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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Tis the season...

Hey friends. The kids and I have been going the rounds of winter time sickness. Just bunches of fun! In the meantime, I have managed to hit Smith's current event but I obviously haven't had time for my usual documentation. :( I wanted to give you all a quick tip on some deals you really ought to hit just now and to tell you all the exciting news about the $100 visa card I just won!! I spent a good month or so daily entering online sweepstakes and won a few small prizes and then decided I was done.... until I got card in the mail the other day!! The thing with the sweepstakes is that you have to understand how it works.
You enter like crazy and then you have to wait for the contest to end, the winners to be decided and the prizes to be delivered. It can take months. I've decided it is worthwhile, I just need to have the right expectations. I am back to an hour a day of sweeping! Wish me luck!!

Now onto the deals you don't want to miss!!


1 doz large eggs $1.25

Tyson family pack boneless skinless chicken breasts $1.99/lb

Chex cereal $1.49 ea wyb 4
-$1/2 Chex cereal online print coupon

Nestle 6 pack cocoa .79 ea

WF ibuprophen 2 pk  $2.49

Fresh Market:

Oreo's $1.99 (Wednesday, Dec. 24 ONLY)
-.50/1 Oreo's online print coupon= $1.49!!!

Gourmet Gifts Popcorn Tins $3.99 (Sunday, Dec. 21 ONLY)

Duracell 24 ct AA or AAA batteries $7.99 (Tuesday, Dec 16 ONLY)

keebler crackers  2/$3
-.75/1 Keebler crackers Kellogg's rewards coupon (500 pts)

Betty Crocker Super Moist cake mix .99 ea
-.75/2 Betty crocker cake or frosting= $.61 each!!

WF marshmallows or fluff .99 ea

WF 32 oz Powdered or Brown sugar .99 ea


Malt o meal bagged cereal (select varieties) $2.49 ea
-$1.50/2 malt o meal online print
-.75/1 malt o meal online print

Quaker granola bars .99 ea wyb 4
-$1/2 Quaker granola bars Kroger ecoupon best customer bonus

General mills cereal (select varieties) $1.49 ea wyb 4
-.50/1 Honey nut cheerios online print
-.50/1 Honey nut cheerios Kroger ecoupon
-$1/2 any General mills cereals Kroger ecoupon
-.75/1 Cinnamon toast crunch Pillsbury website coupon (limit 1 coupon per person)

Alright dears, I must get back to my house of sickies! Happy shopping to those who are able to get out and do it!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

And finally. ..

 Today I had my last hit of the Mega Event goodness at Smith's (Kroger)!! I went to Payson this time. Here's what I got:

Ronzoni Smart Taste noodles .49 ea wyb 10
-$1/2 Smart taste noodles online print= FREE

Challenge butter $1.99 ea wyb 10
-.50/1 Challenge butter product online print

Pilsbury cake mix .79 wyb 10

Green Enchilada sauce $1.08 each (close out)

Scrubbing bubbles toilet bowls drop ins $1.69 ea wyb 10
-$1/1 any Scrubbing bubbles toilet cleaning product

Huggies box diapers $17.99 ea wyb 10
-$3/1 Huggies diapers 38+
+ $5 Catalina print wyb 2

Barilla Italian Entrees $1.99 ea wyb 10
-$1/2 Barilla Italian entrees 
+ $3 Catalina print wyb 4

Speed Stick Gear men's deodorant $2.99 each wyb 10
-$2/1 Speed Stick Gear
+$2 Catalina print wyb 2

Hamburger buns .99

Big K Cherry Cola $2.50

French's Fried Onions $2.49 ea wyb 10
-.30 French's online print

Kellogg's Frosted Flakes $1.49 ea wyb 10
-$.75/1 Kellogg's cereal online rewards print

Kellogg's Fruit Loops $1.09 (clearance)
This cereal was one of the kind on the event sale, so it ended up costing just $.59!!!

1 lb Baby Carrots FREE with Best Customer e Coupon

I just love these events and can hardly wait for the next!!!

Kroger ecoupons!

You've seen me mention all the fabulous Kroger (Smith's) coupons that I get as a reward for shopping there so often. I'm telling you, it's worth it!!! If you stick to the sales and clearance, along with your coupons, Smith's is usually cheaper than nearly every other store, including Wal mart!!
Not only that, you earn gas rewards with every purchase, saving you still more money! I found the gas in the Provo Smith's to be $2.93/gallon yesterday, minus my $.10/gallon discount, made it cheaper even than Sam's Club!!
Ps. Bring your own bags and earn 5 gas rewards each!
To find out what coupons you have already earned, click the Savings tab at the top left of your page. You'll find Hot Extras and Best Customer Bonus coupons, along with all the regular coupons and Friday Freebies.

