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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Yesterday's Dive!

Yesterday was so exciting!! School is out at our local universities and students are moving out in droves! I packed up my gloves, my grabber and my step stool and headed into town with an empty van. Twice I filled it!
Assorted housewares, clothing, towels, cans of food, school supplies, a perfectly lovely dvd player and remote, a microwave, blow dryer, cleaning supplies, school supplies, text books and more!
Just with the text books, which all happen to be current, I should profit at least $400. I will list them this week on a revolving auction. They will stay on ebay until they sell. This way I'm reaching the summer and fall students.
Some of the items I am keeping, such as:
Pajama pants for the hubs
Gobs and gobs of colorful tissue paper (unopened!!)
Packages of toilet paper, lunch sacks, napkins and more!
Cans of unexpired food
Cooling racks, cereal bowls and scrub brushes
and more!
Everything else will go online or in my yard sales this summer. I have the shed and attic prepped and organized for the new loads and will get everything sorted and put away today.
My husband asked if I am having a yard sale this weekend since I got all this stuff. I don't like to use up a weekend for small profits. Rather, I'll wait till I have a good inventory and will be much more likely to rake in a good amount of money. Someday he will understand my method... :)
I may do a little bit of shopping today but most of my energy needs to go toward chores at home. So much to catch up on!
I get in these moods where I have complete tunnel vision and the rest of my responsibilities fall by the wayside. I've been so focused on shopping and selling and diving. It is important to maintain a balance and treat it like a job with set hours. Otherwise it can all become very addictive and out of control.
I hate to miss double Tuesday at Walmart but alas, I must be responsible!
Then again, maybe I will hurry fast and get all the chores done in time to still get to Walmart this evening... We shall see. :)

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Winco and a lovely evening!

I have had the most lovely evening with my family! It has been a busy, non-stop day but also a very enjoyable one!
While waiting for my daughter to do a recording session for an upcoming recital, the hubs and I and the other 2 kids hit Winco in Orem. I don't get up that way very often so I jumped at the chance to scope it out. I had my coupon binder in tow and was not disappointed!
Here's what I got and the great prices!

(5)Santita's tortilla chips $.98 ea!!!

Joy 12 ct Ice Cream Cones $.88

(2)Don Julio Flour Tortillas $.88

(2)Lindsay Olives $.68
-$1/1 Lindsay Olives online print= FREE

(5)Betty Crocker Decorator Frosting $.75 (Found in clearance carts in back left corner of store)
-$1/1 Betty Crocker Decorator Frosting= FREE

All of this for less than $8.00!
Important info:
If you regularly shop at Winco, you will already know this.
-- No overage on coupons. Coupons are automatically modified by the computer. Still, FREE is always good!
-- No credit cards accepted. We like using our rewards card on groceries and were bummed to miss out on the $.08 in rewards but I think I will get over it. ;)
-- Be prepared to bag your own groceries!

Here are some other great prices I found there but couldn't grab because I had no where to store perishables while at a wedding in Highland this evening or I am fully stocked on the sale item.

16 oz Hy Top sliced bread $.86

Land o Frost deli shaved meat 9 oz  $1.48

S & W canned Beans $.68
-$1/2 S & W canned beans online print= $.18 each!!

Hy Top Cream Cheese $.98

Hy Top Paper Towel Roll $.50 ea

Haribo bagged Candy $.98
-$.30/1 Haribo candy online print (limit reached)= $.68

Trolli bagged Candy $.98
-$1/2 Trolli candy online print (limit reached)= $.48

Monday I will set out to check out the bins at the local student housing!! College is out and the treasures are waiting!!!

Home Town Outings

With the beautiful weather comes the opportunity for lots of great FREE Family outings and activities! Here are a few ideas from Disney's Family Fun magazine:

-Take Behind the Scenes Tours
"Exploring the inner workings of your hometown can be both educational and entertaining."
Look for local manufacturers and other businesses who will let you take a tour of their facility, showing how things are done or made.

-Visit local dump or recycling plant
They often offer tours and tutorials on how items are recycled. Enjoy watching the huge front end loaders, conveyors and compactors.

-Make Exploring a Game
"Turn parks, shops, and neighborhoods into settings for entertaining family challenges."
Scavenger hunts, etc.

-Become Local Experts
"Cultivate connections to places around town so that every visit has special meaning to your family."
Review parks, restaurants, amusement parks, etc. Keep a log or journal, scrapbook or blog.

What other ideas do you have for FREE local activities?? Please share!

Yesterday, Tiring but Successful!

I fell into bed last night, so totally exhausted! I had a super busy day and am excited to tell you about it!
I was heading home from Payson in the morning and had a feeling that I needed to swing by Smith's right away, rather than following my original plan of waiting till the afternoon.
The Lord was definitely guiding me! I got in there and they had just finished putting out the rest of the mark downs from the other week!! So many great finds!!
I got bunches of great stuff! Then I went hunting. It wasn't amazingly lucrative but I got some good coupons and several great magazines for reading and resale.
Later in the afternoon, I went to Smith's yet again to grab a few more deals and to take advantage of the FREE Quaker single products they were handing out. I ended up getting 5, just like a full box, for FREE! I was thrilled to find even more mark down items that I hadn't noticed in the morning.
Ps. I work in Payson a couple days a week and have to make a couple trips back and forth. Just so you don't think I'm spending all kinds of gas money going back and forth just to hit Smith's.
I am crazy about the place... but not that crazy!
Speaking of gas, I was able to take advantage of a $.10/per gallon gas discount and filled up the van for less than I'd have paid at Sam's Club.
For some reason, blogger is not charging me to add pictures anymore. Weird but wonderful!!

