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Monday, May 31, 2010

Recycling Bins and deals for the week

 I decided to swing by the recycling bins on my way home from the gym. It turns out there was a small coupon insert in yesterday's newspaper. It's mostly ads that are also available online, but why waste the ink if you don't have to??
 It ended up being a coupon goldmine!!! I was very pleased and even found a couple of expensive, current magazines. If you have time amidst the festivities today, stop by your local bins and see what you can find!
 I have some deal ideas for Walgreen's and Target here for ya. There are some goodies!


Sobe Life Water 20oz  $1.00
$5 Target gift card wyb (10)
-$.50 Target online coupon
B1G1 Sobe Life Water online printable coupon
Do it right and they should be FREE

Fiber One Cereal 17.25oz , Chewy Bars 5ct, $2.50 or Yogurt $2.04
$5 Target gift card wyb (5)
-$1 off Fiber One yogurt (Sunday coupon or online)
-$.75 Fiber One Cereal (Sunday coupon or online)
Buy (5) Fiber One Cereals @ $2.50 ea.
Use (5) -$.75 printable or Sunday coupons
Pay $8.75
Get back $5 gift card, makes it $.75 ea

Kellogg's Frosted Flakes $1.88
use -$1.50/3 Sunday coupon

Green Giant Boxed Veggies $1.00
use -$.50/1 online printable coupon or
use -$.50/2 online printable coupon

Wheat Thins 10oz or Chips Ahoy Cookies 15.25oz  $2.41
B3G1 Target printable coupon
use -$1/2 Nabisco crackers Sunday coupon
Makes it $1.30 ea

Dannon Danimals or Dannon Activia 3/$5
use -$1.00 Activia Sunday coupon
use -$1.00 Danimals Sunday coupon

Kraft Cheese Blocks or Shreds  $2.00
use -$1.50/2 Kraft cheese products online printable coupon
use -$1.00 off Kraft 100 calorie Cheese Bites online or Sunday coupon (if included)

Huggies Diapers Jumbo pack $8.99
use -$3 Target online coupon
use -$3 Huggies online coupon= $2.99 

Tide Stain Release Duo Pacs 34ct or Liquid 68oz $10.99
use -$3 off Tide Stain Release 
Buy 2, use 2 coupons. Makes it $5.49 ea.

Dial Soap 10ct or Body Wash 21-24oz or Liquid Soap Refill 50oz $3.99
use -$1.00 off Dial for Men Body Wash sunday coupon
use -$1/2 Dial Body Washes Sunday coupon
use -$1.50/2 Dial for Men Body washes online printable coupon


Carefree Liners to Go 22ct $.99
use -$1.00 any Carefree Sunday coupon

Dove Ultimate Go Fresh Deoderant travel size $.99
use -$1.00 off any Dove online or Sunday coupon

Arm & Hammer Toothpaste travel size $.97
use -$2.50/2 A & H Sunday coupon (exp. 6/30)

Dove Body Spray $2.99
use -$1.00 Target online printable Dove coupon  
use -$2.00 online Dove coupon

GE Reveal Light Bulbs 4pk $2.00
use -$1.00 GE Energy Smart Lighting online printable coupon
use -$1.50 GE Reveal Target online printable coupon

Armor All Wipes $4.99
Armor All Tire Protectant 7oz $7.99
-$3/2 Armor All products online coupon
-$2 off Armor All printable (Facebook) coupon
Free Armour All Wheel Protector Mail in Rebate
Makes both FREE after rebate


$5 RR wyb $10 select candy
Reese's Nuggets, Miniatures or Hershey's Kisses $2.50
Hershey's Pieces 10.5-11.5oz $2.50
Twizzler's 11-16oz $1.33
use -$1.00 Hershey's Extra Dark Chocolate Bar or Bag
use -$1/3 Hershey's Kisses, Reese's, Hersheys Miniatures, and York Candy
Buy 3, use 1 coupon
Pay $6.50
Get $5 RR
Makes it $.50 ea!!!

$1 RR wyb Household Cleaners
Tilex, Clorox Clean Up, Pine Sol, Clorox Wipes, Liquid Plumber
use -$1 off Pine sol cleaner sparkling wave 48oz coupon on select bottles
use -$1/2 Pine sol all purpose cleaners 28oz+ online coupon
use -$.55 Liquid Plumber 32oz, Power Gel Clog Remover, coupon on select bottles

Kellogg's Cereal 12-15oz $1.99
use -$1/2 Kellogg's cereal online printable coupon
use -$1/3 Froot loops, apple jacks, corn pops, or frosted flakes online printable coupon
use -$1.50/3 Kellogg's cereals 10oz+ Sunday coupon

Life Savers Bag B1G1 @ $2.29
B1G1 online coupon
use -$1/2 Life Savers printable coupon

Lindsey Olives $.99 w/in-ad coupon
use -$1/2 Lindsey olives Sunday or online coupon

Filler Item:
Royal Gelatin $.20 w/in-ad coupon

Air Wick iMotion or Freshmatic, or Neutra Air Freshmatic 50% off
use -$4 off Air Wick Freshmatic compact imotion starter kit Sunday or online coupon

Palmolive Dish Liquid 10oz $.99 w/in-ad coupon
use -$.25 Palmolive Sunday coupon

Aquafresh Toothpaste $.99 w/in-ad coupon
-$1 Aquafresh for kids online coupon=FREE

Nivea Men's Skincare, Shave Gel or Body Wash B1G1
use -$1 Nivea Body Wash for Men Sunday coupon
use -$3 Nivea Body wash for Men Sunday coupon=FREE

These are some real goodies! Stock up!


