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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Smith's report

I didn't find much to be excited about at Smith's today in the clearance department. I did grab some cantaloupe and one vitamin supplement really cheap but that was it.
They have a few sales on their ad that are kind of worth looking at but nothing to jump up and down about.
 I also hit Rancho Market and Sam's Club. Rancho is in the middle of a renovation. It will be nice to have all the extra room. I think they need to tweak the new set up though. It is still just as difficult, if not more, to get to the registers.
As I was cruising through Provo, I noticed several overflowing dumpster at apartments I missed. I'll be making a trip up there tomorrow morning to check it out. I am running through all of my Smith's acquired inventory faster than expected and I might move up the date of my yard sale, so I need to gather up some more good stuff! I highly recommend getting your sanitary gear together and hitting a couple buildings this week. Next week will be too late!
I am going to do my rounds of recycling bins today. Hoping for more text books and Kellogg's codes and of course more great coupons!
What are you doing to save money this week?! Have a plan and make it happen!

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