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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dumpster Bounty & Sad News

First the sad news: There will be no coupon inserts this Sunday because of Memorial Day. There are, however, lots of great printables online right now. So get your ink replaced and start printing!

I went diving today at 2 dollar stores and several schools. I am finding, that with enough digging, there is a lot to be had at the dollar stores. I've hit Provo and Spanish Fork and did well at both.

The schools are ripe for the pickings right now! Kindergarten is out at most schools, so their classes are being emptied. I found so many decorations and learning supplies. Lots of them unopened! Plus blocks, shapes, and yarn.

Local residents are also getting around to their spring cleaning and taking advantage of their local school dumpsters to drop off their things. It is just a total crap shoot. You don't know what you might find; the variety is all over the map!
Get in there and see what you can find! And then tell me about it!!!

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