Happy Memorial Day!/ Deal of the day!

 Target has my Deal of the Day! All week long, Dannon Activia 4 packs, which I buy regularly, will be on sale for 3/$5, down from the regular $1.97. Use your Activia $1.00 off coupon to get your 4 pack for just $.67. That is only $.16 per cup!!!
 I am so grateful today to my ancestors for passing on a noble legacy and a great sense of humor. I am so very grateful to the many men and women who have through their sacrifice, made it possible for me to enjoy this legacy and to pass it on in whatever way I choose. I do so love my FREEDOM!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kmart deal ideas, starting tomorrow

 A couple of deal ideas starting tomorrow at Kmart:

Aussie 6-14oz shampoo, conditioner or styling products  3/$9
use -$2/1 Aussie hair care= $1 each

Gillette select packs of disposable razors  $6
use -$3/1 any Mach 3 or Venus disposable 6ct, etc. Sunday coupon

Nabisco asst crackers (in bags) $1.00
use -$1/2 Nabisco crackers Sunday coupon= $.50 ea

Hunt's Ketchup $1.00
use -$.20 Hunt's ketchup Sunday coupon

Here's the BEST one!
Vaseline Lotion 6.8-10oz B1G1 @ $2.99
use -$1.00 any Vaseline lotion Sunday coupon (exp.06/20)
Buy 2, use 2 coupons= $.49 each!!!! I'm going to see how many of these coupons I can find this week and try to really stock up! These make great stocking stuffers or additions to a gift mug!
 I made it to Target on the way home from Camp Williams. It was so great to see my brother and to watch him meet his baby girl for the first time! So glad he's home!
 What better way to celebrate, than by grabbing some great deals and freebies at Target??
 The 3 boxes of Kellogg's cereal were on for $2.59 each. If you bought 3, you would get a gallon of milk FREE($2.09 value). I also had a coupon for $1.50/3 Kellogg's cereals. Together, with the discounts and free milk, the cereals were $1.39 each.
 The Nabisco crackers are on sale for $2.50 each. There is a Target online coupon that says if you buy 3 Nabisco crackers, you get a fourth one FREE. I used that and also 2 online coupons for -$1/1 Wheat Thins. Then there is the Sunday coupon for $1/2 any Nabisco crackers (which I sadly forgot to use!!!!)  :(  Anywho, do the math and it ends up being $1.12 per box. 
 My 2 bags of Hershey's Bliss (which I just happen to be sampling right now) were on for $2.99 each. I had 2 Target online coupons for $1/1. I also had 2 of the Sunday coupons for $1/1 Hershey's Bliss. This made them $.99 each. 
 My regular item, Dannon Activia yogurt, was as always, $1.97. I used a $1 Activia coupon from the paper. Not too shabby. I need to round up some more of them!
 The Dove Body Mist was FREE!!! On sale for $2.99, I used a Target online coupon for $1 off and then a Dove online printable coupon for another $2.00 off!
 The Johnson and Johnson products are for my Baby Shower gifts that I'm putting together.
Each item was priced at $1.97. I had a store coupon from the last time I bought baby powder. (I love how they print up store coupons for you based on what you bought!) This one was $1.50/2 J&J Baby Powders. These particular powders happened to have $1 off Manufacturer coupons stuck on the front of them which I also used. 
I had 2 $1.00 J&J sunday coupons and I used them on the Baby Lotion and the Baby Q-tips. I hadn't planned on that, but since the powders already had coupons, it enabled me to grab a couple more things for my baby gifts. I love when stuff like that happens!
 The travel size Pantene shampoo and the conditioner were $.97 each. I got a coupon with my Pantene samples that came in the mail last week and it was $2/2 any size Pantene. So yes, I got those two for FREE! ORDER SAMPLES!!!
 The Axe Body washes were also in the Travel section and were $.97 each. I had 3 coupons for $.75 off any size Axe Body wash. I got those 3 for $.22 each and will use them in my men's hygiene kits for Christmas.
 And now the diapers! The 2 big boxes were priced $19.97 each. I had 2 Target online coupons for $3.00 each. I also had 2 coupons from for $3 each!!! So I got the two boxes (which ended up being cheaper than getting one super big box) for just $13.79 each! The 2 smaller bags of Huggies diapers are for my baby shower gifts. They were priced at $8.97 each. I had all of the same coupons for them that I used for the big boxes of Huggies. It's so great that they let me print so many. That doesn't happen very often! So I got the 2 smaller packs for just $2.97 each!!!! I'm so proud of that deal!
 There are some great deals and FREEBIES at Walgreen's that end today. I'm not sure if I'll make it over there or not, but I will report if I do! Either way, I feel pretty good about what I got done! Next week my stocking up focus will be on 2 liter bottles of soda and bags of chips for all of the upcoming parties and picnics! If you find any great deals, please share!!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Darn it!

