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Monday, April 8, 2013

Unadvertised deals & dumpster finds!

I enjoyed some very therapeutic and successful shopping and hunting today! Tis the season! Everyone is busy spring cleaning and so, come garbage day, all kinds of treasures can be found!
I like to take residential routes to whatever my day's destination might be and see what I can find.
Today, I saw a house plant sticking out of bin. The odds are that when you find one good thing sticking out of a can, there will be more goodies inside!
Besides the gorgeous, healthy house plant, (I figure they chucked it because it has outgrown its basket; I will be splurging on a great big pot for it tomorrow!) there was also the following in the can:
Glass round cake pan
Glass square casserole dish
Porcelain oval casserole dish
Large Pampered Chef earthen ware salad bowl
Stove top spoon rest
Salad shooter (need to test)
Black and decker coffee maker (need to test, will be great for my yard sale if it works. If not, the carafe is in perfect, clean condition and I could just sell that.)
There were also a bunch of soda cans for my Disneyland fund. 
I just love these kinds of finds! It just raises my spirits and makes my whole day so much better!

I hit Smith's today and grabbed a few fun things, including some fabulous unadvertised deals!
From the case lot sale, I grabbed cases of Ramen noodles, $3.00/case!!!

I always hit the day old bread rack and I really scored today! I got 7 loaves of fancy sandwich bread for just $.59 each!!! Plus a bag of wheat rolls for the same price.

The regular clearance rack was pretty empty this time. :( I did get a box of Peanut Butter Toast Crunch though, for just $.69.

Here are the surprise coupon deals:

Beechnut Baby cereal $1.58 per box
-$1/1 any Beechnut cereal 8 oz++ $.58 each!!!

Beech nut fruities $1.03
-$1/1 Beechnut stage 4 or 5 snacks= $.03 each!!!!

Better Oats 5 pk box $1.00
-.75/2 Better Oats SS 2/24= $.63 each!!!

Such a great day! I have someone I love very much who I recently found out is very sick. It has been difficult and will continue to be so until his journey ends. Besides my faith and the love of my Savior, the other thing that somehow raises my spirits and gives me hope is my couponing and hunting. 
Maybe it's the rush of endorphin's that come with a fabulous find. Maybe it's just being able to control the outcome of something. Maybe it's just another tender gift from a loving God. 
Whatever it is, it really helps me and with it I am able to help others. 
Life is what you make of it, my friends. Here's to making this a wonderful, productive week! 

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