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Friday, August 30, 2013

And then...

Hey kids. That dreaded time has come! School!! No, it's actually wonderful in almost every aspect. Just not for diving! The bins are full again of real garbage. :(  For a few more weeks there will be yard sale leftovers on Monday mornings and random goodies in the recycling bins (like the huge rubbermaid tote I found yesterday), but for the most part, the great hauls are done. It sucks but really, I have a shed full of stuff that I still need to sell, so I'm not too worried. Plus, there's still couponing! My other great passion!
I hit Walmart in Payson this morning and got a bunch of FREE Bic disposable razors and then 2 that I paid .47 each for. These are great for resale on the yard sale websites but also great to have on hand for bridal shower gifts and humanitarian aid packets.
I have been really busy lately on the yard sale websites! It is truly a wonderful blessing! I've been able to move lots of merchandise and have met some great people, forming relationships that never would have happened otherwise. I've been able to really contribute to my family's budget and it feels just awesome!
I've also been able to find things that my family needs at great prices! I highly recommend checking out your local facebook yard sale site!!
This coming week I will be focusing my energies on my backyard Wonderland project! It's time for bulbs and mums! I've been avoiding my yard work since the near fatal wasp incident. It's driving me crazy though, being away from my plants. I'll bundle up and be cautious, but I'm getting out there! Stay tuned!!
I'll be trying to find new bulbs and plants that others might be thinning from their yards. Trying to save as much money as possible while still creating something lovely. There will be pictures soon!
Happy Weekend, friends!

Monday, August 26, 2013


Hey kids!
Sorry, I've been so busy these past two weeks and haven't been keeping up on here! School is back in session for my oldest.We had lots to do getting ready for that! My husband found a bunch of great jeans at Saver's on .99 cent Mondays for her that we still need to hem. I'm taking my sewing machine in today to have it serviced so I get busy on all of these sewing projects!
I've done several great shopping trips in the last week. I'll be doing a bit today and tomorrow also and will be reporting on them.
One of the coolest things I've found recently was at the Provo Smith's on Saturday. My baby is on whole milk and milk prices just keep going up! We had stopped at Smith's for their milk special, to get milk for the rest of us. It just so happened that I found 5 gallons of whole milk on clearance for $1.50 each!!! What a blessing! Did you know that you can freeze milk?? Plus it was still a week from expiration!
I also found a gallon of skim for myself for just $1.39! And of course we got 1% for the family for $1.88, the weekend sale price.
This is something that I have praised Smith's (Kroger) for many times before but I feel that they deserve still more praise! I just love that they clearance perishable items rather than just throwing them out when they are days/a week from their best by date!! If only more stores, like Walmart, would take up this practice! Imagine how much less waste there could be!!
Alright then, off to the gym! And then shopping and maybe a bit of hunting at my favorite retail spots! Stay tuned!

Monday, August 19, 2013

A full van!

I just love coming home with a van full of treasures! I went into Provo today to do some shopping and to hit all of the Provo school bins. I ended up only hitting my coupon honey hole bin and then the dumpsters at Provo High. I filled the van there and wasn't able to get all the treasures they had. :( I may go back tomorrow, at least to hit all the other schools. We'll see.
 A project chair, very sturdy! Lovely doors. There were 2 more I didn't have room for. :(
Three fold up canopies!!! Assorted camping supplies. Three big tool boxes.
 So many brand new books!! There were tons more but I couldn't get to them. :(
These two bags of paperbacks were in my couponing bin. I'm excited to look through them and find me a new book to read!

After my hunting, I went to Lolo's in Provo. They are definitely still working out some bugs; they desperately need to have more cashiers on hand and they need some more training, but it was definitely worth the inconveniences for the deals I scored!

 Don Julio 10 ct tortillas .77 ea
6 pre-cooked mini pizza crusts .95 (day old clearance)
Shur Saving whipped topping .95 ea
Shur Saving frozen o.j. .97
Salmon 3.97/lb (2 lb bag)
Big bags Malt o Meal $1.98 (no limits!! They only have wheat puffs and frosted flakes on the deal.)
Don Julio chips .66 (w/in-ad coupon)
Sunbelt Granola Bars $1.25 each (w/in-ad coupon)
Milk $1.97 ea (w/in-ad coupon)

I don't remember the prices on the fruit, but they were good deals. :)

Stay tuned for Double Tuesday tomorrow!!!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Brown Bag Bonanza!