 In the above photo:
6 hole Muffin Tin $.25
Land O lakes Saute Express $.69
-.75/1 Saute Express= +$.06!!
Viva 1/2 gal milk $.89 ea (clearance)
-.25/2 1/2 gallons milk online print= Like getting 1 gal for $1.53!!
Libman Scrub brush $.25
5 gum $.25
Libman Extra Bottle & Caddy $.25
L'Oreal Preference hair dye $2.05
-$2/1 any L'Oreal Preference= $.05 ea
Paul Mitchell conditioner $.25
Pantene Blonde Expressions conditioner $.25
L'Oreal Eye Liner $.25
-$1/1 any L'Oreal eye product= +$.75!!!
Bumble and Bumble conditioner $.25
Sundown Lutein $.25
-$2/1 any Sundown vitamin or supplement= $1.75!!!
Head and Shoulders $.25
(4) Pantene Shampoos and Conditioners $1.50 ea
-$3/2 Pantene products= FREE
Keebler Grasshopper cookies $1.99
-$1.50/1 any Keebler cookies (online print from rewards)= $.49
Fleet 2 pack Enema $.80
Schick Silk Effects Plus 5 cartridge refills $3.69
-$4/1 Schick razor or refills= +$.31!!!
(5) Quaker single packs FREE (yesterday's FREEBIE giveaway!)

I've been selling my freebies and overage items on ebay for even more profits! Feeling so very blessed!!
Ps. Something that I just realized was not in the pics:
Depends Starter Kit reg. $2.99 Sale: $1.49
-$1/1 any Depends prouct= $.49
Comes with a $3/1 coupon inside!!! A family member uses these and I bought 3 of them so they will enjoy great savings! Just love passing on the goodness!!
Have I mentioned just how much I LOVE Smith's???  :) 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Find of the Month!

Following a feeling, I ended up going through Salem on my way home today. I hit the bins behind Stokes and really scored!
I found coupons, magazines, Kellogg's boxes (for the codes), and then.......
Two One Touch Ultra 2's!!!
Yep, two complete sets of blood sugar testing devices and all their little extras, all still in original boxes, unopened; each in its own handy little cooler.
Why, you might ask.... The testing strips and solution were expired. Not the expensive machine, just the little extras that came with it. Oh people.... Don't you just wonder sometimes why they couldn't throw out the expired items and then donate the perfectly good instruments and coolers??
Oh well, such is the nation we live in. 
Anywho, this is my Find of the Month! Now that we are coming into prime hunting season, I will be posting Finds of the week and month. I promise you will be amazed. :)

Important Correction!!!

Hold the phone!! I was just prepping my coupons for my associated foods trip tomorrow and realized that I was wrong about the Quaker coupons! Here is what they really are:

-$.75/1 Quaker bars  RP 4/14

-.75/1 Quaker select varieties Cereal  RP 4/14

When you buy 5 at Macey's, with in ad coupon, and with mfr coupons, you will pay just $.74 each!!!!

Associated Foods

Here are a few good deals at Associated foods this week that you don't want to miss:


4 lb strawberries $4.99

24 pk bottled water $1.99 limit 2

Powerade .49

Hershey's/Mars candy bars .39 ea
-$.50/2 M&M's/Mars candy (tear pad)

Quaker bars and cereal $1.49 wyb 5 + in-ad coupon
-$1/2 Quaker bars RP 4/14
-$1/2 select Quaker cereal RP 4/14

$.99 Specials

12 oz WF frozen Orange juice

Pepperidge Farm gold fish crackers

Bubba's Bagels

Nature's Harvest Bread

WF 250 ct Napkins

Mangoes .79 ea

Small Avacados 2/$1

2 lb baby carrots 2/$4

Cucumbers 2/$1

5 qt ice cream $4.99

Ruffles potato chips $1.99

Big Buy 16 oz Bacon $1.89

WF 5 lb Shredded cheese $1o.99
-.25/2 lb cheese online print

Hunts 24 oz Ketchup .79 ea

Don julio 9 oz chips .79

WF hot dog or hamburger buns .7 9

Shasta 2 ltr soda  $.59

WF 550 ct Ibuprophen $3.99

Quality Buy 18 oz Crinkle Cut fries $.59

Broccoli or Cauliflower .69/lb

10/$10 items
WF picante salsa 16 oz

Old El Paso 10 oz enchilada sauce
-.60/3 Old el paso items online print

Old El Paso Taco Shells 10-12 ct
-.60/3 Old el paso items online print


Large asst Apples .79/lb

Dial liquid hand soap or 3 pk bar soap $.88
-.35/1 Dial liquid soap or 3 pk bars RP 4/28
Remember that the sale goes through Monday so you will be able to use your coupon then.

