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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wedding Gift

My personal trainer is getting married this weekend. Here is the gift I have put together for her. I just need to write in the card and attatch it.

The laundry basket was $1.00, the Halls cough drops were FREE. The Ziplock Freezer bags were $1.75. The Bounty Paper towels were $1.00. The Irish Spring body wash was FREE. The Reynold's Wrap foil was $.20. The Colgate Total toothpaste was $1.00. The light bulbs were $.88. The Glade Relaxing Moments air freshener spray was $.50.

The Joy Dishsoap was $.45. The Scotchbrite Scrub pad was $.13. The Hallmark greeting card was $.45. And finally, the ribbon was $1.00.
Total spent on this gift of newlywed essentials $8.36 + tax.
Not too shabby eh?!
I would have added toilet paper, but there wasn't room.

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