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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Find of the Month!

Following a feeling, I ended up going through Salem on my way home today. I hit the bins behind Stokes and really scored!
I found coupons, magazines, Kellogg's boxes (for the codes), and then.......
Two One Touch Ultra 2's!!!
Yep, two complete sets of blood sugar testing devices and all their little extras, all still in original boxes, unopened; each in its own handy little cooler.
Why, you might ask.... The testing strips and solution were expired. Not the expensive machine, just the little extras that came with it. Oh people.... Don't you just wonder sometimes why they couldn't throw out the expired items and then donate the perfectly good instruments and coolers??
Oh well, such is the nation we live in. 
Anywho, this is my Find of the Month! Now that we are coming into prime hunting season, I will be posting Finds of the week and month. I promise you will be amazed. :)

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