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Monday, January 30, 2012

Zone Perfect Bar Review

Sorry for the crappy photo. All I had. I have been picking up my FREE Zone Perfect Bars at Walmart on double Tuesdays. They are all decent as far as flavor and texture. Just a teeny bit chalky but that's not a huge surprise with a health bar. My favorite is the Double Dark Chocolate with a glass of cold milk.
I would recommend these bars. Especially if you have the $.50/1 coupon!

Shopko Clothing CLEARANCE!

 So we all know that Shopko is notoriously expensive. Their sale prices though, can be fantastic if you go at the right time and are willing to sort. SO MUCH CLOTHING!! All areas. Some as much as 90% off!!
I decided to get a jump start on Christmas.

These hoodies are for my husband. Regularly $45 each, I paid just $18 each!

The fleece pants and long sleeved t-shirt, also for the hubs, retail $45.99. I paid just $9.19!
The 2 piece jammies for the kids retail $24.99 each. I paid just $4.99 each!
The thong underwear retail $12 each. I got (2) for just $1.20 and (3) for just $1 each!

Finally, I have been looking for a "welcome home" outfit for the new baby. I found it! This sleep n' play retails $14.99. I paid $6.99. I loved it the moment I saw it!
Total Retail of today's purchases: $278.57 (w/tax)
Total Paid: $72.12
Just under 75% savings!!! And I am so ahead on Christmas!
Get into Shopko and check out all the great CLEARANCE! 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Today at Walmart

 The little boy and I hit Walmart today while my daughter was at school. Considering that I didn't get there till lunch time, I was very pleased to find nearly everything I came for.
 Here are ad-matches:
Broccoli .69/lb @ Macey's
Bananas .39/lb @ Stokes
Nectarines .99/lb @ Rancho Mkt
Mangoes 2/.99 @ Rancho Mkt

 Here are some double coupon deals:
(2) Carefree pantiliners .94 ea
-.50/1 any Carefree product (doubled to $1= FREE)
(1)Halls cough drops 1.18
-.50/1 Halls cough drops (doubled to $1= $.18) (February All You Magazine)
(1) Zone Perfect bar .97
-.50/1 Zone Perfect bar (doubled to $1= FREE)
Yoplait 32 oz yogurt 2.48
-.50/1 Yoplait 32 oz (doubled to $1= $1.48)
(1)Starkist Tuna pouch 1.08
-.50/1 Starkist tuna (doubled to $1= .08) 
(2) Jolly Time Popcorn 4 pk $1.48 ea
-.50/1 any Jolly Time popcorn product (doubled to $1= .48 ea)
(2) C&H Brown Sugar 2lb $2.08 ea
-50/1 any 2lb C&h sugar (doubled to $1= $1.08 ea)
 I hope you haven't missed this week's Macey's General Mills deal!!!
Buy any (10) General Mills cereals 10-16oz $1.49 each wyb 10
-$1/2 Cheerios (online and in last Sunday's paper)
-$1/2 General Mills Cinnamon toast crunch (online coupon)
(2) Allergy meds 36 ct @ .88 ea
3 pk Fish tank filters 6.72 (Those fish sure are getting expensive)
(1)Slim fast meal bars $4.88
-$1/1 any slim fast product (All You Magazine February)= $3.88
(1) Hidden Valley ranch 3.74
I hate paying full price but we needed it and there aren't any coupons right now.
(2) 16 oz frozen Broccoli .99 ea
(2) White Girls' T-Shirts $2.50 each (on clearance!)
 And finally...
(5) Activia Yogurt 4 pks $1.88 ea
-$1/1 Activia yogurt= .88
(6) Snack Pack pudding packs $1.00 ea
-.45/3 Snack Pack puddings (doubled to $1= .66 ea)

Total Retail Value: $136.59 (w/tax)
Total Spent: $53.34 (w/tax) 

What a great shopping day this was! I might stop at Smith's later to take advantage of their 10/$10 mix n' match if I am up to it. 
You can do this too!!!! Promise!  

