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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Deal of the Day for Sports!

 Today's deal is inspired by the many injuries my husband has incurred playing city league sports!
Thank you for this great coupon match up!
Rite Aid
You've only got two more days to take advantage of this one! I suggest hitting the store off of 500 west in Provo. They always seem to a great job at keeping things in stock. If you or your family are playing sports this summer, you'll be prepared for the inevitable and not end up paying full price when the accidents do happen! 
  • $5 +UP WYB $15 worth of Ace Futuro Supports, Braces, Wraps, and Bandages starting at $5.49 Limit 4
    Manufacturer Coupon -$3 off Futuro braces and supports printable or printable
  • **Deal Idea**
    (3) Futuro Supports at $5.49
    Manufacturer Coupon (3) -$3 off Futuro braces and supports printable or printable
    Get Back: $5+UP
    (makes it 82¢ ea.)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Today at Buy Low!

 I was able to get out and run errands before the storm hit. Crazy Utah weather!! I got my first allergy shots. So much easier than I anticipated! Then I hopped over to Buy Low and got some fabulous deals. My freezers are full to bursting. I need to start looking for a bigger deep freezer or another little one...
  Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast $1.28/lb
Super Extra Lean Ground Beef $1.98/lb
  I almost forgot the fabulous .69 Eggs! My fabulous cashier reminded me though and sent a girl to get them for me. :)
 I love Buy Low's .99 Cottage Wheat Bread.
 Produce, produce, produce!! I grabbed just some of the great deals available this week:
Baby Carrots 1 lb bag  $1.00
1 lb Strawberries $1.00
Green Onions 4/$1
Braeburn Large Apples 2 lb/$1
Peaches 2 lb/$1
Nectarines 2 lb/$1
Oranges 4 lb/$1 (not the best oranges they've ever had... but since they aren't in season, doesn't help to complain)  :)
Cantaloupe 4 lb/$1
 I went over budget about $10. I'm feeling okay about it though since I figure all we'll need next week is produce. And maybe milk. Probably the same the next week. I'm really feeling good about my storage. I hope you're reaching this point! Do what it takes!!! It is so worth it!
 Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

FREE Pantene Coupon!! Hurry!!

If you missed the coupon offer last night, then hurry over and like Pantene on Facebook and sign up to get a coupon for a FREE bottle of Pantene (12.6 oz)!
Your coupon will arrive by mail in 4-6 weeks, but won’t expire until 9/30.
They say they are giving away 454,000 bottles, so you are bound to get one!!  Note: Their site is running very slow, so be patient.  If you miss it today then try back tomorrow.
(Thanks to for this great info!)

Buy Low Deals!!

 Hey kids! Sorry this took so long! Had a mishap while chopping a cucumber yesterday. Didn't wanna bleed on the computer! :)
 Here are the deals I am excited about at Buy Low. I will head over there sometime tomorrow to take advantage of the Wednesday/Thursday specials. I hope you still have some room in your freezer!!
 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast $1.28/lb

Seedless Watermelon .18/lb

Super Extra Lean Ground Beef $1.98/lb

Strawberries 1 lb  $1
T-Bone Steak or Boneless New York Steak  $3.98/lb

Lays Potato Chips $1.88
Western Family Olives .98

Bar S Franks .68
-$1/2 Bar S Franks= .18 each!

1 doz Large Eggs  .68 (limit 4)
Roma Tomatoes .69/lb

Braeburn Apples 2 lb/$1

Mangoes 2/$1
Pineapple .69/lb

Celery .69/lb

Plums .69/lb

Mushrooms 8 oz 2/$3

1 lb bag Baby Carrots $1

2 ltr Coke products .79

Capri Sun multipak $1.49 must buy 2

Beef Back Ribs $1.89/lb

Boneless Beef Clod Pot Roast $2.69/lb

Pork Loin chops $1.69/lb

Pork Butt Steak $1.79/lb

1/4 lb Hamburger Patties 3 lb bag $4.99

8 oz Shredded Cheese $1.59
Sour Cream .99

Wednesday & Thursday only!

Oranges 4 lb/$1
Radishes or Green Onions 4/$1

Peaches 2 lb/$1

Green Cabbage 4 lb/$1

Nectarines 2 lb/$1

Cantaloupe 4 lb/$1

Friday & Saturday only!

Boneless Beef Chuck Steak $2.69/lb
Bone-in Pork Country Style Ribs $1.49/lb

Pork Butt Roast $1.49/lb

Pork Spare Ribs $1.89/lb

Happy Shopping!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Today at Walgreen's and Macey's!

 Today I hit Walgreen's in Springville. Yes, on a Monday!! It definitely makes a difference in supply when you go at the beginning of the week!