Have you seen the new grocery ads??? I am so excited!!! Let's just dive in to all these great stock up for school deals! I'm especially excited about all the brown bag home lunch deals!


Hot Pockets 2/$3
-$1/2 Hot Pockets or Lean Pockets sandwiches, 8-9 oz, RP 7/28

Pert Plus 2 in 1  13.5 oz $1.88
-$1 off Pert Plus 2-in-1 item, 13.5 oz+, SS 8/18

Suave Deodorant 2.6 oz  .99

Michelina's frozen entrees .69 ea

Macey's 5 qt Ice cream $4.88

Nabisco cheese nips 8 oz. .99
-.75/2 Nabisco cookie or cracker items, 6.5 oz+, SS 8/11

Little Debbie snacks 3/$5

FREE Jif peanut butter & Smucker's jelly wyb 3 Grandma Sycamores bread w/in-ad coupon

WF 18 oz Oatmeal .99

FREE Colgate toothpaste wyb 1 Colgate toothpaste @ $1.99.
-.75/1 Colgate toothpaste 4 oz+

2 Day Sale (Friday & Saturday only!!)

Malt o Meal Giant Size cereal $1.99 limit 2

Snack Caddy Pack $3.99 limit 2

Welch's Fruit Snacks 40 ct  $4.99  limit 2

WF Puddin' Cups 2/$1  limit 10

Capri Sun 30 ct  $3.99  limit 2 (must use in-store coupon on pack)

Fresh Market

Peaches or Nectarines .77/lb

Pineapple .77/lb

Plums .77/lb

Shur Saving Paper Towels 3/$1

FREE Jif peanut butter & Smucker's jelly wyb 3 Grandma Sycamore's bread (w/in-ad coupon)

Nissin Top Ramen 6/$1

Nabisco cheese nips 8oz .99
-.75/2 Nabisco cookie or cracker items, 6.5 oz+, SS 8/11

WF boxed cereals 11-13 oz 3/$5

Nissin Cup Noddles 4/$1

Shur Saving Chunk White Chicken 5 oz  .88

WF 32 oz Grape jelly or 18 oz peanut butter 3/$5


Don Julio 9 oz Chips .66 ea limit 1

Sunbelt Granola Bars $1.25 ea limit 4

Maid o Clover 1%, 2% or Skim Milk 1 gallon  $1.97 each limit 2

Armour Pillow Pack 6 oz Pepperoni $1 each limit 2

John Morrell "off the bone" Asst. 7 oz lunch meat 6/$5 limit 6

Post 18 oz Honey Bunches of Oats cereal $1.89 ea limit 2
-$1/2 Post Honey Bunches of Oats or Pebbles twin pk. or family size cereal, 15 oz+printable
-$2 off Post Honey Bunches of Oats Honey Roasted or Almond cereal, 18 oz wyb Milk, 1 gal, tearpad

Don't miss out on these great deals!!! 

Friday, August 16, 2013


Don't you hate it when you get done at a store, get home, and realize you didn't even look to see if they had one of your coupon items in stock?! Well, that is why I need to write lists before I go! I will for sure do that next time!
We hit Smith's and Walmart in Payson. I had the fam with me. We didn't get much but we didn't need much either.
At Smith's we got the milk.
(2) 1/2 gal @ .89 each.
(3) Cinnamon Swirl bread @ .59 each on clearance.
NOS 16 oz energy drink FREE w/ecoupon

At Walmart:
2 bags salad .78 each (ad-matched w/Lolo's coupon)
Bananas .45/lb (ad-matched w/Lolo's coupon)
Bic Pens .33 each (ad-matched w/Macey's)
-$1/1 Bic stationary = +.77 each!!!
Enfagrow milk drinks FREE + .53 profit!!!
-$7/1 Enfagrow milk drinks coupon (in the mail)
We used the overage to cover the avacados, cilantro, and onions! They were FREE!


