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Friday, September 28, 2012

One more.. JcPenny's... again!

I forgot to mention one of the coolest money savers I enjoyed today! We went to JcPenny's to get some father/son pictures done. Because I earned gift cards and freebies with my last session, this session's photos, which included several pages of prints (one was even one of those fancy collage pics!), ended up costing me just $1.07!!!!!! That's total, with tax. Talk about awesome savings!!!
You can do it too!!
Get your JcPenny's portrait club card for $20. With that, all of your sessions include FREE sittings for everyone in your family. Plus you get ONE FREE print of any size (10x13 or smaller) to use once, and ONE FREE specialty print, like the fun collages and such, to use once.
On top of that, with the club card, come THREE $10 gift cards that can be used, one at a time, on any of your next sessions! These are good for 2 years!!! The club membership also lasts 2 years!!
Also, if you spend a total of $50 on an appointment this month (you only have a couple days left!!!), you earn TWO $25 gift cards!!!! These gift cards are good until the end of November; great for Halloween pics or use them to get a jump on your Christmas greeting cards!
Don't miss out!!!!

Buy Low & Rite Aid day 2

I was back in Provo today. I got several errands taken care of, including some money saving adventures!
First was Rite Aid:
These items are part of the buy $30, get $10 +UP rewards deal this week. Actual razors are NOT included. I purchased these 4 pk Divine cartridges for $13.99 each.
(2x)-$4/1 Venus razor or refill 
The Satin Care shave gel was $3.79. This brought me to a total of $23.77 (before tax & w/coupons applied).
I had $5 +UP rewards from yesterday and used those toward this purchase. So my grand total with tax was
I earned $10 +UP rewards which I will use next week!!

Then we hit Buy Low:
Boneless skinless Chicken breasts are $1.67/lb (10 lb box)
In the clearance carts I found the cereal for $1.00 and the brown rice for just $.50.

Next we went to the Smith's gas station. I had a $.10/per gallon discount to use that I earned with last week's shopping. It made the gas .04 cheaper than Maverick in Springville, which is almost always the cheapest around.

Finally, we hit Walmart.
I got this bag of Steak Rolls on the day old rack for just $2.18.
The 32 oz yogurts I ad-matched with Fresh Market for $1.67 each!!!
The Luv diapers I had a $1 coupon for.
The salad, sadly, is up to .94. :(
The Hershey's syrup is $1.98 each.
-$1/2 Hershey's syrup.
I had planned to ad-match it with Macey's current sale but Walmart was one cent cheaper. I will buy it at Macey's next time however, as I noticed when we got home that the ones we bought at Macey's the other day are bonus size and have 2 more ounces for just one cent more.
We also had $27 in Walmart gift cards from James' work. What a blessing!! So all of this was only like $3 plus tax.
I'm glad to be so focused on my money saving again. I had gotten caught up in selling coupons and not actually using them myself. I will continue selling coupons when I have extra, but I need to stay on track with my own couponing. It makes such a big difference!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Rite Aid & Buy Low Day 1

I hit both stores today as part of a 2 day mission. At Rite Aid, now that they have their new reward system, I needed to buy my first set of items to get the rewards to buy the rest of the things I need. Kind of a pain, but I need to go back into town anyway to hit Buy Low's weekend meat sale.
At Rite Aid:
Stayfree pads 14-24 ct  2/$4
-(2)$2/1 Stayfree product
Earn $1 +UP reward

Crest Pro-Health 4.2 oz toothpaste $2.99
-.50/1 Crest toothpaste 4.0+
Earn $2.99 +UP rewards

Halls cough drops 2/$3
-$1/2 Halls cough drops
Earn $1 +UP reward

Total spent: (w/tax) $5.16
Rewards earned: $5.00
Like spending just $.16 for all of this!!!!
I will go back tomorrow for transaction number 2. Stay tuned!!

Buy Low:
Bananas .33/lb
Red Grapes .99/lb
Avacados 4/$1
Roma Tomato .79/lb
Limes 10/$1
Yellow Onions 5lb/$1
Cilantro .59 ea
French Bread .99
Whipped topping lg tub $1.9
Cheese slices .99
Land o frost deli meat 9 oz $1.99
-$1/2 any Land o frost deli meats= $1.49 ea
I'll be back for tomorrow's awesome deal on boneless, skinless chicken: $1.69/lb!!!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Fresh Market

I hit Fresh Market the other day. I found a couple of happy surprises!
 I got ridiculously amazing prices on their discounted meat. Less than 50% on all of them. It's nice having a deep freezer!
 Leaf lettuce .99
Baby carrots .99
Avacado .69
Tomato I don't know how much it cost. :( I just needed a tomato.
Yogurt 3/$1
Cheese Sticks 3/$1
24 oz Cottage Cheese $1.67
Nalley chili .89
Bar S Deli Meat $1.89

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I hit Smith's yesterday. It's the second week of their fabulous case lot sale. I got some repeat items, but also a few new things.
Capri Sun 10 pk $1.49 wyb 10 mix n' match items.
Oreos $2.49 wyb 10 mix n' match items.
-.75/2 Nabisco cookies or crackers
Saltines (did you know there are WHEAT saltines???) 10/$10 (you don't have to buy 10)
Peanut Butter $1.59 wyb case
Krusteaz family size bag $3.59 wyb case.
With this purchase, I earned lots of good points to give myself a happy discount at the gas pump.

