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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A few things..

Hey kids!
Sorry I haven't been reporting lately. Been busy with life! There are so many exciting deals going on now though that I just have to share the goodness!
Don't you feel the glory of spring just engulfing you??? I feel like cleaning! Been doing a lot of that, actually. I've been spending so much time listing my inventory from the shed, trying to get things moved out so that I have space for all the great junk I'll soon be bringing in! It isn't too early to start scoping out the school dumpsters, friends! We aren't the only ones feeling the spring cleaning bug!
Anywho, in the midst of this flurry of activity, I have done a spot of shopping and will do more tomorrow. Stay tuned for that 3 store report!
Today I only hit Lolo's. I was in Provo for my wasp shots, which are really moving along! They still leave me pretty sick for a few days to a week, but I am definitely seeing the progress and feeling really good about it!
Here are a few goodies you should know about at Lolo's:
WF 32 oz yogurt 2/$3.00
16 oz strawberries 1.50
Vanilla Wafers .98 ea
Lolo's also has two carts of Valentine's clearance. All of the cards are just $.25 each! There is never a good reason to pay full price for Valentine's stuff! Or any holiday, really. Even the candy was just $.70. And it doesn't expire until May, 2015! So yes, I have cards and candy for next year at a tiny fraction of what I'd pay at Valentines!!
*both carts were in the back of the store, near the yogurt*

Check back for my big trip report tomorrow!


  1. It is in the building that used to be Buy Low. By Cafe Rio, Shopko, and the dollar theatre, in Provo.