  I went to my doctor appointments this morning, planning to do all of my shopping afterward. I realized too late that I had left my coupon binders at home! I was super frustrated with myself, but decided that since I was already in town, I'd better go ahead and do the best I could.
  I went to Big Lots! I sure do love that store!!! I actually got most of what we needed there. I stopped at Smith's for Lean Pockets($1.88 ea) and milk($1.89), and then Target to get my fabulous new hose reel box and deck box. I didn't need coupons for them anyway. :)
  So even though I missed out on some of the coupon deals I had planned for Target, I still feel like this was a successful shopping adventure. I'm also pretty pleased with how well I was able to roll with the punches. That is definitely not in my character. I must be evolving... :)
  I will be welcoming my little brother home from war tomorrow and if there is time on the way home, I will try to stop at Target. Otherwise, I will just have to wait till next week. 
  Lesson learned: Double check before you leave the house to make sure you have all that you need!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010


  I am so excited!!! My patience has paid off! For several months I have been wanting a nice deck box for my frint porch. It is nice to have a place to set the groceries or the diaper bag while I find my house key. And at the same time you add some convenient storage space for things like strollers and gardening tools, the kinds of things you don't want to display on your front porch.
  I've seen several that I liked but none that I could justify buying. I also have wanted/needed a hose reel for the watering hose in our front yard. Again, I've seen lots of nice ones, but none in my price range. Well, the skies have parted!
  I will be hitting Target tomorrow! They have a lovely deck box, nice and big, for just $39.00! I saw this same one earlier in the season at another store for around $80. I am super excited! I just hope it will fit in my car!
  Also at Target (how lucky am I???) there is a lovely hose reel box for just $20. It nicely hides the hose and also provides a flat surface on which I can put a lovely potted plant. 
  My point: be patient!!! The need for immediate gratification is the reason that our  society has gone so far downhill! Hang in there. Hold off and make due until A. you have cash money to spend and B. you will get the best value for your money. 
  You can do it!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


For some reason, because of Memorial Day, there will be no coupon inserts in this Sunday's paper. :( What kind of sense does that make??? I can't think of a better way to honor our fallen loved ones than by being wise, frugal, responsible people... with lots of coupons!!! I know my ancestors would be proud! 
Anywho, no need to buy a paper this weekend. I'd still check the recycling bins this coming week though. There will be coupons from the last couple of weeks that still have lots of life left in them!

Best Picks

Here are my picks for best deals at Fresh Market and Macey's!

Fresh Market
Van Camps Pork and Beans $.31 ea

Lay's Potato Chips  B1G1

Boneless skinless Chicken breasts  $1.88/lb

Ribeye Steaks  $4.98/lb

Capri Sun 10pk  3/$5
use -$1 Capri Sun Sunday coupon

Dreyer's 48oz Ice cream  2/$5

Nalley Chili Con Carne 15oz  $.98

Western Family Butter quarters 2/$4

Sunny D $.99
use -$.25 Sunny D Sunday coupon

Western Family 16oz Sour Cream  $.88

Western Family 12oz frozen Lemonade  $.98

Cucumbers 2/$1

Dole 9oz Spinach or 12oz Greener Selection Salads  2/$3 

Western Family 8oz Shredded Cheese 2/$3

Welch's 9oz fruit snacks  2/$4
use -$1/2 Welch's fruit snacks coupons

M&M Mars select standard size candy  2/$1

Nabisco 5.5-10oz asst Snack Crackers  $2.49
use -$1/2 Nabisco Sunday coupon

Keebler Fudge Shoppe Cookies  3/$5
use -$.55/2 Keebler cookies Sunday coupon Buy 6=$.89 ea

Nestle single standard size Baby Ruth, 100 Grand, Crunch or Butterfinger 3/$1

25oz Sun Liquid Dish soap  $.98

$.98 for each of the following 
 Softsoap 7.5oz liquid soap
Colgate soft or medium Plus Toothbrushes
Colgate 4.6oz Toothpaste
Mennen Speed Stick select varieties

3.1oz Healthy Hands or 10oz Lotion asst. Vaseline Intensive Care $2.88
use -$1.00 Vaseline lotion sunday coupon

Degree Men's Deoderant  $2.47
use -$.50 Degree Sunday coupon

Suave Hair Care $1.88
use -$50/2 Suave Styling Products Sunday coupon
use -$.50 Men's Suave for Men Sunday coupon
use -$.50/2 Suave Professionals (if applicable)

Dove invisible Deoderant $2.47
use -$2.00 online Dove coupon= $.47 ea!


