some planning, but it can be very lucrative! Look for $1 or more coupons. Don't waste time with anything of lesser value for this deal.
I will report back when I have mine figured out and let you know how it goes. I plan to hit Kmart today and tomorrow at least. Plus, we have two savings cards, so there's the possibility of 2 transactions per day! Good luck!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Deal of the Day!!!

Deal of the Day!

Rite Aid

$+UP Reward wyb (1) Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream
@ $2.99= like paying .99

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

On a Quest for FREE!

 I will be making a trip to my local Walmart store this Thursday or Friday to see just how much I can get for FREE or as close to it as possible! I am scouring my ads for good ad matches and going through corresponding coupons looking for goodies. I am sooo excited for the challenge and can't wait to report! Don't you just LOVE the rush that comes when you watch the price on the register go down, down, down, down?!?! I admit I am an adrenaline junkie! I don't jump out of planes anymore, so saving money will have to do! Here are just a couple of the items I have on my FREE list so far:
Athenos Greek Yogurt @ $1 ea
-$1 off Athenos Greek Yogurt products online print

Sensodyne ProNamel Toothpaste, travel size .97
-$1 off Sensodyne Pronamel toothpaste online print

Advanced Maximum Strength Maalox Chewable Tablets, 90 ct $4.52
-$5 off Maalox

Scotch Brite Sponges .84
-$1 off Scotch Bathroom product online print

Maruchan yakisoba noodles .48
-.50/1 Maruchan Yakisoba Noodles

Dannon Activia Yogurt 4 pk $1.88
-$1/1 Dannon Activia= .88

I love good deals!!!


A few Walgreen's deals:

$7.99 RR wyb Blink Eye Drops @ $7.99
-$1 off blink Tears or blink gel tears= FREE + extra!

$1 RR wyb Aussie or herbal Essences Hair Care @ $2.99 ea
-$1 off Herbal Essences or Aussie product Proctor & Gamble $110 booklet
-$1/2 Aussie or Herbal Essences product

Crest 3D Whitestrips $10 off w/in-ad coupon
-$10 off Crest 3D whitestrips

Nestle or Mentos Candy .39 ea w/in-ad coupon
-$1/2 Butterfinger Snakerz online print= FREE wyb 2


Russel Stover Chocolate Heart .29 ea w/in-ad coupon

Royal Gelatin .20 ea w/in-ad coupon

Valentine Tumbler, 12oz .17 ea w/in-ad coupon

Valentine Pencils or Gift Sacks .13 ea w/in-ad coupon

I will hopefully be hitting Walgreen's tomorrow and will let you know what other deals I find!

Rite Aid 1/30-2/5

Here are a few goodies at Rite Aid this week:

AMO Complete Multi-Purpose Solution $7.99
-$7.99 SCR
-$1 off Complete Multi-Purpose solution= FREE + extra!

$5 +UP wyb Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power or Manual Razor @ $9.99 (limit 1)
-$4 off Gillette Fusion Proglide= .99

Mars Candy Bars .50 ea

$2 +UP wyb Colgate Total Advanced or Total Enamel Strength toothpaste @ $2.99
-$1 off Colgate Total Advanced product, All You magazine, January
-$.71/1 Colgate Total Toothpaste
-$1/1 Total Advanced Toothpaste= FREE

Sally Hansen Lip and Nail Enamel B1G1 50% off
-$1 off Sally Hansen lip product online print
-$.50/1 Sally Hansen Nail color online print

I know this isn't much, but remember there are always unadvertised surprises in store that are waiting to be discovered! I'll be heading there tomorrow and will let you know what I find!


So it's a nippy 20 degrees today. I scavenged for coupons anyway! I had to drive to the next town over, but I finally got enough coupons to satisfy me for the moment. I don't know what the deal is with my local recycling bins... very frustrated with the lack of product lately!
This weekend's coupons are worth the hunt though! Seriously folks! It's time to stock up on yogurt and personal care items. Be on the look out for amazing deals involving these items in the next couple weeks! I'll do my best to keep you posted with what I find! :)
Must go warm my fingers now...