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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

And finally. ..

 Today I had my last hit of the Mega Event goodness at Smith's (Kroger)!! I went to Payson this time. Here's what I got:

Ronzoni Smart Taste noodles .49 ea wyb 10
-$1/2 Smart taste noodles online print= FREE

Challenge butter $1.99 ea wyb 10
-.50/1 Challenge butter product online print

Pilsbury cake mix .79 wyb 10

Green Enchilada sauce $1.08 each (close out)

Scrubbing bubbles toilet bowls drop ins $1.69 ea wyb 10
-$1/1 any Scrubbing bubbles toilet cleaning product

Huggies box diapers $17.99 ea wyb 10
-$3/1 Huggies diapers 38+
+ $5 Catalina print wyb 2

Barilla Italian Entrees $1.99 ea wyb 10
-$1/2 Barilla Italian entrees 
+ $3 Catalina print wyb 4

Speed Stick Gear men's deodorant $2.99 each wyb 10
-$2/1 Speed Stick Gear
+$2 Catalina print wyb 2

Hamburger buns .99

Big K Cherry Cola $2.50

French's Fried Onions $2.49 ea wyb 10
-.30 French's online print

Kellogg's Frosted Flakes $1.49 ea wyb 10
-$.75/1 Kellogg's cereal online rewards print

Kellogg's Fruit Loops $1.09 (clearance)
This cereal was one of the kind on the event sale, so it ended up costing just $.59!!!

1 lb Baby Carrots FREE with Best Customer e Coupon

I just love these events and can hardly wait for the next!!!

Kroger ecoupons!

You've seen me mention all the fabulous Kroger (Smith's) coupons that I get as a reward for shopping there so often. I'm telling you, it's worth it!!! If you stick to the sales and clearance, along with your coupons, Smith's is usually cheaper than nearly every other store, including Wal mart!!
Not only that, you earn gas rewards with every purchase, saving you still more money! I found the gas in the Provo Smith's to be $2.93/gallon yesterday, minus my $.10/gallon discount, made it cheaper even than Sam's Club!!
Ps. Bring your own bags and earn 5 gas rewards each!
To find out what coupons you have already earned, click the Savings tab at the top left of your page. You'll find Hot Extras and Best Customer Bonus coupons, along with all the regular coupons and Friday Freebies.

Here are a few of the ones I found on mine this morning! Not only great savings, but you also get FREEBIES!!!
Add up all the great deals and savings, and I think you'll fall in love with Kroger, just like I have!!!

Smith's Again!

Hey kids! I hit the Provo Smith's today and jumped on the Mega Event again.  Keep in mind that today is the LAST day of the sale. Don't miss out!!!

Milk $2.50 ea
Cool Whip .50 each wyb 10
Doritos 1.99 ea wyb 10
Campbell's Chunky Soup .99 ea wyb 10
-.50/2 online print
+$1.50 Catalina wyb 4
8 0z Kroger children's allergy medication $3.99
Green beans .19 (clearance)

Sting cheese 3/$1
Kroger Pudding .89 ea
Teriyaki glaze .99 (clearance)
Salad 1.19
-.45/1 Fresh Express salad ecoupon (Best customer bonus)

Ronzoni Smart Taste noodles .49 ea wyb 10
-$1/2 Ronzoni Smart Taste online print= FREE
Ronzoni Garden Delight noodles .49 ea wyb 10
-$1/2 Garden Delight online print= FREE
Oreos $2.49 ea wyb 10
-.50/1 Nabisco product online print
Campbell's regular Cream of Chicken soup .49 ea wyb 10
-$1/5 Campbell's great for cooking soups online print= $.29 each!!!
Wheat Thins $1.49 ea wyb 10
-.50/1 Nabisco product= .99!!

I also made a quick stop at Lolo's:
Bananas .52/lb
Yellow onions 5lbs/$1
Pears .63/lb
Golden Delicious apples .58/lb!!!

Having found more coupons, I will be hitting the Payson Smith's today for one last hurrah before the sale ends!!

Saturday, November 15, 2014


Yes, exclamations are due!! Smith's is having another of its fabulous sales!! This time you have to buy 10 mix n match items from around the store to get the amazing sale prices. The options are quite overwhelming! I found so many goodies! I'll be going back again on Monday. 
For now though,  here's what we've got:

 Challenge butter 1.99 each wyb 10
The Payson store replaced the advertised Land o Lakes as they have run out. They have a limit of 10 per trip. 

Hefty .99 ea wyb 10
 -$1/2 Hefty bags ecoupon (earned through Best Customer program)

Martinelli's sparkling drinks $1.99 ea wyb 10

Nestle Cocoa $4.49 ea wyb 10

Hillshire Farms sandwich meat FREE w/Friday Freebie upload

Oreos $2.49 ea wyb 10

How to Train Your Dragon 2 dvd $14.99
w/FREE (2) Theatre box candy & (2) boxes Mac n' Cheese dragon shapes!!

Dorito's chips $1.99 each wyb 10

Campbell's 98% fat free cream of chicken soup .99 each wyb 10
-$1/5 Campbells soups for cooking online print= .79 ea

Campbell's Chunky Soup .99 ea wyb 10
-.50/1 Campbell's chunky soup Catalina print coupons
+$1.50 on future visit Catalina coupon!!!

Kroger 16 oz peanut butter .99 ea (Kroger best customer bonus ecoupon; limit 2)

Finish gel pacs $2.99 ea wyb 10
-$1/1 any Finish product (best customer ecoupon)

Venus Embrace razors $5.49 ea wyb 10
-$5/1 Venus refillable razor (Catalina print coupon)= $.49 each!!!

Satin Care shave gel $1.49 ea wyb 10
-$1/1 Satin Care shave gel (Catalina print coupon)

Pillsbury Crescent or Sweet Rolls .99 ea wyb 10
-.75/2 Crescent rolls online print
-.50/1 Cinnabon or other sweet rolls online print= .49!

Clorox Wipes $1.99 wyb 10
-$1/1 any Clorox disinfecting product (Catalina print coupon)= .99!!

What do we learn from this shopping trip?? First, get into Smith's (Kroger) before it's too late!! So many great deals!!
Second, check your online digital coupons at and see what awesome coupons are just waiting for you to download them!! Not just Friday FREEBIES! 
Check also *My Hot Extras* & *Best Customer Bonus coupons*
Third, hold onto those register coupons that the cashier hands you with your receipt!! I keep all of mine in a Smith's specific coupon envelope and will always have it in my purse, even if I don't bring my binders. You will get coupons at the register that usually aren't available anywhere else and are often high value and even FREEBIES!!
Happy Shopping!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2014


A few good deals at Macey's I found today:

Wf 32 oz yogurt 3/$5

nestle Toll house Halloween chocolate chips .99 (clearance)

12 pack Shasta soda 2/$5

I'll be hitting Smith's on Monday. They have some amazing deals this week!!