Chinet Paper Plates 15 or 36ct select varieties  $.98

Kraft 18oz asst BBQ Sauce $.88

Western Family 6oz medium or large Olives  $.88

Post Cereals 11-20oz select varieties $1.88 (w/in-ad coupon, must purchase 5)
use $1/2 any two Post Cereals= $1.38 ea

Dreyer's 48oz ice cream $2.49

Western Family Lemonade frozen 12oz  $.88

Meadow Gold 6ct Bars or Sandwiches select varieties  $1.89

Bar S Jumbo Franks 16oz $.87
use -$1/2 Bar S Sunday coupon



Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I have been raking gravel all morning. My poor fingers are mad at me for typing but I'm doing it anyway! I love beautifying my yard, taking an ugly, unloved piece of ground and turning it into something beautiful and magnificent. It hurts physically, but it brings with it such a grand feeling of accomplishment and power!
Alrighty, so I got the new grocery ads for the week. Here are my picks for best deals:
Oscar Mayer Jumbo Franks @ 10/$10
use $1/2 Oscar Mayer Sunday coupon = $.50 ea

Vitamin Water 20oz  10/$10

Nabisco Snack Crackers 3/$5
use $1/2 Nabisco Sunday coupon

Kroger shredded Cheese 2/$3

Dozen Large Eggs  $.88

Kroger Cottage Cheese, Sour Cream, Dips, or Cream Cheese $.88

Minute Maid Fruit Punch or Lemonade 64oz  10/$10

Cool Whip Topping or Dip  $.99

2 liter Pepsi products  $.84 (buy 4, get 2 FREE)

Pretzel Flipz 10/$10
use -$.50/1 Flipz Sunday coupon

Lay's, Rold Gold or Frito's $1.98
use -$.55 Sunchips or Rold Gold Sunday coupon

That's it for Smith's. I will be back later to give my best picks for Fresh Market and Macey's. :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Bins and such

We had crazy rain this morning and I am blaming said rain for the lack of coupons in the recycling bins. I stopped by twice, ended up with about a tenth of what I normally get on a Monday. We will head back tomorrow.

I am still spring cleaning. Does it EVER end??? I sorted and cleaned out our tupperware and lids. If it didn't have a partner, it was going to go bye bye... until I realized that I just might have a purpose for these tupperware orphans. I kept 3 that were the perfect size for organizing my hair things; rubberbands, bobby pins and barettes, and claw clips. I've been wanting to clean up that mess for a very long time and now, thanks to cleaning another mess, I can cross it off my list!
My point: pick one cupboard or drawer each day to clean out, declutter, and organize. Think through each item before you decide to keep or toss it. Anything that can be used by someone else, PLEASE donate to your local thrift store or church donation center!!! It is a travesty how many things end up in the trash that someone else would be happy to have.  
I put several cuttings and shoots from various shrubs into water last night. I am excited to see if they will become viable plants for my yard. I've never done this before, so wish me luck!!!
Ps. Are you working on your inventory?

Sunday, May 23, 2010


For all the avid gardeners out there and those aspiring to the club, yet another way to save money!
Rather than spending hundreds of dollars at the local nursery, ask your neighbors and friends for cuts or shoots from existing mature plants that they have. Most perrennials need to be thinned every couple years anyway, so put the word out that you're interested and then when people are tending to their flowers, your name will come to mind!
Study up on how to grow great flowers from shoots, bulbs, seeds and cuttings. There are lots of guides available at your local library and online. Also take advantage of wise green thumbed friends and family. 
With a little effort, flexibility and planning, you'll have a magnificent yard for lots less than your neighbors paid!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

What we have here, is a lot of my spent energy!!!

These items are from Target, Walgreens, and Walmart. 
At Target I bought the Tide 48 load detergent. The sale price was $8.99. I had $2.00 in coupons.
I got two off brand feminine deoderant sprays @ $1.54 each.
4 travel size Head & Shoulders @ $.97 ea, and then used (2) $1/2 coupons.
3 travel size Dove deoderants @ $.97 ea and used (3) $1.00 off coupons.
1 travel size Satin Care shave gel @ $.97 and used a $.55 off coupon.
3 Johnson & Johnson pink baby lotions on sale for $1.97 ea and used (3) $1.00 off coupons.
2 J&J baby powders @ $1.87 ea and used (2) $1.00 off coupons.
4 small packs of Carefree liners @ $.99 ea and used (4) $1.00 off coupons.
2 bottles of Pine-sol @ $1.97 each and used a Target coupon for -$1.00/2. It made them cheaper than the off brand equivalent.
2 boxes of Motrin PM @ $3.99 ea and used Target coupons for $1.00 off and also (2) $3.00 coupons.
1 spray bottle of Dove body mist on sale for $2.97 and used a $1.00 Target coupon and a $2.00 online coupon.
9 Kandoo travel wipes @ $1.65 ea and used (9) $1.00 coupons that I gathered from the bins.
This item is one that I had tried to get on past trips and was always out. Patience pays off! It seems that after a few weeks, people forget about older but still valid coupons. This is especially great when the deal you want is a regular price item so there is no worry about missing a great sale.

At Walgreens I bought a cute little journal for my son. It was on clearance for $2.14. I've been meaning to get one for him for a year but didn't get around to it and then couldn't find a good deal. Finally he has one! Now I need to catch up on the first year and half of his life!!!
I took advantage of their amazing Royal Jello deal. I bought 6 of  them @ $.19 each.
I also bought 2 Revlon Tweezers @ $2.99 ea and used (2) Walgreens $1.00 off coupons and (2) $1.00 off Revlon coupons.
*you can take as many Walgreen's coupon booklets as you want, usually located at the entrance*

At Walmart, among all of the fruits and veggies that were amazing deals this week, I also bought (2) 3 Musketeers candy bars on sale for $.50 and used (2) -$.25 coupons.
The most amazing deal that I got today was at Walmart. I got 2 Huggies refill packs (72 ct) @ $2.17 ea and used (2) $2.00 off Huggies online coupons!!!! Yes! They were just $.17 each!!!