Pert Plus 13.5 oz shampoo 2 in 1  $1.98
-$1/1 Pert plus product SS 4/07= $.98

Mangoes $.69 ea

10 lb Russet Potatoes $1.29

Farmland sausage rolls and links $1.79
-.55/1 Farmland product online print

WF 4 pk Pudding cups $.78

Shur Saving 10.5 oz Cream soup  2/$1

Happy Shopping! 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Smith's Report

I have to say, the Payson Smith's is quickly becoming a favorite. I stopped in and did a full recon of the entire store. I found lots of great unadvertised prices/deals and of course some great freebies on the clearance end caps, which brings me to something wonderful.
I have a new favorite cashier! Her name is Eva. She has short, brown hair and seems to work the first shift. Whereas Smith's normally will override your coupons to match the amount of clearance items, depriving you of overage, Eva let me have the overage, citing the fact that the manufacturer will reimburse them the full amount, so why not pass on the savings.
Makes sense to me! Here are the FREEBIES/overage items:
Gum Soft Dental Picks $.44
-.55/1 Gum product= +.11

Sundown Lutein $1.20
-$2/1 any Sundown vitamin= + $.80!!!

Sundown Vitamin $1.40
-$2/1 any Sundown vitamin= + $.60!!!

Another happy surprise that I just realized on my receipt:
Easter Grass marked $.10, rang up at just $.02
There are two carts full of it and at $.02, it's a great opportunity to stock up for next Easter!!!

Other deals:
There are a bunch of items throughout the store that are 50% off as part of this week's sale. I took advantage of these two:

Ken's dressing $1.49
-$1/2 Ken's dressing= $.99 ea

Sunchips $1.99

A couple other deals:

Discount bananas $.39/lb

1 doz Eggs $.88

Land o lakes Saute Starters $.99 close out price
-$.75/1 land o lakes saute starters= $.24
There were several more available. I only took one. The are located up and to the left of regular butter.

I also grabbed 5 loaves of the $.88 Kroger bread. There is a fully loaded rack of day old bakery items but none of them were marked down enough to make me buy them.

Another deal that I may go back for:
Quaker granola bars asst varieties $1.88
-$1/2 Quaker bars RP 4/14= $1.38 ea

On to the day's hunt!

Ebay and such

I was going to go hunting yesterday but decided instead to cross a few things off my list at home instead so that the hubs would stop hounding me.
I cleaned my office up real nice, what a lovely difference it makes! I also listed 20 or so items on ebay and KSL that needed to get listed. It was a good thing because it turned out that I had sold a big item on ebay 4 days before and didn't even realize it. That's not good business. I hurried and got it on its way though and all is well.
Today though, I will be on the hunt! The weather is perfect, my husband is home-so no dragging the kids along in never-ending boredom. It's perfect! I can't wait to see what treasures await me! I'll hit all the schools on my usual route from Spanish Fork to Payson.
I will also be doing a recon mission at the Payson Smith's today. My last recon mission (walking each and every aisle.
A couple of examples:
Garage sale labels reg. $1.67
close out price: $.87  That's even better than the deal I normally get at the dollar store! And you know I'll be doing a yard sale this summer and need the stickers!
Pediacare Children's Pain Reliever reg. $6.47
unadvertised sale price: $3.47
-$1/1 any Pediacare product= $2.47! 
You just never know what you'll find, so head in with your binder, fully stocked!
Stay tuned for a report!

Monday, April 22, 2013


I went to get my Planter's peanut butter at Walgreen's today and apparently they are having a problem with their Utah distribution. They are extending the sale, including the register rewards through 5/04/13. Most of the stores in Utah County get their shipments in on Wednesday and the Provo and Springville stores are hopeful that they will be getting some of the peanut butter in then. 

Deal of the Day!


Planter's Nutrition Peanut Butter 12 oz $2.99
Earn $2.99
-$1/2 Planters peanut butter SS 4/07=
+$.50 each!!

This one will sell out fast! Especially if you are hitting the Payson store. I suggest going north to try a different store. Springville usually has a limit on money makers which means you have a better chance of getting some. 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Deal of the Day!

Today only!
Reams in Springville:
Bananas $.29/lb!!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Being Right :)

I admit, I am not always right... But I sure do love when I am! We made a quick stop at Walmart today and I was able to show my husband the value in my couponing. All I needed, was a large tub of whipped topping. I brought several coupons with me though and picked up five other items that I didn't need. I explained to him that it would make the whipped topping cheaper. He pointed out that I would have to pay tax on those extra items, even with the coupons, so it had to make it more expensive.
At the register, I had the cashier ring up the whipped topping alone, with tax. The total was $1.98.
Then I had her add on the following items and coupons:
(2) Rice Milk @ $1.96 ea
-$2/1 any Rice Dream non-dairy product online print= +$.04 ea
(3) Duncan Hines Frosting Creations @ $.87 each
-$1/1 Duncan Hines Frosting Creations online print= +$.13 ea
Our new total? With tax? 

The lesson learned? I have said it before and I will say it again, even if you don't actually need the product, if you can get overage on it, GET THE PRODUCT!! It will help to pay for the items you actually do need!
What do you do with the FREEBIES? Well, I like to sit and stare at them for awhile. ;)
But once that gets old, and before the product expires, find someone else who can use it! I have a nephew that will benefit from the FREE Rice Milks I have gotten. I will keep the Frostings for my own use.
The point is, if you can get more for the same amount, or even less money, why would you just get the item you actually need??
And this was just a small-scale example. Imagine if I'd had 20 of each coupon!! That is how you get the non-coupon items FREE!
Anywho, it was fun and my husband smiled, so I call that success. :)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Smith's Madness!!!

