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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

FREE Kroger Upload!

Check your email! See if you were sent a notification for a fun mid-week FREEBIE from Kroger!

Lowes & Shopko

I made a quick stop at Lowes after class today to grab a few more stepping stones for my Wonderland Memorial Garden project. While there, I found this fabulous deal on wasp and hornet spray; I'm super allergic to the little buggers, so I like to keep spray in stock.
Wasp & Hornet Spray 5/$5!!!
I also nabbed some spray paint for the chair and ottoman set I found on Sunday and a bunch of clearance perennials.

After Lowes, I hit Shopko's garden clearance and scored a bunch of mulch and flowers and pots.
I had to scan the toy clearance too, of course, and am again so glad that I did!
These Monster High dolls were just $1.59 each!!!! I don't care for them myself but my daughter, whose birthday is in just a couple of weeks, loves them. Score!
Always take a second to scan the toy clearance!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

New Finds!!!

Hello again! I am going a little nuts this weekend, trying to get a million things done before my next summer block begins tomorrow and I will be a full time student again. I am incredibly nervous as it will be accelerated due to the shortened time frame and the difficulty of the courses. With that and everything else I am trying to stay on top of right now, my mind is swirling and the anxiety is building exponentially! I am hoping that by creating and implementing (then sticking to) a family schedule that we will all help with, maybe we will keep everything from falling down around us! The kids are old enough now, and it has become necessary, for them to take a more active role in the upkeep of our little world! It's the only way!
I have decided to push through and get my bachelor's degree finished in the next 12 months or less. It will be intense and will require sacrifice and cooperation from my little crew but it will be awesome to have it done!!
With all of that in mind, I will continue with my gardening, couponing, and dumpster diving, but in a much more organized way. Let's see if I end up in a looney bin by the end of the proposed year! :-)
Now, here are the goodies I have found so far this weekend!
 It was a feat of serious physical exertion but I was successful at pulling this patio chair and ottoman set out from under piles of broken cheap furniture. I admit I did a bit of a happy dance after I man(woman)handled them into the van!  :-)
There is a also a lovely black frame that needs the tiniest repair, easily done with a spot of glue.
 I will repair the chair's back leg, reattaching and securing this winding stuff and then I will use some of my sales proceeds to get some fabulous new cushions from the clearance selection at either Shopko or Kmart.
I might also spray paint the chair and ottoman... We'll see. That might have to wait.
 A lovely fur coon style cap.
 Goggles, light fixtures, and a cute little make up bag.
 Tupper ware and pans.
Finally, a Dr. Suess dictionary, an empty spiral notebook, and an electronic dart board!

I am hoping to make at least one more hunting trip, hopefully tonight, so stay tuned for my report! 

Friday, June 24, 2016

Close outs Galore @ Smith's!

I took a final early this morning and then celebrated at Smith's! Okay so I had the bobbins with me which made a little less than celebratory, but we survived and found some amazing deals!!!
Milk $1.85
Powerade .50 ea
-$1/4 Powerade ecoupon
Cool Whip $1.00 ea
-.75/2 Cool Whip online print
Sour Patch Kids & Swedish Fish $1.99 ea wyb 6 mix n match items
-$1/2 Swedish Fish, Sour Patch, etc.
5 Hour Energy 2 Pack $3.49 wyb 6
Day Old Bagel Selection .99 
**I found that the day old bakery cart had been moved back by the yogurt. Not sure if this is a permanent change.**
Kroger Wheat Bread .89 ea
Hefty Foam Plates  $1.49 ea wyb 6
-$1/2 Hefty Plates online print
Hefty Trash Bags $5.99 ea wyb 6
-$1/1 Hefty trash bags online print
Mr. Clean Mop Head Replacements $2.80 ea (close out)
-.75/1 Any Mr. Clean product online print
Charmin Mega Rolls $9.99
-$2/1 any Charmin Mega Rolls (mail coupon)
-$1.25/any $5 Toilet Paper purchase (Kroger mail coupon)

