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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Fabulous Shopko Storewide Clearance!!!!

The kids and I hit Shopko today and boy did we find some deals!!! I highly recommend you all head over there and take advantage of all the great clearance opportunities. I got several things for the gift box and several for ebay. It was fabulous!
 Pricess Power Barbie $1.19 each!!!!
Barbie Crayola Coloring Books w/crayons $2 ea
Barbie Princess Power smaller doll $2.39
 Solar Powered Bobble Heads $1.49 ea
Hot Wheels Monster Jam trucks $2.79 ea
I didn't believe this one until the cashier rang it up!!!
Thomas the Train Engine Accessory Pack $.89!!!!!!
Dr. Scholl's Dream Walk Pads .69 ea
Sundown Vitamin C $.72 each!!!
Sundown Melatonin $2.48
L'Oreal Paris Silky Sheer BB Face Lotion $1.09 each!!!!

And then, as I was double checking what I spent, I found an amazing surprise!!!!
A $10 reward coupon!!! With no minimum purchase restrictions!!!!!
It wasn't oneof my prescription reward coupons. I'm not sure how I earned it but YAY!!!
There is also a 50% Lamp coupon printing with any purchase.
I just HAVE to shout out about this one again! So stoked!!!!
Tomorrow, Kmart, Fresh Market, and somediving! Stay tuned! 

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