I went to the Payson Smith's today to grab a couple of things and discovered the most wonderful thing! It was like Christmas!
They are clearing out all kinds of miscellaneous merchandise at great discounts, in carts around the store. Here's the kicker: If the item is no longer in their system, no matter the original price, it will be marked down to $.25!!!
And if you happen to have a coupon for that item, even better!! They don't do overage and will modify the value of your coupon, but still, FREE is awesome!!
I got soooo much stuff!! Great stocking stuffers and birthday gifts, car air fresheners, body wash, vitamin supplements, eye drops, baby supplies, box theatre candy and get this, (2) Compact Flash's!! All of these were $.25 each!!!
Absolute madness!!!
The merchandise was pretty worked over by the time I left. I was there a long time! :) But they showed me a huge rolling cart of merchandise they will be rolling out and marking down tomorrow!! I am beyond excited, of course, and will definitely head back in there with not only my coupon binder, but also my file box of overstock inserts for maximum savings!
On top of it all, when I checked out, a $3.00 store coupon printed out!!! I will use that to buy Milk tomorrow! With their sale price and my (2) -$.25/1 coupons, I will pay just $.50 for 2 gallons of milk!!!
God is good and karma is real! So blessed!!!

In the bins!

I hit lots of recycling bins yesterday during my travels and must say I was seriously disappointed most of the time. I was about to give up completely for the day but had a feeling I should hit just one more.
I went to an elementary school in Payson and boy am I glad I did!
I found a stack that is literally half my height, of lovely purple card stock paper! Oh the things that get thrown out by our schools!
I also found 5 unused rolls of large butcher paper!!! So great for projects! I'll probably keep one and sell the rest. There were 2 gigantic, very heavy rolls that I couldn't get out, but I am super happy with what I did get!

It is that time again! The schools will throwing out all kinds of goodies, so when you're in the area, just stop by for a sec and see what you see!

So much shopping!!

There is so much great shopping to be had right now!! And you don't need buckets of money to really score big! You do need coupons though! :)
I did some shopping yesterday and will do a bit more today. Walgreen's restocked yesterday and I got there early to jump in on the great FREEBIES! Here's what I got through a series of strategic transactions:

(3) Nexcare Blister Proof bandages @ $3.50 ea
-.55/1 any Nexcare bandage
Earned $3.50 RR each= .55 profit per box!!

(2) Crest 16.9 mouth rinse @ $2.99 ea
-$1/1 any Crest rinse (cut from a goody bag I got at the dentist's office)
Earned $2.99 RR each= FREE!!

(12) Nice 25 sq ft foil @ $.99 ea w/in-ad coupon

(3) Legg's nylons @ $.32 each!!

1 Nice Salt @ .99

(1) Allergease lozenges $4.00
Earned $4 RR

(1) Morton's Epsom Salt $4.00
Earned $4 RR

(1) Mountain Dew Kickstart @ .99
-$1/1 Mountain Dew kickstart online print= FREE

(2) Dominos powdered sugar 16 oz @ .47 ea (clearance in Payson)

(2) 2 ltr Sunkist 10 @ $1 ea
Earned $1 RR each

With all of my coupons and my several transactions, I saved about 95% at Walgreen's. I highly recommend checking the clearance end caps! You just never know what you'll find!!

Speaking of clearance, I also hit Smith's to grab some more items from the Mega 5 sale. On the clearance end cap, I found:
(3) Dove Men + Care shave gel @ $1.39 ea (major discount!!)
-$1/1 Dove Men + Care face product= $.39 each!!!

From the mega sale, I got the following:

(5) Pampers wipes refills @ $.99 ea wyb 5
-.50/1 Pampers wipes 60+= $.49 ea

(1) Minute Rice $1.29 wyb 5
-.50/1 any Minute rice product

(4)Scrubbing Bubbles cleaner @ $1.49 ea wyb 5
-$2/2 any Scrubbing Bubbles product= $.49 each!!!

I also grabbed some of the $.88 baby carrots and celery and another FREE Mountain Dew Kickstart with another $1 coupon.

I will be hitting Rancho Market and Walmart today. Stay tuned for the amazing deal I have set up for Walmart! It's going to be a fun one!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Deal of the Day!

Today's deal is at Smith's:

Pampers wipes refill 80 ct  $.99 wyb 5
-.50/1 Pamper's wipes refill 60 ct+ = $.49 each!!!
You can, of course, mix and match your wipes with any other Mega 5 items if you only have access to one computer and can only print 2 copies of the coupon.
Several other great deals are available with the Mega 5 on baby items from Johnson & Johnson, A&D and Desitin.

Coupon Therapy!

 Hey there friends! I tell ya, nothing lifts a beleaguered soul like coupon shopping!!! Even the frustrating parts, it's all part of the challenge that is rewarded with the most wonderful rush and sense of accomplishment!
 I planned to do all of my shopping in Payson but as often happens, not everything I wanted was available. Here's the run down:

I dragged my poor babies and myself out in the middle of a snow storm, put a few things in a cart, then quickly realized that the Payson store was horribly understocked. Left the cart in the aisle, yes, with the merchandise still in it... And away we went.