Be sure to log in and load today's Kroger ecoupon to your card! You'll get either a 16 oz Full Throttle or NOS drink for FREE!!
Kroger ecoupon

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Today's hunt & a quick stop

I got us out the door fairly early this morning to do some hunting before the heat set in. I was feeling like I  was not hugely rewarded for my efforts but did score a few good things, the best of which was catching a couple of workers at one school who were throwing out 2 huge bags of lost and found! It turned out though, that the two bags were a HUGE score!!! Tons of sweaters, coats, lunch boxes, gloves, shoes and odds and ends! Tons of name brands in great condition!! This will be a big money maker for me!

 I also found an awesome, really heavy table/desk thing that I'm going to have to go back for tonight with the hubs.
I picked a silly day to be lugging stuff home as our road is still being paved and we have to park around the corner. Many thanks to the nice man who came over and helped me lug my two very heavy bags to my house. There are still good people out there! :)
I also found a couple of cool things at the city recycling bin. Not sure why these got thrown out... People are silly.
This awesome under bed tote has an insignificant crack. A breathing tester, hair pretties, a clear plastic frame, kids books, a balloon, a paper pad, plastic spoons and forks still packaged, tons of Kellogg's boxes (full of codes for FREE high value coupons!), and these two little surf boards that someone made. They are covered in brand new wash cloths. Just have to take them apart and I've got a bunch of new wash cloths!

I also made a quick stop at Macey's to grab a couple of this week's deals and found a fun clearance item that I decided to try.
The Popped! crackers were .79 each. The kids like them. :)
10 oz WF marshmallows .50 each!!
Shursavings whipped topping .95 ea
WF Peanut Butter $1.49!!!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I am feeling so very blessed today! Well beyond what I deserve! The good Lord has such a funny way of balancing things out in my life. All that sweet with bitter and such.
Anywho, I hit the Payson Smith's and Walmart today and seriously cannot believe how well I did!! Truly the Lord was guiding me!

 At Walmart, all I needed were the sneakers for my daughter and the Mr. Clean erasers. With my double coupons, it would have cost $14 + tax if I had just gotten those. Of course, that's not what I did!
I got (6) Barilla Pasta $1.28 ea
-.50/1 Barilla whole grain (doubled)= .28 ea

(10) Colgate toothpaste .96 ea
-.75/1 Colgate 4.0+ oz (doubled)= +.06 each!

(10) Bic Pens .33 each (ad-matched w/Macey's ad)
-$1/1 any Bic stationary= +.77 each!!!!!

Because of those great items and coupons, I ended up paying less than $5 for ALL of it!!

At Smith's, they have their Bic Pens for .89 each. I got 10. I like that they also have the multi-color set available! So fun! :) And of course I used my $1 coupons on them!
The Cheetos were FREE with the Friday Freebie ecoupon.
The peanuts are on sale 3/$5.
The Progresso soups were on clearance, plus I had the new ecoupon for -$1.50/2 Progresso soups!
I got out of the store paying less than $3.50!!

Now, to balance all this sweetness, my trip to Rancho Market this afternoon was incredibly disappointing! There's a first time for everything!
Their system was down so they were only accepting cash so I wasn't able to get the great cantaloupe deal. Plus, their delivery was late and the awesome 5 doz eggs weren't available! I was pretty bummed.
I got some veggies and some apples but am still pretty bummed. I don't know if I'll make it up that way again this week. I might have to break one of my rules and ad match the melons and eggs... We'll see.

Over all, a very successful, very blessed day of shopping and saving!

Must load!!!!

Thank you for this AMAZING heads up!!!!

Kroger Super Sale eCoupons
Head to and download an awesome new batch of ECOUPONS!
My favorite is for $6/4 General Mills Cereals! The crazy part is that you can use the Kroger Super Sale coupons up to 5 times in a single transaction, so if for some reason you needed 20 boxes of cereal….
Some things to keep in mind:
- Limit of 5 uses in one transaction (can’t be used in multiple transactions)
- 150 Kroger eCoupons can be loaded to your card at a time
- Another batch of these will be available again next week starting 8/18.
Check out Kroger’s top eCoupons and see the rest in our COUPON DATABASE.

