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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ebay and such

I was going to go hunting yesterday but decided instead to cross a few things off my list at home instead so that the hubs would stop hounding me.
I cleaned my office up real nice, what a lovely difference it makes! I also listed 20 or so items on ebay and KSL that needed to get listed. It was a good thing because it turned out that I had sold a big item on ebay 4 days before and didn't even realize it. That's not good business. I hurried and got it on its way though and all is well.
Today though, I will be on the hunt! The weather is perfect, my husband is home-so no dragging the kids along in never-ending boredom. It's perfect! I can't wait to see what treasures await me! I'll hit all the schools on my usual route from Spanish Fork to Payson.
I will also be doing a recon mission at the Payson Smith's today. My last recon mission (walking each and every aisle.
A couple of examples:
Garage sale labels reg. $1.67
close out price: $.87  That's even better than the deal I normally get at the dollar store! And you know I'll be doing a yard sale this summer and need the stickers!
Pediacare Children's Pain Reliever reg. $6.47
unadvertised sale price: $3.47
-$1/1 any Pediacare product= $2.47! 
You just never know what you'll find, so head in with your binder, fully stocked!
Stay tuned for a report!

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