 I did 4 transactions total. The first three were all exactly the same:
Reach Toothbrush 2 pack $2.99
-$1 off any Reach brush 1 or 2 ct
Earned $2 RR on each, $6 RR Total
Paid $6.57 total w/tax, for first 3 transactions

Transaction #4:
2 gal Milk @ $1.99 ea
-.75/1 gal milk online (
(3) Walgreen's Aluminum Foil 20 sq ft @ .69 ea w/in-ad coupon (limit 3)
Walgreen's 12 oz Honey Bear $1.99 w/in-ad coupon
-$6 RR
Total: $0.86    

Total Retail Value: $31.39 w/tax
Total Spent: $7.43 w/tax

I also visited my Spanish Fork Macey's today to grab a few things before this week's deals end. 
(3) Kellogg's Corn Pops @ $1.88 ea
-.70/1 Kellogg's Corn Pops (
(10) Fruit Snacks @ .88
(10) Handi Snacks Pudding Packs @ .69 ea
 Green Leaf Lettuce .59 
All the leaf lettuce is .59/head!!!
2 bags Doritos @ $1.88 ea
1 Celery .99
Hot Pockets Side Shots $1.67
-$1/1 Hot Pockets Side Shots (mfr coupon from Smith's mail packet)
(2) 24 qty Meadow Gold Ice cream Sandwiches @ 5/$1.00
-$1/2 Meadow Gold Frozen Novelties
I went out on a limb here just to see if they'd take these coupons for this and guess what?!?! They did!
They even took 2 of them! Must be because of the quantity of bars in each box. Wishing now that maybe I had tried a couple more coupons.... Oh well, still a fabulous deal!!
You can buy the bars individually if you like. Don't know if you'll be able to use the coupon that way though.
Total Retail Value: $91.59 w/tax
Total Spent: $33.99 w/tax  

I will hit Buy Low this Wednesday for the rest of this week's grocery needs. Stay tuned for a list of Buy Low's best deals!
Happy Shopping!!!

Deals of the Day!

Rite Aid
Xtra liquid detergent $1.99
-$1 off Xtra laundry detergent= .99

got2b hair products $4.99
-$2 off got2b hair care (all you mag)
-$4.99 mail in rebate= FREE + overage!!

Reach 2 pack toothbrushes $2.99
+ $2 RR
-$1 off Reach toothbrush= FREE   

1 gal Milk $1.99
-.75/1 any gal Milk online print= $1.24

I'm going to try to get into town sometime today and take advantage of these deals!   

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saving Money In Many Ways

 Today was a day of surprising savings. I went to Shopko to pick up some Alli that I knew was on clearance. Plus I had a coupon. Upon closer inspection, I realized that my coupon wouldn't work for the quantity that was on clearance. ALWAYS ready your coupons down to the fine print! :)
 I was thrilled however, to find several Slim Fast products on clearance! I knew that my sister was also using these products and had some coupons for them that I had given her awhile ago. I called her and told her to get over there right away.
 While waiting for her, I dropped off a prescription at the pharmacy, expecting to pay my standard $10 copay. How excited was I when it turned out there was no copay required?! My insurance provider, Select Health (IHC) occasionally gives freebies on generics! If at all possible, I HIGHLY recommend this insurance provider!! I have been so very pleased with their coverage for the many years that I've been with them! What other provider do you know of that will actually CALL YOU to check on your health and to remind you that it's time for certain wellness appointments??? I really love them!!
 Another recent money saving adventure; my son broke my glasses a couple weeks ago. This was of course incredibly frustrating. I've been wearing my contacts way more since my glasses were unavailable. This unfortunately exacerbated an eye condition I was being treated for. I found out two days ago that I now have Keratitis in my right eye and am not allowed to wear contacts for three months!!! What was I to do??? No contacts, broken glasses, not able to get a new exam until the infection clears! I was spinning in circles about what to do. Then, a blessing from the Lord; my sis in law told me about a site she found that provided super inexpensive glasses ($9.95 + $4.95 shipping) called She had recently purchased her glassed from them and showed me them. They were plastic, not the highest quality perhaps, but cute and fashionable and you wouldn't know they were anything less than fabulous unless you really looked at them or cared. Well I of course was thrilled! Except that I didn't have a current eye glass rx and couldn't get one to use for the order.
 I was contemplating how I could con Shopko into giving me my year and a half old rx... but then decided to please karma and go the honest route, just telling them my situation. Apparently they had heard of my eye doc and didn't really like him and the ornery way he had reprimanded me about my lack of care for my eyes (a whole other story!!). They were very nice and quick to try to help me. It turns out that eye glass rx's are a different story from those for contact lenses. You can't use your contact lens scrip if it's more than a year old in Utah, but you can still get your scrip for eye glasses. Don't know why it's different. Don't care! The Lord blessed me. :)
 So I just ordered me some pink plastic glasses! Should be here in a couple weeks. Until then, I am using my taped up broken glasses. They are driving me crazy! I did do a fairly decent job of covering up the tape with some bedazzle... They still don't sit right though or stay up when I look down. Real money savers are willing to put up with a bit of discomfort sometimes in order to save money though. I am hardcore! :)
 So my sister arrived at the store and graciously gave me one of her coupons. We both saved tons of money today and are well-stocked on something we were going to buy anyway!