Rite Aid

(2) Eucerin Professional Strength lotion $8.99  Buy 1, Get one 50% off!
-$3.00/1 any Eucerin lotion product online print
-$2 +UP rewards from last week
Total spent:


Smith's will be continuing their Mega 5 event through next Tuesday so get in there with your coupon binders fully loaded!! There are just too many deals to mention! Go in with time to browse and put deals together. I will be heading in there again before the sale ends.
Here's what I got this time:

Kroger Wheat bread .88

Bakery fresh rolls .98 clearance bakery rack

(2) Formula 409 spray $1.99 wyb 5
-$1.50/1 Clorox or 409 product (must watch video)

Desitin diaper cream $1.99 wyb 5
-$1/1 Desitin coupon online print

(2) Johnson's Head to Toe baby wash $1.99 wyb 5
-$1/1 Johnsons Head to toe 15 oz online print

(2) Kellogg's Cereal Crisps boxes 5ct $1.99 wyb 5
-$1/2 Kellogg's Cereal crisps (cut from cereal box)

Minute Brown Rice $1.29 wyb 5
-.50/1 Minute Ready to Serve Rice product, RP 3/03

(2) Neosporin + pain relief .5 oz $3.49 wyb 5
-$2/1 any Neosporin product online print

Spent less than $16.00!!!
I am so excited to put together some more deals!!


Today is double Tuesday of course. I was surprisingly pleased with how well stocked the Payson store was. The only item they didn't have that I wanted was the FREE Clorox bleach. I will try for that again next week. 
Here's what I did get:

(2) Rice Dream non dairy drinks $1.96 ea
-$2/1 Rice Dream product= +$.04 ea

S&W Beans canned $.86 ea
-$1/2 S&W beans online print

(2) Duncan Hines Frosting Creations $.87
-$1/1 Duncan Hines Frosting Creations= +$.13 each!!!

(2) Duncan Hines Red Velvet Cake mix $1.46
-$.50/1 Duncan Hines Red Velvet cake mix online print (doubled)= $.46 ea

(3) Sunbelt Granola Bars $2.25 ea
-.55/1 Sunbelt granola or fruit & grain bars (regional), SS 3/17

Total Spent $6.35

Walgreen's (Springville)

I found more of what I was looking for at the Springville store but still not all that I wanted. They will be getting a truck in tomorrow morning though, so I will head back in on my way to Rancho Market.
Here's what I did there:
Transaction #1
(1) 2 ltr Sunkist 10 soda  $1.00
Earn $1 RR
Paid $1.03

Allergease lozenges $4
Earn $4 RR
-$1 RR
Paid $3.27

(4) 25 sq ft Nice! Foil $.99 each with in ad coupon
(1) Sunkist 2 ltr soda $1
Earn $1 RR
-$4 RR
Paid $1.26

(1) Iodized Salt $.99
(1) Easter Bubble blowing necklace $.25 (clearance)
-$1 RR
Paid $.28
Total paid $5.84

I have another $15 in this week's budget. So excited to see how far I can stretch it!!

Walgreen's FREEBIES!!

If you haven't seen the ad yet, Walgreen's has a bunch of great FREEBIES this week! Use the Register Rewards strategically and you will pay very little for lots of great products!

Sleep Right Nasal Breathe Aid 3 ct  $7
Earn $7 RR

Nexcare Blister Waterproof Bandages 6 pk  $3.50
Earn $3.50 RR
-.55/1 any Nexcare bandages SS 4/07= +$.55!!!

Morton Epsom Salt 4 lbs  $4
Earn $4 RR

Allergease 21 pk lozenges $4
Earn $4 RR

Hurry in to grab yours before they're gone! Springville is really good about stocking the Register Reward FREEBIES and they can usually be found together on an end cap at the beginning of the Cosmetics department. I will get over there today myself.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Stokes/Ace Hardware: CAN'T MISS!!

Hey kids. I ran into Stokes tonight only planning to look for some flower seeds. Not only did I find a great deal on seed packets (3/$1), I also found these great deals!

WF big bags Cereal $1.98 each!!

Shasta 2 ltr soda $.49 each!!!

Keebler Honey Graham Crackers big box $2.97!!!

4 pack Pansy $1.29

I wasn't there very long so I'm sure there a lots of other great deals to be had. I'll check back in there on Monday and see what else I can find. Stay tuned!

Mountain Dew coupon= FREE

Here is a great FREEBIE coupon you'll want to hurry and print! Sadly, you can only print one. If you have more than one computer though, you could really score here.
The coupon is $1 off the new Mountain Dew Kickstart soda. Lots of stores are selling it for $1 right now, so you get it FREE!

Mountain Dew Coupon

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hobbies; How to pay for them??