It was indeed a long day. Between getting the groceries and things we needed and also hunting for the goodies and freebies, I am quite worn out but also very proud of myself!
 We used only $55 of our $75 weekly budget! 


Now that my hubby is finally home to take care of the kids, I can get to my shopping! I am hitting Fresh Market, Walmart, Walgreens, and Target today! Let's see if my energy holds up...
I will report later!

* A challenge for the weekend: see just how much you can get for FREE, with coupon deals, free samples, ad matching, etc! *

Friday, May 21, 2010

Deals of the day!

Deals of the day!
Smith's has regular unleaded gas for $3.01/gal. Sad that that's a good deal....

Macey's has Roma Tomatoes for $.78/lb.

Fresh Market has 1 lb bags of baby carrots for $.99.
Iceberg lettuce $.68/head.
Green Bell Peppers  $.59 ea.
Hidden Valley Farmhouse Original Dressings 16oz asst. $1.98
use -$1.00 Hidden Valley Sunday coupon= $.98 ea

Walmart has Huggies baby wipes 64ct for $2.17.
use-$2.00 Huggies coupon online printable= $.17 ea!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


I'm out of yogurt, so I think I'll be heading up to Target either this afternoon or tomorrow morning. Besides the yogurt, there are several other good deals that I might take advantage of. When it comes to Target, I try to look for the less popular deals so that I will be able to find it in stock. 
I've come to realize that often the super amazing deals that are free with coupons end up being things I don't really need. Nice to have for free, yes, but not worth getting aggravated over.  Also, even if the sale isn't listed in the next week's ad, often the price is carried over for a week or two so if you'll just be patient, you might still get what you want!
If you're a price matcher, just take the ad with you to a price matching store, such as Walmart, and make sure you get the EXACT same item listed in the ad. Remember that most ad matchers won't match percentages off or tricky deals.
 Here are a couple of good ones:
$4.99 1oz Clean & Clear persa-gel 10
use $1.00 Clean and Clear sunday coupon

$8.99 Tide 75oz liquid detergent
use $1.00 Target Tide coupon
use $1.00 Tide any size detergent Sunday coupon
makes it $6.99

$2.49 M&M's 12.6oz, Hersheys Kisses 12oz  
use -$1.00/3 Hershey's Kisses, Hershey's Minatures
use B2G1 M&M's Sunday coupon

$1.50 Market Pantry Snacks sandwich crackers, fruit snacks, etc
buy 4, get one free   (makes it $1.20 ea)

$1.66 Pepperidge Farm Goldfish 6.6oz

$5.49 Huggies baby wipe refills 180-216 ct

$19.99 Huggies big packs diapers
buy 2, get FREE $5 Target gift card
use-$3.00 online print coupon
(like paying $14.49 ea)

10/$9 Gerber 2 pk 2nd foods

Here's the one I'm really excited about!
$34.99 Sterilite heavy duty shelving
all other Sterilite heavy-duty shelving also on sale
I'm excited to use this shelving unit in my storage room. I might also get one for my laundry room to utilize more space.

$.99/lb Red seedless grapes

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bathroom talk...

There are so many ways that we can reduce waste and cut costs in our 'home stores.' Here is another, if you are willing!
Have you ever been doing your business in a public restroom or at a friend's home, only to realize that there is like ONE sheet of toilet paper left on the roll?? I sure have! 
Isn't it amazing how far you can make that sucker stretch?? And yet at home, are you more like the baby bear cub on the Charmin commercials that uses a whole roll every time??
While still getting the job done and being clean and sanitary, I am pledging today that I will USE LESS!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wedding Gift

My personal trainer is getting married this weekend. Here is the gift I have put together for her. I just need to write in the card and attatch it.

The laundry basket was $1.00, the Halls cough drops were FREE. The Ziplock Freezer bags were $1.75. The Bounty Paper towels were $1.00. The Irish Spring body wash was FREE. The Reynold's Wrap foil was $.20. The Colgate Total toothpaste was $1.00. The light bulbs were $.88. The Glade Relaxing Moments air freshener spray was $.50.

The Joy Dishsoap was $.45. The Scotchbrite Scrub pad was $.13. The Hallmark greeting card was $.45. And finally, the ribbon was $1.00.
Total spent on this gift of newlywed essentials $8.36 + tax.
Not too shabby eh?!
I would have added toilet paper, but there wasn't room.

Monday, May 17, 2010


Target has some great new deals and some fun ongoing deals, just keep in mind that if it's a super amazing deal, there's a good chance they will be out of stock. 
Kraft 100 Calorie Pack Cheese Cubes $2.49
use -$1.00 off Sunday or print coupon
-$1.50/2 Target print coupon

Crystal Light Pure Fitness 7ct $1.97
use -$1.00 Crystal Light print coupon
use -$1/3 Target print coupon

Nabisco Wheat Thins $2.14
use -$1.00 Nabisco Wheat Thins print coupon
use -$B3G1 Target print coupon
 buy 4, after coupons, as low as $.61 ea

Kraft Salad Dressings 16oz $1.89
use -$.55 Sunday coupon
use -$1/2 Sunday coupon
use B2G1 Free Target print coupon
buy 3, as low as $.71 ea

