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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Home Town Outings

With the beautiful weather comes the opportunity for lots of great FREE Family outings and activities! Here are a few ideas from Disney's Family Fun magazine:

-Take Behind the Scenes Tours
"Exploring the inner workings of your hometown can be both educational and entertaining."
Look for local manufacturers and other businesses who will let you take a tour of their facility, showing how things are done or made.

-Visit local dump or recycling plant
They often offer tours and tutorials on how items are recycled. Enjoy watching the huge front end loaders, conveyors and compactors.

-Make Exploring a Game
"Turn parks, shops, and neighborhoods into settings for entertaining family challenges."
Scavenger hunts, etc.

-Become Local Experts
"Cultivate connections to places around town so that every visit has special meaning to your family."
Review parks, restaurants, amusement parks, etc. Keep a log or journal, scrapbook or blog.

What other ideas do you have for FREE local activities?? Please share!

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