 Saved 100% on my scrip. Saved just over 50% on the cans of shake mix. Saved around 35% on the boxes of shakes.
 This was a good day!!! You just never know where you will find savings if you have your eyes open and are ready to receive the blessings!
 Happy Savings to all and to all a good night! :) 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Today's Shopping Report

 Good evening friends!! I love that everyone is getting into couponing and saving money. I am so proud of all of you and what you are doing for your families. I just need to say though, and I know this applies to none of you, but it is always good to be reminded of coupon etiquette. When its a super awesome deal, I know it is difficult not to clean the place out. Try however, to keep in mind all of the other mothers/fathers who are doing this to feed their families as well during troubled times. That is my soap box for today. Take what you need but be considerate of others. If you want huge quantities, talk to your store manager about special ordering.
 Alright then, I hit Smith's in Provo today; first day of the new week and they had NOTHING that I wanted! They had yet to receive an order of the Kellogg's cereals that are $1.49. I was super disappointed. :( I then hit Buy Low and was pleased as ALWAYS with their supply!

 I didn't need much. Here's what I grabbed:
Roma Tomatoes 2 lb/$1
Celery .69/stalk
Peaches  2 lb/$1
Cantaloupe 4 lb/$1
2 pack Xtra Pine Multi Purpose Cleaner $1.49 per pack

Total Spent: $8.25
Check this out for all the other great deals at Buy Low this week, especially today and tomorrow!

 So then I made a lightning quick stop at Walgreen's:

 All I grabbed were some of their Wal-dryl allergy pills, B1G1 @ $3.49.
Total spent: $3.72

 Finally, I headed over to Walmart. Can I just say how incredibly HOT it was today?!?!?! Scorching!! The kids were super troopers with their grouchy mommy. We hit Walmart to price match the cereal from Smith's and a couple other things. They had already been pretty well cleaned out. Some of the Kellogg's that they still had in stock, that you might be interested in: Rice Krispies, Frosted Mini Wheats, Corn Flakes. I grabbed what interested me from what was available and did my best to have a good attitude. Lesson learned: I will call Smith's before I head over there again! I suggest you do the same!

 So Walmart had Bananas on rollback for .45/lb.
I ad matched the Onions with Rancho Market for 6 lb/$1.
The Huggies diapers I matched Smith's for $7.99.
--$2/any Huggies diapers (Huggies coupon booklet in the mail)
The Corn Flakes and Raisin Bran were all matched with Smith's for $1.49 each.
(2) -.70/1 any Kellogg's Raisin Bran 12 + oz (print from =.79 each!
-$1/2 Raisin Bran cereals= .99 ea
-$1/2 Kellogg's Corn Flakes (print from = .99 each

 It was a long hot day. We were determined though and we got it done! Next time I will try to go first thing in the morning. Today though, we hit the park first thing, knowing it would be too hot later. Priorities... :)
Good night and Happy Shopping!

Did you know...

 Did you know that your freezer runs more efficiently when it is full? All the more reason to stock up on freezeable groceries!
 I will be hitting Smith's and Buy Low today. Smith's has carried the Kellogg's sale over to this week! Yay!! Don't miss out! This is a great deal to stock up on. Check out for some fabulous coupons! Also in the sale are Huggies diapers that I will grab. Remember that you just need to mix & match five of the items shown; Kellogg's cereals, Nabisco crackers, Cars 2 cupcakes, Nutrigrain, Special K and Fiber Plus bars, Eggo Waffles, Cottonelle or Viva paper products, and Pull ups or Huggies.
 I would suggest that with the Nutrigrain bars, you only buy those specially marked with the Breakfast coupon booklet. With the cereal, buy those specially marked with the Cars 2 logo. Each box contains a code you can enter online to earn lots of great stuff, including $5 gas cards.
 Happy Shopping! Tune in this evening for my shopping report!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Today's Shopping Report

