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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Yesterday, Tiring but Successful!

I fell into bed last night, so totally exhausted! I had a super busy day and am excited to tell you about it!
I was heading home from Payson in the morning and had a feeling that I needed to swing by Smith's right away, rather than following my original plan of waiting till the afternoon.
The Lord was definitely guiding me! I got in there and they had just finished putting out the rest of the mark downs from the other week!! So many great finds!!
I got bunches of great stuff! Then I went hunting. It wasn't amazingly lucrative but I got some good coupons and several great magazines for reading and resale.
Later in the afternoon, I went to Smith's yet again to grab a few more deals and to take advantage of the FREE Quaker single products they were handing out. I ended up getting 5, just like a full box, for FREE! I was thrilled to find even more mark down items that I hadn't noticed in the morning.
Ps. I work in Payson a couple days a week and have to make a couple trips back and forth. Just so you don't think I'm spending all kinds of gas money going back and forth just to hit Smith's.
I am crazy about the place... but not that crazy!
Speaking of gas, I was able to take advantage of a $.10/per gallon gas discount and filled up the van for less than I'd have paid at Sam's Club.
For some reason, blogger is not charging me to add pictures anymore. Weird but wonderful!!

 In the above photo:
6 hole Muffin Tin $.25
Land O lakes Saute Express $.69
-.75/1 Saute Express= +$.06!!
Viva 1/2 gal milk $.89 ea (clearance)
-.25/2 1/2 gallons milk online print= Like getting 1 gal for $1.53!!
Libman Scrub brush $.25
5 gum $.25
Libman Extra Bottle & Caddy $.25
L'Oreal Preference hair dye $2.05
-$2/1 any L'Oreal Preference= $.05 ea
Paul Mitchell conditioner $.25
Pantene Blonde Expressions conditioner $.25
L'Oreal Eye Liner $.25
-$1/1 any L'Oreal eye product= +$.75!!!
Bumble and Bumble conditioner $.25
Sundown Lutein $.25
-$2/1 any Sundown vitamin or supplement= $1.75!!!
Head and Shoulders $.25
(4) Pantene Shampoos and Conditioners $1.50 ea
-$3/2 Pantene products= FREE
Keebler Grasshopper cookies $1.99
-$1.50/1 any Keebler cookies (online print from rewards)= $.49
Fleet 2 pack Enema $.80
Schick Silk Effects Plus 5 cartridge refills $3.69
-$4/1 Schick razor or refills= +$.31!!!
(5) Quaker single packs FREE (yesterday's FREEBIE giveaway!)

I've been selling my freebies and overage items on ebay for even more profits! Feeling so very blessed!!
Ps. Something that I just realized was not in the pics:
Depends Starter Kit reg. $2.99 Sale: $1.49
-$1/1 any Depends prouct= $.49
Comes with a $3/1 coupon inside!!! A family member uses these and I bought 3 of them so they will enjoy great savings! Just love passing on the goodness!!
Have I mentioned just how much I LOVE Smith's???  :) 

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