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Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I finished sorting and putting away all of my new inventory yesterday. I have an area in the shed where all of my yard sale stuff goes. Feeling good about what I have so far. Planning to have my first sale the first weekend in June.
I also finished listing all of my online items. I was thrilled to have a few items sell immediately at my buy it now prices. A $45 profit in less than an hour. Not too shabby. :) I also got this last round's sold items packaged and ready to ship. It was all things from Smith's that I either got for $.25, FREE, or was paid to take. I was amazed at the profits!! Feeling so blessed!
I will be hitting Smith's today and am hoping to find a few more things for ebay. My new self-requirement is to have 50 active listings at all times.
Today I am going to take one hour to go through old inventory and see what should go online for a last try. I'll have more inventory coming in with all the school's closing for the summer and I made a deal with the hubs that I will not let it take over any but our designated areas. It is a bit tricky but not if I stay on top of it and keep working through older merchandise. I am determined to be more efficient and organized this summer, making less overall work and frustration for myself and my business.
Starting out with an organized system will truly save you time and headaches later. I know it can be hard, when you're caught up in the excitement of the gathering stage but it is so worth it to take some time out to get situated. Trust me!
Check back later for my Smith's report!

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