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Friday, May 24, 2013


I love saving money! We all know this. When there is a great deal, I want to jump on it and usually do. Right now I am faced with a dilemma though and am going to attempt to sort it out logically and with a focus on the bottom line.
There are so many great deals right now on highly processed snack foods. I love all that crap and so does my family. Unfortunately, our waistlines and overall health do not love it  all so much.
I tell myself that those foods are going to save us money later. I.E. When we are invited to parties and BBQ's. We'll have food to bring and not have to run to the store and pay full price.
It is a great plan in theory. Where I am an emotional eater however, in the midst of personal, family and friends' crises, the plan falls through a lot! And as a result, I spend money on diet aids and new clothes. My children's health will eventually suffer, as we continue this regimen of eating junk because it's available, and that will cost money.
So, if we look at this from a purely financial perspective, those 'great deals' are just not really so great. Instead, perhaps that money should be spent on fruit, vegetables, and other healthy snacks. They might not have quite as low a sticker price as my crackers and chips, but in the long term, they are certainly the better deal!
We could spend the junk food money on family activities, new bike helmets, a bike for me so that I can ride with my family. Trips to any one of Utah's fabulous State and Federal Parks where we can enjoy the great outdoors!
Will my stockpile look as impressive without the bags and boxes of great deals? Hmm... maybe not. But at the end of the day, the idea is to save money and to make life better for myself and my family; not to have the most amazing stockpile.
So, just writing this has helped me to solve my own dilemma. There are awesome deals on fruit and vegetables this week. My fridge and fruit bowl are going to be filled and I am going to use my usual deal-hunting energy to make sure these foods are worked into my family's diets so they don't go to waste.
And maybe.... I think I will schedule a few fun, inexpensive family outings.... :)

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