Monday, September 17, 2012

More about JcPenny's

I took my youngest to JcPenny's portrait studio today for her blessing pictures. It went really well and I found still more ways to save money.
I needed a new family pass, which covers all the sitting fees. Mine had expired. For this month only, they are just $20 instead of $29.00. They are good for 2 years!
The other way I saved, by buying the family pass, my total was $50. By spending $50 today, I earned $50 (two $25 gift cards) to use next time. How cool is that?! Yes, it requires a bigger initial investment, but it is totally worth it for my family's needs. We're going to be getting a new family picture before the end of the year, and now it will be FREE!
If you need pictures, get in before the end of the month!!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Shopko Clearance

You all know that I love Shopko's little clearance aisle. I have to check it out every time I go there to pick up my prescriptions. Convenient, as it is located right before the pharmacy.
There are tons of kids' medicines, for cold, flu, etc. If you have a coupon to use with them, it makes for an amazing savings on something we moms always need to have on hand.
I got these.
Kids Relief Flu reg. $6.49 Clearance $1.29
3 Musketters multipak  reg. $1.49 Clearance $.59
If you got last Sunday's coupon inserts (I have some for sale!), you can bring your Wet n' Wild coupon to Shopko to get FREE nail polish!! I'll be doing that tomorrow!!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

JcPenny's Portraits- AWESOME DEAL!!

Here's one I just have to share!! It's time for school pics again and I like going to JcPenny's to get them done. I usually use the coupons you get in the paper for a good deal. This year though, I won't need the coupons and neither will you!
For just $6, you get a substantial portrait package and you can add other prints to it for a small additional fee. I HIGHLY recommend you give them a call today as the deal ends at the end of this month!!!

Candy bars & Walgreens card

A couple of things to talk about today..
Macey's sale ends today. If you like your candy bars the way I do, you gotta get in there! M&M/Mars singles are 3/$1 right now. Good stuff. :)
The other thing.. Walgreen's. Have you heard about their new card?? From now on, if you want to take advantage of Register Rewards and all sale prices, you will need this FREE card. You will also be able to build up "Balance" points which can later be redeemed for cash. I'm excited for this new situation. I see all kinds of benefits to it and few negatives. So get in there and get your new card!! You'll need it for tomorrow's new deals.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Today I dragged my sick self and all of my sick kids to Smith's. I wanted to make sure I got this week's deals. Turns out they're carrying over till next week. Go figure... :) At least now it's done!
 All of these items are part of the 10 item mix n' match deals. Each price listed is the discounted price.
Lean Pockets $1.49
Valley Fresh Steamers $1.49
Fruit Roll ups, Gushers $1.49
-$1/2 online coupon= .99 ea
Kraft BBQ sauce .49
-.60/2 bbq sauce= .19 each!!
Kraft dressing $1.49
Capri Sun 10 pk $1.49
 Nabisco crackers $1.49
-$1/2 online coupon= .99 ea
I found a couple things in the case lot sale:
Peanut butter $1.59 wyb case
Ramen 7/$1 wyb case
Then i hit the clearance end cap:
Knorr bullion .99 ea
Lipton beef onion soup .49
Campbells healthy choice cream of chicken soup .79
Bread .59
Rolls $1.19

It's so nice to see Smith's being competitive again!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

K-mart & Wal-mart

I did a bit more shopping today. I didn't have time to go into Provo, so I went ahead and did some ad-matching at Wal-mart.
Salad .78 @ Winco
Barilla spaghetti .78 @ winco
Chips Ahoy .98 @ winco
Strawberries 1 lb .98 @ winco
Green Beans .38 @ winco
Bumble Bee Tuna .48 @ winco
Bananas .33/lb @ Buy Low
Cucumber 6/.99 @ Rancho mkt
Roma tomatoes .33/lb @ Rancho mkt
hidden Valley Ranch 2.98
-$1/1 hidden valley dressing
-$1 off produce wyb 2 hidden valley ranch dressings
Hawaiian punch snow cone syrup $1 (on clearance)
Milk 2.28 @ Buy Low
-.75/1 any gallon milk online coupon
There were lots of great clearance deals at Wal-mart today. We got these shirts for my daughter for just $1 each!! The tank and shorts sets for my son were just $3 each!!

We also made a quick stop at K-mart. These Xtra brand liquid laundry detergents are just $1.88 each with the coupon in this week's ad and your Shop Your Way Rewards card.
Super great stock up deal! You can buy up to 5.
I'm hopefully going to head into Provo tomorrow to grab some more produce. Stay tuned!


Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I'm back from my fabulous Mexico vacation! You know, the one I paid for all by myself with babysitting, dumpster diving and couponing the last three months. Awesome good times!!
I was thrilled to come back and find all kinds of deals are going on this week! Tons of great coupons came out and so many stock up sale items everywhere!
I had a great time leaving work behind, but now I am ready for a money saving high!
Macey's was a quick stop today. They have frozen veggies 4/$5, which about equals what I've paid at Sam's club.
I also went to Shopko. I got my latest prescription club reward coupon and was excited to use it!

These citronella candles in porcelain pots were regularly $7.99! I got them for .79 each on the clearance shelf!! The good n' natural bar ($1.29) was FREE with the new coupon. Gotta get more of them! Shopko is the only place I've found that sells them.
The Slim fast shakes were $8.99 and the Shopko brand slim powder was $5.99 each. By buying $20.00 worth of merchandise, I got a $10 discount. So all of this ended up costing just $11.26, a savings of 75%!!!! Not only that, I got a FREE rx refill today. IHC gives a FREE generic every few months. So grateful for my insurance and for great deals!!
There are tons more deals I will be jumping on this week! Stay tuned!!