Kroger Super Sale eCoupons

.75/1 Betty Crocker Supermoist cake mix
$1.50 off Clearsil Ultra item
$6/4 General Mills Cereals listed: Cheerios, Lucky Charms XL size, Resses Peanut Butter Puffs, MultiGrain Cheerios, Kix, Honey Nut Cheerios XL Size, Cinnamon Toast Crunch
$1.40 off Hefty Waste Bags
$2 off Huggies Diapers, 42-92 ct.
$1.50/2 Kellogg’s Cereals, 17 oz +
$1 off Oscar Mayer lunchmeat, 1 lb
$1.25 off Pedigree Jumbone, 25 ct. +
$2/2 Pillsbury Ready to Bake Cookies
$1 off Planters Nutrition mix
$2 off Schick Hydro Silk Razor or Refill
$2 off Schick Hydro Power Select or Hydro 3 or 5 Razor or Refill
$2 off Schick Quattro Titanium Razor or Refill
$3 off Tide Detergent, 100 oz
Many of the coupons match up with the sale items this week so I’ve added them to the main KROGER LIST. If you find more deals in the store with these eCoupons, leave a comment below!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Macey's Deals

There are some awesome deals coming out at Macey's on Monday!! Great stock ups for the new school year! Here are my favorites:

Peaches and Nectarines .77/lb
1 lb Strawberries 3/$5
WF Fruit Snacks .88
Nestle candy bars 3/$1
Mead notebooks .10 each!!! no limit stated!
Twin pocket portfolios 5/$1
500 ct copy paper 3.99
Bic black and blue pens .33 each!!
-$1/1 Bic coupon= profit!!
Macey's hasn't allowed overage in my experience so far, so this might be one to ad match at Walmart so you get the overage.
Crayola crayons .33
Miceli's string cheese 8/$1
WF 18 oz Peanut Butter 1.49
WF Concord grape jelly 32 oz  1.49
WF  Pudding Cups .79
10 oz WF Marshmallows 2/$1.00!!!
WF granola bars 3/$5

Lots of great deals! Get in and stock up!! Be on the look out for lots of great back to school deals all over the place! Get lots extra now and you'll save money all year long!

Today's Smith's Haul!

The family and I ran in the Salem Fun Run this morning. It was quite lovely. So proud of my little family and our extended family that ran too.
After the festivities, we hopped down to Payson to hit Smith's. My little family was so patient. It was a big shopping trip and we were all tired. We got it done though and I am so happy!
 Santita's chips 3/$5
Kroger wheat bread .88 each
Bananas .39/lb on clearance
Leaf lettuce .99 ea
Bic Pens .89 each
-$1/1 any Bic Stationary product= +$.11 each!!

Reach Toothbrushes $1 each
-$1/1 Reach toothbrush online print= FREE!!!

Betty Crocker Ultimate Instant Potatoes $1 each wyb 5
-.75/1 Ultimates= .25 each!

Febreze air fresheners $1.99 each wyb 5
-$1/1 Febreze spray= .99 each

Gillette Fusion shave gel $1.99 wyb 5
-$2/1 Gillette Fushion shave prep= +$.01 each!

Gillette Shave gel $1.09 wyb 5
-.75/1 any Gillette shave gel= .34 each!

It was such a great trip! So happy with how it went and that they had my items in stock! I just love getting good deals! 
Ps. There are some awesome deals coming out this Monday at Macey's!! Stay tuned!!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Diving and Dealing!