Dannon Activia 4pk $1.97
use -$1.00 Activia Sunday coupon

Tide Liquid Detergent 75oz $8.99
use -$1.00 Tide sunday coupon
use -$1.00 Target print coupon

Tide Stain Release 25ct $8.99
use -$3.00 Tide Stain Release sunday coupon

Bounce Dryer Sheets 45ct $1.94
use -$.25 Bounce sunday coupon
use -$.75 Target print coupon

Finish Quantumatic Detergent Dispenser System $5.00
use -$3.00 Quantumatic print coupon
use -$5.00 Sunday coupon (makes it FREE)

Nivea Body wash for men or women $3.99
use -$4.00 Nivea Sunday coupon (makes it FREE)

Dove Body Mist $2.99
use-$1.50 Dove print coupon
use-$1.00 Target print coupon
use both, makes it $.49 ea 

Eucerin Daily Skin Balance Lotion 2.7oz $4.99
use-$1.00 Eucerin print coupon
use-$2.00 Target print coupon

NYC New York Color Company various lip or eye color products $1.72
use -$1.00 NYC print coupon

Carefree Liners small pack $.99
use -$1.00 Carefree Sunday coupon

Dove Ultimate Go Fresh Deoderant travel size $.99
use -$1.00 Dove deoderant or body mist coupon 

Tide Ultra Travel Size $.99
use -$1.00 Tide Sunday coupon

So just remember that you won't always find the big advertised coupon crazy type deals in stock. Our local Target is notorious for that. With luck though, and if you're one of the first ones there, you just might get some goodies!


Saturday, May 15, 2010

A week for cereals, snacks, and seasonings!

I went to Rite-Aid and Smith's today. They both had the great deal on Hershey's candy bars, 2/$1. I used my -$.55 Reese's Reanut Butter coupons and got a bunch of them for FREE. I also used my B1G1 Hershey's Dark coupons and got a bunch of them for $.25 each. Besides stashing a couple of these away for myself, I also use them as prizes at my Mary Kay parties. I wrap them up in a pretty bag with a little ribbon and a small sample, and they make a great motivational tool!
Rite-Aid  had Trident gum in all varieties for $.88 for a single pack. I used my -$1/3 coupon and got nine of those  for $.54 each. I love gum, so this was great for me!
The pretzel Flipz were $1.00 each at Smith's. I had coupons that made them $.50 each, so I grabbed a few of those to use as bribes for my kids. 
The Capri Sun drinks were on for $1.99. I had the $1.00 off Capri Sun Sunrise coupons and so got two for $.99 each. I'm excited to include them in our to-go bags this summer. 
Finally, the cereal! They had several General Mills cereals on for $2.00 each. I used $1/2 on the regular Cheerios, the $1.50/2 on the Cinnamon Toast Crunch and got 4 boxes. The Wheaties Fuel I had a $1.00 off coupon for that I got in a FREE mailer I ordered. 
Total value: $51.76 (before tax)  Total spent: $19.90  (before tax)

A running tally to save the world!

Starting today, I am going to keep a running tally of how many plastic bottles I've kept out of the landfills. It will be really neat to see the total in one year!!!
If you would like to begin some recycling at home, here are a few tips and ideas.
If your city has weekly recycling collection available, that is a great way to start! It usually requires that you wash your plastics out. The one in my area accept paper products, plastic, and tin(veggie cans), and soda cans.
If you don't want to make the monetary investment, see if one of your neighbors who pays for a recycling bin, might let you add to theirs. Usually if someone is willing to pay for a bin, and is not required to do so by the ity, they are likely to be at least fairly passionate about recycling and would be happy to let you add to their bin as long as they have room available.
I add to my neighbor across the street's bin since she usually has extra room. It is terribly convenient! :)
When you're digging for your coupons and magazines at your local recycling bin, drop off your own recycling! Keep a bin or box in a handy place(I have one in my kitchen and in my office) where you can drop your bits of paper, phonebooks and cardboard, rather than trashing them. You just might be amazed at how quickly it adds up! Now imagine that amount times the millions of homes in the U.S, and you will come to a staggering realization!
You really can make a difference! One person or home at a time, that then passes their influence on, will lead to a revolution!
If you're into making a bit of money while saving the world, several towns have metal recycling centers that will actually pay you for your loads of veggie and soup cans(don't expect to make loads of money on these) and soda cans. 
Connecticut and California pay quite a bit for soda cans, around 95 cents/pound depending on the place. Those two fabulous states will also pay you for recycling some of your plastic and glass. I wish that trend would spread!!! It can happen if enough of us raise our voices!!!

Free samples and Walgreen's & Rite-Aid steals!!!

  My free samples came in the mail the other day. In this set from Proctor and Gamble, I got 2 Cascade Action Pacs, 1 sample of Metamucil lemonade powder, 1 each of Travel size Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner(these cost at least $.99 each in store), and two nice value coupons for Tide products.
  I have lots of other great samples on the way! Order free samples!!! Its super fun to get them(better than just getting bills and junk!), and they come in very handy! The toiletries are great to pack for your summer vacations, and cleaning products are always needed!
Now on to Walgreen's great deals that begin tomorrow! These deals are mostly nationwide, but as always, be sure to check your local ad before you head to the store!
  Post 11-24oz or Quaker life Cereals 15oz $1.75 each
use online printable coupon for $2/1 Post Cereal=FREE!

