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Monday, February 3, 2014

Tough Choices

I am a couponer. A die hard. I LOVE a good deal! It is so hard to pass up a great stock up item! I love convenience. I love yummy things. Easy things. Easy and yummy foods.
The problem is that these yummy, easy, cheap things are killing me and will destroy my kids' future if I don't stem the flow now!!
I admit, I have all of my Capri Sun and Quaker Quakes coupons clipped and ready to use at Smith's on the mega deal. I'm thinking now though... I just ate a bunch of m&m's and they did nothing good for me. I'm thinking that our junk food almost never goes bad but we do throw out a lot of produce...
Something is not right here... My kids whine and scream about their food choices if something processed and crappy is not included. Ridiculous! And I am responsible for it! That fact alone breaks my heart and inspires me to change!
So the question, is... is it possible??? Can I still be a true couponer and pass up those deals that are hurting my family? If I don't have shelves full of super convenient, super yummy, super cheap boxed and bagged foods, I am I still a successful stockpiler???
Old dogs are hard to teach new tricks. I want to change though. The thing is, do I do it in baby steps? Or should we jump in cold turkey?? Liquidate all the crap food in one day?? Donate every last box and bag to the food bank and fill up the fridge with freshness?? What then if a disaster happens??
I need to know where the middle ground is. I think I need to do a bit of homework, come up with a plan, and then put it into action. I know it will require a bit of June Cleaver-type effort. Less time on the computer, more time peeling vegetables. As a modern woman, am I ready for that kind of commitment? Our grandparents did it... Can we??? For the sake of my crunchy old body and my babies' future, I think I have to at least try! How about you??? Think you can do it???
Stay tuned for said plan and action. There has to be a way!!! 

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