Here are a few of the ones I found on mine this morning! Not only great savings, but you also get FREEBIES!!!
Add up all the great deals and savings, and I think you'll fall in love with Kroger, just like I have!!!

Smith's Again!

Hey kids! I hit the Provo Smith's today and jumped on the Mega Event again.  Keep in mind that today is the LAST day of the sale. Don't miss out!!!

Milk $2.50 ea
Cool Whip .50 each wyb 10
Doritos 1.99 ea wyb 10
Campbell's Chunky Soup .99 ea wyb 10
-.50/2 online print
+$1.50 Catalina wyb 4
8 0z Kroger children's allergy medication $3.99
Green beans .19 (clearance)

Sting cheese 3/$1
Kroger Pudding .89 ea
Teriyaki glaze .99 (clearance)
Salad 1.19
-.45/1 Fresh Express salad ecoupon (Best customer bonus)

Ronzoni Smart Taste noodles .49 ea wyb 10
-$1/2 Ronzoni Smart Taste online print= FREE
Ronzoni Garden Delight noodles .49 ea wyb 10
-$1/2 Garden Delight online print= FREE
Oreos $2.49 ea wyb 10
-.50/1 Nabisco product online print
Campbell's regular Cream of Chicken soup .49 ea wyb 10
-$1/5 Campbell's great for cooking soups online print= $.29 each!!!
Wheat Thins $1.49 ea wyb 10
-.50/1 Nabisco product= .99!!

I also made a quick stop at Lolo's:
Bananas .52/lb
Yellow onions 5lbs/$1
Pears .63/lb
Golden Delicious apples .58/lb!!!

Having found more coupons, I will be hitting the Payson Smith's today for one last hurrah before the sale ends!!

Saturday, November 15, 2014


Yes, exclamations are due!! Smith's is having another of its fabulous sales!! This time you have to buy 10 mix n match items from around the store to get the amazing sale prices. The options are quite overwhelming! I found so many goodies! I'll be going back again on Monday. 
For now though,  here's what we've got:

 Challenge butter 1.99 each wyb 10
The Payson store replaced the advertised Land o Lakes as they have run out. They have a limit of 10 per trip. 

Hefty .99 ea wyb 10
 -$1/2 Hefty bags ecoupon (earned through Best Customer program)

Martinelli's sparkling drinks $1.99 ea wyb 10

Nestle Cocoa $4.49 ea wyb 10

Hillshire Farms sandwich meat FREE w/Friday Freebie upload

Oreos $2.49 ea wyb 10

How to Train Your Dragon 2 dvd $14.99
w/FREE (2) Theatre box candy & (2) boxes Mac n' Cheese dragon shapes!!

Dorito's chips $1.99 each wyb 10

Campbell's 98% fat free cream of chicken soup .99 each wyb 10
-$1/5 Campbells soups for cooking online print= .79 ea

Campbell's Chunky Soup .99 ea wyb 10
-.50/1 Campbell's chunky soup Catalina print coupons
+$1.50 on future visit Catalina coupon!!!

Kroger 16 oz peanut butter .99 ea (Kroger best customer bonus ecoupon; limit 2)

Finish gel pacs $2.99 ea wyb 10
-$1/1 any Finish product (best customer ecoupon)

Venus Embrace razors $5.49 ea wyb 10
-$5/1 Venus refillable razor (Catalina print coupon)= $.49 each!!!

Satin Care shave gel $1.49 ea wyb 10
-$1/1 Satin Care shave gel (Catalina print coupon)

Pillsbury Crescent or Sweet Rolls .99 ea wyb 10
-.75/2 Crescent rolls online print
-.50/1 Cinnabon or other sweet rolls online print= .49!

Clorox Wipes $1.99 wyb 10
-$1/1 any Clorox disinfecting product (Catalina print coupon)= .99!!