Dinner and Movie Review

 My wonderful husband took me out on a date last night. My in laws watched the kids and they had a great time together. I needed this little rendezvous! We had a lovely time!
 The hubs and I have made a commitment to trying out a new local restaurant each month. No chains aloud! We are lately obsessed with the economy and whatever we can do to bolster it.
So we hit the Casa Salza here in Spanish Fork, next to Shopko. Their location is unfortunate as all the previous businesses have been unsuccessful. I really wish these guys better luck. Their Salsa alone is worth the visit!
The food was yummy, best when you load the salsa on top. Be sure to order an extra large order of the salsa or you won't have enough. It looks um.. different. But the taste is amazing!!! Best salsa I have EVER had at a restaurant!!
The service was good and the prices were about average with everywhere else. Don't plan on eating authentic Mexican fare. There is even a stenciled bit on the wall reading "100% NON-AUTHENTIC!"
No matter, it is delicious! My husband had one steak and one pork taco with a side of beans and rice. He said they were some of the best tacos he'd ever had.
I had a smothered chicken burrito, with a side of salad and chips. The salsa really enhanced the taste, though it would have been fine without it. The only thing I longed for was guacamole. I'll have to check next time to see if they have any.
   The only complaints we had were that they could have kept the dining room a bit cleaner. They weren't busy enough to have a napkin and plastic ware on the floor. It wasn't much of course, but enough to notice.
  We hit the Cinemark theatre at Provo Towne Center to use our free movie gift cards we got for Christmas from James' work. I had been wanting to see Sherlock Holmes, Game of Shadows for some time and we finally did it!
  I LOVE Robert Downey Jr!!! The movie was great! I really enjoyed it and can I just say what a comfortable theatre they have there?? So comfortable!
  I recommend Casa Salza and the new Sherlock Holmes movie! Can't wait to see what we try out next month!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday shopping!

James was off work today so I brought him with Reagan and I for our weekly big shopping day. It was nice for me to be able to share this with him and at least some of what goes into our creating the food storage we have and the savings that we enjoy.
We hit Buy Low in Provo first.
 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast $1.59/lb (unadvertised sale price)
Flounder Fillet $2.98 (I'm not a fish fan but James wanted to try it. The one tricky thing with bringing him along-- he often wants things not on my list. At least it was inexpensive.)
 These two t-shirts are for my daughter, just $1.99 each.
Milk $1.99 per gal
Mangoes .50 ea
Mushrooms 2/$3.00
Cauliflower .69/lb
 Fuji Apples .50/lb

Then we hit Rancho Market.
 Just a few things:
Macaroni and cheese .39 each
Curry Powder .99
Oranges 7 lb/.99
Then it was off to Walmart. I grabbed the ad from Rancho mkt to take to Walmart. Rancho doesn't take internet coupons, so I needed to ad match it to use my coupons.

French bread .98
Great value dressing 2.08
Mr. Clean 2 pk $1.97
-$1/1 Mr. Clean=.97
Activia 4 pk yogurt $1.87
-$1/1 Activia= .87
Almond Accents $2.98
-$1/1 Almond Accents online coupon= $1.98
Kikkoman soy sauce $1.74
-$1/1 Kikkoman product online coupon= .74
(2) Angel Soft double roll 4 pk $2.44 ea
-.45/1 Angel soft (doubled to .90= $1.54
(3) Land o frost 16 oz lunch meat ad matched with Rancho Mkt $2.99 ea
-$1/1 Land of frost 16 oz online coupon= 1.99
Romaine lettuce ad matched with Buy Low .50
(2) Starkist tuna pouches $1.08 ea
-.50/1 (doubled to $1= .08 ea)
Reach Dental Floss .97
-$1/1 Reach floss online coupon= FREE  
Carefree pantiliners .94
-.50/1 Carefree liners (doubled to $1= FREE) 
Colgate travel toothbrush .97
-.75/1 Colgate toothbrush (doubled to $1= FREE)

Final stop: Macey's!

 (6) Sunbelt Sweet & Salty granola bars @ $1.67 ea
(4) Sunbelt Granola Cereal @ $1.67
-B1G1 free online coupon= .83 ea!!
(2) Meadow Gold ice cream @ $2.50 ea
Imitation cheese slices $1.69 Sometimes you really should go with your gut. I had seen the same cheese at Buy Low for just $1.16. Why didn't I buy it there?!?!

We were pretty dang tired by the time we were done with all four stores. I think it was good for my husband, or at least for my self worth, for him to see what I do on shopping day; normally on my own with both kids. I feel like a profitable wife. :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Shoes at Big 5 Sporting Goods

 Since I began bargain hunting, I have learned several lessons.
#1: When you find a shoe brand that you love, stick with that brand.
#2: Do not buy shoes on Ebay. You just don't know how they will fit.

My husband ended up coming home from work early today and we both needed sneakers, so we printed off a coupon from his email account and headed to our local Big 5. He was able to find new Fila basketball shoes at a really decent price and then used the coupon to get 20% off.
There was a section of clearance shoes at the entrance of the store. We stopped to look at those and I just happened to notice two boxes of New Balance women's shoes. New Balance is the PERFECT brand for my wide feet. I tried both, one being just way too wide, the other I wasn't totally sure about.
The sweet sales lady humored me and let me try on at least a dozen other pair of wide shoes in varying brands. After finding all the shoes that I didn't like, I went back again to the clearance New Balance shoes that I wasn't sure about. Guess what?!?! They were perfect!