Suave Deodorant .99 ea
-$.50/1 any Suave product (tear pad)
Summers Eve cloths $1.89 ea
-$1/1 any one Summers Eve product 
Reach Floss $1.00
-.75/1 any Reach Floss
Revlon Nail Files $1.89
-$1/1 any Revlon beauty tool
Ban Refresh Cloths $2/4
-$1.50/1 Ban Refreshing Cloths
U by Kotex 22 ct Liners $.88 ea
Kroger Granola $1.88
-.40/1 any Kroger brand dry cereal (preferred customer mail coupon)
Quaker Granola Bars $3/5
-$1/3 Quaker Granola Bars
Sunsweet Dried Diced Prunes $1.49 ea (close out)
Sunsweet Cranberries .79 ea (clearance)
The two drinks are today's and last weeks Friday Freebies!

V05 Conditioner .59 ea (close out)
-$.50/2 V05 Shampoo or Conditioner 
Aquaphor Baby Shampoo & Conditioner $2.99 (close out)
-$1.50/1 Aquaphor Baby Product
Axe Forest Shampoo $2.14 (close out)
-$1/1 any Axe Hair Care product
Revlon Clear Fast Dry Top Coat Polish $3.14 (close out)
-$3/1 any Revlon Nail polish= $.14!!
Pert Plus value size 2 in 1 hair care $2.49 ea
-$2/1 Pert Plus
L'Oreal Advanced Blow Dry Spray $3.05 ea (close out)
-$3/1 any L'Oreal Advanced styling product= $.05 each!!!
L'Oreal Advanced Styling Gel $3.28 ea (close out)
-$3/1 any L'Oreal Advanced styling product= $.28 each!!
L'Oreal Curl Taming Cream $2.81 ea (close out)
-$3/1 L'Oreal Advanced styling product = FREE!!!!!! PLUS a profit of $.19 each on 4 Creams!!!!!!

Also, not pictured: Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $1.59/lb

This was an incredibly tiring trip with the kids but a fabulous haul!!! Loving being back in the game! Plus I had a long, lovely nap after snapping the pictures. :-)

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A Stop at Shopko

After getting my teeth cleaned today, the boy and I stopped at Shopko for a quickish lookie-loo.
His sneakers were completely falling apart and though I hate buying shoes in the summer, as they get all scuffed up before school starts, it was necessary. I decided to spend the extra money this time and invest in quality shoes, hoping they will last!

They were about 25% off regular price so I was happy enough.
We also bought a couple of fans for the house. It's getting hot folks! I used my $10 random print coupon on them.
And of course we cruised the clearance end caps!
I found these little beauties!
The Pop Ponies were just $.69 each!!!! I wish there had been more!!
The One Daily with Iron vitamins were just $1.59 each and no where near expiring!
I also found these awesome baskets but I couldn't justify buying them so I'll show you and you can grab them if you feel so inclined! :-)

$1.99 each. 90% off retail! Spanish Fork Shopko!

Old Navy $1.00!!!

This Saturday ONLY!!! Old Navy flip flops for the entire family, just $1.00 each!!!
Limit 5 per person!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Don't Back Down!

Don't back down! At least not when you're right! Anyone who has couponed has dealt at least once with an annoying, "I'm gonna save MY store" cashier. Usually a she, usually a certain kind of face and bearing. I can tell them as soon as I see them and you will too after one or two encounters. Learn to avoid them, even if it means shopping at a different time. It will always be a fight otherwise and will ruin your shopping experience.
I got into Fresh Market this evening. I usually go in the morning but didn't make it in as early as usual because I needed to prep my coupons. I had the misfortune of being stuck with one of 'those' cashiers. The other cashier was a good one but he was in the 15 or less line. My heart sank right away but I knew I would make it all work out.
Things went just fine at first and I dared to hope I was stereotyping her.
Goldfish .99 ea wyb 4
Sunchips and Doritos 1.77 ea wyb 3
Dole salads 2/$3
-.65/1 any Dole bagged salad (Kroger mail coupon)

But alas, my instincts were accurate...
Quilted Northern 6 Double Rolls $3.99 ea
-$1.50/1 Quilted Northern 

Suave shamoo & conditioners .99 ea
-.50/1 ANY Suave product (excluding travel/trial size) **tear pads around the health and beauty department**=.49 ea!!

