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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Yesterday's Dive!

Yesterday was so exciting!! School is out at our local universities and students are moving out in droves! I packed up my gloves, my grabber and my step stool and headed into town with an empty van. Twice I filled it!
Assorted housewares, clothing, towels, cans of food, school supplies, a perfectly lovely dvd player and remote, a microwave, blow dryer, cleaning supplies, school supplies, text books and more!
Just with the text books, which all happen to be current, I should profit at least $400. I will list them this week on a revolving auction. They will stay on ebay until they sell. This way I'm reaching the summer and fall students.
Some of the items I am keeping, such as:
Pajama pants for the hubs
Gobs and gobs of colorful tissue paper (unopened!!)
Packages of toilet paper, lunch sacks, napkins and more!
Cans of unexpired food
Cooling racks, cereal bowls and scrub brushes
and more!
Everything else will go online or in my yard sales this summer. I have the shed and attic prepped and organized for the new loads and will get everything sorted and put away today.
My husband asked if I am having a yard sale this weekend since I got all this stuff. I don't like to use up a weekend for small profits. Rather, I'll wait till I have a good inventory and will be much more likely to rake in a good amount of money. Someday he will understand my method... :)
I may do a little bit of shopping today but most of my energy needs to go toward chores at home. So much to catch up on!
I get in these moods where I have complete tunnel vision and the rest of my responsibilities fall by the wayside. I've been so focused on shopping and selling and diving. It is important to maintain a balance and treat it like a job with set hours. Otherwise it can all become very addictive and out of control.
I hate to miss double Tuesday at Walmart but alas, I must be responsible!
Then again, maybe I will hurry fast and get all the chores done in time to still get to Walmart this evening... We shall see. :)

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