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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Yesterday's Hunt!

I took my sister hunting with me yesterday. She wanted coupons and I told her the price was to come hunting with me!
I've decided she is my good luck charm! We hit a honey hole of coupon inserts. They were today's coupon inserts! Tons of them! So many freebies in these inserts. We'll use a lot of them and then sell the rest.
I planned to mostly get coupons and other paper goods. Instead, we got loads of great merchandise! I wasn't expecting to have good dumpster hauls for at least another week, but it has already begun!
Someone took advantage of a school dumpster to dump off what I am guessing was Grandma's stuff. I see this often. Someone dies and their stuff gets dumped. It's pretty tragic but I try not to think of it that way.
My sister was disgusted, as any normal person would be, that anyone could throw out stuff like this. There are starving people all around, people in need of basic necessities, and here we were finding all of those things. Not donated, but thrown away!
I told her that she will continue to be amazed the more she comes with me but that eventually the thrill of the hunt will take over and she will start enjoying the adrenaline high instead of focusing on the travesty of our spoiled, consumerism society!

 So much canned food!  :(  Cleaning supplies, brand new platters. School and cleaning supplies.
 Gifts, unopened, unused.
 LOTS of after-Christmas clearance purchases. (I always keep the Christmas stuff. It doesn't usually sell well, plus I am a Christmas freak!!) Plus other holiday decor. Halloween, Easter, Valentines.
 This lovely track suit, like new! And a whole bag of high end ladies clothing!!
This lovely bedspread that just happens to be the right size and perfect colors for my bedroom!!!

This was an amazing hunting expedition! On top of it all, my sister went shopping last night with her coupons and brought home a great haul and tons of savings!!
The time is now, fellow deal hunters! Hit your local school dumpsters with your collecting tools in hand!

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