And now we get into the trouble. The following items were on the clearance rack. 
Wet n wild glitter polish $1 ea
-.50/1 any Wet n wild polish
Wet n wild lip slicks $1 ea
-.50/1 any one Wet n wild item
Wet n wild mascara $2
-$1/1 any Wet n wild mascara

Our dedicated Nazi cashier asked the equally dedicated cashier behind her if she should accept the coupons as the items were on clearance. The other cashier said probably not. I of course protested, pointing out that I have used coupons on quick sell items for pretty much forever. She tries the condescending 'well I've worked here two years and NEVER had anyone do that...' Don't ever let anyone pull that on you!! When you know you are right and honest, DON'T let them call you a liar in their round about way, especially since I have been doing this for MANY years, starting at first with clearance Jennie O ground turkey mark downs. I let her know that I was entirely willing to retrieve from my van the many receipts from similar transactions that more experienced cashiers had processed. Yes, I was a tad snotty at this point.
She called the manager of a random department to come to the front. He tried to back her up. I give him and his 18 years of life credit for his efforts but none of them were a match for me. ;-)
On the way out, a bagger was outside spraying the entry way. He had been near my register previously. He asked with a smile if I had gotten all of my coupons through. Very cheerfully, with my head high and my conquering stride, I said 'of course!' 
And no, I don't feel bad at all!!! When you are right, you are right! Don't let them bully you!!!
I got the name of the 'real' manager and will be getting in touch with him to clarify policy. I'll keep you all posted.

After that annoying experience, I ended up needing cornstarch later. Well of course I would not be taking my business back to the conquered ogers, so I hopped over to Maceys. 
There I got my cornstarch, but I also found all of these store brand nightime medicines for just .99 each!! What a lovely find! And they don't expire for almost 2 years!!

My humble advice to our local grocery stores, in light of Costco and Walmart having invaded their neighborhoods, would be to perhaps treat their loyal customers, even the couponing ones, a little more kindly. And definitely to refrain from insinuating that we are liars, right as we are about to hand them our business-sustaining money....
Alright, that is all now. Rant over. I must say, my daughter who was with me, was sure impressed with me. That made me feel good. We had a nice conversation about not backing down when you're right. So don't!  ;-)

Friday, June 17, 2016

Always Return or Appeal!

Always take the time to return or appeal! When you will dive into dumpsters for coupons to save $.25 on a bar of soap, you also need to fight the money sucking aspect of the consumer system by returning crappy, damaged, or unsatisfactory products. Sometimes it won't be possible or won't work out in your favor, but if you will make efforts for .25 in savings, shouldn't you make that much more effort to return or replace a crappy $30 extension grabber or to have a $40 parking fine appealed?? I certainly think so and my husband is always pointing out to me the inconsistencies in my money saving practices. I admit that he has often been right. There is a car, my brother's car, still sitting in my driveway that I could have earned a few bucks on by now if I would have just made a phone call to have it picked up. Why haven't I done it??? I am promising right now that it will be done this week!
What I have done though, are these three things:
1. I finally exchanged a bra at Kmart that didn't fit. The one that didn't fit sat in a bag in my office for at least 5 months! $30 worth of bra, just sitting there! Now I have one that fits beautifully!
2. I appealed a parking citation at my University. By rights I was in the wrong but I didn't park illegally on purpose. The signing was ambiguous at best and so I immediately appealed, citing my parking history and lack of previous citations. I had no idea how it would go but I had to at least try.

Gratefully, the citation was reversed because of my clean record and reduced to a warning. I will of course heed the regulations of that parking lot now and I will more carefully assess the legality of future parking options at the school. But I wouldn't have had the opportunity for a reversal if I wouldn't have taken those 10 minutes to appeal. Don't know about you, but $40 for 10 minutes of writing is pretty worthwhile in my opinion! 