What do we learn from this shopping trip?? First, get into Smith's (Kroger) before it's too late!! So many great deals!!
Second, check your online digital coupons at and see what awesome coupons are just waiting for you to download them!! Not just Friday FREEBIES! 
Check also *My Hot Extras* & *Best Customer Bonus coupons*
Third, hold onto those register coupons that the cashier hands you with your receipt!! I keep all of mine in a Smith's specific coupon envelope and will always have it in my purse, even if I don't bring my binders. You will get coupons at the register that usually aren't available anywhere else and are often high value and even FREEBIES!!
Happy Shopping!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2014


A few good deals at Macey's I found today:

Wf 32 oz yogurt 3/$5

nestle Toll house Halloween chocolate chips .99 (clearance)

12 pack Shasta soda 2/$5

I'll be hitting Smith's on Monday. They have some amazing deals this week!!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

My Shopko deal

I hit Shopko the other day to find a button up shirt for my son's Halloween costume. I had my $10/$20 prescription reward coupon to use. I searched and searched but there just weren't any boys' button ups that weren't part of a three piece outfit and they were out of my budget. I looked through all the clearance and beyond. Finally, an amazing discovery, in the baby section! This boys' shirt, not a baby shirt, was hanging randomly with some baby clothes. I was beyond excited, especially since it was just the right size!
Here's what we got:

Button up shirt $9.99

Halloween candy 2/$5

Grape and Cherry Kool-Aid .05 each (clearance)

-$10/$20 coupon

I just love getting and using these coupons!

Monday, October 20, 2014

FREE is for me!

Hey kids! I have been so busy lately! Family events, school projects, busy weekends! I am feeling so productive lately! One thing I have spent a lot of time and energy on has been bottling. I was never into it before these past couple of years. It sure does become addicting once you catch the bug!
It helped that I given loads of FREE tomatoes and apples by family members. I found and tried lots of new recipes, learning a lot along the way! I thought I was all bottled out until this weekend's day trip to visit family in Price. At the gas station where I was desperate to find a bathroom, I noticed a large box of apples by the front door.
After doing my business and grabbing a Coke for the hubs, I asked the cashier what the deal was with the box of apples. You know I am not one to shy away from the possibility of FREE!!
She informed me that they were there for the taking. I asked if it would be rude of me to take the whole box. She laughed and told me to take and enjoy them! James was surprised to see me heading back to the van with a huge box of apples in tow. Things like this are becoming more and more common and James doesn't complain about it much anymore. It's hard to argue with FREE!!
As you can see, these weren't the most fresh or fabulous apples. For apple butter or sauce however, they are perfect! I got half of them processed this morning. They are in the slow cooker now, filling the house with a beautiful aroma! I even found several in there that were still good enough for the fruit bowl.

While in Price, my long suffering sister in law and I made what should have been a quick trip to their local Smith's market. She had no idea what she was in for! To be fair, neither did I!! The internet reception there is terrible and my 'smart' phone was reduced very quickly to being nearly useless!
I had to hit Smith's that day because one of the Friday FREEBIE uploads I had accumulated was expiring that day. No way was I going to miss out on it!
Unfortunately, my Kroger account was messed up and I couldn't access it to see exactly which items I needed to grab. Not only that, if I moved from one exact spot in the store with my arms up at just the perfect angle, I would completely lose my internet connection and have to start over! My sis in law was beyond patient, though I know she was probably going nuts inside, or at least thinking I was nuts!
With a lot of luck and persistence, I was able to figure out which items were going to be FREE and we headed up to check out. While getting my things ready, I discovered a catalina coupon in my purse that I hadn't noticed before for yet another FREEBIE! My sis in law was such a good sport and ran to grab the item for me while I continued checking out. I will be incredibly surprised if she EVER joins me on a shopping trip again!!
Honey Combs cereal $1.99
-$1/1 Honey combs cereal cataline coupon= .99

Robitussin kids cough syrup $1.39 (clearance)

Temptations tumblers
Triscuit Thin Crisps
Idahoan steak house casserole
ALL FREE with Friday upload coupons!!!

Luna protein bar $1.00
-FREE Luna protein bar catalina coupon!

Some, no, many, would argue that what I do isn't worth the time or effort. I tell them that I don't have to work outside of my home, I get to watch my kids grow up and spend my time doing what I choose without worrying about a time clock. It's worth it to me!!!

Ps. The more you shop at Smith's (Kroger), the more FREEBIES and great high value coupons you will get, in the form of uploads, paper coupons in the mail, and catalina print coupons at the register. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

More Toilet Paper!