 I am an avid gardener. It brings me so much joy and peace. With my dad being sick, he has cancer, I have been an emotional disaster this past month. because of that, I have ended up in my flower beds a lot the past few days! It is so therapeutic and helps me to center. The minute the flowers started blooming, I ran outside and grabbed my trowel!
 The only problem is that decorative gardening is very expensive! As with all of my priorities, I find a way to pay for them! Sacrificing or cutting corners elsewhere. Doing without other things that are less important. There is always a way, my friends, to accomplish those things that are important to you! Whether your hobby is scrapbooking, gardening, running organized races, cooking, etc. You can make it happen! It just might take some creativity!
 Let's talk today about how to create a beautiful flower bed when funds are tight. Well, for starters, you can of course use your coupons effectively and save money from groceries and household that you can apply toward your favorite plants and flowers. But it doesn't end there.
 After your initial investment into perennials (which are usually more expensive) you will be reaping the benefits year after year. Not only that, they will usually reproduce and spread, needing to be thinned every few years.
 I am utilizing several existing plants to create new flower beds and potting arrangements. For instance, I was looking for a cascading plant to put around the rims of several pots. As I was doing research on the subject  online, I found that one of the most popular, most often used cascading plants was a ground cover I just happened to have voluminous amounts of in my existing flower beds and was planning to thin anyway as it is taking over!
 What a lucky realization! I have already transferred lots of it to my flower pots. I have several other plants that have reproduced and I am moving them about to other areas of the yard and into my potting arrangements. So, as with lots of other problems we try to resolve, look around the house for creative, cost free solutions!
 Here's yet another idea: Share! Exchange! Get to know your neighbors and find out who the green thumbs are. You'll all be thinning and dividing plants, so why not swap with each other for more variety?? I have done this with many friends and neighbors and it has been so helpful! Talk about a cost effective practice!
 Not only will save money and add variety to your yard, you will develop stronger relationships and be able to share knowledge and experience, learning all kinds of great, helpful tips!
 Maybe you want to form your own plant society within your community. Maybe you want to set it up like a weekly/monthly book club during the warm months. Or like a cookie exchange, with everyone bringing their extras, enough for everyone to get one plant, and all taking home one from each member.
 Get creative and have fun with it!
 Just one more idea: I've talked about this before and will recommend it yet again! It will require patience, which if you are anything like me, is very difficult!
Wait till fall!!! All of the planting materials will go on clearance. You can really make a killing by waiting! Not only that, if you poke around the stores' dumpsters, you will likely find plants that the store has given up on! If you're a real gardener, with a powerful or even moderate green thumb, you will it is totally possible to revive most of the plants they throw out. I have gotten many that way and most of them have survived and flourished.
 Like I said, whatever your hobby or pastime, that activity that brings you peace in the middle of a chaotic world, is worth finding a way to afford!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

FREE Admission

Here's a deal I will definitely be using! I have been wanting to take the family on a little weekend trip and now it just got more feasible!

All National Parks will be FREE to enter and enjoy from April 20-28! We are really blessed in that department in Utah and I can hardly wait to take the kids hiking and exploring! Just hoping the weather will be good!
Here's the info:
FREE Admission to National Parks

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hangers and today's shopping

I did a bit more hunting last night. I scored big with coupons and a big box of wire clothes hangers and other miscellaneous metal scrap.
Hangers are one of those things you should never have to buy. I find so many, plastic or metal, in my hunting. Dip them in some bleach and you're good to go!
A good time to look for them is when college is getting out. Check the dumpsters near student housing. 
Today I hit 3 stores. I got some good deals but mostly was disappointed by things being out of stock. :(
I should know better than to wait till Tuesday to try getting the money makers.  
I continue learning...

Monday, April 8, 2013

Unadvertised deals & dumpster finds!

I enjoyed some very therapeutic and successful shopping and hunting today! Tis the season! Everyone is busy spring cleaning and so, come garbage day, all kinds of treasures can be found!
I like to take residential routes to whatever my day's destination might be and see what I can find.
Today, I saw a house plant sticking out of bin. The odds are that when you find one good thing sticking out of a can, there will be more goodies inside!
Besides the gorgeous, healthy house plant, (I figure they chucked it because it has outgrown its basket; I will be splurging on a great big pot for it tomorrow!) there was also the following in the can:
Glass round cake pan
Glass square casserole dish
Porcelain oval casserole dish
Large Pampered Chef earthen ware salad bowl
Stove top spoon rest
Salad shooter (need to test)
Black and decker coffee maker (need to test, will be great for my yard sale if it works. If not, the carafe is in perfect, clean condition and I could just sell that.)
There were also a bunch of soda cans for my Disneyland fund. 
I just love these kinds of finds! It just raises my spirits and makes my whole day so much better!

I hit Smith's today and grabbed a few fun things, including some fabulous unadvertised deals!
From the case lot sale, I grabbed cases of Ramen noodles, $3.00/case!!!

I always hit the day old bread rack and I really scored today! I got 7 loaves of fancy sandwich bread for just $.59 each!!! Plus a bag of wheat rolls for the same price.

The regular clearance rack was pretty empty this time. :( I did get a box of Peanut Butter Toast Crunch though, for just $.69.

Here are the surprise coupon deals:

Beechnut Baby cereal $1.58 per box
-$1/1 any Beechnut cereal 8 oz++ $.58 each!!!

Beech nut fruities $1.03
-$1/1 Beechnut stage 4 or 5 snacks= $.03 each!!!!

Better Oats 5 pk box $1.00
-.75/2 Better Oats SS 2/24= $.63 each!!!

Such a great day! I have someone I love very much who I recently found out is very sick. It has been difficult and will continue to be so until his journey ends. Besides my faith and the love of my Savior, the other thing that somehow raises my spirits and gives me hope is my couponing and hunting. 
Maybe it's the rush of endorphin's that come with a fabulous find. Maybe it's just being able to control the outcome of something. Maybe it's just another tender gift from a loving God. 
Whatever it is, it really helps me and with it I am able to help others. 
Life is what you make of it, my friends. Here's to making this a wonderful, productive week! 