Stride Shift 14pc gum 2/$2
use -$1 off coupon from Walgreen's May coupon booklet
use B1G1 Sunday Stride coupon
buy (2), use both coupons=FREE

Scotch Magic Tape $.69 w/in-ad coupon
use -$.50 Scotch masking tape printable coupon= $.19

Royal Gelatin regular or sugar free $.19 each!!!

There is one other little tidbit that I found. Find any Revlon Beauty Tool(such as nail files) that costs $2.00 or less. 
use -$1.00 Revlon Beauty Tool coupon from Walgreen's May Coupon Booklet
use -$1.00 Sunday coupon for Revlon Beauty Tool
Collect a few of the booklets and a few of the Sunday coupons, and you have yourself a bunch of fun stocking stuffers for Christmas! 
And now for Rite-Aid
General Mills Cereals 11.25-13oz B1G1
use various online printable coupons, including $1.50/2

Kellogg's Frosted Flakes or Rice Krispies Cereals 9-16.5oz  B1G1
use -$1/2 Sunday coupon

M&M's 9.9-12.6oz B1G1
use FREE M&M's coupon, buy (2), get (1) FREE
So grab (4) bags of M&M's, you're gonna have to buy 1, but 3 will be FREE!!!

There are several B1G1 sales at Rite-Aid, such as  Wet 'n Wild Cosmetics, Colgate Total Toothpaste, Flex-a-min, Twizzlers or Red Vine and others. Check them out if you're interested. The regular price will determine if it's a good deal or not.


  I hit Fresh Market yesterday to stock up on cereal. I found a few other good deals while I was there that I'll tell you about.
  The case of Ro-tel is the one I scored at Big Lots! I sure love that store. :)
  These Kellogg's cereals were on at FM for $1.98. As you can see, they are the large size that usually runs about $3.77 each. I had several coupons for $1.00/2 Kellogg's cereals. This made them each $1.48 each. That is more than I usually like to pay, but I was fine with it since they are the big economy size boxes and it was a great value.
  I missed out on using my Vitamin Water coupons. You snooze, you lose. This time I lost. :( A lesson on the evils of procrastinaton! I still got the store deal, which had them for half price. I'm thinking they will be good for our emergency kits.
  The other super deal at FM was the strawberries. One pound for $1.48. I was selective with the produce this time, as I was really dissapointed with their strawberries last time I bought them. I made sure to get some good ones this time. Always be sure to really look at your produce. It's not a good deal if half of it gets thrown out early!!!
  The total value of the items in the picture was $80.10 before tax. I payed $31.80 before tax. Less than half price. Not too shabby! Glad to have my cereal supply all stocked up again!
Today I pledge to get at least two food items counted for my inventory worksheet! I hope you will do the same! 

Friday, May 14, 2010

Wow! What a great deal!

I had ten minutes in between doctors' appointments this morning. (I got my stitches taken out!) Since I was next to Big Lots!, I figured, what the heck?! Let's go see what we see! I found a beautiful little garden decoration and a great price for my shade garden.
I also found an AMAZING deal on cans of Ro-Tel sliced tomatoes w/green chiles. They were just $.40 each!!! These are normally around $1.25-1.45 each! So of course I bought a whole case of 24. :)
Friendly reminder: Inventory!!! It's time to at least have your inventory worksheet ready! Take 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there and count one or two different food items. You can do it!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Deal of the Day!

This is a GOOD one!!!
At Macey's and Fresh Market, buy 10 bottles of Vitamin Water, use in-ad coupon and the total will be $5.00. Use (5) of the Sunday coupons which were -$1.00 off any two bottles of 20oz Vitamin Water or Vitamin Zero. Yep, that makes them ALL

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Making Jam

Today I made jam! My sweet mother in law Ellen was generous enough to share half her day and lots of her knowledge with me, and together we made three batches of beautiful berry filled jam!

I had tons of frozen berries and needed room in my deep freeze for some of the great sales going on. Making jam was the logical thing to do! Plus, now I won't have to spend a fortune buying jam at the store!

It took approximately 30 minutes per batch and for me it was definitely a two person job. 
We mashed the berries and pre-mixed the pectin with 1/4 C of sugar to help it dissolve.
There was a lot of stirring involved! Lots and lots of stirring!!!
We had to boil our lids and our jars. If you decide to attempt this, be sure to have tongs and hot pads on hand!
The boiling jam needed to go right into the jars. It was a bit messy. Next time we will use a funnel. :)
We ran out of rings and I panicked for a minute. It seems that during one of my de-cluttering sprees, I must have gotten rid of them. Luckily, there were extras on the jars that Ellen brought. What a lucky discovery!
The jam turned out beautiful and we had a bit left over that I'm going to use as a syrup on wheat pancakes for dinner tonight. Add a bit of whipped cream, and I'm sure it will be fabulous!
This was a fun learning experience. I will definitely do it again sometime! I still have more berries, so I've engaged my mom to help/teach me to make some berry filled pies to put in my freezer! I'm super excited for the next adventure!
Be brave people! With the right tools and a patient, knowledgeable teacher, you can do so many great and productive things! :)   


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New deals!

