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Friday, April 19, 2013

Being Right :)

I admit, I am not always right... But I sure do love when I am! We made a quick stop at Walmart today and I was able to show my husband the value in my couponing. All I needed, was a large tub of whipped topping. I brought several coupons with me though and picked up five other items that I didn't need. I explained to him that it would make the whipped topping cheaper. He pointed out that I would have to pay tax on those extra items, even with the coupons, so it had to make it more expensive.
At the register, I had the cashier ring up the whipped topping alone, with tax. The total was $1.98.
Then I had her add on the following items and coupons:
(2) Rice Milk @ $1.96 ea
-$2/1 any Rice Dream non-dairy product online print= +$.04 ea
(3) Duncan Hines Frosting Creations @ $.87 each
-$1/1 Duncan Hines Frosting Creations online print= +$.13 ea
Our new total? With tax? 

The lesson learned? I have said it before and I will say it again, even if you don't actually need the product, if you can get overage on it, GET THE PRODUCT!! It will help to pay for the items you actually do need!
What do you do with the FREEBIES? Well, I like to sit and stare at them for awhile. ;)
But once that gets old, and before the product expires, find someone else who can use it! I have a nephew that will benefit from the FREE Rice Milks I have gotten. I will keep the Frostings for my own use.
The point is, if you can get more for the same amount, or even less money, why would you just get the item you actually need??
And this was just a small-scale example. Imagine if I'd had 20 of each coupon!! That is how you get the non-coupon items FREE!
Anywho, it was fun and my husband smiled, so I call that success. :)

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