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Friday, February 28, 2014


I got myself over to Shopko this morning to use my $10/$20 prescription bonus coupon. They have SO MUCH clearance right now!!! In nearly every department!! I highly recommend getting over there and checking it out.
Here are the goodies I picked up and my plans for them:

 Brach's Valentines Hearts .19 ea Remember!! These don't expire for over another year!! Perfect for next Valentine's!!
Russel Stover's Red Velvet Dark Chocolate Hearts .09 ea These are going in the upcoming Easter baskets!! 
This fabulous Addidas cancer support Go-To Tee was regularly $22.00. It was on clearance for $8.80.
I'll be keeping this one for myself! :)

Addidas Performance Climalite capri pants retail $45.00!! I got them on clearance for just $13.50.
These I plan to sell on eBay for a nice little profit. :)
I highly recommend keeping your eye out for deals like this that be resold. One thing I like to do though, especially when it's a gamble, I go for things that I or my family could make use of, just in case it doesn't sell.

Energy Zone Yoga pants WAS $27.99. Clearance: $11.19
Keeping these for myself!!

TOTAL RETAIL VALUE: $117.41 (w/tax)

TOTAL COST: $26.41  (w/tax & discount coupon) 
You can also consider what money I will make on the pants and that will make this total even lower! HOPEFULLY, the sale of the pants will pay for this entire purchase!

I will probably be hitting Smith's in Provo today. Stay tuned!

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