I am happily building up my toilet paper supply thanks to the great deals Shopko has been running lately!
Here's the deal I worked up this week:
(3) Charmin 24 double rolls $12.99 each
-.25/1 any Charmin product
For some reason, the cashier had to hand key these coupons. The register didn't want to accept them. It was pretty annoying.
-$10/$20 Shopko Rx Rewards Coupon
+ $10 Shopko gift card wyb 3 Charmin products!!

That makes it about $6 and change for each 24 pack of double rolls!!!! Here's to happy bums and great savings!!

Monday, September 15, 2014

A good deal

Here's a fun deal I got last week that I must crow about!
I got two of these huge 24 double roll packs at Shopko for $11.99 each last week. I had $1 coupons for each PLUS my $10.00 prescription rewards coupon!!!
So yeah, like $12 for 48 double rolls of my favorite toilet paper!!!! Crow, crow, crow!!!   ;-)


I just love all of the FREE goodies I find in the dumpsters and recycling bins that I then get to use for my own purposes, saving me all kinds of money on things that I need anyway!
I made invitations for my daughter's upcoming baptism. This fabulous glitter card stock and the brand new envelopes and stickers, are from recycling bins or dumpsters.  The only thing I paid for was the ink to print!
I am going to put a post together soon of all the things I DON'T pay for. Stay tuned!! 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Macey's Case lot and clearance

I stopped by Macey's in Spanish Fork after picking up the minions from school. Found some good deals, some happy surprises!
 Lots of great Case Lot deals!! I grabbed just a few of them:
Syrup $5.99
Grape Jelly $1.67 ea
Green Beans 2/$1
Honey $15.99
500 ct Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen $4.99 ea
WF Yogurt 3/$1
 Clearance Goodies!!!
WF Brownie Mix .79 ea (clearance)
Jell-O Pudding and Jello .79 each (clearance)
100 ct Plastic Spoons .99 ea (clearance)
Great Grains Bread 3/$5

With recent medical crisis my family has gone through, I am thinking I should probably try to make the most possible use of my food storage for the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned to see what I come up with!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Darn you Case Lot Sales!!!

Yes, it's that time again!! Amazing case lot sales all over the place!! Right when I was trying to cut back on shopping!!! Well, I got some amazing deals on things we needed, so I guess I'm okay with it. :)
Here's my recent shopping report:

Fresh Market:
Jenni-O Ground Turkey $1.00 ea (clearance)
-.75/1 Jenni-O ground turkey= $.25 each!!!!

Cache Valley Cheese Sticks $3.59 ea
-$1/2 Cache valley cheese

Smith's trip #1:
Bread .88 ea
Carb master yogurt .40 ea
Transformers lunch box $3.00 (clearance)
4 pack glue sticks .35 (clearance)
Paper Mate Pens .33 ea (clearance)
-.50/1 any Papermate product= +.17 each!!!!!

 Milk $2.47 ea
Cache Valley cheese sticks $3.59 ea
-$1/2 Cache Valley cheese
Shur Savings Whipped topping .89 ea
 Brown or Powdered Sugar .98 ea
Hidden Valley Ranch 24 oz $3.48 ea
-$1/2 Hidden Valley dressing
 WF Butter $2.48 ea
WF Frozen Juice ..99 ea
WF Yogurt 3/$1
Lots of great produce!! Lolo's and Rancho Market are the ONLY places to get produce anymore!!

And finally, Smith's trip #2:
 Princess lunch box $2.25 (clearance)
Hanging bird bath/feeder $3.75 (clearance)
Freezer Bags .89 ea
Atkins Candies $2.15 ea (clearance)
Atkins meal bars $4.49 ea
Kroger cream cheese $1.00 ea
1 lb Ground Beef $2.28 ea (clearance)

Now I am on the lookout for amazing toilet paper and shredded cheese deals! Stay tuned to see what I find!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Real quick!

Just realized that I didn't report on this quick trip to Fresh Market yesterday morning.
Oakdell 5 doz Eggs $3.88
Fabuloso floor cleaner $1.50 each (clearance)
Lots of great meat clearance deals!!!

Still stocking up!

After today I am going to scale back my shopping a bit. My shelves and freezers are comfortably full. Here's what we grabbed today:

At Lolo's:
 Shasta soda 12 pk 2/$5
Shasta 24 pk 3/$10
Milk $2.48 each
Lots of great produce deals! Sorry, we've got homework to do so I have to hurry with this post!

