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Friday, June 29, 2012

Today's hunt!

Today's hunting adventure was quite successful! It never ceases to amaze me what our local schools throw out! I am so ashamed of their wastefulness, especially where my tax dollars are concerned...
Here's what I found:
 Christmas stuff, flags (brand new!)
 A 2-sided stand with white board and magnet board (perfect condition!)
Unused spiral notebooks, more Christmas stuff, under mount lights, several totes and more!
My ebay biz is growing, with most of my inventory coming from my dumpster diving and hunting. Tomorrow I will finally start hitting the yard sales to see what treasures I might find with the focus on resale. The Lord is really leading me down this path to help me to help my family. Disneyland, here we come!!

Monday, June 25, 2012


I took my sis in law shopping with me today. This was her first hunting experience at Saver's. I was disappointed to find that they didn't have their usual .99 Monday deal... Instead, everything was half price. We still did really well, but it was frustrating.
I was focused solely on finding items for resale as I have been doing a lot with ebay lately. I found some great stuff and am excited to see how it does.
I am building up a large inventory of items to sell and it is starting to take over... Spilling out of my office.. Tomorrow I will have to organize the attic so I have a place to store all of this stuff until it sells..
Making good money so far with this, as long as I can continue finding junk for FREE that people want to pay for! :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Shopping today!

I hit three stores today with all the kids in tow... I won't be able to make it to the gym today but I think the shopping makes up for it. :)
Here's Buy Low:
Milk $1.97
Oranges 5lb/$1
Tomatoes 3lb/$1
Fuji apples .79/lb
Bananas 3lb/$1
Peaches 2lb/$1
Loose Carrots 3lb/$1
ad-matched w/Rancho Mkt:
Mangoes 2/.99
Leaf Lettuce .33 ea

Then we hit Smith's:
 I found their clearance end cap and raided it!
La Croix Sparkling Water .99 ea
Quaker bars $1.19
Fiber bars $1.19
Hidden Valley 16oz dressing $1.49 ea
This is at the Provo store and there are still lots of the dressings. If you haven't printed your Hidden Valley facebook coupons, get on it and use them here! Your dressing will be just .49 each!!
American Beauty noodles .49
Honey Grahams $1.20
Quilted Northern $4.79
Corn Tortillas (not on clearance) 10/$10
Malt o meal cereal lg bags $2.50 (these are the only two kinds on sale)

And finally... Fresh Market!
I haven't hit this store in a LONG time! But this week they have some awesome summer stock ups!
 Western Family lg bagged cereal 4/$10
  WF Fruit Snacks .69
WF 10 ct granola bars 1.67ea
Sunbelt Granola and Cereal bars 3/$5
Snack Pack Puddings .79 ea

Best Milk Price

It looks like Buy Low has the best milk price this week: $1.97. If you find a better deal, please let me know!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Walmart last week

I made a quick stop at Walmart last Saturday to use some coupons that were expiring. The place was crazy busy, but as I was gathering candy bars from an unopen register, my favorite cashier, Michelle, opened up that register! How lovely is that?!
Here's what I got:
I ad-matched the Hershey's bars with Macey's for .44 each. I used the B1 Hershey's bar, get 1 FREE Hershey's Air Delights. Total 32 bars @ .22 each!
For the Slim Fast, I had to find the -$1.50/1 coupons on ebay since we didn't get them out here. The snack bars were on clearance for $2.50, which made them just $1 each with my coupon!
The meal bars were a great deal too. I love stock up opportunities!

selling formula coupons

Here's a great new money making idea! You know those Infant formula coupons you get in the mail for $3-$10?
They sell like hot potatoes on ebay! I've been selling them like crazy this week and now have a handle on what people will pay for them. I just sold (2) -$5/1 coupons together for $7.50 plus shipping!! Free money, friends!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Shopko flowers

It's that time! Shopko has begun marking down their plants! There are still tons of great, healthy options. They will get picked over in the next weeks though, so get in soon if you can.

I grabbed a couple of mini rose bushes at half price and a few perennial starters, plus a bunch of marked down summer annuals to fill in where my early spring bloomers were.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Today I headed into Provo to take my mom to an appointment. While I was up there, I hit every school in the area to check garbage and recycling dumpsters. You just can't believe what you can find if you're willing to drop your pride.
 A bag of tomatoes
 This bicycle, in need of minor repairs
I hope to get $35-40 selling it online locally.
 Card stock and graph paper

 Large mailing envelopes
Poster board

12 Home Movie Made Easy handbooks from Kodak (valued at $5 each online)
That's $60 profit!!!!

I hunted for just one hour and figure I earned about $100!!!! Dumpster Divers Rule!!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Buy Low

 I hit Buy Low all by myself today! Just me, myself, and I! So many great stock up deals that continue through tomorrow (Tuesday).
18 oz peanut butter $1.97
Yogurt 6 oz .33 ea
WF ice cream $1.97
Kajun fish fry coating $1 (in clearance cart)
Freezer and snack slider bags .99 ea
Family packs Boneless Skinless Chicken Tenders $1.39/lb
Tilapia... I don't remember how much it was per pound but the pack was just over $3. Gonna try to start eating fish...
Loose Carrots 3lb/$1
Peaches 2lb/$1
White Onion 3lb/$1
Roma Tomatoes 2lb/$1
Celery 3/$1
Bananas 2lb/$1

Me and my Mama! Oh, and tax dollars at work... :(

 My mom came diving with me today!!! I had found some vintage sewing patterns in a recycling bin at a local elem school but couldn't reach all of them and can't find my grabber. Mama was intrigued and came over with her super awesome, high performance grabber and we headed back to the bin. We grabbed as many as we could, turns out I had only seen the tip of the ice berg! Then, when we couldn't reach anymore, we tossed my son in there and he excitedly got the rest for us! Team effort!
 Turns out that old patterns sell really well on ebay. Good stuff!!
 All of our patterns, sorted and stacked.

