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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Today's Treasures

I got the following great deals today:

1 lb Strawberries .99

12 oz Whipped Topping $1.59

Rancho Market:
Mangoes 2/.99
Watermelon .19/lb
Bagged salad .99
Avacado .59 ea
Cantaloupe 3 lb/.99
Iceberg Lettuce 2/.99

I also hit a couple of dumpsters at stores and schools and got these:

 Fruits and Veggies at Good Earth.
 2 Cases of (sealed) Cookies and Crackers @ Franklin Elementary
 Stencil Rulers and unopened, unused Planners and Calendars @ Dixon middle scool
A huge stack of vintage photographs also @ Dixon (People really buy these on ebay!)

I showed a teacher friend of mine the things I have salvaged just this week from local schools and she was outraged. I suppose there are a few who aren't as wasteful. If only they could teach the others....
Until then, my Disneyland account will continue to grow from their wastefulness. 

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