I hope you have some stock up money for this week! Wow! Got my ads and there are all kinds of great deals to take advantage of! I'm a little annoyed that I bought a couple of products last week that are now on sale, but there's always that chance right??
Buy Low Market
$.48  Western Family Beans asst. variety 
$.48  Western Family Tomatoes whole, sliced, or stewed
$2.98 10pk Living Toilet Tissue
8/$1  Tomato Sauce w/ in ad coupon 
$.78 1 doz Large Eggs w/in-ad coupon

Good price
$.99 Bar S Franks 16oz
$1.98  Meadow Gold 48oz Ice cream
$1.58/lb  80% Lean Ground Beef
$1.88/lb  Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts
$2.00 Lean Cuisine meals 5-11.5oz varieties
use -$1.00/5 Lean Cuisine varieties
$4.99 Wanchai Ferry 24oz Frozen Oriental Entrees (w/in-ad coupon)
$1.99 Dole Lettuce Just Lettuce or Classic Romaine
$.79/lb Large Navel Oranges
  Better price
$.78  Iceberg Lettuce 
$.98/lb  Hothouse tomatoes
$1.48  Santitas 14oz tortilla chips
2/$6  M&M's 9.9-12.6oz
use Buy 2 Get 1 FREE M&m's Sunday coupon(makes it $2.00 each)
 3/$5 Keebler Fudge Shoppe cookies
use -$.55/2 Keebler cookies Sunday coupon
$.88 Don Julio Tortilla Chips 10oz
$2.48 24pk Aquarius bottled spring water
$.59  Western Family Real Margerine
Best price  
$1.49 Big Buy Bacon 1lb pkg
$.88  Don Julio 17oz Flour tortillas
$.99 Western Family Cottage Cheese 16oz
3/$5  Sara Lee 20oz Classic White or Wheat
use -$.55 Sara Lee bread Sunday coupon

Good price
2/$4 General Mills Cereals select varieties
use -$1/2 General Mills Select Cereals Sunday or online coupon
$2.99 Duracell Batteries
2/$3  1lb bag Mini Carrots
10/$10 Large Celery
10/$10 Green Bell Peppers
$.69  Powerade Sports Drink 32oz bottles
$5.99  DiGiorno Ultimate or Stuffed Crust Pizza
use -$1.00 DiGiorno Sunday coupon
Better Price
2/$3 McCormick or Lawry's Spices
use -$1.00 off any ONE McCormick's Seasoning blend, spice, herb, extract or food color
$.84  2 ltr Pepsi products
10/$10  Betty Crocker Skillet Meals or Specialty Potatoes
use -$.75/3 Hamburger Helper Sunday coupon
use -$.25 Betty Cricker Potatoes Sunday coupon 
2/$3 Dole or Fresh Selections Salads
10/$10  Kroger Cottage Cheese, Sour Cream or Dip
$2.99  Nestle, Dreyer's, or Skinny Cow Treats or Haagen Dazs or Dreyer's Ice cream
10/$10  Cool Classics Select Novelties
 $1.59/lb Smith's Fresh Chicken Split bone-in breasts
2/$3 Land O Lakes Butter or Spread
use -$.35 Land o lakes Sunday coupon 
B1G1 Banana Boat or Hawaiian Tropic suncare
use -$1.00 on any ONE Hawaiian Tropic suncare product
Best Price
10/$10 Hot Tamales, Mike and Ike or Pretzel Flipz
2/$4  DeMet's Treasures, Starbursts, or Skittles 10-14oz
3/$5 Gallon Milk Mountain Dairy
2/$5  Jennie O ground turkey or sausage 1.22-1.25lb

Fresh Market
Good price
 $.98 Nalley Chili con carne
$.98 Western Family Pasta 22oz select varieties
$5.99 8qt Ice Cream or Sherbet
$.98 4pk Western Family light bulbs 

Better price
 $1.48/lb Pork Loin Chops
$.98 Hamburger Helper
use -$.75/3 Hamburger Helper Sunday coupon
$.98 Bar S Jumbo Franks
$.98 Lipton Sides  rice or pasta
$1.88  Chicken Tenders
$2.28/lb  Chuck Pot Roast
$1.98  10-18oz Kellogg's cereals
use -$1/3 Kellogg's various cereals Sunday coupon
use -$1/2 Kellogg's various cereals Sunday coupon
use -$1.50/2 Kellogg's various cereals Sunday coupon 
$1.98 Pepperidge Farm Texas Toast 
$1.98 Lean Cuisine Meals 
use -$1/5 Lean Cuisine meals Sunday coupon
(FREE Skinny Cow Frozen Dessert w/in-ad coupon, when you buy (6)) 

Best price 
$.98 Ultra Bleach 
$1.48 ea. 5.6oz Blackberries or 1lb. Strawberries 
$.68/lb Broccoli Crowns or Cauliflower
$.98/lb  Cluster Tomatoes
$.98 Western Family Cottage Cheese  
10/$5  20 oz bottles Vitamin Water or Smartwater
(must buy 10 w/in-ad coupon)  
use -$1/2 Vitamin Water Sunday coupon (makes it FREE)
$1.49  Big Buy Bacon 1lb pkg
2/$3  Right Guard 2.8-3oz Anti-perspirant or Deoderant
2/$1  24ct Heavy Duty plastic Cutlery