So now the crappy part of the day. Once again, when hitting up my new favorite, secret set of bins to collect my weekly haul of coupons..
... just like last week, I found a whole bunch of books that had been thrown away. :(
A complete set of encyclopedias, a stack of brand new Scholastic Literacy Source books, and some vocab text books and beginner's dictionaries. My husband says that encyclopedias are obsolete. Here, in this spoiled area that we live in, that may be true. But I know there are plenty of people around the world and even in our great nation that would love to have these books! SO FRUSTRATED!! You will find your tax dollars in your local elem school's recycling bins, in case you were wondering.
If anyone knows of a book drive or anywhere these books can be used, please let me know!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Yesterday's Haul!

I am feeling brave! I took all three kids with me shopping yesterday. I handled really well, I think. They're all still alive anyway. :)
We hit Buy Low first to catch the end of last week's deals and to use the Monday/Tuesday only coupons that we get online. (sign up for them at the register in store)
So many great deals!!

 Butter $1.97
Nectarines .50/lb
Yogurt .29 ea
Romaine Leaf Lettuce .33 ea (w/online Buy Low coupon)
 Fuji Apples .69/lb
Milk $1.97
-.75/1 any Milk ( $1.22
Red Bell Peppers 3/$1
32 oz Grated Cheese $4.87
-$1/any 2 lb cheese ( $3.87
1 lb Strawberries .79 ea (w/online Buy Low coupon)
Mini Watermelon .79 ea (w/online Buy Low coupon)
Betty Crocker Brownie Mix .99 (in the clearance cart)
-.75/2 Betty Crocker brownie mix= .61 ea
If I had doubled the same coupon at Walmart, they would have been $1 each. 
Total Value (w/tax): $86.62
Total Spent (w/tax): $34.43 

 Cool Whip $1.25 ea
-.50/2 cool whip (doubled to -$1/2= .75 ea)
 Jell-o .62 ea
-.50/2 jello (doubled to -$1/2= .12 ea!)
Carefree liners .94 ea
-.50/1 carefree liner (doubled to -$1/1= +.06 each!)
Mr. Clean $1.97
-.50/1 Mr. Clean (doubled to -$1/1= .97 ea)
 Santitas .98 ea (ad-matched w/Winco)
Heinz 40 oz Ketchup $1.98
-.50/1 any Heinz ketchup (doubled to -$1/1= .98)
Gerber formula $14.97 ea
-$10/1 Gerber mail coupon= $4.97 each!!!
Sign up online at your favorite formula's website for all kinds of coupons and free samples!!
Zone Perfect bars multipack $4.39
-.50/1 any Zone multipack ( doubled to -$1/1= $3.39 ea 
   Frigo string cheese $3.48
-.50/1 Frigo cheese (doubled to -$1/1 = $2.48)
Kool Aid Jammers 10 ct   2@.98 (ad-matched w/Winco, limit 2)
1 @ $1.78 (regular price)
-.75/3 Kool-aid jammers= .99 ea
Total Value (w/tax): $155.12
Total Spent (w/tax): $45.05

Monday, June 4, 2012

Money making research possibilities

You've probably heard of donating plasma to make extra money. College kids do it all the time. If that isn't your scene but you want to make some fairly easy money, here's a great option!
I did this when I was 18, having my wisdom teeth removed at Jean Brown and associates Research. Not only was the procedure free when I didn't have dental insurance, but I was also paid $300 for my participation.
There are several studies going on right now that may be relevant to you. Not only can you get a medical concern addressed for FREE, but you will likely be well paid for it. Check it out!
I'm kicking myself for not paying attention to the time limits on the infant formula study as my baby is now too old. Don't miss out if one of the studies will benefit you! 

Buy Low coupons

Here's a link to Buy Low's Monday & Tuesday deals. You must print and bring coupons with you to get these prices.

Buy Low Monday & Tuesday only!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Yesterday's shopping

 Yesterday I hit Buy Low and Rite Aid. It went really well and I got some great deals!

Rite Aid:
 I had $4 rewards to spend from last week. These were B1G1 @ $5.99 each, minus the rewards= $2.12 total.

Buy Low:
 Nacho chips .99
Milky Way bars .59 ea
-.75/2 milky way bars online coupon= .21 ea
Sunbelt Granola bars $1.49 (ad-matched w/Macey's)
Western Family large bags cereal $2.50 (ad-matched w/Maceys)
Shasta 12 pk .98 ea (ad matched w/Winco)
Kraft 17.5 oz BBQ sauce .78 ea (ad-matched w/Winco)
-$1/2 kraft bbq sauce= .28 ea
35 oz Hunt's Ketchup .98 (ad-matched w/Winco)
 Santitas .98 (ad-matched w/Winco)
V05 shampoo and conditioner .78 ea (ad-matched w/Macey's)
-$1/3 vo5 shampoo or conditioner= .44 ea
 Apples .69/lb
Nectarines .50/lb
tomatoes 69/lb
white onion 3 lb/$1
3 pk romaine lettuce $1.29
WF yogurt .29
Bananas 3 lb/$1
Red bell pepper 3/$1
green onions 4/$1

Walgreen's heads up!

Follow this link to check out Walgreen's fabulous deals starting this Sunday! Lots of FREEBIES and register rewards to work with!

Walgreen's Sneak Peek!