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Friday, May 24, 2013

Wonderland Progress

I did some more work on Wonderland this week. I planted two of the new plants I got at a steep discount at Shopko. I did more digging on the new path. I used the tiller on the location of my new focal point. I laid down more landscape fabric left over from a couple of years ago.
I also started building the focal point. I used the FREE rocks I got on KSL from that nice guy in Payson. To move the big rocks, I used the dolly I found last year in the dumpster at Provo high! I just love my FREEBIE-loaded life!

 I still need to do the top layer and fill in the cracks, but we're getting there! I will fill it with soil next week and plant my new Dwarf Alberta Spruce which I will eventually shape into a spiral topiary.
It is definitely slower than hiring a crew to come in and tear it up in a day, but I am also saving myself from a hefty price tag and building a few muscles at the same time. :) Plus there's a way lot of pride that comes with each step I finish. :)
Stay tuned!

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