 Today I hit Smith's and Macey's to take advantage of a couple of the deals ending today.
At Smith's:
The Kellogg's cereal deal was one I should have hit earlier in the week. The Payson Smith's was very low on variety. I ended up with 10 boxes of Mini Wheats @ $1.49 each.
-$1/2 Kellogg's Frosted Mini Wheats
Smith's will be carrying over the Kellogg's/Nabisco deal this next week!! I will be hitting it tomorrow!
I was pleased to find several unadvertised deals, including the Ronzoni  Garden Delight Pasta. They were 10/$10. I just happened to have 10 -$1/1 coupons! All FREE!!
The Slim Fast bars were 2/$9. I bought one and used a -.75/1 coupon, making it $3.75.
I grabbed 2 cans of Kroger Cream of Chicken at .89 each.
  I bought 1 gallon of milk at $2.38. I didn't know yet about the .75/1 any Milk coupon yet. :(
The Sour Cream and Cottage cheese were $1.00 each. I used a my Smith's coupon for .40 off the Cottage Cheese. 3 Loaves of bread @ .99 each. The apples I got FREE by using 2 coupons from the Nutrigrain coupon booklets for $1.00 fresh fruit wyb 2 Kellogg's cereals.
Total Retail Value: $94.20 (w/tax)
Total Spent: $24.06 (w/tax)


 I grabbed 8 bags of the 8 oz shredded cheese at $1.49 each and was able to use (2) -$1 off 2 lb cheese coupons. I also grabbed a huge bag of pancake mix at $4.99.

Total Retail Value: $45.20 (w/tax)
Total Spent: $15.30

Stay tuned for all of the upcoming new grocery deals!

Friday, June 17, 2011

New Money Rules

 Here is a great new set of money rules to follow that I found in Redbook magazine. I really enjoyed this article and felt that it was really helpful so I just have to share it!

"Old Rule: Saving for college is the smartest way to invest in your children's future.
New Rule: Plan for your retirement first. Save your children the future financial strain and work toward siphoning off 15% of your income each year into your 401(k) or Roth IRA. Make sure you're on track by using the retirement calculator at If you are, then set up a separate account for their college fund.

Old Rule: A super basic bank account is fee-free.
New Rule: Fees are everywhere-so stay on top of your accounts to keep them as low as possible. Rumors are swirling about widespread new charges, including annual dues on debit cards and penalties for letting a checking-account balance sink too low. You will be alerted when new policies take affect, so read bank notices carefully. For lower fees, consider switching to a credit union; find one at

Old Rule: Preowned cars are always cheaper than new. 
New Rule: New models may be a better deal. Used car prices have been at an all-time high in recent months, thanks to decreased supply and increased demand after the government's "Cash for Clunkers" program ended in 2009. Now it's actually possible to find a new car that's cheaper than its used counterpart: Start comparison shopping online at

Tickle Me Rich: Elmo gets schooled on saving

When Sesame Street decided to tackle the topic of money management, they turned to the same expert we do: contributing editor Beth Kobliner, author of Get a Financial Life. In a new Sesame Street workshop video released on April 13, Beth teaches Elmo how to become a savvy saver. "Watch as I help him make the smartest buy at Mr. Hooper's store," she says. Download the video for free at 

Today at Kmart & Shopko

 I hit Kmart this morning to fill a prescription and at checkout, the cashier let me know that I had reward points that were going to expire this month. Do you have a Kmart rewards card?? If not, pick one up! They're FREE and the points actually do add up. You gotta love FREE money!
 I was already planning to buy a plant stand that they have on sale this week, regularly $29.99, on sale for $11.99. I already planned to get it at this great price, but then with my rewards applied (toward anything except pharmacy), I paid just $7.53 with tax!
  It's meant to hold a pot at the base and a hanging plant at the top. It adds some fun height and interest to this bed, while waiting for the bed to fill in with foliage.
 We also hit Shopko to check out their Buy one, get one for a penny sale. I was disappointed. I had checked prices at Walmart the other day on things like ironing boards and storage baskets. The Shopko prices, even with the deal, were just too darn expensive.
 It wasn't a total loss however. I checked out lots of clearance clothing racks and totally scored!
  It's Father's Day this weekend and I needed to grab stuff for the hubs. I had already decided that I was getting him some new clothes. Knowing that some of the things in his closet he has had since highschool...
 I had to dig quite a bit with crazy restless kids in tow, but it was well worth it!
 I found this Utah Utes shirt for just $3.74. This black Adidas shirt was $8.00!!
  This nice button down shirt was $8.99. And this gray Champion shirt was a great deal at $6.00. I am so pleased! And I know he'll be happy to have some fresh new duds. :)
 While my daughter was in the bathroom, I hit the clearance and sale racks in the ladies athletic section. I grabbed these two workout tops for $3.99 each!
 Friends, you really can save money!! I know how expensive it is just to live right now!! Gas, mortgage, food, clothes, diapers, medicines, etc. It really adds up and the needs never end!!!! With some patience, determination and time, YOU can save your family money!! It IS possible to get the things you need and the things you WANT and still put money into your savings account!! 
 Sometimes you will have to make do while you wait for those great deals. We live in a pretty entitled, spoiled era. Get over it!!!!  Now is not the time for tantrums and fits! Instead, pull up your boot straps and get creative! Not only will you make your family life more comfortable, you will also teach your children invaluable lessons on frugality, creativity, sacrifice, and gratitude. 
 Off of my soap box now. :) Happy Shopping!!!!