My fabulous grabber that I was so excited about broke the first time I used it!! I was super bummed and my first thought was that I was going to have to buy another one. That thought didn't last long though. Why should I have to buy another one?? Their product was crap. I spent a fair amount of money in good faith, counting on them to provide a quality product. 
I couldn't find the receipt but I went back to the store anyway and they very graciously replaced it. I felt so proud of myself as I walked out. 
Here's the thing, stores and manufacturers often count on returns and exchanges being too much of an inconvenience for you to bother making it happen. The same goes for redeeming gift cards and coupons. 
I see evidence of this in the dumpsters all the time; brand new items still in packages or with tags. I'm willing to bet that a lot of these were inconveniences that resulted not only in wasted items heading for the landfill, but also lost value for the buyers or gift recipients.
Now it should be mentioned that there are lots of people who take illegal or at least ethically questionable advantage of returns and exchanges and I'm definitely not condoning that!! I'm just saying that if you feel you were short changed or that the system is trying to take advantage of you, you have the right to fight back! Part of saving money is making sure your money isn't wasted or taken from you. It's worth the time and effort!
Even if it doesn't always go your way, it definitely WON'T go your way if you don't at least try! 
So dig out those receipts and crappy products, make yourself aware of return/exchange/appeal policies, and get to work! :-)

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Kmart & Fresh Market trips!

I spent some time in Kmart and Fresh Market today. I found some fabulous clearance and sale items!!
 Apple Cinnamon Cheerios $1.08 ea
-$1/2 any Cheerios cereal= .58 each!!!
Fiber One bars .98 ea
-.50/2 Fiber One bars
Nutrigrain bars $1.78 ea
-.75/2 Nutrigrain bars online print
Quaker bars $1.68
-$1/2 Quaker bars (Smith's mail manufacturer coupon)
Smart Sense Sparkling drinks $3/2
Goody Hair Clips 
They were all marked $1.50 each but the black one rang up for $.90! Love when that happens!
I also had $2 in Kmart rewards money that I applied at the register.

And at Fresh Market :
 2 ltr Soda .99 ea
John Morrell hotdogs .69 ea
 Note this A&W rebate opportunity. Buy $10 worth of A&W and/or Chex Mix products, submit receipts online, receive a  $5 reward!
 Doritos $1.77 each wyb 3
Eggs $5.99
Hot dog and hamburger buns .88 ea
Keebler Graham Crackers $2.99 ea with the current Mix n' Match deal

Gallon Milk $1.85 ea
Oreos $2.49 ea with Mix n' Match
-.75/2 Nabisco cookie and cracker products
At the register, I was thrilled to have the cashier inform me that I qualified for  $1.00 off for each Oreo and Milk combination! That took another  $2 off!!!
I also grabbed two big bags of the $1.99 Mix n' Match cream and fudge popsicles.

**Also, if you happen to have any of the Meadow Gold ice cream coupons left, this is a great week to use them at Fresh Market!!
Finally, on the clearance rack I found these goodies for $1 each. Unfortunately, since there was only one of each, I was unable to use any of the relevant coupons I had. Still a great deal!

And then......!!!! I had $5.00 in Fresh Market rewards money that I applied to this order! And now to get camping stuff ready!! Yay for summer and all kinds of crazy savings! 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Fabulous Shopko Storewide Clearance!!!!

The kids and I hit Shopko today and boy did we find some deals!!! I highly recommend you all head over there and take advantage of all the great clearance opportunities. I got several things for the gift box and several for ebay. It was fabulous!
 Pricess Power Barbie $1.19 each!!!!
Barbie Crayola Coloring Books w/crayons $2 ea
Barbie Princess Power smaller doll $2.39
 Solar Powered Bobble Heads $1.49 ea
Hot Wheels Monster Jam trucks $2.79 ea
I didn't believe this one until the cashier rang it up!!!
Thomas the Train Engine Accessory Pack $.89!!!!!!
Dr. Scholl's Dream Walk Pads .69 ea
Sundown Vitamin C $.72 each!!!
Sundown Melatonin $2.48
L'Oreal Paris Silky Sheer BB Face Lotion $1.09 each!!!!

And then, as I was double checking what I spent, I found an amazing surprise!!!!
A $10 reward coupon!!! With no minimum purchase restrictions!!!!!
It wasn't oneof my prescription reward coupons. I'm not sure how I earned it but YAY!!!
There is also a 50% Lamp coupon printing with any purchase.
I just HAVE to shout out about this one again! So stoked!!!!
Tomorrow, Kmart, Fresh Market, and somediving! Stay tuned! 