Frozen apple juice concentrate .99 ea
Frozen orange juice concentrate .98 ea
98% fat free cream of chicken soup .98 ea
Shur Savings fabric softener sheets .50 each (clearance)
And here's the find of the day!!!
Sun liquid laundry detergent $2.50!!!!! (clearance)

And then Smith's in Provo:
Boneless skinless chicken breast $1.99/lb
Atkins snacks 2/$11
Challenge Butter $1.99 ea (clearance)
Kroger peanuts $1.99
-.25/1 Kroger nuts store coupon
Kroger Broth .25 (clearance)
S&W Black beans .30 (clearance)
Family size Lucky Charms $1.40 (clearance)
Family size Cinnamon Toast Crunch 3.50
-$3/2 GM cereals ecoupon
Dial Liquid hand soap refill 3.50
Dial hand soap single $1.00
-FREE Dial hand soap with purchase of Dial soap refill
Schick razor $7.99
-$1/1 Shick razor ecoupon
Barbie dolls $3.75 each (clearance)
Comforts jumbo box diapers $20.99
-$2/1 Comforts diapers ecoupon

Overall a good shopping trip!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Recent Shopping!!

Hey kids! I've done a good bit of shopping in the last week. Here's what we got:

Today at Smith's in Payson:
 Family Size General Mills Cereals $2.00 each wyb 2, + ecoupon upload
Kroger Laundry detergent $3.59 each (close out)
Cheerios 18 oz FREE (Best Customer coupon upload)
Honey Bunches of Oats FREE (Best Customer coupon upload)
 Dole Fruit Squish 'ems 2/$4
-$1/1 Dole Squish 'ems= $1.00 each
Atkins strawberry shakes $5.50
-$1/1 Atkins shakes or bars (Best Customer coupon upload)
Only the strawberry flavor was marked at this price. It ended up ringing up at $7.49 but luckily I checked my receipt in the parking lot and was able to go back and get the difference refunded.
ALWAYS check your receipts before you leave!!!
Sabrosas crackers $1.09 each (clearance)
Breyer's chocolate Sprinkles .75 each (clearance)
Suave 2 in 1 kids shampoo $1.69
-$1.00/1 Suave kids shampoo or body wash catalina coupon
Suave Professionals conditioner $1.69
-$1.50/1 Suave Professionals shampoo or conditioner catalina coupon= $.09!!!
Air Heads Bites .50
-FREE Friday freebie upload
Infant Pain Reliever $1.57 each (close out)
Maraschino Cherries $1.49 (clearance)
Gatorade Protein Shake $3.09
-FREE Gatorade Protein shake (up to $3) catalina coupon= $.09
Kroger Melatonin B1G1 @ $4.59 each
-$1/1 Kroger vitamin (one per person per transaction)
Kroger Peanuts $1.99
-.25/1 Kroger party nuts (coupon from the Smith's birthday celebration)
Schick Hydro razor cartridges 5 ct bonus $10.29
-$2/1 Schick Hydro cartridges 
I HATED paying this much but my husband needed them badly and I couldn't wait for a great deal. When I do see an amazing deal though, I will get us stocked up again!!!

I also did some shopping in Provo the other day:
Milk FREE (loyalty reward)
WF yogurt .36 each
Yoplait whips .38 ea
98% fat free cream of chicken soup .99 ea
 This was a random packet of clearance fish that I grabbed at Fresh Market in Provo.
 More at Lolo's:
I don't remember all the produce prices but they were awesome. That's what I get for waiting to blog it.
24 pk Shasta soda $3.17 each
French Bread $.48 each!!! (clearance bread rack)
The candy however, was $1.50 each for the dark chocolate Hershey's Bliss.
The Snickers were just $1.00.
Lolo's has been doing a lot of this clearance candy lately. The carts are usually at the west end of the registers.
This was what I got at the Provo Smith's last week. Same cereal deal as this week. I also happened to grab lots of great clearance meat deals too!!

I will be hunting a bit this weekend. Stay tuned for a report! 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Stocking Up!