Storms and Shopping!

 We have had some wild weather this week! The Lord has been kind though; showing us His power and mercy at the same time. One of my little trees was struck by lightning the other day while my kids and all the neighbor kids were right next to it! I am feeling so very blessed that all are safe and well!

 I reshaped the tree and I think it looks fine. I am sad that it lost 3' off the top but it is totally okay since the kids are safe. Thank you tree for taking the lightning for the team! :)

 On to my shopping adventures! I went to Walmart on Wednesday to pick up some things and check prices on others. I also ad matched what I wanted from Macey's because the kids were tired and I didn't want to have to hit another store.
  Macey's has their Western Family 8 oz shredded cheese for $1.49 each. Buy 4, use your online coupon for -$1.00 off any 2 lb of cheese.
 Buy Low has the Super Extra Lean Ground beef at the unheard price of $1.99/lb!!! Today and tomorrow at Buy Low but you can match it at Walmart through Sunday. The cashier will need to use a calculator when overriding the price.
 These are FABULOUS stock up deals!! Don't miss them!! Don't feel bad about putting the majority of your budget toward these items!!
  I also matched Macey's cans of Olives for .88 each. This is the best price we've seen in several months. Get as many as you can!
 Macey's also has their whipped topping for .88 each.
 Walmart has Hidden Valley Ranch 24 oz on rollback for $2.98. Use your $1.00 off coupon and grab a few!
 A few other things: Use your $1.00 off any Pert Plus 2 in 1 coupons to grab the travel size for FREE. And of course, those great Carefree liner coupons are still out there. Grab them at Walmart for FREE. Use your Danimals and Danonino $1.00 off coupons on these which are $1.87 each, making them just .87 each!
 Other deals you NEED to know about:

Tillamook Ice Cream $2.99 

Hamburger and Hot Dog Buns .77

7 lb Complete Buttermilk Pancake Mix or
1 Gallon Table syrup  $4.88 ea
Don Julio Chips .89


Tillamook 2 lb brick Cheese $3.99
-$1/any 2 lb cheese (

select varieties Kelloggs Cereal $1.49 wyb 5
The following coupons are available at
-.70/1 Kellogg's Corn Pops 
-.70/1 Kellogg's Raisin Bran
-$1/2 Kellogg's Rice Krispies
-$1/2 Kellogg's Mini Wheat Bites
-$1/2 Kellogg's Corn Flakes
-$1/2 Kellogg's Frosted Flakes

1 doz Large Eggs .99
-$1.00 off any Eggs wyb 2 Kellogg's Cereal (Nutrigrain Coupon Packet)

Rancho Market

Cucumber 8/$1

Peaches .33/lb

Happy Shopping!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Buy Low Deals!!

Here are my favorites at 
Buy Low
this week:

French Bread  .79
Roma Tomatoes  2 lb/$1

Braeburn Apples 2 lb/$1

Bone in Pork Loin Chops or country style ribs  $1.39/lb

Iceberg Lettuce 2/$1

Chicken Drumsticks .79/lb

Western Family frozen Lemonade .99

WF Ketchup 36 oz  .99

Kraft BBQ sauce 18 oz  .99

1 doz large Eggs  .99

D'Anjou Pears .69/lb

Mangoes .69 ea

Nectarines  .99/lb

Cantaloupe  .50/lb

Red Grapefruit  2/$1

Chex cereal  $1.99
-$1/2 Chex cereals
-.50/1 online Chex coupon
Big Quality Paper Towel single roll  2/$1

Whole Body Chicken  .99/lb

Bone in Pork Butt Roast  1.59/lb

Ground Chicken  1.69/lb

Boneless Pork Stew Meat  1.79/lb

WF  5 qt Ice cream  5.99

Resin Chairs  7.99

Bistro Set  39.99

Wednesday & Thursday only:

Watermelon  5 lb/$1
Cucumbers 4/$1

Oranges  4 lb/$1

Peaches  2 lb/$1

Kiwi  4/$1

Green Cabbage  4 lb/$1

Friday & Saturday only:

Super Extra Lean ground beef 1.99/lb
Boneless Beef Rump Roast  2.39/lb

Boneless Pork Butt Roast  1.59/lb

Boneless Beef New York Steak  3.99/lb

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Weekend Shopping Report

 I hit Shopko twice this weekend, thanks to breaking one of my most important rules; I didn't bring my coupon binder on the first trip, Big no-no! I also hit Macey's for their one day Flag Day sale. Great deals galore!!!