HURRY!!! @Macey's; Chocolate Chips

HURRY!! This is while supplies last!! Macey's is clearing out their Ghirardelli chocolate chips and baking bars!! Just $.99 each!!
Spanish Fork has dark chocolate morsels available. Also baking bars in semi-sweet, dark, and white chocolate.

Other unadvertised deals:

Western Family whipped topping original only .89

1 lb Strawberries 2/$3

Rancho Market

Here are my Rancho Market favorites for this week:

All week:
Oranges 6 lb/.99

Pork Shoulder Picnic Roast .99/lb

10 lb Russet Potatoes 1.99

Green cabbage  3lb/.99

Garden Salad bagged .99

Green bell peppers 2 lb/.99

Brown onions 3 lb/.99

Lay's chips 2/$5

Western Family onion or ranch dip mix 3/$1

Tuesday - Thursday only:

Tomatoes 2 lb/.99

Mexican Green Onions 2 lb/.99

Cilantro 4/.99

Friday - Sunday only:

Cucumbers 4/.99

Garlic .99/lb

Braeburn Apples 2 lb/.99

Mangoes .79 ea

1 lb Strawberries 1.50

A few more at Macey's

Here are a few more things at Maceys, starting today, that you will want to grab for your stockpile and your emergency kits:

2 lb loaf Medium Cheddar Cheese $4.49
-.25/any 2 lb cheese online print

Western Family 24 ct AA batteries $3.99

Western Family yogurt cups 3/$1

Grapes $1.49/lb

I'm hitting Smith's in Provo today, hoping to find good clearance and some unadvertised sale prices. Stay tuned!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Printable Coupons- Don't miss out!!

Here are some fabulous printable coupons you don't want to miss out on!! Some of these will quickly run out so don't wait!!

Duncan Hines -$1/1 Frosting Creations coupon

Use at Walmart or Target for the following deal:
Duncan Hines Frosting Creations regular price $.97
-$1/1 coupon= +.03!!!

Cascadian Farms -$1/1 any flavor/variety product

Use this coupon at Walgreen's, starting Sunday for the following deal:
2,000 BR WYB (4) General Mills or Cascadian Farm Cereal, 8.9-17 oz, $1.99

Duncan Hines -.50/1 Signature Red Velvet Cake Mix

Use this coupon at Walmart for the following deal:
Double on Tuesday. Pay just $.29!

Progresso Soups -$1.25/4 any four cans, any flavor

Use at Walgreen's, starting this Sunday for the following deal:
 500 BR WYB (2) Progresso Soup, 18.5 or 19 oz B1G1 at $2.49
= $.68 each

Johnson's Baby Head-to-toe wash 15 oz only -$1/1

Use at Walgreen's, starting Sunday for the following deal:
Johnson’s Baby Care, 6.5-15 oz B1G1 50% off

Clorox -$.75/1 ANY Clorox product

Remember that you can usually get 2 copies of each coupon, per computer. 

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Stokes has a couple of good prices to report:

Shur Saving 4 qt reduced fat ice cream  $3.98

Shasta 12 pk soda 2/$5

Nestle or Wonka single serve candy 2/.88

Asst General Mills cereals 1.88
There are bazillions of coupons you can match with this deal.

Boneless skinless chicken breasts 1.99/lb

Fill it Fresh $10 large produce bag
Fill the bag as full as you can with the assorted, included veggies.

Ataulfo mangos 2/$1

Large ripe tomatoes .99/lb

Dole Spinach or Greener select salad 2/$3

15 lb russet potatoes 1.99

French bread .99

Hot or Lean Pockets 1.97

WF 16 oz Jumbo biscuits .98

Taco Bell refried beans .67

Remember that Stokes is notorious for unadvertised deals! So give yourself time to walk the store!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

$5 Meal Idea: Vegetable Pasta Casserole

Here's another $5 meal idea, based on current sales while also utilizing our stockpiles.

Vegetable Pasta Casserole

Western Family Cream of Chicken Soup  .69 @ Macey's
Western Family Canned Olives .99 @ Macey's
Western Family Canned Tomatoes .48 @ Maceys

Barilla Rotini Pasta  .49 previous Smith's sale

Fresh Broccoli  2 lb/.99 @ Rancho Market

1 lb bag Baby Carrots $1.00 @ Smith's

Cheese  (you should have some left from last week's cheese.  I'm allotting about 1/3 c cheese for this recipe so the cost will be around $.60-.75.
If you don't have cheese in the freezer, I suggest you invest in Smith's current cheese deal:

5 lb Shredded Cheese $10.99
-.25/1 any 2 lb cheese online print

Use your Hefty freezer bags from the Smith's deal several weeks ago to break up your cheese into weekly portions.

Lightly steam broccoli and carrots (chopped fine) till barely tender.
Boil pasta per package directions.
Drain noodles.
Mix in Cream soup, sliced olives (drained), canned tomatoes (drained), broccoli and carrots, half of cheese. Salt and pepper to taste. Mix and spread in casserole dish. Sprinkle remaining cheese on top. Bake 30 minutes at 350.

Rancho Market

Sorry I am so late getting these deals up! Great produce deals as usual!