Regular Retail: $69.99
Clearance Price: $20.00
Total after discount and tax: $19.22
So comfy and a super deal! I am a happy camper! Patience and a little looking pays off!!
Buying shoes on Ebay... not so lucrative. I have a great pair of shoes I need to try re-selling! ;)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wonder Bread Outlet Store

 I hit the Wonder outlet store in Spanish Fork last week. There was a sign out front advertising $1.00 bread. Since we were re-grouting our kitchen this last week, I didn't get to make my own bread and we were desperately needing sandwiches! So my son and I hit it up. I was sad to find that the $1 bread, though a super deal,was one of the only good deals I found. Most other products were priced higher that you'd find in the regular grocery store. There were some good deals on things like Ho Ho's and Twinkies, but not on any real food. My son and I did splurge on 4 Chocodiles at $.25 each to eat at the park. That was a nice little treat. :)
I will continue to pick up bread at the Wonder Outlet when the need arises, but for any other food, I will stick with my usual haunts.

Today at Walmart

 The kids and I didn't get to the store as early as I had hoped, so we did miss out on a couple of things. Luckily, the ones we didn't get are coupons that are good for a little while yet. Just have to get up earlier next time!
 (2) Gal Milk @ $2.39 ea
-.75/1 any 1 gal milk (doubled= $1.39 ea)
1 loaf day old bread .64
(2) 36 ct Allergy meds @ .88 ea
(2) Campbell's Chunky soup @ 1.48 ea
-.50/1 Campbell's Chunky Soup (doubled= $.98 ea)
(2) Campbell's Select Harvest Soup @ 1.48 ea
-.50/2 Campbell's Select Harvest (doubled= .98 ea)
1 Land o Frost 16 oz deli meat @ 3.98
-$1/1 Land o Frost 16 oz (online print)= 2.98
1 Yoplait 8 pack yogurt $4.00
-.50/1 Yoplait multipak (doubled= $3.00)
 1 Almond Accents @ 2.98
-$1/1 Almond Accents (Facebook coupon)= $1.98
1 Kikkoman Soy Sauce $1.74
-$1/1 any Kikkoman product (online coupon)= .74
1 Reach Dental Floss .97
-$1/1 Reach Dental floss= FREE
1 package Bic Cristal Pens @ .97
-$1/1 any Bic product= FREE
(10) Colgate Travel Toothbrushes @ .97 each
-(10) .75/1 any Child or Adult Colgate toothbrush (doubled= FREE)
 (2) Angel Soft 4ct double roll toilet paper @ $2.44 each
-(2).45/1 Angel soft 4 ct+ double roll (doubled= $1.54 ea)
1 Carefree Pantiliner @ .97
-.50/1 Carefree liner (doubled= FREE)
(9) Snack Pack Pudding 4 pks @ $1.00 ea
-(3).45/3 Snack Pack Pudding (doubled= .70 each)
Bananas .33/lb (ad matched with Buy Low)
(2) Green Bell Peppers .33 each (ad matched with Buy Low)
There is a fabulous clearance aisle of clothing next to the infant department in the Springville store. I got just a couple of things for the new baby.
Fleece jammies $3.97
Pink Dress $3.00
Purple flower onsie $2.00
We are going to be painting the kids' room in a few weeks and I am keeping my eye on the mess ups in the paint department to get 4 happy colors to make their "rainbow" room. I found a lovely turquoise gallon at half price for just $10.98!
I was able to stay under my $50 weekly grocery budget this week between Buy Low, Rancho Mkt and Walmart. The non grocery items I purchased were also within the monthly non-grocery budget. Feeling good!
Today's savings percentage: approx 68%

Monday, January 9, 2012

Today's Shopping Report! Buy Low & Rancho mkt

 The kids and I hit Buy Low and Rancho Market in Provo today after school. I received my $10 Kellogg's card in the mail today. Yay! That was definitely helpful as we had to pay our prescription deductible today which was $50. I took that as a challenge to my money saving skills and I think so far I am doing pretty dang good. :) Ps. These prices are good through tomorrow.
Buy Low

5 doz. Eggs $5.99
Boneless Cross Rib Beef Roast $2.29/lb
Mango .69 ea
Braeburn Apples .50/lb
Broccoli .69/lb
Cucumber 3/$1
Loose Carrots 3 lb/$1
Red Leaf Lettuce $1
Select Frozen Juice Cocktails .98 each
After my $10 Kellogg's visa card, my total was

Rancho Market

Leaf Lettuce 3/$1
I wish I had known about this before I paid a dollar for it at Buy Low! :(
Roma Tomatoes 4 lb/.99
White Onions 5 lb/.99
Green Cabbage 6 lb/.99
Oranges 4 lb/.99
Shursaving Tomato Sauce .25 each
Total: $3.22!!!!
I love Rancho Market!!!!

So, about that prescription deductible, I have to fill four scrips today. Though it sucks paying copays, I am of course grateful for insurance. I am also grateful for Shopko's coupon prescription incentive. I will meet my 10 scrip requirement today and they will print me off a coupon for $10 off a $20 purchase. Stay tuned to see what I do with it!