Here's Shopko:

Trip #1:
I was pleased to discover Shopko's clearance section for food and pharmacy items. It is the wall at the end of the registers. I was at the store to get Slim fast, retailing $8.99 & $8.79 respectively, using -$1/1 Slim fast drink mix coupons on each of them. The price wasn't great, but I made up for that with my fabulous $10 bonus store coupon that I earned for having filled 10 prescriptions at Shopko. I grabbed two boxes of Saltines, on clearance for .99 each and then 3 packs of Nerd ropes and 3 packs of chewy Sweet Tarts, all .39 each. I wanted to buy the 2 boxes of $1.19 clearance Rice Krispies that I found, but silly me, I had left my coupon binder home and just couldn't do it knowing that I had a coupon that would make them cheaper. I counted on the coupon gods to reward me for my dedication. I decided against hiding the boxes behind some more expensive Frosted Mini Wheats. Fear of bad karma...
With the store coupon, which gives a $10 discount when you buy $20 in merchandise, I ended up paying just $10.46 for this order.

Trip #2:

 Back to the clearance section. Yay and hooray!! My cereal was still there!!! $1.19 each and I used a -$1/2 Kellogg's cereal coupon from the Nutrigrain breakfast savings pack, making them just .69 each!!!!!!
 I am soooo pleased! (patting myself on the back...)
I also grabbed two bottles of  Sundown Valerian Root to help me sleep better, on clearance for $2.49 each. I had -$1/1 Sundown coupons, bringing them to $1.49 each.
 I went against my better judgment and bought 4 boxes of Kellogg's fruit snacks at $1.49 each, only to find them for .99 at Macey's right after! So of course I returned them. :)
Total Retail Value: $61.57 (w/tax)
Total spent: $15.04 (w/tax)

 At Macey's:

 Today there are all kinds of fabulous one day specials, both advertised and not. I went over budget but I don't feel bad about it. These were great deals!!
4 boxes Kellogg's fruit snacks @ .99 ea
5 WF Ketchup 24 oz @ .79 ea
2 lb Medium Cheese @ $5.99
-$1 off any 2 lb cheese
10 Handi Snacks Pudding Packs @ .69 ea
4 cans WF Green Beans @ .39 ea
12 cans WF Corn @ .39 ea
Hershey's Chocolate Syrup $1.49
Hershey's Strawberry Syrup $1.49
-$1/2 Hershey's syrups or toppings

Total Retail Value: $60.30 (w/tax) 
Total Spent: $29.98 (w/tax)

 I am tired but glad I got this done!! Might go sit in the kiddie pool with my babies now... :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Today's Shopping Report

 With the help of super fabulous best friend, I was able to hit four stores today. I couldn't have done it without her!

First was Buy Low:

Celery Stalk .69 ea
Cucumbers 4/$1
1 lb Baby Carrots $1 ea
Oranges 4 lb/$1
Peaches .50/lb
Roma Tomatoes  .69/lb
Mushrooms 8 oz  $1.50

Total Paid: $8.79

Next... Sam's Club:

Almonds 48 oz  $8.98
Yoplait Delights  $5.73
Total Paid: $15.15

And then.... Walgreen's:

I did 3 transactions at Walgreen's. I had a different plan in mind before I got there but then I realized that the $5 in Register Rewards I had left from another trip were from Proctor & Gamble. You can't use a P&G reward to buy another P&G item. So I had to rethink my plan, which was initially to use it to buy another razor that would earn me more rewards to pay for the rest. So....
I paid more than I had originally hoped to, but it is an important reminder about the rules of register rewards. Double check the details of your plans before you get to the store!

Transaction #1:
Scott Tissue 12 roll $6.99 w/in-ad coupon
-$1/Scott tissue 12 or more rolls

1 Sobe Lifewater @.99
Earned .99 Register Rewards

Used $5 RR from another trip
Total Paid: $2.48

Transaction #2:
Gillette Fusion Pro Glide $9.89
-$4/1 Gillette Pro Glide Razor system
 Earned $5 RR
Deerfield Baking soda .50 w/in-ad coupon

Used .99 RR

Total Paid: $6.08

Transaction #3:
Walgreen's Honey Bear 12 oz $1.99

Sobe Lifewater  .99   
Earned .99 RR

(3) Sidewalk Chalk @ $1 ea

Used $5 RR

Total Paid: $ 1.27
Plus I have an extra .99 RR to use next week

Total Retail Value: $46.88
Total Paid: $9.83

And finally...  Macey's!

I will be hitting Macey's again this Saturday morning for their Flag Day sale. I did grab a few things today though that are on sale all week.