One person.

I've been told many times, especially when talking about trying to save the environment, that I'm just one person or the person I'm speaking with is only one person, unable to make a difference. That is of course a load of crap. Often we use this excuse to justify not trying, and not just with the environment. It takes commitment to make a difference, but honestly it doesn't take much more than that. We are so lucky to have recycling and other environmentally friendly activities made so easy and convenient for us. There are just not many good excuses left, folks.

I was doing a quick spot of math today and since I started seriously advocating recycling, vocally encouraging others to make an effort 5 years ago, I have in my own home kept at least 750 plastic milk jugs out of our landfills! I have no idea what 750 milk jugs looks like, but I'm guessing they would certainly make a presence! Maybe if we all saw for ourselves, all at once, just how much we contribute, unnecessarily, to this problem, we might just be horrified and willing to make some small changes.
I'm just one person. But if you add up lots of ones, each with their 750 bottles, it does make a difference. :-) 
Start with baby steps, but please start. ♡

Monday, June 13, 2016

Kroger #3

Happy Monday friends!
I had another successful Smith's  (Kroger) adventure that I just have to share!
 Clearance bakery products .99-1.49
Kroger Bath Soak 1.50 ea (close out)
Hot Pockets 1.68 ea

Juicy Juice .99
Langers Apple Juice .99 ea
Pepsi products 1.99 ea

 Kotex assorted pads 1.99 ea
-$2/1 Kotex assorted pads= +.01 each!!!
Vaseline 10 oz Lotion 1.99
-$2/1 Vaseline lotion 10+ oz= +.01!
28 oz Pine Sol floor cleaner. 99 ea
-.75/1 28 oz Pine Sol= .24!
2 pack Colgate Toothpaste 1.99 ea
-$2/1 Colgate 2 pack toothpaste= +.01 each!!!
Another view.

I'll be making one more attempt on the Mega Event. Stay tuned! 

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Mother's Love

Hello all,
This one is bittersweet. I have found estate loads before and they always give me pause. Someone's entire life hurriedly trashed, usually with little sorting and no sentimentality or even respect. Hard to think this is what can become of your hopes, dreams, art, talents, work, memories, love, existence. So it is with respect and honor that I share these items with you, some of which are admittedly rather strange.
Bamboo stand. (My daughter is going to sew a cloth  bed to fit in the frame and use it for her dolls.)
Shoes, booties, rattle, chocolate box, hat.
Fabulous fur hat. Appears to have never been worn. Why?

Teeth kept from her children. Many are silver capped.
Swiss made baby collars. Patterns. Cross stitch fabric.
Embroidered drawstring laundry bag.
Handkerchiefs and embroidered bag.
Embroidered aprons. 3 adult, 1 child.
More booties and shoes, clothes.

Girl clothing.
Embroidered little jackets.
Delicate white embroidered dresses.
Jacket and bonnet.
Assorted sheets, pillow cases, table cloths. Lingerie.
LDS themed primary accesory.
Crocheted trinkets.
Notice the wishbone used here for structure. 
Assorted doilies.
Lightweight vintage fabrics.
Unfinished project. She was obviously talented. Paint on fabric.

Many more hand drawn patterns for fabric painting

This was interesting. The small box held the tattered dress, loose blonde hair, and small note of identification. The other bags of hair and the garter were among other things.

The note. See that it was from a 10 year old girl in 1961.
In the chocolate box I madean an amazing discovery! I said she was talented! Look at this use of delightful, creative use of tiny scraps of fabric!!
Small gathered florets made from these fabric circles

These appear to be unfinished. No idea what else she had planned. Going to have to do some research! 
The chocolate box.
Greeting cards.
Framed skier. 
Better image of the shoes in box and other baby accessories.

Mix n match separates with buttons.
Sorry this one is upside down. :-(
Just adorable.

So who was she? What was her story? I don't know but much other than what I can glean from her creations and the things she held special, sacred, worth preserving. Sweet lady, I hope your life was full and happy. ♡♡♡