First, a quick vent: The cashier at the Springville Walmart this afternoon did just about everything she could to call me a liar as I was ad-matching the Smith's Gillette gel deal. So annoyed! And especially after having such a lovely day at the zoo...
I still got my deal, but have resolved to stick with Smith's for Smith's deals! I felt a bit like I was cheating on them anyway and now I have even more reason to be loyal. Gonna try getting over there again before the big deal ends!
Okay, so on to happy stuff! I had an amazing haul diving yesterday! The schools are making their last preparations for the new year and I found a gold mine at one of my favorites!
I had to drag my husband back with me to get the heavy stuff and ended up finding loads more than I was expecting once I climbed in and started sorting. It was AWESOME!!!
Confetti, paper shred and basket filler galore! Party decorations and table cloths and more!

All kinds of office supplies

Electronics, craft supplies, home decor and more!

 This large wooden cable spool and the these cast iron drain covers were what got my attention in the first place and why I dragged the hubs back with me. You just never know what cool, weird things you'll find in the bins! Always an adventure!

I haven't finished sorting all of it yet and am still finding surprises! I just love what I do!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


It was hard won, but I got my 5 blasted FREE Gilette shave gels today! The Payson Smith's and Walmart were out of them but I found them in Springville!
Here's what I got today:
Besides this, I got 4 bags of Mulch at the Payson Smith's. So excited to put it out in the Wonderland garden!

Bic Pens .97 ea
-$1/1 Bic Pens= +.03 ea

Barilla Whole Grain Pasta $1.28 ea
-.55/1 Barilla Whole Grain (doubled)= .28 each

Off 2 pack $6 (clearance)

Gillette Fusion gel $1.99 each (ad-matched with Smith's)
-$2/1 Gillette Fusion gel= +.01 each!

Garden Salad $1.19
-.40/1 Garden salad (Smith's mail coupon)

Betty Crocker Ultimate Potatoes $2
-$2 ecoupon= FREE

16 ct Cheese slices .99

Monday, August 5, 2013

Crazy Week!

Oh boy, it has been a wild, frustrating 5 days! I was stung by two wasps in two days and got to visit Instacare and the ER twice each. Then today I got to pay to see the allergist. I am so grateful for emergency savings and for insurance!
So now I am working on replacing the savings we spent on my medical needs. I've done a bit of shopping and some selling but it has been in fits and starts. Trying to be wise as I continue recovering. I've never been a patient person... :)

I hit Smith's and Walmart the other day for a few FREEBIES and such:
 I hit Walmart and grabbed 3 loaves of clearance bread at $.69 each!
The Crayola markers were FREE with my online print coupon.
The Herdez tortillas were $.78 with my online print coupon.
Reach Floss was FREE with my online coupons.
The Hot Shot Wasp spray, which I now carry when I go outside!, was a necessity and I got a good price.
I found the cute gray and lime shorts for my daughter for $1.00 each on clearance!! And a lovely orange summer dress for the first day of school for $3.00.
 At Smith's, I got the Scrubbing Bubbles for FREE with a coupon Smith's sent me!
The same with the Keebler cookies. It's so cool getting those coupons in the mail!!
Ken's dressing $1.49
-.50/1 coupon (also sent from Smiths)
Quaker bars $1.10 each on clearance
-$1/2 Quaker bars (another  coupon from Smith's!)
And finally the Depends, which are normally $11-13, were on clearance for $5.39.
I had a $3 coupon from one of their clearance kits a few months ago so I only paid $2.39. I figure I can resell them for at least $5-7.
Always keep an eye out for resale deals!!
My last stop was Stokes in Salem. They had their huge one day meat sale and it was awesome!! Along with the great meat deals, I got these Kellogg's fruit snacks for just $.77 each. No minimum amounts to buy or coupons needed.

I am going to do a bit of shopping tomorrow. Stay tuned!!

Friday, August 2, 2013

FREEBIE @ Smith's! (Krogers)

Thank you for this great heads up!

Kroger Free Friday: Free Ultimate Helpers eCoupon

on 8.2.2013 at 7:32am
free friday downloadToday, 8/2, only you can get another great FREEBIE FROM KROGER! You can load an eCoupon for FREE Ultimate Helpers.
They are made by Hamburger Helper.  To get this freebie you’ll need to download the KROGER ECOUPON today and then you’ll have two weeks to redeem it.  This is a great way to make the most of a trip to Kroger especially now that doubles have ended in most areas.