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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Stokes and Smith's

 I stopped at Stoke's in Salem and grabbed some great deals!
WF Bagged Cereal $1.88 ea I think this might be a weekend only sale, so get in there!

12 oz Whipped topping $1.89

Little Debbie Donuts $1.50
-$1/1 Little Debbie product= .50

Little Debbie Valentine's treats 1.67
-$1/1 Little Debbie Product= .67

Boneless Beef Roast 2.99/lb

Air Wick refills .25 ea These were in a clearance cart by the registers. What a deal!! I saw them on close out at Smith's later for $1.25 EACH!!!

16 oz Strawberries $1.67 ea The price has actually gone up to $2.18 each but I had a little chat with the produce guy and he was kind enough to give me yesterday's price. :) It helps to shmooze!!!
At the Payson Smith's, I found a few more deals:

See that huge tube of ground beef?? I got it on clearance for $1.81/lb!! I'll be portioning and freezing it later today. So excited to have real hamburger again!

Kroger Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips $1.50 ea (close out)

Dannon Oikos yogurt 10/$10
FREE with the Friday freebie ecoupon

Kroger Ice Cream 2/$5

Revlon Colorsilk hair color $3.29 ea
-$3/1 Revlon Colorsilk= .29 ea!!

Reach Barbie toothbrush $1.12 (closeout)
-$1/1 any Reach toothbrush (excludes crystal clean)= .12!!

Reach Phinneus & Ferb toothbrushes $1.24 ea (close out)
-$1/1 any Reach toothbrush (excludes crystal clean)= .24 ea

I don't think I'll make it up to Provo today as I had originally planned. I got hit this morning with another attack of that horrible sinus infection. Hoping to stay on top of it and not let it get so bad this time around. Too much shopping to do!!! 
Anywho, I have to go up to Provo on Monday anyway, so I'll take my chances, possibly missing some great deals, for the sake of my sinuses and to save some gas money. :)
Stay tuned!!

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