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Thursday, May 2, 2013

How I am saving the world and some money

Here are the ways I have chosen to save money while also saving the world:

I bought these flip flops at a yard sale last summer for $2. I worn them nearly non-stop ever since. Even in the winter! Well, the toe piece came unglued. I grabbed my epoxy (an UNOPENED package I found in a dumpster last summer) and used it to fix my flip flops!

 The epoxy set from the dumpster.
The part that came undone.
It has to hold for 12 hours and then I will have my favorite flip flops again!
I could have gone and bought a new pair and doomed these to a land fill. I even considered it for a moment. Hate to admit that...
Anyway, reason won over. Phew! The body of the flip flops is just fine and they are super comfy. So excited to put my sneakers away again!

I've also chosen to save money and the world by baking my own bread this week.
I had all the ingredients on hand and this is a super easy recipe. I don't have to pay for bread. The plastic that wraps store bread won't end up in the garbage. There are all kinds of savings in production in the bigger picture but I don't wanna get into that right now. :)

One other way I chose to save the world today:

Excuse the sideways-ness of this picture. :) Instead of getting my groceries in bags, I used this convenient box that the eggs were in. It even had handles. So very convenient and sturdy.

What can you do today to save the world and/or some money? If we all just took little steps and made small changes, we could totally make a better world for our babies and have the money to take care of them. :)

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