Hey kids! I went out and stocked up for school lunches! So many great deals this week!!
 Fresh Market:
Deli Frost Sandwich meat $1.69 each
whipped topping .89 ea
Tillamook Yogurt .40 ea
Pudding Cups 2/$1.00!!!
String Cheese $3.49
WF Bread .77 ea
99% Fat free Cream of chicken soup .99 ea
Don Julio flour tortillas .89 ea
French bread .98
Apples .88/lb
Pears .67/lb
Milk $2.09 (clearance)
Carb master yogurt .40 ea
Atkins shakes $2.50 (clearance)
Atkins treat bars $2.50 ea (clearance)
Atkins shakes regular $5.50 ea
Cinnamon swirl bread .59 ea (clearance)
Reynold's Wrap 100 ct mini cupcake liners .35 (clearance)
Yoplait yogurt FREE (Friday Freebie Upload)

I'll be doing a last bit of dumpster diving, searching for some final treasures next week before school starts. Stay tuned and wish me luck!!!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Smith's Report

Well, we did it! I am ready to fall over, but we got it all done! The kids and I and my awesome sister hit Shopko and Kohl's this morning and took care of the school clothes. I had my $10 RX coupon at Shopko and a $10 coupon at Kohl's! That definitely helped!! Plus everything I got was on awesome clearance deals.
I came home and took a power nap and then when my husband got home, we loaded up the kids and went down to Smith's in Payson for their birthday open house. I could barely hold my head up from all the sinus congestion, but the adrenaline kicked in as I searched for deals and we made it through.
I had three Friday Freebies piled up that I needed to use and we scoured the store a few times trying to find them. Finally, we gave up and went to check out. The cashier, one of my favorites, helped us find the elusive items. Yay!!
Plus we had a winning raffle ticket and I got to spin the prize wheel! We won a whole roasted chicken! That takes care of dinner!!
Other good deals added to our miserable, but successful adventure!
 Quilted Northern 6.99 ea

Roasted Chicken FREE

Plastic Wrap .99 (clearance)

Power Bar Wafers FREE (upload)

Bar S Jumbo Beef hot dogs $3.79 (close out)
Yes, these are REALLY expensive and this was a big splurge for me. I tried them out in California on my vacation and they are the BEST I have ever had. They were on close out and I have all of those $.20 packages of buns from KMart the other day. Perfect!

Kroger wheat bread .88 ea

Challenge Cream Cheese .99 wyb 5
-$1/1 Challenge Cream cheese online print= +.01 each!!!
There are enough online print varieties available that you can get all 5 from one computer!!

Hormel Compleats meal FREE (upload)
Payson doesn't carry the Breakfast variety that were specified on the upload but they'll let you get the regular meals instead.

Chili's Dinner Frozen Entree FREE (upload)

On top of all this, we got a $.20/gallon discount at the gas pump! And we were on empty, so it was perfect!
Glad we got it all done. Now I will collapse! :)

Smith's Open house!

Hey kids! Happy Saturday morning to you!! Big news today! An event you don't want to miss!!!
Smith's is having a huge open house today from noon-2pm. There will be all kinds of freebies, samples and more!!
I came down with a nasty cold and a major fibro flare up, but I will be there anyway!! It is worth the effort!!
Check back later today for my report on Smith's and school shopping with the kids!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Early morning!

I'm still adjusting to my new early morning regimen but I am definitely getting more done in a day now! I hit the gym with my friend this morning and then hopped over to Fresh Market after. I took advantage of their meat clearance and also grabbed this awesome deal on eggs!
5 doz Medium eggs $3.99!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


I sure do love clearance deals!!! I hopped over to Kmart after the gym, as part of my yearly end of summer flower savings ritual and found not only a bunch of great flowers and plants at huge savings (the 1 gallon Spirea was $1.00!!!!) but also these packages of hot dog buns for $.20 each!!!
I'm going to hit my favorite nursery tomorrow as I still need hedge shrubs. Wish me luck!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Recent Wins and Finds!

I have been doing some great treasure hunting this week!! I also got some great stuff while on vacation AND my mom in law and my aunt dropped off some great donation items while I was gone for me to sell! Gearing up for another yard sale!!
Here are some of the goodies I have found/acquired:

 Tons of assorted matchbox cars and other fun trucks.
Lots of balls of all varieties.
A cute little clip board and a brand new collapsible cooler.
 Brand new package of 12 party invites!!
 Rolling cooler and empty water barrel.
 Cute dolls!
 A Tom Tom.
 Lots of bike accessories.
Gift bags and two  brand new giant Christmas activity books!

I have also started dedicating a couple of hours a day to sweeping! For a couple of hours, I enter free online sweepstakes of all varieties. Another new obsession! Today was the second day and I got my first Instant Win!! Two $3 Glad Trash Bag COUPONS!!!
So excited!!!