All week:

Roma Tomatoes 2 lb/.99

Mango Ataulfo 3/.99

Spinach 2/.99

Pineapple 1.99 each

Bok Choy 2/.99

Cauliflower .89 ea

Garlic .99/lb

Mexican Squash .79/lb

Shur Saving Paper Towels single rolls 3/.99

Tuesday-Thursday only:

Fuji apples 2 lb/.99

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts 1.99/lb

Plums .99/lb

Red/Green Cabbage 3 lb/.99

Broccoli 2 lb/.99

Radishes bunches 3/.99

Friday-Sunday only:

Green Onions 3/.99

Grapefruit 3 lb/.99

Lemons 3 lb/.99

Red Grapes 1.19/lb

I've heard from many people that they are nervous to go into Rancho since they don't speak Spanish. Rest assured that the cashiers know English and if you just greet them in English, they will get the hint! If you're still too nervous, here's a tip-
I have noticed a lot more of the non-Spanish speaking community shopping at Rancho between the weekday hours of 11-3. Now buck up and go save some bucks!!
I know, I know. Cheesy. :)


So sad! I totally lost track of time! The Smith's $5/5 sale ended yesterday, which of course makes sense but I just didn't realize it until I went in there today.
I was still happy to take advantage of some of the new deals. I had all my kids and the kids I babysit with me again. We survived. I am so ready for spring break to be over though!!!!
Here are the deals I grabbed:

2 bags salad @ $1 each

3 Doritos @ $2 each (wyb 3)
If you buy the new Jacked flavor, there is a coupon on the package for an additional -$1/2.

5 lb Shredded cheese $10.99
-.25/1 any 2 lb cheese

I also made a quick stop at Walgreen's.
Here's what I got:

6 Snickers single serve bars @ .59 ea w/in-as coupon, limit 6
-B1G1 Snickers online print

3 Domino 1 lb Confectioners sugar @ .49 each!!!  clearance endcap in Payson. Plenty more available!!!!

Kellogg's Frosted Flakes 1.99
There are only a couple options of cereals at this price but they were well stocked.
-$1.50/1 any Kelloggs cereal 8.5 oz +  Earned on Kelloggs reward website 

I had $3 RR to spend so this order ended up costing just $0.94!!!!

I am going to hit Stokes later today. Stay tuned! 

Deal of the Day!

Here's a fun one! Domino's is partnering with Retail Me Not to offer a $10 coupon! I haven't seen a minimum purchase amount yet, but be aware that there may be one. Still a fabulous Family night or Date night deal!
The coupon becomes available this Friday!! (4/5/13) You can add your email to the notification list so that you won't forget!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Smith's Case Lot Sale

Great deals coming at Smith's! Starting tomorrow:

These are my favorites. Check your ad for more and of course hit the store for all the unadvertised deals that are included!

kroger Tomato Sauce 5/$1 Case $4.80

Maruchan Ramen 8/$1 Case $3.00

kroger 18 oz Peanut butter $1.65 Case $19.80 (limit 2 cases)

Kroger Apple Juice 64 oz $1.65 Case $13.20

Kroger Broth 14 oz $.50 Case $12.00

Kroger Large Eggs 5 doz  $4.99

Kroger 5 lb Shredded Cheese $10.99
-.25/1 2 lb cheese online print

Fresh Selections bagged salad  10/$10

Ruffles or Tostitos chips 2/$5

Doritos Buy 3, save $3= $2 ea

Kroger 4 qt Party Pail Ice Cream $4.49

Organic Kale or Red, Green or Rainbow Chard 2/$4

Farmland Sausage Links 10/$10  you don't have to buy 10 to get the price
-.55/1 any Farmland product online print (must sign up)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Case Lot

Associated Foods is having their Case Lot Sale now! Yay!! Here are my favorites:


Hunt's Pasta Sauce .77

WF Specialty canned Beans .48

WF canned Tomatoes .48

WF Corn or Green Beans canned 2/$1

WF 15 roll Paper Towels
or 36 roll toilet paper or
18 ct big roll toilet paper     $5.88

WF Tomato or Chicken noodle soup  .47

WF 64 oz Apple Juice 2/$3

SOFFS 80 ct refill Baby Wipes  .68 ea!!!!

V05 Shampoo or Conditioner  .68

WF 40 oz Hand Soap refill 2/$6

Handi Snacks 4 pack pudding .77

WF Chili .88

WF Cream Soup .69

WF canned Olives .99

Wednesday only:

Medium eggs 1 doz  .88

Thursday only:

1 gal WF Milk 2.29
-.25/1 milk online print

Friday only:

WF 48 oz Ice Cream 2/$5

Saturday only:

WF 5 lb Medium Shredded Cheddar Cheese $10.99
-.25/1 2 lb cheese online print

Red or Green grapes 1.49/lb

Hot or Lean Pockets 1.99

80 oz Clover Honey  $11.99

68 oz Pompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oil  $9.99 w/in-ad coupon

WF 500 ct Ibuprophen  $5.99

Nestle or Wonka single candy bars 2/.88

WF Party Peanuts 12 oz  2/$5

WF Jumbo biscuits .99

WF 89 oz Orange Juice 2/$6


Fresh Market is quite a bit pricier than Macey's on most things this week. It is still worth stopping there first thing in the morning to check their clearance meat section. 

I will check out Stokes' versions of the same deals tomorrow. Stay tuned!