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Sunday, June 26, 2016

New Finds!!!

Hello again! I am going a little nuts this weekend, trying to get a million things done before my next summer block begins tomorrow and I will be a full time student again. I am incredibly nervous as it will be accelerated due to the shortened time frame and the difficulty of the courses. With that and everything else I am trying to stay on top of right now, my mind is swirling and the anxiety is building exponentially! I am hoping that by creating and implementing (then sticking to) a family schedule that we will all help with, maybe we will keep everything from falling down around us! The kids are old enough now, and it has become necessary, for them to take a more active role in the upkeep of our little world! It's the only way!
I have decided to push through and get my bachelor's degree finished in the next 12 months or less. It will be intense and will require sacrifice and cooperation from my little crew but it will be awesome to have it done!!
With all of that in mind, I will continue with my gardening, couponing, and dumpster diving, but in a much more organized way. Let's see if I end up in a looney bin by the end of the proposed year! :-)
Now, here are the goodies I have found so far this weekend!
 It was a feat of serious physical exertion but I was successful at pulling this patio chair and ottoman set out from under piles of broken cheap furniture. I admit I did a bit of a happy dance after I man(woman)handled them into the van!  :-)
There is a also a lovely black frame that needs the tiniest repair, easily done with a spot of glue.
 I will repair the chair's back leg, reattaching and securing this winding stuff and then I will use some of my sales proceeds to get some fabulous new cushions from the clearance selection at either Shopko or Kmart.
I might also spray paint the chair and ottoman... We'll see. That might have to wait.
 A lovely fur coon style cap.
 Goggles, light fixtures, and a cute little make up bag.
 Tupper ware and pans.
Finally, a Dr. Suess dictionary, an empty spiral notebook, and an electronic dart board!

I am hoping to make at least one more hunting trip, hopefully tonight, so stay tuned for my report! 

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