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Sunday, February 16, 2014

So cool!

So I slept in this morning. After being up for a little bit, I noticed some serious itchiness on my arms. I looked and found breakouts of hives on both arms in the area where I got my wasp shots last Monday. I was immediately nervous but quickly realized that it was most likely a result of being really late on my benadryl.
I took the medicine and used some anti-itch cream and did my best to be calm. My chest had gotten tight, which didn't help my nerves. In an effort to stay calm and focus on something positive, I got onto eBay to see how things were going with a recent gamble I made. Talk about therapy! It was just what I needed!! Do you remember the Air Wick Freshmatic refills I got at Stokes a week ago for $.25 each? I had bought 4 of them and listed them as a lot on a 7 day auction. As you'll see on the photo, I have 1 day left and yes, the bidding is up to $17.10 plus shipping!!! How crazy awesome is that???? Lesson learned: Follow your instincts! And be willing to take chances!!

This was definitely uplifting and now my breathing has settled down and the itching has almost completely stopped. I'm still a bit nervous, as tomorrow is shot day and we're going up another dose, but I am choosing to be optimistic and to not borrow trouble. Life is good. :-)

I will also be shopping at Smith's tomorrow. This should be interesting with my broken foot and having all of my kids tomorrow since there's no school. You know me though, come hell or high water, I will get my shopping fix! ;)

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