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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Creating Wonderland... On a budget

I have a large yard. It is one of the main reasons we bought this home, which is quite small. We have plenty of room to build on someday and lots of room for the kids to roam. Also.... lots of room for my green thumb to run wild! (didn't know thumbs could run, did ya??)
We have worked on several areas already and created fun new beds and gardens. Our far backyard however, has been mostly neglected. We planted fruit trees and berry bushes, but the whole area is overgrown with weeds.
I was inspired in my mom's gorgeous, magical backyard the other day and am feeling ready to create my own Wonderland!
I have laid out the garden path and have started prepping future beds. My generous mother has told me that I am free to come and dig up some of the baby plants popping up from her huge variety of mature beauties. I will do that this coming week and can hardly wait!!!
Before I can do that, I need to prep the ground. Something I am realizing as I make plans... There are lots of areas of this plan that will cost nothing but elbow grease. Other parts have the potential to be very expensive. I will have to dig into the well of financial creativity to make this happen!
So, this is the first of what will be several posts documenting the creation of my Wonderland On A Budget project!
I know it looks rough right now, but hang in there folks! We'll get there!!


 (Above) That metal fence back there is the back end of our property. Notice our lovely fruit trees. :)
 South side of the far backyard. I had started laying out the new garden path.
Garden path that soon will be! Oh, and next to my little apple tree is that heinous beast of a weed tree that will be DEAD before next winter!!!

The path leading to my future rose garden.

Me using a lawn mower for the very FIRST time EVER!! I used a rototiller after that too!!! I have a lot I want to get done back there and I can't dump all the work on James. It is my dream after all. :)

 After mowing down the weeds.
The future rose garden!! Tilled, raked, covered with weed barrier! This fall it will be rose central!

See that dirt there? That is the area I have cleared (with James' help!) for my future shade garden!!
Left of that peach tree, I'm planting lilacs, snowball bushes and a dwarf spruce. Most of them I will hopefully be getting from friends, family and neighbors! Remember, mature plants send up shoots! Find someone that shares your passion and needs to thin theirs out anyway! You'll save bunches of money and learn from a master just how to raise that particular plant the right way!

Stay tuned for the process! I plan to at least have the land prepped and my Wonderland laid out by winter with the major trees and large shrubs in place.
** These kinds of projects require money, but even more than that, they require effort! You might not have the money to complete an entire project right away, but what prep work can you do while you're saving up?? **

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  1. Can't wait to see the end results. You may even get me moving on a couple of projects this year.