2 Kellogg's Rice Krispies @ $1.79 ea
-$1/2 any 2 Kellogg's cereals 

1 doz Large Eggs $1.39
-$1 when you buy 2 Kellogg's Cereals

(6) Dreyers Smoothies and Shakes @ $1 ea
-$1/2 Dreyers Shakes or Smoothies

6 Boxes Meadow Gold Bars @ .99 ea w/in-store coupon & must buy 2
Somehow I missed this till now but looking at my receipt, it appears the cashier didn't take off the in store coupon for the Meadow Gold and I paid $1.49 each instead of .99. I will have to hop over there and get that taken care of. A good reminder to check your receipt BEFORE you leave the store!!!
-$1/2 Meadow Gold frozen novelties

Total Paid: $12.51
I will get my refund and it will bring my actual out of pocket down to $9.51. 

So I have $10 left in my budget for this Saturday's Flag Sale. :)

Recycling Bins Report

 I hit the recycling bins yesterday and found a decent amount of coupons. For the volume of paper that was in there, I was disappointed with my haul, but it was made up for in coloring books!

 I also found some good magazines. I couldn't believe how great the coloring books were. Most were unused. And the ones that were used were just a few pages. The kids were super excited! Plus I found the one coupon that I really need for my shopping trip, so overall I am pleased. :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Macey's is the place!

Macey's has my vote for #1 store of the week!
So many great deals!! Let's jump in:
First, the One Day Sale, Saturday June 11:

Don Julio Chips .69
1.8 oz Utah Truffles .69

Hershey's Syrup $1.49
 -$1/2 any combination of TWO Hershey's syrup bottles 17+oz= .99 ea!!

Western Family Ketchup 24 oz or 20 oz upside down .79

W.F. Yellow Mustard 24 oz   .79 

Handi- Snacks Pudding 14 oz  .69

Mt. Spring water .10 per bottle!!
Case of 24: $2.40

T.J. Farms potatoes  .88
W.F. Corn or Green Beans  .39
Tray of 12: $4.68
Spitz Sunflower seeds 6 oz  .39 w/in-store coupon & must buy 2

Also happening Saturday, which is Flag Day, a FREE Pancake Breakfast after flag ceremony. FREE balloons and stickers, activities for kids. 

All Week Deals

Keep in mind that these are my personal favorites. Double check your ad to see what else you might like!

Sun Chips, Ruffles, Doritos 2/$5
Kelloggs select cereals  $1.79
-$1/2 Kelloggs cereals (Nutrigrain coupon packet)= $1.29 ea wyb 2

General Mills select cereals  $1.79
$1/2 Cheerios (will work for Chocolate Cheerios which are listed in the ad) 
-.50/1 Original Cheerios online coupon
-$1/2 General Mills cereals online coupon (
-.50/1 Reeses Puffs cereal

Tony's frozen Pizza .79
-.50/3 Tony's Pizza= .62 ea wyb 3

Crest Toothpaste select varieties 6.4 oz 10/$10

Oscar Mayer Lunchables 10/$10

Kelogg's Fruit Snacks .99 w/in-store coupon & must buy 2

Powerade 32 oz 15/$10 (.67 ea)
 must buy 15

Capri Sun or Kool aid 10 pk drinks $1.79

Shasta 6 pk soda .89

Meadow Gold Frozen Treats (Fudge, Dream or Root Beer Float)  $.99 w/in-store coupon & must buy 2
-$1/2 Meadow Gold boxes frozen novelties= .49 ea wyb 2!!! 

W.F. Foam cups 51 ct  .99

Top Ramen 5/$1
Tootsie Theatre Candy .88

W.F. Graham Cracker Pie Crust .89
Dreyers Shakes or Smoothies 5/$5
-$1/2 Dryers slow churned shakes or smoothies= .50 ea!!

Cluster Tomatoes $1.29/lb

Broccoli or Cauliflower .89/lb 

Cucumbers 2/$1

This is a great week to hit Macey's!! Especially Saturday! Get there early to avoid crowds!! Remember to grab rain checks if your item is gone.

Buy Low Deals!!

 Here are my favorite deals at Buy Low this week:

Cameo Apples 2 lb/$1

Bone-in Pork Loin End Chops $1.59/lb

Oranges 4 lb/$1

Roma Tomatoes .69/lb

Chicken Wings .99/lb

Coke 2 ltr  .99

Western Family Pineapple .99

Nectarines .79/lb

Celery stalk  .69 ea

Mushrooms 8 oz 2/$3

Yellow Onions 4 lb/$1

1 lb Baby Carrots $1.00

Shur Saving Marshmallows .99

Western Family Fruit Snacks .99

W.F. Ketchup 20-24 oz $1.19

Liberty Gold Peaches 14.5 oz can  .79

Bone-in Pork Loin End Roast $1.99/lb

W.F. Whipped Topping .99

Blue Bunny Personals Premium ice cream .99

Wednesday & Thursday only!

