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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Today's Produce

I got busted for the first time today! It was kind of exciting. :) I was grabbing some produce out of the  Good Earth dumpster. Luckily I had already gotten all that I wanted and had it in the van. The employee was pleasant and so was I. No biggie. You know I'll be back! ;)
I got lots of great produce there and at the Provost Elementary school. We won't need to buy any produce this week! In fact, all we've bought is milk, tortilla chips and toilet paper. It's a pretty neat feeling. James still doesn't like that I get food out of the dumpsters but I'm hoping he'll come around and see it from my perspective. The food I grab is clean, not marinating in the yuck. And of course I clean it thoroughly.
Our grocery bills are at an all time low! Between my coupons and dumpsters, we are saving a lot of money. All that saved money can go toward paying off the house or toward our Disneyland fund.
Not only that, we are saving this perfectly good food from the landfills. That is important to me and I'm not ashamed of what I do.
I understand that most people don't see it my way or wouldn't be willing to do what I do. I'm okay with that. :)  When I am hugging Mickey Mouse, it will all have been worth it!
I didn't check any other schools in Provo because a rain storm hit. Not only that, their schools aren't out for the summer yet so it makes sense to wait till next week to go hunting.
Tomorrow I will hit the Nebo School District schools. Super excited!!!
P.S. Those antique photos I found at Dixon are selling very nicely on ebay. 

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