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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Smith's (Kroger) #1

Here's my first haul from the Smith's current Mega Event! It was unsurprisingly picked over, especially on the best freebies, so I will have to make a few more trips! That's what I get for having midterms when the sale began! Rest assured though, I WILL get those deals!!! ;-)
I fought for this one and got lucky with coupons on clearance items, those really helped my numbers!
 So this Mega Event requires the purchase of 5 mix n match items to get the sale prices. Here's what I got:
Palmolive 25 oz Dish Soap $1.68 ea
-.50/1 Palmolive Dish Soap
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish .99 ea
LA Looks hair gel $1.49 ea
-.75/1 LA Look Hair Gel
Mrs. Cubbisons Croutons .49 ea
-$1/2 Mrs. Cubbisons salad topper= FREE!!!
Childrens Allegra Chewables $4.99 ea (clearance)
-$4/1 Allegra Childrens allergy medicine= .99 ea!!
Allegra 24 hour allergy $5.33 (clearance)
-$4/1 any Allegra 25 hour allergy medicine= $1.33!!
Triaminic Childrens Cough and Cold $2.31 (clearance )
-$1.50/1 any Childrens Triaminic Product
Kroger Childrens Liquid Allergy Medicine $1.15 & $1.21 (clearance)

Ocean Spray Craisins .99 ea
Kelloggs Cereals (asst.) $1.49 ea
-$1/1 Kelloggs Cereal (Kelloggs Family Rewards)=.49 ea!!
Doritos $1.99 ea
-.50/1 Doritos (Kroger mail coupon)
Cascadian Farms Cereal or Granola $1.99 ea
-$1/1 Cascadian Farms Cereal or Granola printable 
Good Thins crackers
Quaker Breakfast Bars

Pepsi Products 6 pack bottles $1.99 ea

I really love Smith's close out and clearance!! Hit up the clearance end cap with coupons in tow every time you visit your Smith's and you're guaranteed to find surprise savings! And while walking the aisles, grabbing the items on your list, watch for marked Close Out items!! They can be stacked with coupons! You can even find close out deals on things like molk, cheese, bagged salad, deli meat, eggs, and many other perishables!!
Stay tuned for my next Smith's Mega Event haul!!

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