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Thursday, April 4, 2013


Stokes has a couple of good prices to report:

Shur Saving 4 qt reduced fat ice cream  $3.98

Shasta 12 pk soda 2/$5

Nestle or Wonka single serve candy 2/.88

Asst General Mills cereals 1.88
There are bazillions of coupons you can match with this deal.

Boneless skinless chicken breasts 1.99/lb

Fill it Fresh $10 large produce bag
Fill the bag as full as you can with the assorted, included veggies.

Ataulfo mangos 2/$1

Large ripe tomatoes .99/lb

Dole Spinach or Greener select salad 2/$3

15 lb russet potatoes 1.99

French bread .99

Hot or Lean Pockets 1.97

WF 16 oz Jumbo biscuits .98

Taco Bell refried beans .67

Remember that Stokes is notorious for unadvertised deals! So give yourself time to walk the store!

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