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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Mother's Love

Hello all,
This one is bittersweet. I have found estate loads before and they always give me pause. Someone's entire life hurriedly trashed, usually with little sorting and no sentimentality or even respect. Hard to think this is what can become of your hopes, dreams, art, talents, work, memories, love, existence. So it is with respect and honor that I share these items with you, some of which are admittedly rather strange.
Bamboo stand. (My daughter is going to sew a cloth  bed to fit in the frame and use it for her dolls.)
Shoes, booties, rattle, chocolate box, hat.
Fabulous fur hat. Appears to have never been worn. Why?

Teeth kept from her children. Many are silver capped.
Swiss made baby collars. Patterns. Cross stitch fabric.
Embroidered drawstring laundry bag.
Handkerchiefs and embroidered bag.
Embroidered aprons. 3 adult, 1 child.
More booties and shoes, clothes.

Girl clothing.
Embroidered little jackets.
Delicate white embroidered dresses.
Jacket and bonnet.
Assorted sheets, pillow cases, table cloths. Lingerie.
LDS themed primary accesory.
Crocheted trinkets.
Notice the wishbone used here for structure. 
Assorted doilies.
Lightweight vintage fabrics.
Unfinished project. She was obviously talented. Paint on fabric.

Many more hand drawn patterns for fabric painting

This was interesting. The small box held the tattered dress, loose blonde hair, and small note of identification. The other bags of hair and the garter were among other things.

The note. See that it was from a 10 year old girl in 1961.
In the chocolate box I madean an amazing discovery! I said she was talented! Look at this use of delightful, creative use of tiny scraps of fabric!!
Small gathered florets made from these fabric circles

These appear to be unfinished. No idea what else she had planned. Going to have to do some research! 
The chocolate box.
Greeting cards.
Framed skier. 
Better image of the shoes in box and other baby accessories.

Mix n match separates with buttons.
Sorry this one is upside down. :-(
Just adorable.

So who was she? What was her story? I don't know but much other than what I can glean from her creations and the things she held special, sacred, worth preserving. Sweet lady, I hope your life was full and happy. ♡♡♡


  1. So the LDS themed accessory is a bandelo that we used to do in Primary. The numbers represent memorizing the thirteen articles of faith. But you probably knew that. Also, mane you could look up the name and birth date from the slip of paper on family search. If the baby has passed on they may be on there.

  2. Thanks for the insight!I had no idea what it really was or what it signified. There was also a very old LDS womens temple veil in the lot that I did not show.

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