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Monday, June 20, 2016

Don't Back Down!

Don't back down! At least not when you're right! Anyone who has couponed has dealt at least once with an annoying, "I'm gonna save MY store" cashier. Usually a she, usually a certain kind of face and bearing. I can tell them as soon as I see them and you will too after one or two encounters. Learn to avoid them, even if it means shopping at a different time. It will always be a fight otherwise and will ruin your shopping experience.
I got into Fresh Market this evening. I usually go in the morning but didn't make it in as early as usual because I needed to prep my coupons. I had the misfortune of being stuck with one of 'those' cashiers. The other cashier was a good one but he was in the 15 or less line. My heart sank right away but I knew I would make it all work out.
Things went just fine at first and I dared to hope I was stereotyping her.
Goldfish .99 ea wyb 4
Sunchips and Doritos 1.77 ea wyb 3
Dole salads 2/$3
-.65/1 any Dole bagged salad (Kroger mail coupon)

But alas, my instincts were accurate...
Quilted Northern 6 Double Rolls $3.99 ea
-$1.50/1 Quilted Northern 

Suave shamoo & conditioners .99 ea
-.50/1 ANY Suave product (excluding travel/trial size) **tear pads around the health and beauty department**=.49 ea!!

And now we get into the trouble. The following items were on the clearance rack. 
Wet n wild glitter polish $1 ea
-.50/1 any Wet n wild polish
Wet n wild lip slicks $1 ea
-.50/1 any one Wet n wild item
Wet n wild mascara $2
-$1/1 any Wet n wild mascara

Our dedicated Nazi cashier asked the equally dedicated cashier behind her if she should accept the coupons as the items were on clearance. The other cashier said probably not. I of course protested, pointing out that I have used coupons on quick sell items for pretty much forever. She tries the condescending 'well I've worked here two years and NEVER had anyone do that...' Don't ever let anyone pull that on you!! When you know you are right and honest, DON'T let them call you a liar in their round about way, especially since I have been doing this for MANY years, starting at first with clearance Jennie O ground turkey mark downs. I let her know that I was entirely willing to retrieve from my van the many receipts from similar transactions that more experienced cashiers had processed. Yes, I was a tad snotty at this point.
She called the manager of a random department to come to the front. He tried to back her up. I give him and his 18 years of life credit for his efforts but none of them were a match for me. ;-)
On the way out, a bagger was outside spraying the entry way. He had been near my register previously. He asked with a smile if I had gotten all of my coupons through. Very cheerfully, with my head high and my conquering stride, I said 'of course!' 
And no, I don't feel bad at all!!! When you are right, you are right! Don't let them bully you!!!
I got the name of the 'real' manager and will be getting in touch with him to clarify policy. I'll keep you all posted.

After that annoying experience, I ended up needing cornstarch later. Well of course I would not be taking my business back to the conquered ogers, so I hopped over to Maceys. 
There I got my cornstarch, but I also found all of these store brand nightime medicines for just .99 each!! What a lovely find! And they don't expire for almost 2 years!!

My humble advice to our local grocery stores, in light of Costco and Walmart having invaded their neighborhoods, would be to perhaps treat their loyal customers, even the couponing ones, a little more kindly. And definitely to refrain from insinuating that we are liars, right as we are about to hand them our business-sustaining money....
Alright, that is all now. Rant over. I must say, my daughter who was with me, was sure impressed with me. That made me feel good. We had a nice conversation about not backing down when you're right. So don't!  ;-)

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