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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Smith's Madness!!!

I went to the Payson Smith's today to grab a couple of things and discovered the most wonderful thing! It was like Christmas!
They are clearing out all kinds of miscellaneous merchandise at great discounts, in carts around the store. Here's the kicker: If the item is no longer in their system, no matter the original price, it will be marked down to $.25!!!
And if you happen to have a coupon for that item, even better!! They don't do overage and will modify the value of your coupon, but still, FREE is awesome!!
I got soooo much stuff!! Great stocking stuffers and birthday gifts, car air fresheners, body wash, vitamin supplements, eye drops, baby supplies, box theatre candy and get this, (2) Compact Flash's!! All of these were $.25 each!!!
Absolute madness!!!
The merchandise was pretty worked over by the time I left. I was there a long time! :) But they showed me a huge rolling cart of merchandise they will be rolling out and marking down tomorrow!! I am beyond excited, of course, and will definitely head back in there with not only my coupon binder, but also my file box of overstock inserts for maximum savings!
On top of it all, when I checked out, a $3.00 store coupon printed out!!! I will use that to buy Milk tomorrow! With their sale price and my (2) -$.25/1 coupons, I will pay just $.50 for 2 gallons of milk!!!
God is good and karma is real! So blessed!!!

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