Watermelon  5 lb/$1

peaches 2 lb/$1

Cherries $1/lb

Honeydew Melon 3 lb/$1

Cucumbers 4/$1

Red Grapefruit 3/$1

Friday & Saturday only!

Bone-in Split Chicken Breast .99/lb

Boneless Pork Country Style Ribs 1.79/lb

Boneless Beef Cross Rib Steak  $2.89/lb
Bone-in Pork County Style Ribs $1.29/lb

Boneless Beef Chuck Steak  $2.89/lb

Head on Shrimp  80-90 ct  $2.69/lb

Boneless Beef Cross rib steak  $2.89/lb

Friday, June 3, 2011

Yesterday's Purchases

I hit three stores yesterday and have stayed WAY under budget! I am so thrilled! We will use the extra money to change the oil in the car and to grab a couple of rose bushes for the backyard gardens we are creating. 

First was Macey's in Spanish Fork.

We love Santitas chips. They are on for $1.49 this week so I grabbed two bags to supplement our stock.
Yogurt is 4/.88. What a great deal!!

Eggs are .99/doz.

The whipped topping wasn't a great deal but I needed it. 

Hot dog buns .79!

Candy bars 3/$1

-.50/2 Baby Ruth, Crunch or 100 grand= .08 each!!!

Bar S Franks .69 ea
-$1/2 Bar S Franks= .19 ea

Broccoli &/or cauliflower .69/lb
Total: $18.79
Rite Aid

I did two transactions at Rite Aid.

2 Huggies Jumbo packs @ $8.97 ea
2 Huggies Swimmers @  $6.97 ea
-(4) $3/1 ANY Huggies diapers online print coupon
This is a tricky coupon to find. Let me know if you need help locating it!)
Total: $22.03
Earned: $10 +UP rewards

18 Hershey's Chocolate Bars @ .50 ea
-B1G1 Hershey's Dark= .25 ea

2 Banana Boat Kids Spray Sunscreen B1G1 @ $11.49 ea
-(2) $1/1 any Banana Boat sunscreen 6 oz +

-$10 +UP Rewards

Total: $5.04

I forgot to print off my Rite Aid Video Values Huggies -$1 coupon for this trip. :( 
I am going to call the store and see if, like many other stores do, they will refund me the money of that coupon if I bring the receipt in. Let's hope so!!!

Buy Low

Milk $1.99 ea
Cucumbers 4/$1
Mangoes .69 ea
Cameo Apples .50/lb
Green Cabbage .25/lb
Roma Tomatoes .50/lb
Cherries $1/lb
Zucchini .69/lb
Green Bell Peppers 3/$1

Bananas .59/lb
Peaches $1/lb
Cottage Wheat Bread $1 ea

Total: $20.95 

Grand Total: $66.81
$33.19 under weekly $100 budget!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Deals of the Day!

 Todays deals are at 
Rite Aid.

$4.99 +UP WYB Renpure Organics Shampoo or Conditioner, 8-13.5 oz, $4.99 Limit 2
(makes it FREE)

$2 +UP WYB (2) Suave Hairspray, Gel, or Mousse, or Rave Hairspray, at $2.50 Limit 4
-.50/2 Suave Professionals stylant, RP 5/22 (if included)
-$1 off Suave Professionals stylant or dry shampoo, April RedBook magazine (EXP 05/31) (if included)
(use (2) $1 off, makes it 50¢)

$2 +UP WYB Irish Spring, Speed Stick 24/7, or Speed Stick Stain Guard Deodorant at $2.99 Limit 4
-.50/1 Speed Stick Men’s deodorant, (sign up) printable
(makes it 49¢)

Buy Low Deals!!

Buy Low, sweet Buy Low...
More GREAT deals!
I will be heading over there tomorrow to take advantage of the Wednesday/Thursday produce specials. I suggest you do the same!
Another thing I really love about Buy Low that you should know, is that they do a really great job at being fully stocked. Not many stores can say that!
Here are the best of this week's deals:

Roma Tomatoes 2 lb/$1

Pork Loin End Chops $1.49/lb

Green Bell Peppers 3/$1

Fugi apples 2 lb/$1

1 doz Large Eggs .99

Milk $1.99

Western Family 6 oz yogurt 10/$3 or .30 ea

Dunford Bread .99

Mangoes .69 ea

Peaches $1/lb

Limes 8/$1

Radishes or Green Onions 3/$1

Wednesday & Thursday only:

Cherries $1/lb
Watermelon 5lb/$1

Granny Smith apples 3 lb/$1

Oranges 4 lb/$1

Cucumbers 4/$1

Friday & Saturday only:

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast $1.59/lb
Boneless Beef New York Steak $4.99/lb

Chicken Drumsticks .69/lb

Super Extra Lean Ground Beef >7% fat  $2.49/lb

I don't know about you, but I am super excited for all of these deals!!!